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Following unique interview has a long and very complicated history, although it was taken quite recenly, in December 2015, at Islamic State headquarters in Rakka, Syria, by a bold British journalist, who risked his life infiltrating the battle lines, plus negotiating personally with extremely unpredictable terrorists, who are known to be both ruthless and unstable: one moment, they welcome you as their guest, serving you delicious food and drinks, and a mere moment later, they can eliminate you without any mercy or hesitation by a very horrific, even barbaric means, to send another threatening message to the West.

This rule was fully confirmed later, as the journalist is reported missing since December 2015, and whether the interview is genuine or modified anyhow can’t be completely verified. But there are rumors that ISIS found out later, or suspected the journalist from certain affiliation with British Intelligence service MI5, and executed the journalist without mercy, as any caught spies have similar fate in all wars. However, misusing the journalist cover for infiltrating the enemy lines was always a very questionable strategy, as lives of all real journalists are then jeopardized. Anyway, there is another theory, that the journalist attempted to gain big personal fame, by making this ultimate interview… but ultimate things often demand ultimate price, including your life.

The interview, which is not complete or finished, covers several critical issues of ISIS holy war for their self-proclaimed worldwide caliphate, then circulated the headquarters of several U.S. Intelligence agencies, both state and private, and it was thoroughly analyzed with unknown results. Some experts say, that it’s pure propaganda and it should be banned from the public, to prevent “altering the public opinion of ISIS undesirable way”. Another opinion says, that this interview is an unique source of inside information, which can help to modify the proper anti-terrorist strategy.

Covered interesting topics issues include: plans for further grow of Islamic State, achieving official recognition as a state entity by international law, Kurdish matter and stance of ISIS towards Kurdish women, ISIS plans and relations to Libya (as the commander allegedly originates from Libya), stance of ISIS towards women issues in the West, including their highly disturbing plans to spread terror into female souls to achieve further European social disruption, the commander’s motivation to join ISIS, general mood and atmosphere inside ISIS commanding structures, managing European terror cells, ISIS propaganda strategy and social media, commander’s stance to violence against Syrian and Iraqi civilians, stance towards Israel, Russia and several more.

The commander, who was introduced only as A., was allegedly born in Benghazi, Libya, and after graduating from university of Damascus, Syria as a construction engineer, he served as a NCO (non-commanding officer) in Libyan army, under Muhammar Gaddafi command, in a rocket artillery regiment, equipped with infamous SCUD long range missiles.

During so called Arab Spring in 2011, the commander left Libya to search for refuge in Europe, where he lived until 2014 with a part of his family, until he decided to return back to the unstable region, as he felt as proper step, to participate somehow in escalating situation there, that concerned his country, and he wanted to “do something good, to help his community, to help Ummah”. But in the end, he joined ISIS, as “this was an opportunity many generations of Muslims have been waiting for and suffering for so much”.

With his high-quality education and wide military experience, he climbed in the ISIS ranks fast, and in December 2015, he allegedly managed part of the overall military efforts of ISIS on the “Western front”, with particular concentration on Libya. And since you can hardly leave a terrorist organization with ruthless and firm rules, he had no choice than to continue in his participation with the most dangerous terrorist group in history.

“We live a life that can end in any moment. If you are in the battle lines, every second there can be a missile incoming, or a grenade, or sniper’s projectile. You learn to live in the moment,” he describes the transient life of many ISIS fighters.

“I can hardly agree with many atrocities our fighters commit, but our leaders explain to us daily, that there is no other way to achieve our great goals. They say repeatedly, that to win in this cause, with Allah’s permission and blessing, you have to execute everything that has to be done, even if it brings destruction and suffering to many other people. But their sacrifices serve for the cause, and in the end, when the caliphate’s flag will wave everywhere, price that had to be paid will become relative.

In this world, in this life, you have to pay for everything: higher is the goal you chose, higher is the price. And if you decide to change the world once for ever: you have to be prepared to pay an ultimate price. But it’s not us who make people around us suffer: it’s our oppressors, it’s America, it’s the European union, all that politicans who send bombers to decimate our peaceful civilian population.”

(When asked about Kurdish fighters) “When I read in the Western corrupted media, full of lies, that our fighters are scared of Kurdish women, that if they kill us in fight we won’t be allowed to enter the paradise, I can only laugh. In reality, there is urban and desert warfare, where you can hardly see your enemy, you can hardly recognize who the enemy is, and there is no time to contemplate, who pulls the trigger on the other side. It’s either you, or the enemy: and you don’t see or know if he is he, she, American or Kurdish. You simply fight the best way you can, and you fight with your own fear. But Allah is always with you, leading you to your destiny. Not some woman of Kurdish ancestry creates your fate: it’s always Allah and only Allah. No one else: not an enemy pilot, who releases payload from his plane, not a politican on the other side of the world, who raises hand for creating another treacherous agreement to destroy the Islamic world.

