Islamic State: Far From Defeat. The terrorists infiltrate European Police Forces with barmaids

Although the corrupted Western media reported with joy and relief recently, that the front lines of the Islamic State, the ultimate terrorist organization in human history, are crumbling in Syria and Iraq under ruthless Kurdish pressure, and more and more cities are liberated from the former IS rule, like if the terrorists should be defeated tomorrow, these bold statements can’t be farther from the truth.

There are highly disturbing reports in the European Intelligence community, that the Islamic State just started to deploy extremely dangerous measure, how to infiltrate the militarized European Police forces, to gain their assets for various use, for access to otherwise unavailable security and Intelligence databases, and even to get their covert collaborators and supporters, who will never know, that they are serving not only to their homeland, to which they pledged allegiance, but also to the malicious terrorists, who are remaining hidden, pulling levers and collecting Intelligence systematically.

The ingenious system, based on infamous female honey traps (see FEMWAR), that the terrorists started to establish and use widely, works as a clandestine “honeycomb” network of inconspicuous “better” cafés, located in the centers of major metropolitan cities, with opening hours set till late night deliberately, so these premises attracts many individuals, who either live during the night, work during the night, or have their serious reasons to visit such places: to meet with others of their kind, to meet with police informers, or to have a chat with pleasant, friendly bartenders, particularly women, barmaids.

Except taxi drivers, pimps, mafiosos, prostitutes, traffickers, gangsters, assassins for hire, “golden youth” and similar questionable entities, many policemen like to visit such places, allegedly to have direct control of the local criminal underworld in their districts, to hear the news from the shady structures of society, which are often said during endless nights, spent in bars and strip clubs, where the Islamic State was already known to spread their vicious tentacles, persuading security personnel to convert to Islam, to become “a part of the community”, to liberate themselves.

And these brave policemen often feel both lonely, and stressed from their work, so to find a good place, where you know the personnel well, where they are behaving decently to you, respecting your demanding job for preserving the public security, is a live water for them. Many of them are single, living only in temporary relationships, until their mistresses will leave them, when they find, that their job is too hindering for the perspective of happy love: so they replace the warm embrace with a refreshing chat with a barmaid.

These bar servants of female gender are of course European, domestic, raising no suspicion of any possible connection with the terrorists. Still, these women can be simply persuaded, forced or bribed, to “share” their police connections, and pass the received information, which can be obtained also by covertly installed surveillance: and sooner or later, the female bartenders will receive instructions, to investigate targets further, like finding their weaknesses, vices, for possible extortion, also their service department, current security operations in which they are participating, with special interest in Special Forces and Rapid Intervention teams personnel, SWATs (see CSF).

Men are known to be flaunting all the time, and they see no reason, why to hide the information, which seems to have only a little use for any outsider: and all secrets simply need to be shared with someone trustworthy. Who could be more suitable person to trust, then your bar servant? The fools think, that what is said in a bar, it will stay in the bar.

This way, as the both parties meet regularly and certain fragments of information are released always, the bar personnel can create perfect personal files of their police “clients”, including psychological assessment, analysis of weaknesses, optimal approach, etc.

Misusing the females in the unconventional warfare by the Islamic State is nothing new: they have allegedly established their own Gender Warfare unit, they extorted and kidnapped European VIP females, and those “affected” assets couldn’t be trusted anymore: once a woman gets into the IS grasp, she is brain-washed, and reprogrammed for IS purposes.

Anyway, in the bars, sooner or later, the corrupted females start to “ask for favors”, playing on the protecting “knight” male note, like that someone is threatening them, their violent ex-partner, or a mentally unstable, drug addicted neighbor from their house: and this statement leaves no man cold, let alone men of the law enforcement, who incline to overprotecting women.

This way, the females build their “public picture”, as fragile, innocent and endangered by violent men in their vicinity, so the foolish male mind files them as “soft princesses”, promising them protection at all costs.

From this beneficial position, the men can be easily manipulated, to “help” more and more, but to provide still quite a small things, like finding a registration plate of a car, who allegedly crashed into the woman’s private vehicle, and ran away without identification, and the poor princess now has problem with the insurance company. Or, to check a car she considers to buy, whether it’s not stolen. The option of the game are limitless, but the mutual relationships get deeper and deeper.

