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When Ivana Korinkova, a common Czech school teacher of middle age, a devoted Christian, shocked the Czech public by marrying Amin H. Nasser, a royal of Saudi Arabia, the CEO and President of Saudi Aramco, the second most powerful corporation of the world, the world’s largest oil and gas exporter, administrating vast wealth, and naturally, a high-profile (Wahhabi) Muslim, providing oil money for Saudi government, so more new mosques could be built, to spread yet more Islam into the world…

Then,  she had to understand, how much her life will be changed, and all good practical friends told her, that her old way of life will be hardly sustainable, and she will have to relocate abroad, sooner or later, regardless of her wishes to live, like before.

She was born and raised in Czechia, she spent her whole life there, in her beloved homeland, a corrupted infidel atheist land of Middle Europe, where forbidden alcohol and unclean pork meat was widely consumed, unclean dog beasts were worshipped, instead of God… the land, infested with Christian Catholic churches, belonging to a deviated religion, which commited a literal genocide against poor defeated and humiliated Muslims of ancient Al-Andalus… the land, where forbidden Xmas were celebrated widely by sinful infidels, denying the uniqueness and oneness of God, who has no partners or offsprings, and Isa (Jesus), peace be upon him, is a prophet of God…

She had family in Czechia, memories both good and worse, simply roots, so she was not willng to leave, unlike her famous VIP daughter, Marketa Korinkova, later called Islamic Princess Maryam, a reputated Czech and international fashion model, who made a fateful move in Autumn 2012…

When she moved into Dubai, Emirates, converting to Islam there, veiling her immense beauty with a hijab once and forever, marrying Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, who even gave up her Czech citizenship, receiving an Emirati diplomatic passport from her powerful husband, also the Emirati Vice President, Prime Minister and Minister of Defence…

But Maryam was much younger, born 1988, and it was easy for her, to burn the bridges behind her, to look for destiny and happiness elsewhere, far from her home city, in another land, another culture, another religion…

But Ivana, in her early fifties, a common teacher from a Grammar school, not a hungry VIP, willing to do just anything for her career? Although she still looked great, there is a classic provetrb, that “you can’t teach an old dog to new tricks”.

She simply felt, that she belongs into Czechia, into Europe, not into hot endless deserts of Arabic peninsula, into devastating heat, where mosques stand instead of Christian churches, where Islam rules, and Ivana was a Christian…

Even visiting her daughter Marketa (Maryam) in Dubai was rather painful, unpleasant experience for her, and of course, that she denied to be veiled with hijab, to hide her rich and naturally black hair under the Islamic obligatory scarf… she denied to respect the Islamic culture, as she felt as a modern, free and independent Western woman, who does, what she likes, who has sex, when, how and with whom she wants, and who wears, what she prefers…

So, why did she marry just Amin H. Nasser from Saudi Arabia, where even to get a tourist visa was extremely difficult process, and not some local infidel fool, originating from the same culture? Why didn’t she marry that corporate executive from Veskrna Airport Prague, whom she dated for years, although her daughter Marketa never accepted him as a “replacement” father?

From many reasons, soon to be widely discussed by all ruthless tabloid media, like Heavy Slander:

1) to execute a proper female revenge, to humiliate her ex-husband, who left the family in 1998, to pursue a big corporate career, in agriculture at first, and later at pharmaceuticals (Hoffmann-La Roche multinational corporation), leaving Ivana alone with two children, vulnerable and sensitive girls, Iveta (*1984, later becoming an actress and TV personality) and Marketa (*1988), stealing fatherly figure from them, ruining their childhood, to establish a new family later, humiliating them yet more

2) to make some fame for herself, not only watching the vast success of her younger daughter Marketa, who literally conquered the world, although quite controversial way, being a very devoted Muslim, leading many VIPs to the only complete and perfected religion of peace, through her intricate and sexy Islamic missionary activity (da’wah)

3) to be appreciated by the Pope in Rome and Catholic Church in general, making a female sacrifice, to build bridges between religions, maybe even to be rewarded by God Himself, who could appreciate, that she supports inter-religious peace, and peace in the world

4) to find balance between female and male essence, as Ivana was extremely well connected to her feminine side, even becoming a reputated witch, but she understood, that only both essences together can be complete, and to prevail… and Nasser, one of the most powerful men of the world (Top 10), represented so much of authority, control of dominance, it means manhood

5) to start a new, much more successful life, still enjoying her powerful feminity, to deny her age, maybe to become a shining example for other women, that nothing is impossible, even after 50th birthday, including finding a new big fateful love, a new destiny, relocating somewhere far, living a VIP life, getting rich and a member of royalty, through an advantageous marriage…

However, all these bold and noble goals, why she entered into this late surprising marriage with a man, who could be hardly more distant for her, were followed by very practical consequences, very unplesant for her, and coming very soon.

