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When the most disturbing news about a VIP marriage of a Czech female citizen in Saudi Arabia reached the distant Czechia, located far away from endless hot deserts of Arabic peninsula, all reputated journalistic aces of the country, which could influence the opinions of millions just using their pens and wit, they orchestrated a secret meeting, to discuss the new affair, and to establish a joint strategy, whether and how to inform about this extremely high-profile and extremely controversial, complicated event, which made even those ruthless media assassins in serious doubts, whether they should keep their professional pledge to inform people truthfully.

Usually, the deputies of tabloid media and so called “serious media” wouldn’t be willing to sit at the same table, regarding their professional media activity, and not only drinking together peacefully during the nights, as in the job, they despised each other, blaming each other, either from providing poisonous gossip and corrupted entertainment for the dumb masses, or spreading the governmental propaganda and endless lies of powerful military-industrial complex

Which was getting stronger and stronger, as the alleged terrorist threat was perceived more and more substantial and imminent, so the Police Militarization really increased its dangerous extent, and new massive stockpiles of military arsenal, allegedly for “national defence” were obtained from weapon and ammunition factories, running their production at full speed, pleasing weapon merchants and manufacturers, who made great profit from this madness and fear, which they supported both openly and covertly, using front organizations of “concerned citizens”, calling for crushing and eradicating of omnipresent Islamic State once and forever.

But this time, the matter was immensely complex, and with clear potential, to influence even the world image of the whole country, it means dangerous for Czech national security and higher interests of the state, and all its citizens, because it was directly connected to Islam, perceived as a mortal threat for corrupted Western civilization, even to its most orthodox and conservative version, called Wahhabism, ruling in Saudi Arabia.

General stakes were simply too high at this particular case, so it was needed, to put all the wise media heads together, and to decide, if such an event will be allowed to influence the fate of the proud small republic, which should celebrate 100th anniversary of its independence soon, and how.

Of course, that yet before all the discussion, three critical places of state defence apparatus were asked for their opinion at first: the Czech CounterIntelligence service, BIS, the Czech Militarized Police, or Ministry of Interior, respectively, and Ministry of Defence, led by Katerina Motovska, former fashion model and a VIP widow, undisputedly the most beautiful politician of the European Union, surpassing even Federica Mogherini, but also the most ruthless, as she was that kind of woman, who always pursued her goals and dreams mercilessly, nothing could stop her…

And her quick and intensive political career was no exception, as she had full support of the people, and it was her, who persuaded the masses, the whole nation, that acquiring a nuclear armament for Czechia is the only way, how to protect the borders against any potential invaders, not to repeat humiliating excperiences from 1920, 1938 and 1968, and only nuclear weaponry can allegedly secure sustainable future for the nation, for decades and centuries to come, plus, to extend the Czech power and influence in world matters very substantially, as any owner of this most devastating arsenal become a member of a very exclusive club of eight or nine countries (depends, whether Israel, which always denied to confirm their possession of WMD, is counted, or not).

It was another matter, that the weapon, called The Dark Sun, built near the city of Teplice, was constructed and delivered by the omnipresent, expanding Chinese, and its critical components, including sufficient supply of uranium and plutonium, allegedly smuggled from North Korea… it was Motovska, who emphasized her personal motto, “Victory for any price”, explaining, that any potential threat from North Korea can be better contained not with economic embargo, isolation and pressure, but rather with friendly cooperation, so when the North Koreans would decide to attack the world with their ICBMs, they will certainly avoid Czechia, their friend, maybe the only one, except China…

Anyway, regarding the new affair, the response from BIS, which pretended not to realize the importance of the whole nuclear matter and Motovska, was very simple, but also ambiguous, as could be expected from those secretive spies: that the secret service is not allowed to intervene into the freedom of press, a Constitutional right, but they suggested clearly, that they will watch the matter closely, and if there would be a justified suspicion of high-treason, they will handle all the evidence to the Militarized Police, as the law instructed them, as they lost their executive authority after the fall of Communist regime in 1989, not to be a complete successor of infamous StB, the brutal Commnist secret police…

The Czech Militarized Police informed the journalists, that no crime happened, yet, at least, so there is nothing to investigate, and thus, this matter is not in the sphere of their authority… only the Motovska’s Ministry of Defence offered to send their deputy to the meeting, and this liaison was more than qualified: Michal Hrdlicka was not only famous Czech male socialite, but also very experienced in media matters, working previously as a sports reporter for a Czech privately-owned TV station, TV Nova.