In fact, we feel even something like pity towards Kurdish women: instead of having a family, raising kids, creating something, fulfilling their lives, they fight for a lost cause, they pay with their young lives without sense. From the south, we push them hard: from the North, Turkey pushes them hard. They are between two stones, and these stones are crushing them.

Of course we can respect our enemies, but we fight them ruthlessly, all of them, including Kurds. But they are not an arcienemy for us: we feel rather pity for them. They are losing everything. And we have to take, what is rightfully ours from them: the territory that belongs to us. We are a winning side, with Allah’s permission, and they are losing: unlike us, they can’t fulfill their dreams of a sovereign state. The only future that is awaiting them is death.”

(About relativity of life) “I am so proud to live and fight in these exciting times. I often remember my father, my grandfather, all men in our family line, who dreamed about these famous moments, when we reconquer our lands, and the world. And it’s us who makes all these dreams about a powerful caliphate, that rules the world, real. This is the right time to live, this is a sacred cause to die for: your sacrifice brings us all closer to final victory, if Allah will permit. With every bullet you shoot from your weapon, with every spill of blood you lose in the fight, with every waving of our flag over the conquered territories, you are a part of the greatest effort in the history of Ummah. You create something with everything you do, something that will be never forgotten in the history of mankind. We bring freedom to all oppressed, and we remove evil from worldwide fule.”

(About plans of ISIS for Libya) “My home country is our next goal. The rich oil fields there, plus very advantageous geopolitical position of Libya, will serve greatly for further expansion of the caliphate, plus, between us and Europe, there will be only the Mediterranean sea, with many advantages for conquering the faithless European lands, that desperately needs freedom from oppression and consummerism. Libya will be our bridgehead for conquering Europe: and soon, our flag will wave over Rome.

The West made a big mistake by removing Colonel Gaddafi. His murder will be revenged by us very widely and seriously: but it was not a crowd of Libyans who murdered him, it was the European politicians. But they were very wrong in their plans: they promised the world security and stability in the region, and look what they achieved with their treasons and bombs: we are coming closer and closer to Europe, to the lair of these war criminals, and we will remind them their sins as lively as they could never imagine. No walls, boundaries, armies, tanks and aircraft can stop our righteous cause. Because we are everywhere. You can’t eradicate us, you can’t stop us. Your silly politicians promise you some ruthless campaign against us, but you know, that your armies can never win. Every soldier you send to our land will learn about us the hard way. This is the war of attrition: time is working for us, always. We survived two years, although tried everything, and it means something. But this is still just a beginning of our journey to liberation of your faithless lands: we bring fight back into your cities, your streets. Did you hope that you will watch the news from your cozy room, eating donuts, in peace and calmness, and your mercenaries will do the dirty work? You were so wrong.”

(About ISIS plans with European women) “We know very well, that Western women are the weakest link in the society. They are prone to wide array of terror means, they are highly perceptive to emotions, particularly fear. And unlike Kurdish or Israeli women, they can’t fight and die for defence of their homelands: they only appeal for appeasement and ending the conflict, they only back away, losing ground more and more. But this fight will never end, we will never stop, until one single inch of European soil will be under control of corrupted governments, who oppress Muslims.

Our war is won more easily simply by forcing European women to submit. Whereas NATO soldiers are sitting in their barracks, helpless, because an order to attack us will never come because of fear, we silently convert souls and minds of European women to our cause. We prepared many ingenious plans, how to use their weaknesses. We will force them to veil themselves in order to survive in the new world. We will make our secret allies from them: and we will explain to them, that their place in the world is fully destinated and can’t be crossed, because Allah wants it this way. And they will understand.”

(About Israel) “Regardless how strange it will sound, we have quite normalized relationships with Israel today. They stand on their national borders, watching us, not intervening, and we leave them alone as well, at least temporarily. They are other entities who attack them hard, but not us, at least directly. And both sides have wide advantages from this informal deal.

There is simply no reason to attack them right now, and spread our forces into a hard fight on many fronts. There are many territories around that can be conquered more easily: we slowly isolate Israel from their allies, and when they will lose their past power, then will be a good time to recapture our holy lands there. Israel is just a trojan horse, inserted into our sacred lands by treacherous British politicians: but existence of this artificial country is temporary, and they know it. Soon, they will have to submit to our power and might. Palestine will be the first territory they will have to leave, and they will be the first party to sit to a negotiation table with us, believe me.