“I am sorry, Ivana, but I can’t extend your work contract at our school,” the director of the school, where she worked, and her former occassional lover, informed her mercilessly. “Official reasons are an organizational change, a restructuralization, better management of school human resources… unofficial reason is, that parents are afraid, that you will infect their children with Islam, because of your daugher, and now even your new Wahhabi husband…

The ‘concerned parents’ are well organized now, particularly females, ‘the soccer moms’ and ‘the green widows’ from suburban villas, who have plenty of free time anyway, so they will gladly fill it with some activism, to have some entertainment and excitement, some more sense in life, than nurturing their beloved offsprings…

They would do just anything to protect their kids, and they indicated very clearly, that to ‘resolve’ the matter of your employment here, which became very ‘inconvenient’ for them lately, they will apply even brutal legal pressure against the school, and they even allegedly hired a top lawyer, a specialist in Lawfare, or Legal Warfare, from reputated Kenner Bach & Ledeen law firm, called Iveta Klimesova… they even persuaded her to arrive from Hong Kong back to Czechia, and to take the very attractive case, promising many gains for KBL…”

“Imagine, that KBL asked for advance payment of 50.000 USD for Klimesova’s legal services,” the director continued with disturbing news. “And the parents paid it at once! Indeed, they are not just an angry street mob, easily to be dispersed by tear gas grenades of Czech Militarized Police!”

“What is this nonsense?” Ivana was surprised. “I never took any religion into the school, I didn’t wear my cross publicly here, ever, and that inflated ‘abaya affair’, when I wore an Islamic dress, borrowed from my daughter, it was a test of religious tolerance, and Minister of Education Katerina Valachova fully agreed with this experiment, sanctioned even by Federica Mogherini from European Commission… and I am not responsible for actions of my daugher, who is a fully mature woman!

I even tried to bring her back! It was me, who persuaded her to go to the Xmas market with me last year! I even tried to persuade her to go to the Midnight Mass at the church, explaining to her, that her Islamic faith is only temporary and superficial, but she was born here, where only Christianity has tradition, not some Islam! And that she belongs here, she is one of us, Christians! It’s a bond forever… I regret so much now, that I didn’t make her baptized, when she was a powerless, little child!”

“I know, that the Minister stands behind you, that you stand on the right side… but in this special case, I must to choose a lesser evil,” the man insisted. “Understand this most sensitive situation, Ivana: your friend Valachova can remove me from the office, but VIP parents will stand behind me, and I will always find a good job, as there will be no stain in my professional biography…

On the other hand, if I will back you, if I will stand against all that powerful and very angry parents, who are so afraid of Islam, perceiving it as a mortal threat to our Western civilization and way of life… my professional future is more than uncertain, as the Czech opponents of Islam. very plentiful and omnipresent, can put me on their ‘index’ (=list of undesirable persons or artistic works)!

Listen, I will write the best possible recommendation for you, and I won’t even lie… I know, that the kids loved you, you were even elected as the Czech ‘Teacher Of The Year’ four times, in 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2015… but you became a liability now, because of your new Muslim husband… not speaking about your Muslim daughter, who always caused troubles here…

I understand, that love sees no color and religion, but this is a school, for Christ’s sake… and you know, in what dangerous times we live, what the mass media are writing, that the Islamic terrorists are everywhere, Islamic State attacks here and there, almost daily, people want to close the borders… and you bring Islam to them, merely by representing your daughter, merely by talking about shining glamorous Dubai!

The parents want to remove you from the school scene, but not only them… to have more power, they asked Czech anti-Islamic structures for additional support… we have no chance against thm, and believe me, that in the end, even Minister Valachova will put her powerful hands from you, sacrificing me and you alike, as scapegoats! This is, how structures of powers work, and we are just pawns!

