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When it was publicly introduced last year, that a new generation of extremely effective weaponry is coming into the wide military use by NATO armies, in the form of so called PSY weapons, based on the latest technology and A-PSYOPS, an offensive application of special measures of state-of-the-art Psychological Warfare, it caused the paradigm shift of warfare once and forever to full sustainability of saving human lives and environment, but also extensive political, public and media outrage, supported widely by covert opponents of NATO, who tried to hinder the use of this extremely advanced armament, so their adversary won’t receive such substantial advantage so easily.

For example, Chinese officials publicly and sharply warned the world and the United Nations “… not to play with such dangerous toys that bring nothing good to the mankind”, promising a swift and ruthless defensive reaction in any case of using allegedly dangerous PSY arsenal close to the borders of China, and many evil tongues warned concurrently, that this extremely powerful special technology could be misused by the terrorists from the Islamic State against the free world with unseen consequences.

“Avenger 3 PSY-DEW” was the first portable prototype of such weapon, developed by The Corporation, directed at fully military use, followed by the first official NATO installation on Pandur II armored personnel carrier, called Pandur II 8×8 PSY-AA, which entered combat service in the Middle East environment, particularly for the effective support of ground warfare in Syria and Iraq. The whole product line was called “The Device”, offering also a miniaturized, highly portable and conceivable version, manufactured using nano-technology, called “Assault Device”, and a massive ground installation in an underground bunker, called “The Facility”.

But the world still remained quite calm, as the technology was extremely difficult and costly to manufacture and thus to misuse as well, using a special alloy as a necessary component, and allegedly completely resistant to any form of reverse engineering, although the IS terrorists tried hard to analyze and copy one piece of the Assault Device they managed to acquire from a detained Israeli female belly dancer, an operative of EXFOR, sent to their headquarters in Raqqa, Syria, with an unknown mission to disrupt their rear.

But this malicious effort was apparently not succesful, and in the end, a massive U.S. airstrike was launched against a secret underground laboratory in Syrian Aleppo region, where the research was allegedly conducted, causing justified suspicion, that Assault Device was deliberately handed over to the terrorists as a trojan horse, or a homing beacon for upcoming bombing campaign by the international anti-ISIS coalition, executed by extensive use of precise, laser-guided anti-bunker ammunition, directed at the scientific elite of the terrorists, to stop their endless malicious effort to construct their own weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and to manufacture the warheads, as they indicated by their alleged clandestine operation in Czech Stechovice region, which caused high level of unease between the peaceful Czech public.

Special Unit C102 PSYOPS by Alan SvejkThe Czech Military and Ministry of Defence tried to maintain the public order, disturbed after 2016 Brussels terrorist attacks, by simply covering the leaked information, and they allegedly silenced the witnesses by presenting them various valuable and attractive gifts, including sufficient amounts of high-quality alcohol to “ease the pain of life troubles”, condoned personal debts, delivering a good female company “for overall sensual unprotected use”, and similiar ingenious measures to cover the truth, allegedly under the consultancy of unfamous, mythical and mysterious Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, whose mere existence is still systematically denied by the Czech government, and even the detailed articles in “Heavy Slander” tabloid magazine and revealing one of their high-profile clandestine actions, called “Operation FALLEN KING”, was not sufficient to persuade them to confess to their past sins, like creating a black military unit, which is deliberately established out of any official military structures and thus out of any governmental control, executed by the strict defence commitees of the Czech Parliament and Senate.

Although many people and journalists rather marginalized previous activities of this Unit, comparable to CIA’s Special Activities Division, recently leaked report of the Czech Military Counterintelligence indicates, that the whole affair is much more serious, and the developers of PSY weaponry could exceed all possible safe borders, putting the world stability and security at risk.

It was reported, that an extremely advanced classified Military project was allegedly stolen from the headquarters of a top-tier multinational software company, located in Prague, and unlike The Device, this concept was not a matter of technology and physical manufacturing, rather software, and thus fully able to copy, reverse engineer its code and misuse.

They call it with an Orwellian, sinister designation: “Universal Social Platform for Targeted Psychological Influencing of Masses, Groups and Individuals” (USP-PSYOPS), and it was allegedly developed to counter not only the rising terrorist threat, but also to contain rising Chinese influence in the world affairs, disturbing many citizens and world politicians, plus to provide massive advantages for cyber warfare purposes, to counter famed Chinese hackers, allegedly organized even in regular Military units, although the Chinese government denies such allegations, calling it “pure provocation by the foreign adversaries of People’s Republic of China”.

