Italian Women Invited To Islam. Last Da’wah of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi Before Assassination

In last five years, Italy was hit hard by European refugee crisis, mostly after the ground route from Turkey was closed in 2015, at least temporarily. But the sea way through the Mediterranean remains opened forever, it can’t be closed with fences and barbed wire, and Italy becomes easily accessible underbelly of Europe, attracting thousands, even millions of poor hungry Africans, who have nothing to lose, who are ready for march onto wealthy Europe, not speaking about masses of followers of Islam, including terrorist operatives, who come to Europe to conquer this infidel land for Allah, and Italy (Rome) is their particular target: a black flag, waving over Rome, is an old Jihadi dream, except reconquest of Islamic Spain (Al-Andalus).

But Italy created this fate for herself. It was treacherous Italians, who played friends with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, leader of Libya, their critically important North African neighbour, holding these hungry masses away from European soil, then stabbing the Colonel in the back, literally, together with other Western aggressors and murderers, who ordered NATO military intervention against Libya, and orchestraterd assassination of the Colonel, in alleged effort to “export democracy and human rights into Libya”, like they always say, before launching another illegal military incursion into a sovereign state, using highly questionable pretexts, like non-existing WMDs in Iraq in 2003, and these crimes against international law are never punished by any court.

Does anybody believe those Western fools and criminals yet? But there is always a recoil in life, and now, Europe reaps the seeds, which they planted themselves several years ago, in their endless short-sighted dumbness and crusader madness.

The Libyan insurgents of so called “Arabic Spring” in 2011, a part of alleged American-Jewish effort to destabilize the Islamic world, would never win against Colonel’s governmental forces. But with effective help of devastating NATO airstrikes, based on illegal United Nations resolution, killing the same civilians they promised to “save”, and American surveillance satellites, they were able to track the Colonel, and gather a NATO-backed crowd to assassinate him, celebrating this murder, like fools.

Hillary Clinton, recently failed U.S. presidential candidate, literally lost her carefully built public face, when receiving news of Colonel’s death, joyful like mad, when saying her infamous “We came, We saw, He died”. Indeed, the U.S. citizens are maybe lucky, that they didn’t elect this bloodthirsty monster. Notice the disturbing expression in her face:

Another war criminal, or rather complete idiot, defending the murder and voting for NATO intervention in Libya, was Karel Schwarzenberg in Czech Republic, a degenerated aristrocrate, an inbreeding victim, also a failed presidential candidate (2013), the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs in that time, who stated, that “… the fall of Gaddafi’s regime opens a new epoch of history of free Libya, from many reasons very important for peaceful development and securify of the whole region.”

But eliminating Gaddafi from rule was a big infidel mistake, as it literally opened the dam of refugee influx into Europe, whereas the Colonel warned Europe on many occassions, what will happen, if they will eliminate him from rule, he even asked money for this effective protection, extending “relatively calm times” for Europe, and foolish Europeans called this righteous demand “extortion”.

However, from Islamist angle of view, removing Gaddafi, destabilizing the region, and opening the Libyan dam in Africa, really contributed for conquest of Europe by Islam, using means like Demographic Jihad and Love Jihad. It’s well known fact, that many Al Qaeda operatives mingled into rebel anti-Gaddafi movement… or maybe they even controlled the uprising, to create a big Islamist conspiracy?

Anyway, violence in Libya continues to this day, and the Arabic Spring almost completely failed: there was no democracy, only more wars, more civilian victims, like in Syria, and Libya remains destabilized, whereas Islamic State uses this power vacuum to build their bridgehead there.

It all started with one apparently insignificant spark: in December 2010, some young Tunisian man, a small street vendor without licence, burned himself alive, unable to sustain alleged oppression of government no more, as the officials kept seizing his merchandise, so he couldn’t make his modest living.

It’s hard to believe, but this marginal incident, which erupted into mass rallies, spilling into adjacent countries, was the beginning of the Arabic revolution, rewriting the geopolitical map on many places, having vast consequences for world affairs, and fates of many people.

But in the end of August 2010, there was no indication of upcoming avalanche, and malicious Italian traitors invited Muammar Gaddafi for another visit into Rome, as there were big plans for mutual economic cooperation between both countries.

Only a year of life was remaining for Gaddafi, as Allah decided: but five years later, today, when Islam is literally flooding and conquering Europe, memory of his last da’wah reminds, how much different the West once was, before all that “migrant crisis” and massive terrorist incidents in European cities, full of militarized police… and Islam.