And there is one more thing, which you should know, to understand, how serious is the present situation: the Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS was sniffing around our school for very long time already, since your daughter became that Islamic celebrity… but just this morning, imagine, two BIS officers simply walked into my office, saying:

‘Mr. Director, one of your teachers is filed as a person of interest now, and you must act accordingly. We want you to increase general supervision of her, in the higher interest of national security. And we want you to cooperate in this most noble effort with us, by allowing yet closer electronic surveillance of the school Internet network, and letting bugs to be installed in teacher’s office, so we can listen to all conversations conveniently.’

And that was the last drop of my tolerance and patience, believe me! This is a school, designated for education, some spies and big conspiracy games have no place here! I don’t want to work under such a pressure! I have enough stress from all that endless EU directives already!”

“If this would be only about me, you have my resignation on the table already,” Korinkova said quite calmly. “But I can’t leave the kids, my class, 9.C… I promised them, that I will bring them to the end of the final school year here, all of them, I will help them to choose their future jobs and high schools, best suitable for their skills and talents… such a critical choice will influence their lives so much… if I would leave now, I would betray them!”

“They can write you an email, or on Facebook, you can meet in a cafe, I don’t care, what they do outside this building, in their free time… but they are not your kids! They are citizens, they belong to the state, and I have full responsibility for this insitutuon, and them… not you! Girl, you don’t want me to do it the hard way… do you?” the director was losing patience indeed.

“But can I say goodbye to them, to my class, at least?” the teacher asked desperately.

“No, sorry, that wouldn’t be a good idea,” the director rejected the suggestion. “It would only create undesirable emotions of loss inside them, thry would complicate all the process of terminating your contract, they would beg me, to leave you here, they would send foolish protests to the Ministry, making Valachova only pissed off, putting my own head on the plate, that I can’t keep order here…

The best solution for all parties will be, if you will simply disappear, silently, without tears, and right now, with immediate validity… we all want to avoid all scandals and problems… we will tell them, that you are sick, or abroad, on some studies… and then, you simply won’t return… as days and weeks will pass, they will forget, they will get a new, maybe even better teacher, a young, fresh, sexy, modern person, yet closer to them in all senses… they are young, their minds are flexible, unlike us.”

“Cut all this verbal crap, all the complex explanations and endless reasons, why I need to be let go such a terrible, cowardly, unmanly way… this is simply a betrayal, you stabbed me in the back today… and believe me, that I remember such things, for very long time!” Ivana seemed very angry.

“If you are truly a Christian, then you know, that hatred is a serious sin, and forgiveneess is the best way, how to cope with such a destructive emotion… don’t be attached, Ivana… let go! You need to let go in your life!” the man tried to calm her down.

“OK, then… let’s get this finished,” Korinkova sighed, understanding, that her days here are over, with final validity, and nothing can change that. “Where do you want me to sign the papers?”

The whole process of terminating her work contract took only a few minutes, as the treacherous director had all the papers ready in advance.

She left, without saying a word, and only outside, driving home, she realized, that she is unemployed now, and people above 50 years of age have very serious problems to get a job in any Capitalist country, because this corrupted system asks only for young, fresh and open-minded individuals, not connected to the past, not remembering, what once was, how the world was different, that not all changes by blessed masterminds were for better…

Although her recommendation for future employers was shining indeed, when the directors of other schools saw her name, when they realized, who she is, to what controversy she is connected… they always promised to call her, if she will be ‘selected from other applicants’… of course, never calling her… she was on index.

Only International School of Prague (ISP), ran by U.S. Embassy Prague, reacted to her shining professional biography, where full 27 years of pedagogical experience was stated.

And now, she sits at a posh office of ISP, far away from the city center, near borders of Prague, literally in a village, called Nebusice… and a much younger woman, some Anna Babanova, the director, educated in Gender Studies, a big feminist player of Czechia, is reading her resume with interest.