Later, after he was fired, allegedly for some alcohol excess during reputated International Film Festival at Carlsbad, he started working at Katerina Valachova‘s Ministry of Education, allegedly even becoming her lover… but also the Ministry of Defence used his special skills well, sending him as their liasion in all matters, where full plausible deniability was demanded, so the Ministry will be clean of all possible setbacks and scandals… in the end, they could always say, that the drunk fool Hrdlicka had no official authority, he simply infiltrated a meeting, lying, that the Ministry sent him… they could put their hands away from him easily, to remain clean and innocent, sacrificing a scapegoat conveniently, like those organizations always do.

Anyway, the journalistic meeting really happened in the end, and to protect it from any information leak – how ironical effort, as it was a meeting of media VIPs – it took place in adjacent Slovakia, high at Tatra mountains, far away from civilization, out of any cell phone signal or Internet, where only local marmots, the ground squirrels, living in deep burrows around a lonely wooden mountain chalet, could listen to its disturbing content… but primary concern of those furry animals was search for food, not spreading juicy gossip.

It was Pavel Novotny, the most reputated tabloid journalist of the country, working as the CEO and Chief Reporter of Heavy Slander, undisputedly the best Czech gossip magazine, who took the word as first, as he was well informed about the general dimensions of the whole affair: his information sources were located even at the Middle East, particularly Nikola Dotkova, working as a foreign HS correspondent in Dubai, Emirates, from a very simple reason…

There was a beautiful girl, former a top Czech and international fashion model, named Marketa Maryam Korinkova, called The Islamic Princess, after she converted to Islam in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, married the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, shocking the whole world with her VIP da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity… she was perceived as the most substantial woman of the whole Czechia, ever, but also the most controversial, as Muslims were deeply rejected by Czech atheists, infidels and pork heads, worshipping dogs, those unclean animals…

The Maryam Affair lasted long five years, and when it seemed to be calming, as Maryam, ordered by God, disappeared somewhere very far, both geographically and culturally… then, her mother, Ivana Korinkova, shocked the Czech media professionals, marrying one of the most powerful men of the world: Amin H. Nasser, the CEO and President of Saudi Aramco, the second most powerful corporation of the world, the largest world exporter of oil and gas, controling immense resources, but also providing extreme power for the Saudi governement, perceiving as its duty, to spread the conservative, Wahhabi Islam, even suspected from supporting various terrorist groups in their violent Jihad

“We must face the truth, friends,” Pavel Novotny started his speech. “If a Czech woman married Nasser… she managed to get highest of them all, surpassing all the famous Czech pussies, who know well, how to enchant men, so she won in really fierce competition!

Previously, our No. 1 was Ivana Zelnickova, later known as Ivana Trump… but when she was married to Donald Trump, he was only a businessman, not the U.S. president, and now, there is no official relationship between thgem… and I seriously doubt, that she was still a Czech citizen then… but Nasser’s power and influence are real and present, and withut any doubt, he has the place in Top Ten of the most powerful men of the contemporary world, together with players like the Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian president Vladimir Putin… and the woman is still Czech citizen, living here, not an emigrant, who tried her luck behind an ocean!

I am telling you: this is the most high-profile marriage, which this small insignificant country ever saw… in practice, she made it the farthest from all hungry Czech bitches, conquering the world, either as actresses in porn movies, smiling fashion models, or simply sexy women, making fools from rich men… the only problem is, that Nasser is also one of the key men of Islam, regardless that he seems to be only a businessman… it’s him, who generates all the oil money for Wahhabis, who has his hands on these vast funds, used to build new mosques and madrasses (=Islamic schools) across the world…

So, here is the question: should we celebrate, that our countrywoman made it so far… or whould we despise her, that she betrayed our country and way of life, marrying a high-profile Muslim, a tool of Islam, supporting our archenemies with her pussy and love?

