Islamic State sent a statement to VIP citizens of Europe. Terrorists offer joint future or total destruction

As the Western public is deeply distracted by current refugee influx into Europe, the Islamic State doesn’t stop its ruthless campaign to conquer the world, using both military and covert means, targeting single individuals. The terrorists use the favorable contemporary conditions for their malicious cause, when the public is anxious of the future, to spread their message deep into the enemy territory, hitting the key places. They deliberately avoided another violent attacks, at least temporarily, to show the public their alleged “reasonable” side, that they are a fully regular party to negotiate with, that they are important, even key entity for the future of Europe, particularly her VIP citizens.

This approach was chosen probably to avoid the massive security apparatus of European security and Intelligence services, with intention, to make the Islamic State’s current actions in Europe fully legal, or at least unpunishable by law. And as the carrier of their message, they chose a simple sheet of paper, distributed not via official mainstream media, but directly to the hands of targeted VIP citizens, whose names appeared in a secret lists, written by local IS operatives, to summarize all key persons and families in the West, to attempt to find new allies, and high profile converts to Islam, and to show the Western VIP public, including aristocracy and royalty, that no one can hide from the Islamic State’s attention.

The factor of family, spouses and descendants, is the key psychological strategy in the newest attempt of Islamic State to slowly conquer the whole world, and to establish their Caliphate as a global ruling entity. But they go yet farther this time: they even offered something like “financial reward” to anybody, who is willing to help their cause, creating a giant and ultimately dangerous Ponzi Scheme, using Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) principles.

In practice, if any person mediates delievering of the message to another VIP person, and this negotiation is successful, the IS offered a reward of 20% of the proceeds to their unofficial, but highly persuasive assistants, who originate from close vicinity of the target.

“The Islamic State attempts to disrupt the whole European society, instigating one person after another. And it has to be reminded, that these targeted persons are not common Johns from the street, but highly influential VIPs, including representatives of governments, military, and key multinational companies,” a security analyst from a top private Intelligence company commented. “They simply offer you a salvation and protection, if you help in their cause. This way, no Intelligence service or police forces can stop this operation, as the assistants can be even the most inconspicuous and decent people with high social reputation… only highly scared for their family, so they try to protect their loved ones by sending the message further. And nobody can talk them out of this, no police can protect them. They simply do, what they have to do, they are manipulated only into two choices: peace, prosperity, protection, or destruction.”

But these citizens don’t realize full consequences of their actions, like secret converting of themselves, or their daughters to Islam, to appease the terrorist enemy, or sending them secret financial funds. Anytime in the future, they can be marked as a covert IS operatives, and to be prosecuted from terrorist financing, an extremely punishable crime. “The Islamic State make them the only choice in practice: to get involved with them, to create firm bond between them and the terrorists. And the people will only delve into this mess deeper and deeper. But they can hardly find an alternative, if they are under the Islamic State’s radar once. The terrorists simply won’t let them go. And not everybody is willing to run away, to leave your house, your home, your friends, your business or career you worked so hard to establish, your whole existence,” an experienced specialist on Psychological Warfare measures explains.

The police is in very difficult situation also. Not willing to admit that they are not able to protect their citizens, the police forces of Europe rather deny the mere existence of the document, challenging the citizens to report it, making the situation yet more favorable for effective spreading of the document and its effectivity, as many people are simply curious, what the paper contains, what is written there, to make their own opinion. But once they have the document in their hands – their life changes once and forever, as the circulation of all copies is closely monitored by the local Islamic State operatives and their assistants, who want that aforementioned financial reward for delivering it, and these money can be quite serious amounts, as the level of demanded funds can be in hundreds of thousands Euro.

“The enemy affects many different traits of human beings, from anxiety to simple greed, as many VIP persons have too high expenses for their costly glamorous lifestyle, to stay competentive and representative in front of the media, to be or to become celebrities and social elite,” the Psychological Warfare specialist adds. And this makes the situation yet more dangerous: the media participation.

Many tabloid magazines, most likely bribed by Islamic State operatives, are starting to sniff into the personal affairs of VIP persons, trying to connect them with Islamic State, to be entitled to make a public allegiation “in the name of democracy and protecting the free world”. But this noble effort has completely contrary effect: suspicion and fear is spreading into VIP society yet more, as the VIPs are now pushed from more sides, and concurrently, their options to get out of the situation are shrinking. No wonder, that many of their succumb the pressure in the end, rationalizing their decision as “the sacred matter of protecting their family”.

As a prelude, the Islamic State states in the document, that the kidnapped Czech fashion model allegedly followed their operators voluntarily, as she and her mother secretly accepted Islam as their faith one year ago.

“The girl is a good servant of our cause,” the proclamation states. “She is an example for all of you. She made the best choice, and you should follow. Listen to us, to your own welfare. We bring you the future – or destruction, it’s your choice,” the statement says without any attempt to soften its cold and threatening tone.

The document contains very detailed descriptions of two alleged choices that can be made by the affected persons. The first is to convert to Islam, and to provide certain financial funds to a front organization of the Islamic State, handed over in cash money to the person who delivered the document.

“We are certain that you understood that we are a firm part of your future,” the document explains. “But why should you live in fear, in eternal defense and opposition, in eternal useless combat against us? Wouldn’t be more suitable approach simply to accept us, that we are here, and we belong to your life, citizen? This way, you can secure a future for you, and your family. You will be protected, and blessed. You can participate on something that changes the world right now. You can ride on the band wagon, you can step forward. You can fill your empty, materialistic, faithless life without deeper purpose, that the Western society never provided for you, and you always knew that.”

In following part of the proclamation, the Islamic State declares, that the war against them is lost anyway, and it was lost in advance.

“We are everywhere. No walls, boundaries, heavily armed policemen, surveillance cameras or Intelligence services can stop us. Your governments never had a slightest chance against us, because we fight for a sacred cause, willing to die for it without any hesitation, but the people who should protect you are just a paid mercenaries, who have no interest in you.

Now, you will have to make the critical decision, but we believe that you will decide the right way, as your family expects from you. Will you become an absurd crusader, who will try to fight us? Or will you just try to evade us? It’s impossible. We know your name, we know everything about you, and we won’t let you go now. We know, that you belong to us, you are one of us. The longer you will fight with this truth, the more painful your life will become, and your family will suffer greatly.”

After this even emotional explanation, the document is quite laconic with describing negative consequences, if the affected person will deny to follow the instructions, probably in effort to just indicate threats and not to state anything openly, to avoid the police prosecution of assistants and operatives from extortion criminal activity. But this indication is quite sufficient, so the reader will understand quickly.

“The worst thing in the world is not to be hurt bodily,” the description starts even softly. “The worst thing in the world is to spoil your own life, by being dumb, not understanding what is happening, and where it all leads. You accepted the materialism and consumerism, like some victim and slave, as nobody offered you any alternative. But now, you have the choice you always prayed for – to become somebody, a person who rules his or her own life, who makes something good for the society and the mankind. Become a leader, use your abilities, change your mindset – otherwise there will be no future for you. Literally.”

It seems that the document attempts to make the readers thinking, analyzing, and having their mind full of doubts about their own life, and of course their government. Allegedly, all these doubts can be “solved” just by adjusting the mindset, and accepting the Islamic state as an integral part of their reality. Even this slight change of thinking is a major victory for the Islamic State on the European battlefield, achieved without firing a single shot: just using a persuasion.

But the most scary part of the document is the following paragraph, which makes any reader literally breathless. It contains a highly detailed description of…

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