“I will be completely open with you, Mrs. Korinkova,” the young director in her late 30s, who denied to use makeup, not to emphasize her feminity, not to become a sexual object, said, after she finished reading. “I would accept you, regardless of all that controversy around you, which can be even good for publicity, that the Americans are friends of Muslims, after that shameful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which damaged the relationships between West and Islamic world…

Plus, you have support of higher places, it means Ministry of Education, which can be good for getting EU subsidies and corporate sponsors for the school… you have support of pro-EU and feminist circles… you are 50+, an endangered social group, which I will be glad to support, by providing employment, to look nice for the government, that I support older work force… although in your case, you hardly need money, like all those teachers of your age, who occupy Labor Offices, living on welfare money… but let’s omit this fact now.

But what is important: you must understand, that this is not a common Czech Grammar school, this is a high-profile, even a ‘next-gen’ educational institution, where children of diplomats and foreign elites are studying, and they, together with their VIP parents, expect not only the best performance from all the staff, also the correct mindset… it means, to promote human rights, gender questions and generally fresh, actual and proper postmodern values…

You would have to adopt a completely new perception of your work, a new approach, learning children the right values… which can be, let’s say, incompatible with your 50+ mindset, roots, even religion… if you believe in God, you have to deny Him in front of them… if you, for example, don’t like black people and immigrants, you have to deny those negative xenophobic feelings, teaching only love and acceptance… or, if you believe, that man is provider, and woman is caretaker, you need to deny it… and you must agree with our system of ‘All Gender Restrooms’, to remove obsolete barriers between genders… do you understand me?”

“I read a lot about your school,” the older woman replied. “And this is not the first time, when I have to follow some ideological guidelines, or, let’s say, even propaganda… this belongs to my job, to serve to the current regime in certain way, to present ‘right’ values to kids… but I don’t say it with any irony! I understand the reasons!

I experienced Communists, pro-EU democrats, and now those modern aggressive feminists, who deny many past values, thoughts and concepts, like you… so, you have my word, that I will do everyhing necessary, because I love my job, and I love children… it would be foolish to teach them, what I believe!

My mission is to give them, what the state wants them to know, to think… to live in the present time, to understand the ‘Zeitgeist’, spirit of time, to be successful, to see and catch all opportunities!

I am here, just to rely the message… not to criticize anything, not to insert my opinions and values… because what if they are wrong? To become detached from those, and from the past, it’s a principal part of my job…

But if I will fail, you can fire me… and I won’t protest, complain, or fight back, that you are a corrupted, brainwashed feminist bitch, dangerous for the children… in that moment, I will simply leave Czechia, and forever, understanding, that God wants me somewhere else, and this final failure is His final message for me, that I don’t belong here anymore, being too old, too connected to that Islam, and who knows else mistakes, making me unsuitable for this land…

I can’t fight with the whole world… maybe I can teach English in Dhahran, Saudi Aramco headquarters… or in Dubai, to be closer to my daughter, and to my husband… there is also many European expats, the dress code is quite free, I could find new friends, even of my age category…

And maybe some things will happen here, something will change, and I will able to return, one day, God willing…”

“Good, I am glad, that you understand your future responsibilites well,” Babanova exhaled with satisfaction. “By the way, I heard, that you are quite a reputated witch… don’t you EVER mention it here… but maybe you could make a small, secret tarot reading for me, what do you say… I want to know so much, if the current relationship with my girlfriend will last… I found so much love and acceptance in her embrace, which no man could give me, ever… so, I am a proud lesbian… you have no problem with that, I suppose?”

And this is, how Ivana Korinkova got her new job at U.S.-backed International School of Prague, when she simply accepted the change.

The campus of ISP was heavily protected against all possible terrorist and security threats, as VIP children were studying there… when Ivana arrived at school, her car and person was closely checked at the entry gate, by heavily armed guards, some security contractors, carrying military-grade assault weapons openly, with expressive permission of Czech Ministry of Interior, as this was an object of special interest and elevated degree of protection, directly connected to the U.S. Embassy of Prague…

It was also quite far from her home, this distant and isolated Nebusice quarter, but she loved driving anyway, and the environment around the campus was all green and healthy, it didn’t seem as Prague anymore, rather endless wheat fields and green forests, including famous and vast Sarka park, a magical, calm valley, where Ivana liked to walk, alone or with her VIP students, feeding cute, hungry ginger squirrels, who made all visitors of the park smiling… and nature, it was no politics, it was no propaganda, and any political regime had to understand, that it has to be protected, to be preseved for future generations, that this value can’t be bought with money, in a boutique with luxury goods…