In this moment, the woman starts releasing information from the crime structures, and the police fool thinks, that she can be a perfect informer, not realizing, that a classic spy game is just played with him, when he receives only the information the opposite side wants him to have.

And there is yet more: she continues playing on his male side, indicating, that she could be free, accessible and possible to conquer, at least for the purposes of casual sex, although usually, bartenders keep away from the clients: it’s an universal rule in casinos and night clubs alike.

So, she likes to bend over the bar, to allow him to see her breasts in the neckline, indicating their close, even ultimate relationship, and selling her female qualities, sometimes improved with stuffed bras, silicone enhancements, etc.

During all that countless hours he spends there, the conversation has to be running… and if he spends so much time in the job, what could be the basic conversation theme for them? Let alone, if she indicates certain interest in security activities, like “my uncle is in the Military”? Then, the man, pleased that he found a special woman with male interests, can’t stop talking about his special world, let alone if he is drunk, as the alcohol is usually consumed in the European bars, and the female servant are seducing visitors to “have another drink, to wash away the bitterness, to relax”, so they can earn more money in the tips.

Also, many policemen have financial needs, or even problems, and they like to make a side money, by providing security services, like doormen, security guards, tactical training, VIP protection, etc., where they can use their specialization. And if they can be bought, then they can get new masters.

This kind of personal problems can be created directly inside the venue, simply by seducing a target for a game of poker, and generally gambling, to “release the steam” and “enjoy the excitement of the game”. The following debts are then a perfect battering ram to control the assets.

And the trustworthy female “friends” are glad to introduce them to “clients”, who would like to buy their services, either for money, or for repaying the new debts from gambling. Naturally, between them, the direct Islamic State assets can be found.

The basic rule of the recruitment process is the same, like in a modern sect, or a New Age cult: firstly, “love bombing”, then to isolate a man from his social vicinity, and extend mutual relationships in all senses, till the connection is deep, and wide access to the target’s resources is achieved.

Various contacts between policemen and criminals belong to their work, but now, Islamic State simply picks the existing system over, for their malicious cause, operating many criminal franchises themselves, and simply using the related human assets, like bartenders, taxi drivers, etc.

The goal is clear: to get so deep into the European society, that no military defeat in the Middle East will stop the Islamic State from growing. It’s easy to bomb an enemy in a regular war: but if he is well hidden in the civilian society, even on the enemy territory, to eradicate him is almost impossible task.

The Islamic State simply seems to switch strategy from open military operations to classic guerilla warfare, but not hiding in a countryside, rather in the capitals of their enemies. This switch is not cause by their current defeats in the field: they acquired enough recruits, symphatizers and followers in the enemy lands, to continue their war covertly, destabilizing enemy states from the inside, including security forces, and politics.

the-wu-corporation-business-company-multinational-military-defense-industry-illuminati-conspiracy-shanghai-china-salzburg-teplice-s-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIndeed, when they were operating in Syrian and Iraqi deserts, the world was relatively safe: but now, the war is starting on the territory of their enemies, and unfortunately, many parties have no interest in ending this war, because the terrorists serve well to their interests, and financial plans: weapon merchants and manufacturers, like Wu Corporation from China, ambitious military officers, who desire to get a medal for “defeating terrorists” (both sides meet beneficially in the infamous military-industrial complex), ruthless politicians, and even the state governments, who simply need an omnipresent enemy, to assert more surveillance on people, to have more control of the territory.

This is also the reason, why the IS terrorists still weren’t defeated: nobody wants them to, although they stand against devastating Military superiority of the international coalition. But who would get rid of such a beneficial cat’s pawn?

Anything happens, you can blame terrorists. You need higher military budget? Remind terrorists, or commit a false flag attack. You want people to be under surveillance, like sheep? Remind terrorists. You want to limit civic liberties, to change the constitution to your welfare? Explain the plebs, that it’s because of terrorists, and call for martial law (like in Turkey, where the Gülenists are perceived as an ultimate threat for the society).

Indeed, Islamic State won’t be ever defeated: countless covert cliques of power, fighting for influence in the world, simply need them, and if the IS would start crumbling, they will supply them with another weaponry and manpower, to “keep the fire burning”, so the game of big players can continue.

Islamic State: March Against Europe

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