My personal opinion is, that to conquer Israel, the best approach is to keep peace with them, grasping all territories around them, like in a strategic videogame. We won’t repeat same mistake as our brave ancestors, who tried to attack Israel with military means: no, this is 21st century, we learned our lessons, and we will use indirect approach. And in the end, we will make a deal with them. They are our arcienemies, but we also have many ties together, that can be used to our benefit. And in fact, to their benefit too: we could mutually divide newly acquired powers over the world, in fact, to connect forces temporarily, as they and us have our common interests in the world. They are businessmen, it’s their strength and weakness at the same time. When America will crumble, as Europe, Israel will need new allies – and ironically, there can be not any better ally, than us.

As you can see, I see Israel from quite a strategic point of view, instead of pure hate, as many of our fighters. But the current situation with Israel is very beneficial for us, that’s all.”

(About propaganda and using media)You can see our brave fighters with assault rifles in the news, but believe me, there is yet another army of ours, who fights on the virtual battlefield everywhere. We have our supporters across the whole world, and they help our effort perfectly, although indirectly. We know, how to use Western media to our advantage: they serve us to our cause. Imagine that – your own media, so called watching dogs of democracy, work for our cause. Isn’t that funny? It was the Western media who helped to create much of our strength and reputation. Now you see that you have lost this war, and so called fifth columns are in your ranks, working for us every day. We simply use all means to achieve our sacred goals, and Allah guides us all.”

(About Russia) “The Russian bears serves to our cause perfectly, this is exactly what we wanted. The day the first Russian plane flew over Syria, we celebrated. They serve us, and in the end, they will be defeated. We laugh at them, we thank them for their indirect help for our goals. Silly Russians! With every payload they drop in Syria, they are making the caliphate yet stronger. In fact, they are protecting us against any military invervention. NATO can forget any ground operation now. They will fight each other, and our power will grow.”

(About plans for official recognition of IS) “Sooner or later, some blessed politician from the United Nations will come with a miraculous thought: instead of futile fighting us, with only losses and disappointment, why not to give us what we want, and what we can grasp? Your lawyers say, that any entity, who is able to control a territory of land for certain period of time, who creates own government on all levels, to manage the region, is fully entitled to be recognized as a state. They should really give us what belongs to us: or we will take it the hard way, as they can see very well.

We are very patient, and our European operatives use many Public Relations techniques to achieve this goal. There will be a day when we will sit in the UN assembly, and it’s not some wishful thinking: it’s the will of Allah. Our state will represent all Muslims, who deserve respect and competences for influencing the future of the world.”

(About managing European terror cells) “You see, Islam is the religion of peace. And we conquer Europe mostly from below, but all violent incidents, like in Paris or Cologne,most are useful for us at the same time. We just put our seed into your corrupted lands, and then, as patient gardeners, we watch it to grow to utmost strength. Your politians, full of fear, are a great help for our cause. Don’t forget to vote again for your trusted leaders! Who knows, how many of them works for us? Who can tell?

We don’t manage our collaborators in Europe the classic way, I mean, giving orders, like in some corrupted Western corporations. Our allies know themselves, what has to be done, to free all oppressed nations from imperialist grasp, until all will be free. We are a part of your future, and nothing can change that. Accept us in your world, to your own benefit, submit to us, submit to Allah, and you will understand, what is the purpose of life, why Allah created us all, including you. Accept Allah as the only God, and propher Muhammad, peace be upon him, as his messenger – and you will be free from fear. Otherwise, we will bring the message for you other ways, more painful.

We want peace, but there is still a war to be won. Get out of our way, or carry the consequences.”

(About future of the world) “There is no past, or future, only the present moment. You create your life by choosing the right choices right now. This is what we do, this is what Qur’an inspires us to do. Everything is simple, everything is clear, everything is complete. There is no doubts, like inside you. You fear us, because you know, that we are stronger, and that is the reason we will win. It’s Allah who gives us this strength, we are just carriers of his will. This is much bigger than you could imagine. They told you, that we are some barbaric terrorists: but they just fear, that we will remove their corrupted rule from your lands, that we will liberate your soul from confinement, that we will bring you Allah’s intentions with every man and woman.

Our future is the same as your future: wise command of Allah, creator of everything. Whoever opposses him, will be pacified, as His might is limitless, not comparable with any human armies. Everybody has to submit to his ultimate strength, and then, we all will live in peace and morality, protecting the environment and animals, so future of the world will be sustainable.

We all were created by Allah’s will to bring peace and morality to the world. We should pay any price to achieve this goal. This is the future and truth: just listen to Allah’s call, and you will be in harmony with the future of the world, and yourself.”

Islamic State IS ISIS ISIL: March Against Europe

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