The school management and U.S. security advisors didn’t like these “external” excursions too much, as it was a security threat, to move outside the secured and fenced campus perimeter, so they had to send armed guards to accompany the class… but these VIP kids learned to ignore their bodyguard escort anyway, they took it as natural and necessary part of their lives, as Islamic State terrorists were sniffing for good kidnapping opportunities all the time, together with common criminals, who only wanted to touch fat ransom money of the VIP parents…

Like those Pakistani kidnappers, who got generous 6 million USD repayment from the Czech state, so two dumb Czech young bitches, Hana Humpalova and Antonie Chrastecka, seized in dangerous Baluchistan, where they went for a tourist trip, could be released… and at least one of them “repaid” the liberation by her infidel government indeed, returning as a brainwashed, fully obedient Muslim, who had to be watched by secret service BIS and Anti-Extremist department of Czech Militarized Police very closely…

Whether she isn’t a covert terrorist asset in Czechia, or whether she even didn’t cooperate with the terrorists from the beginning, luring her friend into trap, knowing, that the ransom money will be paid for them in the end, as no one will let two young girls to rot in some dark Pakistani hole… and this “fun” cost 6 million USD of taxpayers money at least, not speaking about exhausted security apparatus, distracting many elite officers, so potential ISIL operatives could slip in, under all radars and precise terror watch-lists, containing hundreds of thousand of names… indeed a good, beneficial investment for the welfare of the Czech citizens!

And this whole comedy lasted some two years, because the Czech government tried to play their silly games, even preparing to send a Special Forces commando to liberate the girls, but these Pakistani players were simply too strong adversaries, too devoted jihadists, so in the end, as a bonus, they humiliated whole Czechia yet, whose security apparatus showed to be ineffective, incompetent and unable to understand…

That masked officers of Czech Militarized Police are not gods, although the Police management likes to describe them like that, to persuade all criminals, that they have no chance, and all citizens, that the Police State is their inevitable reality, where DNA samples can be taken even ilegally from the suspects, to fill the National DNA Database, oh, such a beautiful romantic name, and no one cares…

Where everybody is under mass surveillance, allegedly for their welfare and protection, not to get lost… where Police officers with military-grade assault rifles and fully militarized outfits are roaming the city streets, allegedly to make sheep calm, that no terrorist can’t succeed in that lands, but it’s rather a demonstration of power, to warn all the sheep, that they are submitted… and if they would try to resist, ruthless coercion will be used, marking any fool as a terrorist, so the Police will have a new toy to play with, designating him or her as a public enemy…

And if it wouldn’t be the Czech President Milos Zeman’s big mouth, revealing the strictly classified information about the paid ransom money, the poor Czech sheep would never know, what happened, living in blessed ignorance further, voting for those treacherous politicians once again, in next general elections…

Anyway, under proper armed supervision, proper surveillance, and with a SWAT commando on standby for immediate deployment, Ivana was allowed to take the VIP students for long walks in peaceful nature, explaining those curious children, what kind of animals live there, what plants grow there, and how important for them is, to remember nature, to give their energy and resources for its protection, to accept this responsibily as a firm part of their lives forever… not to do it only for building their public brand, to look nice, when participating at charity work for a VIP organization, like reputated Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation

But inside the school, things were much less romantic. And to call that kind of education rather propaganda, and even brainwashing, would be quite a correct definition…

A morning class at International School of Prague just started, and a still beautiful woman in her early 50s, with black hair, slim and sporty body in good shape, but with impressive natural breasts, stood in front of all the young childish faces, still without wrinkles from troubles and worries, who were losing their innocence inevitably, brainwashed with augmentation technology and omnipresent postmodern Western propaganda.

“Good morning, students!” the female teacher said festively.

“Good morning, Teacher!” they replied as a choir, ommitting her gender or title, as:

“Remember, students: there are no differences between genders, both genders are fully equal,” she said with importance and urgency in her voice, and the children repeated obediently.

“You can choose your gender! Your gender is not set! You have the choice! You have the full control over your sexuality! Don’t listen to stereotypes, even by your outdated, ignorant parents!” she continued.

