Islamic State issued a Fatwa against palm oil. Terrorists introduce a new vicious plan to disrupt world economy

In relation to the latest Islamic State malicious efforts to get new powerful allies, influence and territory in Indonesia and Philippines, far away from Syrian, Iraqi and Libyan deserts where they originated, the worldwide public and mainstream media were introduced to a new Fatwa (religious opinion in the Islamic law), that bans all use and planting of palm oil, a substance that raised wide public opposition and rejecting lately.

This step can have vast consequnces not only for the world economy, but it can also get a new masses of followers and supporters of the Islamic State, including in Western Europe, where many citizens were disturbed by rising use of palm oil in many products, including food. Although the multinational corporations say, that using of palm oil is not a serious issue, many medical experts warn against excessive use of palm oil in food industry, that it can have serious health consequences, as palm oil is used nearly everywhere today in massive amounts, in order to save money, profit more and use attractive features of palm oil for the manufacturers.

The Western public was standing against use of palm oil in last years, but no achievements in this opposition were made, on the contrary: more and more food contains this alleged poison, which allegedly also contributes for environmental destruction of fauna and flora, particularly in Indonesia, where many forest fires occured lately, with intent to widen the areas, suitable for growing the palm trees.

Issuing a Fatwa against any use of palm oil can be a breaking point in Islamic State Public Relations strategy to gain public points, as many experts warn. “Now, they stand as protectors of environment and poor people, exploited by multinational corporations worldwide, and this can bring them wide support, even appreciation, if not something even like sympathy,” a Public Relations expert from famous PR company, based in New York, comments.

But there is also another security dimension of this newest development. Indonesia, a highly unstable country lately, seems to be directly jeopardized with this ban, as influence of insurgents is rising there massively, and now, they have a powerful PR arsenal against the government, in order to gain support from local citizens.

As Islamic State is known as an ultimately ruthless terrorist entity, who has its loyal and devoted supporters everywhere in the world, the corporations, blamed for use of palm oil, can be directly damaged by this ban, even very seriously, if people will use this Fatwa in their new wave of protests against palm oil.

“We wil not succumb to some silly terrorist demands and guerilla tactics. We will not stop using palm oil in our high-quality products, as our customers expressively demand its profitable use. No negative health effects of palm oil were proved, and we can show you many studies by reputated health institutes, like Imprivata, fully confirming, that in normal amounts of use, palm oil is harmless, even beneficial for human health. Anyway, security at our manufacturing plants will be tightened, just as a prevention step,” a spokesperson of a reputated multinational food company Mondelez stated, and this statement caused a new wave of public hatred against this particular company, following by threats of boycott of their products and even judicial steps, particularly suing them for vast environmental and health damages, and asking billions of dollars in proper compensation.

“… it is forbidden to eat or use any food or industrial products, containing palm oil or its deritaves, unless in life-threatening situation,” the full text of the ISIS Fatwa, released to the Western media, claims. “It is also forbidden to participate in growing the palm trees anyhow, including renting of agricultural land, tolerating its use and growing, advocating its use, derogating the consequences of its use and growing. Any violations of this law will be severely punished, accoring to Sharia law.”

Most surprisingly, the text of Fatwa contains also an instruction for all affected persons, including employees of the corporations, who produce, process or use the palm oil, small farmers and so on.

“You are strictly forbidden to participate in this ‘haram’ crime, brothers and sisters. Find a new job, no excuses of necessity of feeding the family or paying the mortgage will be accepted by our righteous courts. If you will continue with your participation in this heavy sin, you are on the same level as the big infidel criminals, and you will be punished as severely as them,” the proclamation warns without mercy or consideration to human economic needs.

As the Western world is now disturbed by migration crisis and Cologne 2016 New Year attacks, allegedly also orchestrated by local German Islamic State terror cells, Islamic State continues their vicious effort to disrupt the world affairs on many fronts, allegedly with intention to be recognized as a full state actor, gaining a place in United Nations assembly.

The European Union forced the manufacturers to openly state on the packagings of their products, what kind of vegetable oil is used, but many economists warn, that this step only intensified negative public stance against palm oil, and in result, the world economy suffers. “There are certain facts the world public should be saved from knowing, in the higher interest,” a reputated American economist told openly to the assembly during an economic convention in Ohio, but his speech was interrupted by massive whistling.

Now, the corporations, participating in palm oil business, got a new and ultimately dangerous enemy. Even terrorist attacks agains these corporations can be expected, as security experts claim. “The worst fact is, that latest Islamic State proclamation could radicalize completely peaceful citizens, disturbed by excessive palm oil use, who feel helpless against the ruthless manufacturers,” one of the experts confirms.

Islamic State influences the world affairs more and more, and no airstrikes in Syria and Iraq can change that, as it seems. Their latest terrorist attack in Istanbul, aimed directly at foreign tourists, with intention to disrupt tourism in Turkey, clearly shows, how easily can Islamic State influence many critical matters everywhere.

“Sooner or later, there will be distracted voices who will promote rather recognizing our caliphate as a full state entity, instead of futile fighting with us,” the Islamic State commander claimed in a latest highly disturbing interview. Only time will confirm, whether multinational corporations, and the palm oil issue, will contribute in this paradigm shift of public relations to the Islamic State.

In any case, the world economy, suffering from extremely low oil prices, can expect further negative developments in 2016. And it’s still the beginning of this fateful year, as famous card reader Anie claimed.

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