Islamic State allegedly kidnapped a Czech Fashion Model. Terrorists are provoking China to enter the Middle East

Wide rumors leaked in the Intelligence community, that the Islamic State plans to expand its malicious activities directly on the European soil, in order to gain more influence, money and devoted high-ranked converts to Islam, and that the terrorists are also deploying a new strategy to conquer the world, which is strongly disturbing: using advanced Psychological Warfare principles, they started targeting VIP persons, who are allegedly extorted by IS female operatives to be inclined to Islamic State interests, they deploy their own Gender Warfare combat unit, and another dangerous measures.

But in the newest case, the Islamic State executed an immensely bold operation that literally shocked the European public, and particularly European fashion models and aristocracy as the social elite of the Western world: from a heavily guarded medieval castle in France, owned allegedly by an aristocratic Illuminati family with 1000 years of proven peerage history and high-quality bloodline, the IS operatives were able to kidnap a young bride, just before the wedding ceremony, even dressed in a luxurious wedding dress, manufactured by a famous Czech female fashion designer.

The kidnapped woman’s identity is publicly known: an 18 years old Czech fashion model with high professional reputation, who previously conquered the world of fashion, working in Milan, Italy, and naturally, many worldwide highly positioned, rich and influential men became interested in her, motivated to court her, to possess her ultimate beauty and plenty of personal qualities, as all that public rumors about her declared.

Eventually, under consultancy of mature female members of her family, she decided to accept an unique offer for marriage from the mentioned aristocratic family from France, in order to infiltrate the highest world social circles possible, to fulfill a dream of millions of women who desire and eternally wait for their prince on a white horse… before they get older and when their biological clocks start ticking, they rather accept an average Czech male loser as a husband, leaving their girl’s dreams to dust.

The security precautions in the castle during the upcoming wedding ceremony were not only high, they were extreme. The castle became literally a fortress, with hundreds of highly experienced security personnel present, armed with Uzi submachine guns and G-36 assault rifles, including highly decorated officers with Middle East combat experience, Special Forces military history, and previously working in the best VIP Executive Protection units worldwide, including Hollywood.

All persons, participating at the ceremony, were thoroughly checked in all possible security databases, including INTERPOL and French domestic Intelligence service DGSE.

But still: Islamic State operatives, their number or exact procedure are still not determined, were able to kidnap the bride, and move her outside from the castle extremely quickly and even too easily, as they had to move the cargo, with codename “White Dove”, through at least three security checkpoints.

Although a massive search operation began just minutes after this terrible security incident, and a helicopter with wide surveillance equipment was deployed immediately, including quick arrival of heavily armed GIGN rapid intervention police commando, the search was unsuccessful: she simply disappeared together with her wedding dress, whereas all her personal belongings, including ID, passport, money and credit cards, remained in her room.

This event is more than a simple terrorist attack, or a criminal activity: it can literally change the fate of the world. The Islamic State knew very well, why they have chosen exactly this target – the father of the missing fashion model is allegedly a highly positioned executive in a multinational corporation, deeply connected with China, and there is a theory, that the IS deliberately used this unexpected way to involve China into the Middle Eastern conflict, to destabilize the region much more.

“He will do just anything to get her back, believe me, including using of paramilitary force anywhere, anytime, without any regard to valid law,” a close female family friend confirms under the condition of total anonymity. “It’s well known fact, that her father most likely directly participated in many black operations in the past, related to China, for example that alleged theft of construction plans of a highly classified U.S. advanced anti-aircraft laser system ‘Avenger’, and delivering them to Chinese via a covert connection in Hong Kong,” a well iuformed source explains.

There is a dangerous rumor in the diplomatic and military circles, that the kindapping could become a casus belli for potential Chinese military intervention in Syria, because the first clues of investigation lead to Middle East, particularly to Iraq and Syria, to Islamic State active terror cells in Baghdad and Aleppo.

The fate of the kidnapped woman is not known. “We can’t confirm or deny whether she is alive,” the spokesperson of the French Gendarmerie stated during the large press conference, where also the world most important media were present, including the U.S. CNN and Arabic Al-Jazeera news TV stations with high media influence, because this event could become a start of an avalanche. If all three superpowers would meet in the Middle East militarily, including China – sooner or later, the new Cold war could become quite hot.

The Chinese government denied to comment the affair, declaring, that “this matter doesn’t concern Chinese interests in any way, but we of course wish that the woman will be safely found and returned to her family. We are ready to provide our surveillance satellites for the search operation,” the Chinese prime minister said to journalists, when asked about this issue.

The terorrists made no demands yet, but the matter is widely discussed in the high diplomatic circles – and many of the diplomats are quite anxious, how this crisis could develop further. The family refused any comments, including the father of the girl, who disappeared immediately after the kidnapping, to start a rescue operation under his direct command, using the alleged paramilitary combat group of the corporation, where the Chinese Military has allegedly their own assets.

The Czech government politely refused to comment the matter too, as the event happened outside of Czech national borders. It’s clear that they don’t want to become involved anyhow, to avoid a future blame for participating in escalating of the Middle Eastern conflict, and worsening relationships with China.

“The terrorists achieved their goal again, to spread fear into the world. Now, every father will watch and guard his daughter much more, scared to lose her. The problem is, that many people will think about a simple way to remove this threat from their own lives, simply by making deal with the Islamic State, to be left alone, of course, after paying a ‘voluntary financial contribution’ and most likely also after the secret conversion of their daughters to Islam,” a top security analyst explained. “Another problem is, that even if the girl will be found one day, she can be never trusted again, and she will be always suspected by the European security services to be a brain-washed covert operative of the Islamic State, like Hana Humpalova was suspected to be, with unknown mission to execute at her homeland. According to her high media and social position… she could become a perfect infiltration tool, to place an Islamic State operatives extremely high in the society, with many advantages for the terrorists.”

The public is generally very disturbed by the affair, and as the latest public opinion survey indicated, they demand a decisive and ruthless military action against the terrorists. “When they shot each other in a Syrian desert in the past, leaving us alone, we didn’t care too much. But now, they are here, stealing our girls… and such development can’t be ignored. We demand the Czech president to send our Military to the Middle East at once to execute a revenge operation!” one angry citizen of Prague allegedly said to the press.

And this public opinion is more than favorable for potential Chinese intervention in the Middle East, to eradicate the Islamic State finally.

“I am telling you, that the White Dove will change the world, regardless how this affair will end. Not thinking about such unpleasant but real possibilities, that this event was directly orchestrated by the Chinese themselves, who could use the Islamic State as their cat’s paw, or, but I am saying this completely unoficially, this could be a pure black flag operation of China, and that poor terrorists are completely innocent here. As you can see, many different parties like to use terrorists for their own causes and interests very advantageously. As the old proverb says: If they wouldn’t exist, the secret services would have to invent them,” a high ranked police officer said.

The White Dove is a designation that vibrates through the whole world these days. But the question is: will her ultimate sacrifice be beneficial for the mankind, or will her loss bring us yet more doom? Will she motivate the world to deactivate the Islamic State once for all? Or will that eternal games for power, control, religion, oil and territory prevail, escalating the Middle Eastern conflict yet more?

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