Muammar Gaddafi Libya virgin female bodyguards Amazonian Guard - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThe eccentric Libyan leader of course brought his reputated female “Amazonian Guard”, consisting allegedly of virgins only (under constant medical check), also his signature big bedouin tent and a camel, and like during previous visits, he asked for hundreds of young Italian infidel sluts (hostesses, fashion models, including Alena Seredova, and possibly even VIP prostitutes) to visit him, attracting them with 50 EUR bonus, so he will persuade them to convert to Islam, distributing Qur’an to them, together with his “Green Book”, describing his opinions on politics, democracy and philosophy, how to improve Libya and the world, including lives of females, who should accept Islam, to liberate themselves, together with whole Europe..

“Convert to Islam. Prophet Isa (Jesus) was sent to Jews, not to you. But Prophet Muhammad was sent to all human beings,” the Libyan leader said to the women. “Everybody, who goes other way than Muhammad, makes mistake. The religion of God is Islam, and anybody with other opinion will lose in the end.”

Although three of the infidel sluts allegedly confessed after the presentation, that they would like to embrace Islam, most likely they said that only to win Gaddafi’s favor and money, as many ambitious, opportunistic Western bitches were known to encircle the Gaddafi family, to get vast perks.

But none of those models, like Vanessa Hessler and Talitha Van Zon, girlfriends of Mutassim Gaddafi (Colonel’s son) was persuaded to convert to Islam, so the Islamic missionary activity of Gaddafi family had its limits, and who knows, whether it was from heart, or only Public Relations effort. Still, pictures of Italian infidel bitches, holding the Qur’an and smiling, are really sweet.

Five years later, this memory of Gaddafi’s last da’wah reminds, that millions of nameless Islamic harbingers, coming into Europe as refugees from all that war-torn countries, are much more effective tool of spreading Islam and leading to victory, than some rich despotic ruler, who pays some sluts to listen about Islam. But hearts of these women were not hit, like if they meet some fateful Islamic man, like a Swiss woman Angela Magdici did. Then, she had plenty of reasons to thank and love Allah, and submit to His will voluntarily.

Maybe it was right, that Gaddafi was removed from rule, so Islam could flow into Europe in masses, whereas the man was an obstacle of this fateful march, making pacts with infidels against Islam? But Allah demanded otherwise, and the epoch of Gaddafi ended. However, his daughter Aisha Gaddafi is still alive, the last daugher of old Gaddafi Libya, and she even promised continuation of the fight recently. But can she change something, yet? Does anyone need her anymore?

It’s true, that so many things changed in those five years. Every Friday, mass street Islamic prayers in big Western cities like London and Paris shake the corrupted infidel society much more, than some extravagant Islamic presentation. If Islam is seen in the streets, every day, everywhere, that is the most powerful da’wah: the infidels must see Islam close to them, because only then, they start to realize, that Allah really exists, He is one and unique, He controls their lives, and they start considering submitting to His will, to receive His unique advantages.

Those are simply new times, when Islam flourishes in Europe. But it must be reminded, that many people paid for this victory with their lives, or lives of their families, in all that countries, hit by war, like Syria, Libya and many others.

There is still no peace in the world, but Islam, the only complete and perfected religion of peace, is winning, and no worldly player is a match for Almighty Allah.

Gaddafi is long gone, together with thousands of others, who died on altair of Islamic victory… but those, who are still alive, serving to Allah, worshipping Him, bowing only in front of Him, they see, how much progress was achieved with all that sacrifices.

A Muslim simply must be ready to die for Allah any time, regardless whether in Jihad, or as a civilian victim of a war. But in both cases, he or she is still a part of Allah’s plan, and if you are truly submitted to His will, then you don’t beg for more life, because it’s Allah and only Him, who decides, how long you should live.

To be a Muslim, it’s truly a victory in life. And today, you stand on winning side. Those Americans and Israelis, how could they be enemies of Islam? These secret allies only help the Islamic cause: maybe they started all that wars and nnrest, but in the end, they help Islam.

And tomorrow, maybe Muslims and Jews will again stand hip to hip, like in 1099, during Crusader siege of Jerusalem, fighting with upcoming and most intimidating adversary, feared by many, including elite military units: China, and generally Asia, with their completely different mindset, values, traditions and history, but thirsty for world conquest. They waited for this chance long time, and now, their time comes.

Dumb European Union… the Colonel was their last chance, he was willing to help them, but they repaid him with treason and cold-blooded murder. This is, how infidels are destroying themselves. So, why shouldn’t Islam replace their corrupted, mad rule of social engineering?

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