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Every modern society must have a sinister, intimidating archenemy, in order to keep the sheep distracted and united against a common, shared threat, coming from the outside, emphasized by the corrupted tabloid media propaganda, so the civic slaves won’t think about revolutions against their corrupted rulers, they will release their anger outside instead, willing to die in the military service “for their homeland”, as a foreign entity is cleverly designated by the masterminds as the sole source of all problems, preventing the nation to achieve the desirable status of ultimate happiness, security and prosperity.

And the perfect culprit of all evil are the (Islamicterrorists, the alleged omnipresent enemy, hidden in the civilian population, striking unseen, when no one expects it, highly useful for organizing false flag operations (=creating false evidence about the alleged attacker), and the mighty Western militaries are apparently almost useless against them, but the corrupted Western media inform about their vast shocking crimes widely, provoking anger in common sheep citizens, indicating, that those criminals must be eradicated mercilessly…

If only they wouldn’t be so beneficial for many parties, be it states, governments, security and military apparatus by countless countries, various conspirators, not speaking about weapon manufacturers and merchants… indeed, the terrorists are very useful, either as a cat’s pawn, or a designated source of all evil in the world, to wash your hands conveniently, to redirect the guilt for all troubles, to justify increased mass surveilance and deployment of cruel “anti-terrorist laws”, to limit the civic rights further, allegedly to “protect safety of the citizens” (Turkey versus PKK and their main Czech asset, Marketa Vselichova).

But the public media picture of the Islamic State (IS. ISIS or ISIL) went simply too far, and eventually, it got completely out of control of the corrupted Western media, when it was found, that the terrorists are not only ultimate murderers and sick barbarians, like described, but surprisingly, also quite amusing people, who have their sick sense of humour…

And they have not only serious, frowning faces, full of hatred towards West, but they are also smiling, no, they are even laughing, indicating, that many of them are completely merry people, who simply love their strange life and questionable lifestyle, even if attacked continuosly by American drones and airstrikes, when the end can come at any second, and their efforts to create alleged Islamic Caliphate are condemned by the free world. But can such enemy be even defeated?

In the past two years, since the Islamic State started literally flooding the Western media with the news of their unprecendented atrocities, also the questionable humorous content reached the recipients of the Western mass media, leaving them confused: isn’t the enemy different, than we thought, actually?

What can the audience think, when they see photos of toddlers with arranged AK-47s and hand grenades, reports and photos of a dwarf in the IS service, while an assault rifle is taller, than him, a strongly overweight henchman, looking like a caricature, photo of a heavily armed IS combatant with a cute kitten, report of recruiting strategy towards Western women, using kittens and Nutella (!), report and photo of a Chinese IS member, “oldest jihadi”, who is over 80 years old…

Recorded conversation of IS fighters, who discuss buying the female sexual slaves for their pleasure, laughing like mad, having many funny remarks about “quality of the merchandise”, or a poor American woman, who just wanted to spend her honeymoon in Syria, and got 20 years of cruel prison sentence without even leaving American soil… and then, all the smiling, shining faces, like if the terrorism would be an exciting adventure, where you have nothing to afraid, or to lose, unlike infidels, scared of loss every day, every minute.

Indeed, the IS propaganda made clever moves, and humour is a dangerously effective weapon in Public Relations. One would expect, that killing means only tension, darkness, madness and serious things… but these criminals are making an exciting, amusing show from it, so the Western audience can get the entertainment they like…

Even if Tomahawk missiles are incoming all the time, so life of a terrorist can be indeed a very short one, and to deserve long jail sentence, you can be just suspected to “approve” and “support” the terrorist crimes in the most wide sense, as the new “democratic” laws propose… you don’t even have to reach the Syrian territory and touch an AK-47, like Marketa Vselichova, and you will be still sentenced even more harsh, than a regular murderer, who committed the crime physically, and ended someone’s life. Such is the face of modern democracy!

Or maybe the Western governments are simply too scared, putting any mercy aside, to save and preserve their corrupted system?

Anyway, how can be defeated such merry, relaxed people? Even with so questionable methods, deployed by the “democratic” West with “deep human rights tradition”, like “enhanced interrogation techniques” (=torture), “extraordinary renditions” (=kidnappings of foreign nationals) or “targeted killings” (=assassinations), deploying UAVs massively, indeed a very questionable toy, both in legal and moral sense, not speaking about contionuous militarization of the police forces?

And this all happened in previous fifteen years, since the endless “War On Terror” was declared. Fifteen years! And nothing is resolved, on the contrary, the problems are just multiplying, and the culture of terror prospers, like never before, using highly advanced techniques to destroy the weak, fragmented West, including mass extortion of VIPs, to avoid security forces and hit single citizens with high influence, in order to get new covert collaborators and massive financial income, for sponsoring their combat operations, like assault of Prague in August 2016.

Billions of dollars were spent in all the counterterrorist operations, two countries (Iraq, Afghanistan) openly invaded with very questionable pretexts, international law broken ten thousand times, no one is able to count, how many people died, including plentiful “collateral damage” (=innocent civilian victims)… and where is the peace? Where is the end?

But no one really wants this strange war to end, and all the loud political proclamations mean nothing, as there is simply too much money, interests, advantages and influence in stake. And for many such interests, the ISIS serves just perfectly, so why not to support and pamper it secretly?

