Islamic State claims responsibility for New Year 2016 Cologne, Stuttgart and Hannover Anti-Woman attacks

Several days after celebrations of New Year 2016, horrible events in several German cities surfaced into the wordlwide public attention, although the German government, fearing a new wave of anti-refugee resentment, tried to cover those incidents, and the Cologne’s police report from 1st January commented that “nothing too significant happened during celebrations”.

But in fact, something big really happened, and it clearly confirmed that faces and means of modern terror against peaceful European citizens, executed by treacherous and feared Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh), can be literally limitless and most unexpected, unable to be prevented or stopped by heavily armed military Special Forces units and police Rapid Intervention Teams, as presented by the Western media after Paris terrorist attacks, that these perfectly trained police officers can protect citizens, if they are visibly roaming the streets with military-grade assault rifles in hands, masked with balaclavas and covered by bulletproof vests. But they couldn’t intimidate the terrorists, who don’t stop in their endless effort to scare and conquer Europe.

This new wave of unprecedented violence against European women clearly confirms, that Islamic State is an entity that can’t be underestimated. No weapons were used, no casualties were reported – but deep fear in all German women, plus bad feelings of German men, who were unable to protect them, brings unseen wave of bitterness and disappointment to the whole German public. Any nation that is unable to protect their women is prone to disintegration and destruction.

Islamic State confirmed that these attacks were orchestrated by their local terror cells, leading the operation, manipulating the crowd to commit violence. In their statement, sent to all German mainstream media, they revealed their motivation for this attack, plus they sent a message for the German society.

“You must understand and accept our firm stance towards unveiled women,” the statement says. “As long as you won’t respect our sacred Islamic values, those event will happen more and more. It was not us who are the culprits here – it was your women who provoked innocent Muslim men. We advise you: get veiled, stop provoking men. You create your own destiny by your behavior on public. We can’t guarantee your safety and health, if you won’t change your behavior and way of apparel. A woman has to be veiled, as Qur’an says. Keep the rules, and you will be safe. This is our last warning.”

This shocking proclamation was confirmed by Cologne’s mayor, a female herself, who tried to give a good advice to German women, that “… to avoid problems, you have to stay away far enough from those men.” But as wide public rumors say, that the whole area around famous cathedral of Cologne is a “no-go zone”, with open efforts to promote the Sharia law, local women seem to have no choice, but to bend to new, unvoted masters of their vicinity.

“We appeal to all German women: hide your beauty under veil, behave decently, or carry the vast consequences,” the statement continues. “If you want our respect and protection, you have to keep our rules. Converting to Islam is most recommended: and then, you will know, what to do, to live in harmony, happiness and peace. Remember, that this is just a beginning of our sacred effort to spread the truth of Islam into your faithless lands: but we will achieve this goal, with weapons or violence, with any sacrifices, and in the end, you will be forced to respect your own destiny,” the statement ends with ruthless determination.

Islamic State recently launched a massive worldwide Public Relations campaign to get an official recognition as a state entity. Moving from terrorism to official presence at the world geopolitical map, this change is perceived as the most disturbing by the Europen Intelligence services, who intensified their effort to contain this unprecented threat to security and stability.

But the amount of converts to Islam, paricularly among women, is on the massive rise. Many of them simply understood that to survive in the new “open” world without borders, created by their own wise politicians, they have to adjust their stances and values to the new conditions.

“We hit the Islamic State hard with missiles in Syria and Iraq, but they are more than just a terrorist organization, as we can clearly see. They can change our world, as we can clearly see now. They change our way of life: and this is just a beginning of 2016 year,” an expert comments the affair laconically.

A recently leaked analysis, created by the Czech Intelligence service, reveals that recent operations of Islamic State on the European soil could be directly inspired from the most unexpected direction: a computer game called “Command and Conquer: Generals” and its instalment “Zero Hour” (2003), manufactured by a U.S. entertainment company Electronic Arts just before the U.S. invasion into Iraq, contains a precise strategy of a depicted terrorist organization, called “Global Liberation Army” (GLA), who used ambushes, propaganda and many irregular warfare means to promote their interest on the German soil effectively. One of the missions takes place near Hamburg and other near Halberstadt. The mission of GLA is to rule the world, and this plan is very similar to Islamic State efforts for expanding their caliphate everywhere – before China enters the battlefield with their nuclear weapons arsenal, to “help our European comrades in need”.

In a future article, an open interview with a high-ranked Islamic State field commander, now operation in Europe, will be presented. In this interview, the female veiling issue will be discussed more, including details of their “March Against Europe” covert master plan.

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