“We have the free choice, to choose our gender, our sexuality,” the children repeated. “We must use critical thinking, even denying obsolete opinions of our parents, if necessary for our healthy development and welfare of the society.”

“There are no nations, or races, or disabilities: all humans are absolutely equal, and you must share all your resources with them, not judging them as a group, only as an individual, denying xenophobia and fear of your parents, opening borders for any refugees, who search for peace and happiness in your land,” she raised her index finger, as this was extremely important.

“We are all members of the single human race, and all its members are equal,” the children acknowledged. “Everybody deserves an opportiunity. The world must be open, all borders and divisions removed.”

“Man, as a figure of authority, dominance and control, a strong violent silent warrior, is an outdated stereotype. Men of today are cooks, fashion designers, poets, artists, soft and tamed, sensitive and emotional, fragile, sharing feelings, talking much, even babbling, obsessed with their looks, reading fashion magazines, interested to know, what women want, depliating their fur, using beauty creams, denying wars and violence, worshipping women, serving to them, taking care of children, staying with them at home, letting their spouses to make a career, and the best of men are queer (=sodomites), leaders in arts and cinema, who set trends, who see more, who feel more… indeed, it’s very trendy to be a queer, or at least bisexual, to taste more of sexuality, not to limit your pleasure only to opposite gender.”

“We deny male stereotypes!” the children said with righteous anger.

“Woman, perceived as a care giver, staying at home with children, a cook, is an unacceptable stereotype. Woman of nowadays are free, independent, they have their own money, houses, cars, they are police officers, soldiers, astronauts, inventors, scientists and engineers, directors and bosses, they have education, intelligence, careers, they don’t need men, they can be artificially impregnated, to conceive a child, and woman can love a woman the best, she understands her the best. To be a lesbian is trendy. Women are superior, and they rule the world!”

“WOMEN RULE THE WORLD,” the children repeated, both girls and boys, understanding, that everyone of them can be a woman, just as they like… at least in soft and effeminated behavior, because feminity was trendy.

“Terrorists are threatening our way of life, and they must be eradicated. It’s our duty to report all suspicious activity, even in our family. Whoever tries to have secrets, whoever prefers privacy over public control and openness, whoever tries to hide something, whoever prefers cash over electronic money transfers, whoever tries to avoid mass surveillance, created for our good and safety, is a suspicious, subversive element, and must be reported to the authorities immediately, to identify the covert terrorist networks on time, to prevent violence against you, and your loved ones. With ignorance, you support terrorists!”

“We must be vigilant, to stay safe,” the children shouted decisively, looking around them, who of them doesn’t own a cell phone, a perfect surveillance bug, to report him or her immediately.

“Your human rights and personal integrity are sacred. Any kind of abuse by your own parents, particularly physical punishments or any kind, or sexual abuse, even the too personal touches and embraces, or too passionate kissing on cheeks and anywhere, are strictly forbidden, and must be reported either to me, to the management of the school, or to the authorities at once, so proper steps to help your parents from possible deviant inclinations can be started, including medical treatment and detaining by the Police, to secure your safety.”

“We have our human rights. No one can touch us, even our parents,” the children confirmed decisively.

“God doesn’t exist, you create your destiny with your actions. Only rational mind, science and knowledge, rules the world. Not superstition and alleged supernatural powers, only creating fear inside you. Faith is an obsolete concept of those weak fools, who live in fear, who aren’t able to control their own emotions and lives. Avoid them! Don’t accept them!”

“GOD DOESN’T EXIST. THERE IS NO GOD. WE HAVE NO FEAR,” the children shouted in atheist extasy.

“Now, tell me, kids… who is our enemy?” the teacher asked an important question.

“Terrorists, xenophobia and ignorance!” the kids replied with certainty.

“And tell me… what is the best country of the world?”

“United States of America!” the students started waving with little American flags.

“And what is your pledge, your duty?”

“To protect the Constitution of United States, our freedoms, way of life and national security, against all enemies of peace, freedom, human rights and democracy, domestic or foreign!” the children replied with utmost decisiveness.

“Thank you, students… you pleased me very much! Now, let’s learn something about American Civil War and oppression of African-Americans…”

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