Anyway, my basic question, as a sniffing journalist, who always searches for the truth and dirty laundry of people, is this: how the hell could Ivana Korinkova, a non-VIP, a mere Czech female teacher from a Grammar school, who had absolutely no connections to the Middle East, allegedly even a devoted Christian, goind to the church every Sunday obediently, get to Amin H. Nasser, such a VIP Muslim man, a Saudi aristocrat, who meets only with another royals and presidents, who controls the vast property in value, which is absolutely impossible to quantify?

And Saudi Arabia is not an accessible tourist destination with beaches, like Egypt, where Czech bitches are going in masses every Summer, to be seduced by young Muslim men, to feel like admired Queens… only to get a visa into SA is not easy indeed, even for devoted European converts to Islam!

Certainly, it all happened with some kind of assistance of her daughter! My another question is: what was Maryam’s motive and role in the matter? Did she just introduce them, and was it all just a matter of, let’s say, mature love… or did Maryam apply some pressure on Nasser, persuading him, to court her mother, although she was no fashion model, no VIP, no Muslim, just a Czech woman in her early 50s?”

“I met with Maryam many years ago, when she was still just a Czech girl,” Barbara Nesvadbova, the Chief Reporter of Czech edition of Harper’s Bazaar, took the word. “I was in fact her teacher at University, and it was made completely clear to me, that Maryam’s relationship to her mother is highly complicated… at least that was the way, how she presented it.

But nowadays, after all, what she showed to the world… I am doubting, whether she was telling the truth, or she played an intricate game on me, making a poor Cinderella from herself… are they enemies with her mother, or do they cooperate, pretending to hate each other to the world, so no one will suspect them from any kind of game?

On the other hand, we know for sure, that her mother really has nothing to do with all that Islamic world… so, if Nasser and Korinkova senior got married, it must be either only a coincidence, or a matter of Maryam’s conspiracy… but where can be the truth?

I don’t feel certain to incline to any of the options… but my instinct tells me, that Maryam’s motive could be simply her dreams, to make her family posh and famous, so she helped her mother, not because she loves her so much, but her fame becomes even Maryam’s additional fame… you know, she was really obsessed with material things, luxury brands, VIP status, like many girls of her age, coming from the middle class, hungry and obsessed.

And let’s be honest: Korinkova senior really has shining female qualities, even in her age. If there would be a national beauty contest, like 50+ age category, she would certainly win… her sporty body, her large natural breasts, and her slim waist, could outshine even young fashion models in their 20s… she really had prerequisites to enchant any man, and Nasser is still only a man, regardless of extreme VIP position and Islamic religion.”

“I agree, that if we will see it in dimension of the family interests, there could be some motives,” Anna Hubinkova (later Machova) from ELLE Czech edition said. “Maryam could make something good for the family, for the mother, knowing, that she will acquire many gains for herself in the end, maybe she will even lead her mother towards Islam… and Ivana’s additional motive could be to humiliate her ex-husband, who is a high executive from pharmaceutical industry nowadays, and who hurt them both, leaving the family, in the 1990s, when Maryam lost her father, living without a manly figure of authority, dominance and control, so important for any girl.

And there is one more thing: I am not aware, if you know this interesting fact, but Ivana is quite a reputated witch… in such light, her marriage with a Muslim, as Islam forbids any witchcraft strictly, is more than strange!

