Islamic State Enters Professional Sport to get full control of Western society and resources

Earlier today, it was revealed by tabloid media, that malicious Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL), the ultimate terrorist organization of human history, pampered by various powers secretly, deploys massive covert effort to get control of worldwide professional sport, in order to get high social influence and wide access to resources, including vast money, to finance the endless armed and social war against the ISIS infidel enemies.

The strategy is simple, but highly effective, even critically dangerous for Western society: to influence and get control of the human sport assets (=professional sportsmen and sportswomen), mostly leading social figures with massive Public Relations potential, and to rule the multi-billion betting business, connected to professional sport closely, not speaking about multinational corporate sponsors of international sport, who will have to negotiate with IS, in order to keep their pampered advertisement tools of critical value alive, healthy and making good achievements on the sport field further, thus generating money for corporate rats further.

The Islamic State terrorists allegedly don’t plan compete with infidel sportsmen on tracks, or playgrounds directly, as modern assymetric warfare has its firm and clear rules, it’s not Olympics and fair decent battle for alleged sport honor, and only first place counts.

This is a modern war without rules, where foul play is not only allowed, it’s even necessary for all participants, if they fight for survival of their world, badly pushed by their mighty enemies, like the Islamic State today, under massive offensive of international forces against one of their last remaining strongholds, Mosul in Iraq.

The corrupted Western media are writing with foolish joy today, that IS is close to defeat, and dumb infidel sheep believe it, like they always do. But the truth can’t be more different: long time ago, the war started to move from Syrian and Iraqi deserts into the vulnerable rear of the infidel enemy, where all mighty military forces, superior technology, precision bombs, cruise missiles and airstrikes are useless. And latest move of the IS confirms, that the terrorist tentacles are spreading into infidel lands successfully, stealing key assets there, to undermine the whole society of their enemies.

“Every bomb you will throw at us, will explode at your homes eventually,” the Islamic State promised their enemies mercilessly once, and now it becomes clear, that this statement had very wide meaning, so even reputated fighters of anti-IS battle recently presented their disappointment and exhaustion from this complicated, unclear war with thousands of visible and hidden participants and unknown interests, where ISIS is only a cat’s pawn of many state and non-state actors, fighted ruthlessly from one side, openly, for the media, and supported, even pampered from another, covertly, as it’s simply advantageous for the world, to have such ultimate, formidable enemy.

The ISIS is the reason, why many corporations, organizations, governments and even states are flourishing today. The Western war machine works at full speed, the Military offers a good future for wandering losers, many people have jobs in weapons and ammunition factories, the companies have wide defence contracts, the scientists are developing new advanced weapons allegedly to defeat terrorists, but there is also Russia and China, like possible future enemies… the IS allows states to fight a war without complaints of citizens, who can be silenced easily by universal “national security” clauses.

One 9/11 is enough, and dumb Western infidel sheep will give their corrupted rulers an “open season card”, to launch unlimited invasions, incursions and aggressions, to fight alleged terrorist enemies, who are allegedly everywhere, so hundreds of thousand of people, called “collateral damage”, have to die, their homes lost, launching massive migration wave as result, which will destroy the corrupted West one day, as the evil voices predict, whereas China will only smile: they will become undisputed rulers of the world without firing a single shot, without entering any war, without one single Chinese soldier fallen on foreign grounds.

Maybe this human bomb was meant in the mentioned IS statement, who knows. And there is no happiness and relief, when more and more cities are allegedly liberated from IS rule today. This enemy is much more complex and sophisticated, than anticipated by dumb Western fools, who once called them primitive barbarians, which can be easily smashed by airstrikes and military superiority of the international coalition, and the whole war against ISIS was futile from the start, as it can’t be ever won, on the contrary, it only makes the enemy stronger, and the West, which didn’t accept the bitter and painful lessons from Afghanistan and Iraq war again, gets weaker, yet more fragmented and divided, to be easily conquered.

The ISIS is a nightmare of the West, still extending their malicious influence further. And the latest affair is clear proof of this effective strategy, which can be hardly countered by Western security apparatus, also corrupted by terrorists, who use barmaids as their secret weapon against single members of police community, inclined to loneliness and vices.

Terrorists Infiltrate European Police Forces With Barmaids
Islamic State Far From Defeat militarized police europe infiltration terrorism extortion bribery barmaid - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

First rule of assymetric warfare is, to strike the enemy, where he is weakest: in this particular case, the critical link are single sportsmen, and particularly sportswomen, competing in “single” sport branches like athletics, and particularly tennis, where a lot of money is in stake daily, as there is a massive betting industry connected to the sport, and it means, that sportsmen are under deep pressure, to present sufficient accomplishments.

