Islamic State female operatives allegedly extort European VIP, noble and aristocracy families

If you are a member of European VIPs, aristocracy, nobility, peerage or even royalty, most likely you had a strange encounter in previous days, that you didn’t completely understood, or this questionable event is still expecting you. You can’t avoid it, regardless how many fences, bodyguards, armored glass or armored cars you will put around you and your family for additional protection: the adversary is systematic, malicious, and uses absolutely incouspicuous operators to execute their treacherous mission: to conquer Europe, through getting strong influence on European VIPs like you.

Although Western media deliberately avoided publishing any information about this issue to save the affected people from bothering tabloid media attention, the European Intelligence and Security community is on the high alert today. The reason is, that without any warning, the continent of Europe became literally a battleground, but not infamous AK-47 assault rifles are used by the Islamic State terrorists there, in their ruthless fight for control and territory: only soft, incouspicuous and legal persuasion, mastered to spread their infuence as effectively as nothing before, plus, getting additional but massive financial funds, persuading high-ranked people to convert to Islam, and to establish some kind of legal justification of their presence in the particular area.

“They simply put their seeds into the sacred European ground, and the flowers that will grow from this malicious seed could turn Europe into a Islamic State territory in no time,” one of the Illuminati leaders warned his companions during a secret meeting in a French medieval castle, but his speech was recorded by sniffing Intelligence services.

“The first such event happened exactly a week ago, in Liechtenstein, and it made European aristocracy very disturbed,” an unnamed high-ranked police officer, operating in EUROPOL security structures, explains. “This is an unprecedented operation with vast, enormous scale, meaning a critical danger for European Affairs by the Islamic State. But we… we can’t stop it, I am afraid. It’s fully legal, and we, I mean the police, can just watch what is happening, unable to intervene against any breaking of the law, because nothing like that happened. With deep apologizes, we can just send that affected people back home… and as they are recruited from European VIPs, you can imagine how bad is this news for any European police force. This activity, practically an extortion, happens in front of our eyes, in the daylight, and we can do nothing. We have laws, we have guns, we have vast information databases, we have surveillance, we have SWAT rapid intervention teams with top-class armament, combat equipment and training… and still, there is nothing we can do. I don’t want to know, how the police president will explain this incompetence to the citizens…”

This highly disturbing statement, of course only unoficially presented on a private meeting of several top heads of police forces, who met to discuss the issue on the international level, only confirms certain rumors, which surfaced in the Intelligence community some time ago: that the Islamic State, or Daesh, prepares something “big and ultimate”, but not in military means.

“They are conquering Europe without firing one shot, in the speed of light, without any possibility to be stopped,” an Intelligence analyst from a private Intelligence company commented. “And concurrently, their idea is so horribly simple. Now we can see, what are our adversaries capable to do, who they really are. The media presented them as primitive, barbaric, inhuman violent terrorist monsters – but now, in reality, we see how far can they really go. And that they can really surprise us, leaving us breathless, unable to counter their bold moves. We have to wake up, this danger is much more serious, than we thought. Any adversary, who is able to switch from simple physical fighting and shooting to playing straightforward public games like this… is extremely dangerous. And there is no way how to contain this threat. This event is a breaking point in the war against the Islamic State, that we are slowly losing… the enemy found our critically weak spot, it seems: our families.”

It was mentioned earlier, that the Islamic State allegedly started certain special activities to get global power and influence, using so called Gender Warfare, establishing its own combat unit, directed at exploiting weaknesses of both genders, particularly women from the West, Kurdistan and Israel, who are their archenemies, but concurrently, a tempting option, how to create an unbeatable army of devoted Islamic State operatives everywhere, if executed correctly.

And women are the key asset in this ultimate terrorist operation too. Contrary to the perception of women in Islam by the Western media, the Islamic State female operatives are becoming a dangerous ace in their sleeve abroad, whereas their male fighters, supported by tens of thousands of foreign combatants, are keeping their Caliphate to grow in sense of critically important territorial control, using unstable conditions in Syria, Iraq and Libya, plus serious disputes between superpowers and Turkey about the fate of Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria.

And the goal of the terrorists goal is clear: to force the world to acknowledge their existence in legal and practical sense, to keep all sides of the conflict distracted by fighting and hurting each other, and thus, leaving the IS issue as secondary, which means limiting offensive actions and airstrikes by the international coalition against Islamic State.

This new progress is a very unpleasant surprise for all European Intelligence services, which concentrated primarily on male radicals and extremists, who impersonate physical danger in terms of comitting various terrorist attacks. But now, it seems, that there is no more suitable asset for gaining real power, influence, money and new mass of highly-positioned converts to Islam, than women.

Using their soft, non-violent, slow, fully legal and thus extremely treacherous approach, there is possibly no defence against their conquest of Europe from the below, silently and incospicuously.

For this critically important purpose, the Islamic state is allegedly establishing covert cells of influence in all European countries, which provide necessary support and supervision of the operation, including list of addresses. And then, it’s quite simple: they send two inconspicuous women, accompanied with many innocent kids for a “social visit” to noble and VIP families, and they kindly ask them for a “small favor”.

Either rejecting them or accepting will have consequences, and the targeted people are put between two crushing stones, their time for a decision is deliberately limited, and when a man or a woman is pushed into the corner, he or she can easily make serious mistakes, that will have the most serious consequences for the future not only theirs, not only their family, but possibly for the future of many.

For the Police and Inteligence elements, the problem is, that it’s in the best interest of the families to deny any contact with IS operatives, to protect themselves, and then, the circle of this ultimately ingenious terrorist operation is closing, everything goes smoothly and without any violence, or attention and commotion.

Another consequence is, that the suspicion is rising, and any trust vanishes. The families become practically enemies of the state, as they refuse to cooperate in any investigation, and another malicious goal of IS is achieved: to make the society fragemented, destabilized, full of splinters, unable to unify against incoming serious security threats. This is the way how to conquer the whole nations without firing a shot, this is the way how to defeat armies equipped with top weaponry and thousands of perfectly trained soldiers, and still there seems to be no efficient way to contain this threat, packed in deliberate innocence.

The terrorists know well, that any executed police raids and arrests against such innocent persons as women with kids would be a total media disaster, and accusations against “improper and excessive” use of force would fly on the highest levels, with participation of powerful NGOs, specialized at protecting and asserting human rights. Such outcome can’t be allowed, so all sides rather close their eyes and mouths, as if nothing would be happening…

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