In this case, even George Orwell, with his predicting “1984” novel, couldn’t estimate the options sufficiently, as the Cold War “black-white” optics was too limiting. But in this new world without borders, there is so many interesting possibilities… including strange partnerships with your alleged enemies.

So, why shouldn’t the terrorists smile, completely relaxed? While the Western world is full of stress, fear and tension, the terrorists have nothing to lose, looking forward to enter their alleged paradise. While still in the world, they are just… having fun, because they are winning…

Every day, while ISIS holds positions in Syria and Iraq, makes the Islamic State more important player for the future, disrupting the West yet more, as many sheep citizens inevitably lose trust in their leaders, who are not able to destroy the ISIS, even with all the military force they have under their command, even with all the inflated defense budgets and expensive tanks and aircraft, bought from taxpayers money, instead of building homes for young families, to please weapon merchants, who simply need the steady everlasting demand for their deadly arsenal.

The effort of some Western fools, to make fun from the ISIS and humiliate the terrorists, by publishing animated jokes about them, had even the opposite effect, than anticipated: not only making advertisement for the terrorists yet more, helping to penetrate their “business brand” into the society yet deeper, but the readers also felt fear inside the authors of these jokes, who were afraid of possible terrorist revenge against them personally. And if you can’t hide behind the crowd… every bold Westerner loses courage quickly, remembering his family, and Charlie Hebdo shooting.

In the end, it seemed, like if these authors were rather secret supporters, or symphatizers of ISIS, helping them with this advanced media strategy. Who knows, where the truth lies, and how many of these alleged “media enemies of terrorism” are in fact on the ISIS payroll, extorted or bribed to support their malicious cause? Including politicians, policemen and high-ranked military officers? Even those powerful men have wives and daughters, who can be easily influenced, either voluntarily, or by force… so they have a weakness, not speaking about their vices, and Islamic State knows, where to hit, to cause the massive damage.

Who knows, how deeply does this terrorist conspiracy influence the whole Western society in present reality? Individuals, organizations and states started suspecting and even public blaming each other, that the others support the Islamic State, so yet more divisions, instability and hatred between nations is created, and that is the ultimate terrorist victory.

Anyway, there is a scene in famous American movie, “Godfather Part II”, where Michael Corleone, the leading mafioso of the family, comes into Havana in 1958, carrying 2 million USD in a suitcase, to invest into the local gambling business. But when he is a witness of a scene, when a Cuban guerilla attacks the soldiers with hand grenade, without regards to his own life, Michael Corleone, who served in the military himself, is convinced, that the Cuban guerillas will eventually win, and he decides to withdraw the money: and soon, the Batista government crumbles, although allegedly superior to the insurgent forces of Fidel Castro.

No wonder, that the West is deeply afraid of such devoted people, who are absolutely willing to do the same. Indeed, such force can even win in the end, as there will be always supporters, both covert and open, and the terrorist will always attract both media attention and tempting opportunities for growing further – and this situation reminds the clever and mighty Chinese.

They also served as apparent cheap cat’s pawns for many, but these foolish parties were not realizing, that Chinese are the ones who gets the most from the contracts in the end, and eventually, they surpassed everybody, becoming the effective rulers of the contemporary world, holding the U.S. on very short leash, as the Americans are deeply indebted to China.

Many evil voices suspect West from creating the ISIS, or at least supporting it secretly. But it seems, that the original bold plan, to create an artificial, fully controlled and thus beneficial enemy, their puppet, got wrong eventually: and smiling IS combatants are confirming it clearly.

Moreover, the ISIS cause has indeed a strange influence on the worldwide Islamic community, who are condemning it, like obsessed. Speak to any Muslim, and even without any direct challenging, he or she will start condemning the Islamic State loudly, like some magic formula, and evil tongues are saying, that even the hardcore IS symphatizers and supporters deny any connection deliberately, to “keep Islam clean”. The Muslims are even willing to embrace infidels, like Czech Islamic community, swarming with divisions and apostasy, as a gesture of their deep alleged affection and condemning of the terror, effectively becoming apostates.

The Czech Islam Divisions Apostasy Muslim Islamic Ummah community Allah sympathy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsSome evil voices say, that it’s a perfect Taqiya, and using classic “divide and conquer” strategy, which brought immense success for the Muslims (=deliberate dividing into “moderate” and “radical” parts, to create pincers against the infidel enemies). Indeed, it can’t be excluded, that Muslims are using the ISIS phenomenon to get more power in the society, because the “moderate” Muslims will be appraised, that they love peace and cooperate with the infidels in preserving it, reporting radicals obediently…

But in Czech Republic, who was hit by the ISIS assault against Prague lately, it looks rather like settling internal accounts of the local Islamic community, “cleaning bad blood”, including expelling of inconvenient and too loud individuals, “marked” as radicalized deliberately (Imam Samer Shehadeh affair: he warned Muslims to attend a Christian mass, he was effectively expelled by Romana Cervenkova, a Czech female convert to Islam, with very questionable un-Islamic values, like worshipping dogs, unclean creature in Islam, and making unhealth gestures towards infidels – how ironic).

It’s clear, that one million of parties are using the IS terrorists to help their own causes. And the terrorists just flourish, getting yet more reasons to smile.

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