USP-PSYOPS H - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsThis so called “platform” is in practice a concept of unified development of favorite mobile applications for iOS (Apple) and Android (Google), with goal to provide users “a special experience”, when they will receive some attractive content, but concurrently, they will be ingeniously psychologically influenced. The target can be a mass of people (economic warfare, political warfare), a precisely defined social group with desirable importance for the Defence affairs (for example, teenagers, the most vulnerable social group), or even a single selected individual(s), impersonating a threat or an opportunity for the defence of the state, in other word, person(s) of interest.

The platform allows to create practically unlimited number of such special mobile applications, only the internal content, style of visuals and sounds are changed, able to be placed into iTunes or Google Play for a free download by curious users, for desirable dissemination.

In order to achieve a massive, quick, even viral spread, so the target persons can be affected and “inspired” to obrain an app, directed at them, the platform uses so called “nods”, or “social media users with central social influence”, allowing to reach the target group or mass quickly.

The project documentation contains even a precise instruction manual for creating fully controlled virtual entities, perfect for creating such central point of social influence, and it’s suspected, that this process is somehow tolerated, or even supported by Facebook, in order to “help to maintain the world security and safety of the citizens”.

Without any doubt, this project can be defined as unprecented in the scale of the effects. Previous projects by infamous American NSA, National Security Agency, were directed at simple surveillance, or monitoring the activity of users, like PRISM, uncovered by infamous whistleblower Edward Snowden. But this new platform is so much different, and much more serious: it directly influences the users, changing their behavior with purpose, using advanced PSY measures, hidden in artistic content.

And it was only a question of time, when the filthy hands of the terrorists will reach for this extremely questionable invention. This high-profile theft seems to be connected with an Islamic State terror cell, specialized in cyber warfare, located allegedly near German Cologne, suspected of attempting to disrupt the proper function of the reactor cooling systems of a French power plant in the past, with the effort to execute it as a black flag operation, and point the blame at the Chinese Military hackers.

Anyway, the threat level of losing the USP-PSYOPS is still being only estimated by the experts, but without any doubts, the risks of falling of such ultimate invention into the hands of the ruthless enemy can be immense.

It seems as an inexcusable mistake, that the exact project details and even development documentation were deposited in a non-secure datacenter of a third party, prone to a theft. Thus, rumors immediately arose in the Czech Intelligence community, that it was either an insider’s work, as the Islamic State is known to possess many covert supporters and followers everywhere, including fashion models and VIPs, or it was an effort to deliberately strengthen the terrorist enemy, so the endless War on Terror, declared after September 11, 2001, can continue for another 15 years with full support of the public, and the defence budgets can joyfully grow, to the pleasure of all weapon manufacturers and merchants: this futile war is now lasting almost 15 years since 9/11, and there seems to be no victory, on the contrary: the Islamic State is on the steady rise, threatening to conquer Europe soon.

It’s not known, whether USP-PSYOPS was applied into practice already, or used on the innocent, unaware users. But the documentation contains also several references to a “Testing” chapter (number XVII), which is unfortunately not present in the leaked version of the document.

When asked about the affair, the spokesperson of the Czech Ministry of Defence stated: “We absolutely deny that this alleged invention is originating or derived anyhow from any of our defence projects, conducted by the Czech Army and its relevant PSYOPS structures, created according to the law for preserving our national security and integrity. This particular set of documents you submitted is a pure forgery, as anybody can attach a header of our Army to any piece of paper.

Anyway, I must emphasize, that if the terrorist enemy used our name and designation, it means that we are a legitimate enemy of the forces of terror, and it fully confirms, that our continuous effort to support NATO structures to establish the world peace is meaningful. We will never stop our efforts to eradicate the terrorists, so the everlasting peace can come one day.”

But the Islamic State sent a proclamation by their Syrian field commander in a completely different tone, commenting the issue as their ultimate victory on their “way to liberate the world, so all can be free from imperialist oppression and their futile violent wars”:

“Brothers and sisters, rejoice! Our heroic warriors managed to obtain a final carrier of our message, brought to us with the permission of Allah. Now, the world will hear our voice of truth, and no one can hold us back!

This is the moment we all waited for. Rise up, brethren! Wave the black flags! The oppression is crumbling! The Caliphate will free the world soon, we will take what is rightfully ours, we will grant freedom for all, and infidels will run away from our sacred lands!

Inshallah, and brothers, don’t forget to download our newest mobile application ‘Ghetto Qur’an: Money, Power, Respect, Islam’! Sisters, for you, we created another entertaining app, called ‘Find a Boy of Your Dreams!’, so hesitate no more, love is so close! Just believe in Allah’s mercy, worship Him, and all your dreams will be soon fulfilled!”

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