Anyway, I agree: this can be a big conspiracy of both women, who had their special interest in seducing Nasser… maybe they are both sleeping with him, daughter and mother together, to make him not only very satisfied, but also put under precise female conttol, playing him from two sides ingeniously… in that case, it’s totally clear, that we can perceive them as the absolute female elite, which this country ever had…

By the way, you certainly remember, that Maryam was an alleged mistress of the Czech President Vaclav Klaus in Autumn 2012, after she won that international beauty contest in Italy, which brought her first dose of real fame… but do you know, that also Korinkova senior was suspected to be the President’s lover later? There could be a cooperation indeed… does the history repeat?

Anyway, in ELLE, we always pay high attention to modern women of success, to set examples for others, just as those Illuminati and WWU female conspirators want from us… but in this case… it’s complicated, although Ivana doesn’t seem to be connected to Islam anyhow, she rejects it, and she claims, that she sees Nasser only as a man, not a Muslim at the first place, and she is not willing to change her value and religion…

She even denied permanent relocation into Saudi Arabia, and she still lives here, in Czechia, as Pavel said before… still teaching at school.”

“But she teaches elsewhere now,” Hrdlicka entered the brainstorming session. “Her position was not sustainable in the old school anymore, so she found new employment, as she speaks excellent English, at that VIP International School for children of diplomats and foreign elites in Prague 6-Nebusice.

The Czech children are open-minded, they would tolerate and accept her, even in her new VIP role, unlike their anti-Islamic and influential parents, who were afraid of her already, after that ‘abaya affair’, when she was wearing an Islamic dress in a class, to ‘show them the world’, that she will infect them with Islam… so, the Ministry of Education simply couldn’t allow this controversy, although Katerina Valachova, the Minister, is well known supporter of tolerance to Islam, let’s say… so, Ivana’s work contract was terminated, allegedly from organizational reasons.”

“So, if I understand well…” Novotny entered the discussion. “This Ivana marries Nasser, the top Muslim of the world, and she still lives her old way of infidel life, suggesting, that we should respect her, that she is still one of us, unlike her daughter, who severed all the ties with our land, even giving up the Czech citizenship…

This seems to me as a classic example of ‘Divide And Conquer’ strategy: daughter plays with Muslims, she marries a VIP Muslim, whereas her mother, also marrying a Muslim, even yet more important one, pretends to be still one of us… we could hardly find any precedent to such approach, making any decision extremely complicated to us: usually, we would slander, deny and reject her… but in this case? I really don’t know… and my heads hurt already, from all that thinking!”

“And what about that witchcraft issue? Does anyone know more?” Nesvadbova asked.

“I tried to call Petronela Lorencova, the Queen Witch, to find, what she knows about her colleague, but Nell’s telephone is unavailable, she is allegedly abroad, as I was told,” Machova replied. “But Ivana is not a professional witch, only having it as a hobby, as I heard… anyway, my contact at Czech Militarized Police, lieutenant Alena Malarova, who serves as an immigration officer at Veskrna Airport, she informed me, that she met Lorencova a week ago, when she was leaving towards Bahrain, to work for a VIP client there.”

“Bahrain?” Novotny was surprised. “And I thought, that wirchfraft is forbidden in Islam! And look, our infidel witches go there, just like that, to work, and they are allowed… this is a crazy world!

Anyway, let’s move forward: I want to hear stance of your publishers from all of you. What they want you to do, to say?

I presume, that ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar must inform their readers about such a new high-profile woman, who made it farthest….”

“Indeed, our Illuminati superiors made their clear stance, that we can’t omit this matter from our magazine, which is the leader of female media market in Czechia,” Machova acknowledged. “We will try to omit Islam from the articles, as much as possible, and we will let our female readers to decide, if they want to hear more about Ivana. That’s all we can do… but we can expect wide discussion in female and feminist circles, which will certainly support Ivana, as she shows to us all, that even in 50+ category, you can make a great success…. and ELLE has plenty of senior female leaders, who will certainly want to read about their shining peer.”

“Harper’s Bazaar will follow ELLE, our main competitor, although our target age group is lower, so it’s not exact definition,” Nesvadbova followed. “There is no other option for us, than to praise Ivana, to describe her achievement in bright colors… we are writing about mediocre female losers daily, as there is lack of big female players, and whe should omit such a new star, example, inspiration? That would cost my chair!”

