Islamic State conquered Prague. Breaking victory of terror. Fall of Europe to ISIS began

Facing only minor armed resistance, the treacherous terrorists from the Islamic State misused the holiday time, when many Czech military personnel left for summer vacations, and the ISIS executed surprising assault against the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, and achieved to break through the improvised defensive lines of the Czech Militarized Police and Special Forces of the Czech Army, reaching the city center, the Old Town Square, scaring countless present foreign tourists, including Israelis, who managed to run away to safety, but many were hurt in the ruthless melee, as no side was taking prisoners, and even suicide bombers were deployed by the terrorist enemy (read more about combat action of the Czech Special Forces to repel the terrorist attackers).

Islamic State IS ISIS ISIL Daesh terrorism caliphate Prague conquest europe fall czech assault - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsUsing a column of armored Humvee trucks, equipped with heavy machine guns, grenade launchers and rocket launchers, even rapid-fire 23mm anti-air cannons with devastating effectivity against fragile human bodies, stolen from the Iraqi military supply, the heavily armed IS commando, led by former Czech hardcore opponent of Islam, Martin Konvicka, waved their infamous black flag over the square, where many important events of the Czech history happened, confirming the clear IS victory in the faithless Czech lands, establishing the IS bridgehead there, for further military expansion into Europe, changing strategy from previous guerilla warfare to open armed incursions against large European cities.

In his improvised speech from a combat vehicle, Konvicka, presenting himself as a deputee of the caliph himself, and encircled by bearded men with AK-47s, who had C4 explosives attached to their tactical vests and shouted “Allahu Akbar” with victorious smiles, the terrorist leader announced to the gathered crowd around the Jan Hus statue, that he “brings the light of the real faith to the infidels” and the Sharia law is in immediate effect in the whole Prague, and citizens are challenged to convert to Islam at once, “for their own welfare, safety and future”. The assault team of the terrorists also started to collect high-profile prisoners immediately, including members of the Czech government and Parliament, dressing them into infamous orange overalls, with their next fate unknown.

Marketa Vselichova Kurdish Kurd Syria crusader Islamic State V - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThe domestic Czech Counterintelligence Service (BIS) underestimated the Islamic State malicious intentions against the Czech Republic most terribly, although there was a serious warning sign, when a high-ranked member of the Czech ISIS terror cell was detained in Turkey, during his transfer to a domestic flight to the Syrian border in February, and he confessed to his membership to IS, and also to his participation in the planned operation. But the Intelligence fools thought, that IS is close to defeat, under hard pressure by Kurdish forces in Syria, including reputated Czech female Special Forces assassin, Marketa Vselichova, while rumors in the Czech tabloid media surfaced soon, that this unexpected combat action was a revenge for all the countless IS casualties, which the female fighter caused to the terrorists with her famous high-caliber signature rifle, called “Syrian Shark”, although operating there without any official authorization of the Czech or Syrian state, effectively becoming a terrorist herself, while closely watched by Turkish Counterintelligence, as her warm connection to Kurdish PKK is quite obvious.

Still, no one believed, that the beautiful Prague can be attacked, instead of more attractive targets in the Western Europe. But the terrorists always hit, where no one expects them, and where they can cause the most serious consequences.

Without any doubt, the economic damage for the Czech tourism industry will be devastating, as the tourists won’t trust the city anymore, even if the current IS terror cell will successfully eradicated by the prepared counterattack of the Czech Army, gathering their combined forces at the southeast of Prague, massing their infantry and tank divisions, to smash the enemy.

Anyway, this is indeed a black day for the Czech Republic, like August 21, 1968, the day of Soviet Invasion: there are rumors, that ISIS launched their attack on this particular date deliberately, to humiliate the Czechs widely, and to remind them, that their freedom is still in the hands of other players.

The Islamic State press agency released the following statement:

“Today, our brave brothers hit the crusader enemies right into their heart, taking the city of Prague with a swift attack of the righteous anger against the infidels of the international crusader coalition, who are killing women and children in Syria and Iraq in their airstrikes, fearing to stand against our fighters directly.

This is only a beginning of our revenge, and our message to the infidels: you are not safe anywhere. You can hide, but our sharp swords will find your soft fat throats, and the black flag will wave over your cities, be it Rome, Paris or Prague.

We won’t stop, unless all the oppressed will be free, and the caliphate will be acknowledged by the United Nations as a sovereign state.”

Islamic State: March Against Europe

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