Islamic State deploys heavy weapon of endless attrition war against West: mass extortion of Western females

As the Islamic State continuously hits the Western civilization with many small wounds in endless war of attrition, in order to force West to slowly bleed to its defeat, very disturbing news were revealed to the public, pointing at total incompetence and even critical weakness of their security forces and political representatives, who fail again and again in these fateful moments, which decide the future of the Western world, most likely under the strict Islamic rule.

The current terrorist trend of wide terrorizing of Western women via VIP kidnappings, mass threats to VIPs and mass sexual assaults is now put into a different level, when it leaked to the Czech public, that two Czech young women, Hana Humpalova (27) and Antonie Chrastecka (27), which miraculously returned after two years of captivity in Pakistan, were released only after paying a large ransom, in sum of six million dollars (cca 150 million CZK).

Not a heavily armed commando of Special Forces operatives liberated them, it was only and simply money: and all that sweet and firm proclamations of politicians, that “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” are revealed to be completely false statements, even lies.

Although the Czech side of course avoided to negotiate directly, they used middle-men and mediators, particularly Qatar and a Turkish non-profit organization, but in the end, the ransom money was paid, so the terrorists succeeded, making a precedens for another successful attacks.

It was publicly known, that one of the kindapped women, Hana Humpalova, returned completely devoted to Islamic faith, keeping her hijab on even after release, and now, there are rumors, that she attempted to cross the Turkish borders again, allegedly to reach for her captors again, allegedly under influence of so called Stockholm syndrome, when the captives tend to be affected to their captors, or even to visit her baby who could be allegedly born during captivity. But as Hana was classified as a person of interest by the Czech intelligence services, Turkey denied her border crossing.

And there are another dangerous rumors in the Intelligence community, that the whole kidnapping could be orchestrated not by some chance, but with direct participation of Hana, who could be a covert Islamic believer and operative, cooperating with the kidnappers, yet before the event. It would mean, that she could persuade and lure her friend to go into Pakistan, where the ambush was waiting for them. It would a very easy and efficient way how to make large money for the kindappers, if they would have their person “inside”. But then, we would be talking not about terrorism, rather about a fraud, a perfect con, how to steal money easily from Czech government.

The terrorists were always capable of exploiting weak Western women, and they continue to establish new and new ways of defeating the Western massive security apparatus simply by targeting females, either as their victims, or making collaborators from them, using persuasion, or so called love jihad.

Although NATO has tanks and aircraft and thousands of perfectly trained soldiers, the terrorists are masters in this assymetric warfare, knowing very well, where to hit their enemy with minimal effort and costs, to achieve maximal damage and wide advantages in their endless journey for alleged liberating the faithless West from decadence and oppression.

Western females are becoming the critically weak factor for the world future. All that faith that women will make the world better and the future sustainable seems completely questionable: with one exception, Chinese women.

However, another entities allegedly follow this malicious trend, including a new, powerful and mysterious organization, possibly a religious sect, operating in Prague and Central Bohemia region, consisting of alleged highly positioned female business executives, with unclear goals and motives. Allegedly, this entity was established for protection of top Czech female VIPs, but evil voices say, that this is just another criminal activity to get large sums of money from scared VIPs in this suitable time of chaos, collapse and social disintegration.

This unofficial party allegedly established their own security and counterintelligence force, consisting of ex-Special Forces military, Intelligence and police operators, directed at countering malicious efforts of local Islamic State terror cells, who are widening their influence from Germany into Czech Republic, to seek for new opportunities in the adjacent country, how to make money, to finance their treacherous combat operations both in the Europe and Middle East.

Their methods, personnel, even their name, is still not known, and the Czech police allegedly lacks resources for a proper deep infiltration operation, to find the truth about this new possible threat to public order, as creating armed militias like this is considered as unacceptable in the democratic society.

“We have full hands of other work nowadays, and the police has another priorities, for example, so called ‘National Militia’, established just several days ago, and claiming the necessity of armed protection of alleged national interests, lead by a local politician and businesswoman from Ostrava, called Nela Liskova,” an unnamed, highly positioned source inside Ministry of Interior claims. “Until they will commit something illegal, we have tied hands. But we perceive this trend definitely disturbing. Just a year ago, we would take proper steps to contain this threat immediately – but now, in all that public and social chaos, we have to put out more serious fires at first.”

No wonder, that in such hard times, religious sects and similar dubious entities, established allegedly to help the masses scared people, grow in numbers and strength, offering people some solutions and hope. But in the end, all this public unrest makes the Islamic State yet stronger, as the divided, fragmented society, full of conflicts and emotions, is easier to conquer.

Islamic State March Against Europe H - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs

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