“I am in the most complicated position, as a Jew,” Novotny sighed. “I admit, I wrote about her daughter Maryam, because she was somehow connected with Israeli and Mossad’s interests, as it was suggested to me… but I received no instruictions about this new affair from Tel Aviv, and although I asked the main Mossad resident in Czechia, no answer came yet… and I doubt, that it will ever come. Israel lost much of its former power to the Chinese…

So, what can I do? If I will try to ignore Ivana, enemies of the Jewry will say, that I try to censor the news, New World Order, Jewish conspiracy and similar stuff, and that would be really bad for my career… on the other hand, if I will criticize and condemn her, the Western feminists and Muslims will form an alliance, trying to destroy me once and forever, blaming me from religious hatred, and that I am an enemy of women, not willing to recognize their success, as a lowly media rat…

So, in the end, Heavy Slander will problably concentrate rather on gossip dimension of the matter, that a Czech woman made her fortune, becoming a part of royalty, getting money, fame… and regarding Islam, I will have to think about it, yet, how not to make an advertisement for it… a sensitive matter indeed.”

“From the angle of Czech national interests, Korinkova senior is an asset,” Michal Hrdlicka presented the stance of the Ministry of Defence. “And unlike Maryam, which is totally out of our control now, possessing a diplomatic Emirati passport, which gives her full immunity here, Ivana is still a Czech citizen, and it gives us interesting options, if she would be working for us… in the end, we can touch the oil money, and to prevent terrorist interest against Czechia… through her influence.”

“But there are also that Czech CCM Wahhabis from Teplice, those extremists and jihadists,” Novotny reminded. “What about them?”

“I doubt, that they would participate in this affair anyhow, they will rather condemn Nasser, that he is a corrupted Muslim, marrying a Czech infidel woman, moreover, a witch,” Hrdlicka estimated. “It’s an irony, that this time, they will stay at our, infidel side… unlike the Chinese, our alleged friends and main weapon suppliers.”

Everybody had a look at an inconspicuous Asian man in the corner, sitting there silently, waiting patiently for the right moment to cause an earthquake: Mei Yin Kang from BCTV News Beijing, operating in Czechia in large, bringing “unbiased reports to our European comrades”.

“Indeed, China will use all the commotion and unrest well, to weaken Europe yet more, creating divisions and fragmentation: so, we will write about this new affair hard, we will humiliate all sides. We will even make it News Of The Day, and we will put Sun Meiying, our key reporter with global reputation, onto it,” the Chinese man said with cold voice.

Now, the room was silent, as everybody understood, who has the real power here, and although all those journalists felt as media kings and queens, they were only marginal losers, as mighty China was the one, shaping the world opinions about all events nowadays…

The unusual silence was interrupted, when something knocked on a window.

But it was just one of the curious marmots, probably very reckless and hungry alike, who wanted to know, if something to eat couldn’t be stolen from those foolish humans, who lived in so much complicated world…

“Although Islam has no tradition in Czech historical lands, contemporary Czech women, hungry and ambitious, found many opportunities in distant Arabia and its religion, and not only those, exposed to Love Jihad, seduced by Muslim operatives.

What Korinkova junior and senior achieved, one marrying Sheikh Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister, Vice President and Minister of Defence of the United Arab Emirates, the other marrying the King of Middle East, Amin H. Nasser, it can be hardly ever surpassed, but they hardly made Czechia proud, rather divided and in unrest, that their most beautiful women are despising Czech men as losers, rather looking for satisfaction in the embrace of Muslims…

Those are the new times of Europe, an alleged paradise, when all old orders are destroyed, together with national borders, all values and cohesion are diminishing, and the European Union slowly collapses, making a parody from itself, its citizens betraying their countries and nations…

But China stands strongs and united, taking control over the world events, to bring fully sustainable future of prosperity, balance, harmony and nature preservation for all of us.

This is Sun Meiying, BCTV News Beijing, reporting from our European desk.”

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