But women are generally fragile and too emotional, easily to be influenced, so the betting mafia uses all available means to influence the female tennis players, in order to secure the exact results of the matches as these criminals like. With rapid development of communication technology and social media, where also tennis women are present, to promote their personal brands and generate publicity and fame, so called “Internet trolls” are deploying regular psychological warfare means against sportswomen, to derail them, so they will fail on the courts.

But the Islamic State went much further. The terrorists, who are not afraid of police, courts, prisons and death, stated quite openly, that if top tennis players won’t submit to them, paying something like “sport tax” to front organizations of guerillas, the ISIS operatives can hurt them in many senses, effectively damaging or even ending their sport career. These negotiations were led with the managers of sportswomen, who were offered very tempting choice: to submit, and to gain ultimate protection against anybody, including competitors, who wish to destroy them, either during matches or outside the playgrounds.

And such offer is hard to refuse, as the sports war is not waged only at tennis courts, but also in the world, using publicity and bribed tabloid media as effective weapons, but also executive action is used: for example, in 1992, there was Monica Selesova, who ruled the world of female tennis without any serious competition, until a fool with knife, allegedly a fanatic supporter of Steffi Graf, stabbed Selesova in the back during an intermission between sets, and this event totally destroyed Monica’s sport abilities, although the wound was not so serious. But the psychological shock from the assault prevented her to win further, and her career started to decline, never to be the same again.

After the event, she lived in fear, turning her head over her shoulder all the time, never to be sure of her safety, regardess of number of bodyguards around her. On the tennis court, she was alone, not able to defend herself, not seeing the incoming attacker… then, she could hardly concentrate on her sport performance. Indeed, fear is the most powerful weapon against anybody, and all terrorists know and use this fact well.

It was mentioned, that in recent times, when Internet and social media started to rise, and it was possible to connect with people from all over the world, including celebrities and VIPs, the well organized and ruthless betting mafia, even single merciless individuals, tried to influence the sport people, using threats, extortion or simply psychology, humiliation, gossip and taunts, to worsen their mood, with hope of losing matches.

These measures had only limited effectivity, as the bold menaces were hardly materialized into reality, as the cowardly betting fools remained hidden behind their computer screens, but Islamic State terrorist operatives, nicknamed Merry Bandits, are completely different league: indeed, they don’t hesitate to hurt people really badly, without any regards to morality or consequences, prison sentences, and the world knows that well, as it learned the lesson the hard way.

Islamic State: The Merry Bandits

Thus, the Islamic State became a direct successor of betting mafia, taking over their established business, franchises and even personnel, providing much reliable ways, how to influence professional sport, and to get vast money with certainty.

They are not making some simple, primitive threats, they offer rather “advantageous business”: to help the sport people to eliminate the competition, and to provide protection against any pests, which is very tempting for the managers. No wonder, that many of them allegedly accepted the “offer”, to help their clients very questionable way, but maybe they had no other choice: the terrorist threat is omnipresent and real, and too much is in stake. One sport person can have literally value of gold, and her or his team doesn’t want to lose such “golden calf”, as future of too many people is in stake.

Concurrently, none of the managers tries to contact the police, and ask them for help, as the terrorists are no B-grade racketeers, and consequences of such unwise move could be immense. Everybody knows, that submission is simply more beneficial choice here, if the (sport) future should be sustainable. Those are new rules of professional sport, where not performance, but terrorists now set the game.

Read about Petra Kvitova, a Wimbledon champion, making a counter-move: covering herself with a hijab, to get protection and blessing of Allah

But there is also a conspiracy theory, that the IS threat was deliberately manufactured by a group of corrupted tennis players, known to be participating in betting fraud – particularly name of Slovak female player Dominika Cibulkova was mentioned in this relation. And ISIS can provide them apparent “alibi”, that they were “forced” in order to save their career and even life.

Anyway, the ISIS, used by many parties for their controversial goals, is becoming very influential part of Western society, able to get control both of critical human assets, and connected resources. Thus, their defeat is virtually impossible, and no amount of airstrikes in Syria, Iraq or elsewhere can change that.

And while common people are distracted by ISIS threat, many rats in suits are counting new fat financial profits, as this whole War On Terror is just another big game for money and influence, a big fraud, orchestrated by whole army of rats from West and East alike. This is the real face of postmodern world, where peace doesn’t exist, as it’s not desirable for rulers: real power can emerge only from war and conflict, and the rulers know that, whereas naive fools are backing them with political votes.

There is only one way out of this, towards real freedom and peace: Islam, the religion of peace.

Islamic State: March Against Europe

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