Iveta Klimesova: Codename ANGELIC VAMPIRE. Lawyer Legal Advocate Fashion Model Czechoslovak Models VIP China Hong Kong Ministry of State Security MSS Lawfare Warfare Law Chinese Military Advisor PLA

“Service For The People”
14 Dong Chang’an Jie, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Security File # 247174y510987h3df8706

Warning: This is a Code 6 Orange File. Any person(s) found in possession of this highly sensitive material without adequate Level 6 Security Clearance or immediate reporting to the higher authority will be immediately prosecuted and extrajudicially punished under MSS Special Order 99258.

File administrator: Katrina Leung, Department of European Affairs
Under Supervision: Chen Wenqing, MSS Executive Director

Classification: Affiliated

Iris Scan: 66743518997592phtgb71
Palm Veins Scan: 9577361895477qrfcb7
DNA Fingerprint: 3554785113299756ddew6
Gender: Female / Race: Caucasian / Height: 177 cm / Weight: 55 kg / Hair color: Brown / Eye Color: Brown / Measures: 89/62/90 Born: August 8, 1983
Special mark: large tattoo with two angels at her lower back region
Education: University of Western Bohemia, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong, International Business Law
Affiliations: Ministry of Defence (Czechia), Ministry of Justice (Czechia)
Employers: Czechoslovak Models, Kenner, Bach & Ledeen, PLA (People’s Liberation Army)
Connections: Petronela Lorencova (best European witch and tarot card reader), Marketa Korinkova Maryam (an Islamic celebrity, Emirates), Lenka Filipova (VIP Czech singer), Katerina Rihova (VIP Czech Equestrian), Alena Malarova (elite officer of Czech Militarized Police, Veskrna Airport Prague)
Present whereabouts: Prague/Brno, Czechia / Hong Kong, PRC


Born in a Czech upscale VIP family from Brno (Moravia), as a single beloved daughter, Iveta Klimesova was pampered her whole life, wrapped into the pure white angelic color, and her life path was always carefully prepared and controlled, to become a proper member of “top 10.000” of the Czech Republic, to preserve the elevated social status of her posh family, to inherit all property and treasures, gathered for many decades of hard work and intricate games with political, social and economic elites of the country, regardless of current political regime.

Her godmother was Lenka Filipova, the famous Czech singer from very powerful Filip family of Prague, connected to Jewish structures of influence, and since childhood, Klimesova maintained friendly contact with Katerina Rihova from another wealthy Moravian family, later an internationally recognized elite equestrian, VIP socialite, even running for the mayor of Salzburg, Austria, as Rihova possesses dual Czech-Austrian citizenship.


Her beauty and impressive height of 177 centimeters allowed her to become a top Czech fashion model and a social leader, and her wide social connections, including “Golden Youth”, allowed her to be acquired for the high-profile portofilo of Czechoslovak Models agency, as Milada Karasova, the previous owner, was a good friend of the family…

Also, since the takeover of CM in 2011, Klimesova made positive contacts with the new management, it means Vaclav Dejcmar, a Czech mysterious businessman and the new “paper” owner, Valentin Zhukovskij, a Russian billionarie and business tycoon, the official owner, and Katerina Motovska, the main CM executive, a VIP widow, a former fashion model herself.

Although many experts of the fashion modeling branch predicted a shining international career for Klimesova, she rejected all offers, demanding her relocation abroad, concentrating on her University studies, to become a lawyer, to help people, like a proper angel.


To fulfill the vision of a proper modern woman, beautiful and educated, she was accepted to study at University of Western Bohemia, Faculty of Law, as Law is the means of immense power in any postmodern society, allowing to infiltrate the VIP spheres perfectly, meeting with people in desperate need of help, having total control over them, their actions and fate, with potential to extract much of the various resources from them.

During her studies, except part-time working as a legal trainee for KBL (see below), to gather experience of the legal branch, she was highly active in the Student’s Senate, promoting better studying conditions for students, particularly cheaper and more accessible housing, less stressing approach at exams, easier access to work market and internships at high-profile multinational companies, plus creating equal opportunities for female students, particularly those with children.


Since 2007, she lived in a stable relationship with Otakar Hajek, whom she met during her studies, as he was another lawyer, aiming for an international legal career, although in practice, rather a village redneck without any sign of style inside him…

It’s unclear, why Iveta chose just him, in fact a nobody in comparison with her and her noble origin, and not a proper male decoration for a fashion model… probably it’s about her angelic weakness, as she plays a Madonna to this loser? However, through years, this relationshp gradually faded to grey, even coming into agony.

There is even disturbing rumor, circulating between Golden Youth of Prague, that in 2016, Klimesova chose to abort her pregnancy voluntarily, not to carry his child inside her, as she wasn’t able to imagine a future together anymore.

Her best female friend is Petronela Lorencova, the most reputated European witch and tarot card reader, very discreet, trustworthy and reliable person, who keeps all her secrets safe, and they supplement each other well: angelic Iveta, and Petronela, ruling forbidden occultist powers, connected to Devil.


Klimesova, well reputated in Czech VIP circles, a fashion model with certain level of public presence, has many friends, particularly from her younger years, who understand her elevated social status, trying to keep her close, to have access to resources, as proper VIP parasites. And she is willing to share with them, without any expectation of payback or gratitude: an angel indeed.

However, even with her physical and intellectual qualities, she is not a dominant alpha-female, easily to be outdistanced by a much less qualified female competitor. However, as an angel, she has no aspirations of power and dominance, anyway.

Regarding family affairs, Klimesova claimed, that she is not ready to handle such demanding duties of administering the large family property yet, willing to concentrate rather on her legal work, gaining professional experience and charity.


In 2013, after graduating at the University, awarded with a red diploma for perfect grades during studies, Klimesova started working full-time for the Czech subsidiary of Kenner, Bach & Ledeen (KBL) multinational legal firm, a part of Chinese Wu Corporation‘s global business empire, as a Junior Lawyer, to gain necessary and obligatory two years of professional experience, so she can be recognized as a regular advocate by the Czech Barrister Chamber, able to execute full legal agenda, both domestically and internationally, as she possesses advanced language skills, from her repeated Erasmus studies abroad.


ENGLISH: FLUENT. As she planned an international legal career, this feature was a total necessity. She even worked to remove her Slavic accent, using services of a language trainer, working for many Hollywood actors.
FRENCH: FLUENT. She learned French, as she loves the sound of this special language, plus, France (Paris) is deeply connected with fashion and modeling world, where she still lives, in certain degree.
RUSSIAN: ADVANCED. During her University studies, she chose this language, with perspective of working for advantageous and very rich Russian clients, plus, to be able to better communicate with aforementioned Valentin Zhukovskij, owner of her modeling agency.
GERMAN: ADVANCED. As many Czech children, she learned German since basic school, as Germany and Austria have wide historical ties with Czechia.
ITALIAN: PASSIVE. She loves Italy for tourism and vacations, she even had a passionate romance there, when she was seventeen years old.
SPANISH: PASSIVE. Loves to visit Latin America, to visit dense Amazonian jungles, to discover unknown lands, not present even on maps, inhabitated by savages, to deliver her angelic blessing to them, to liberate them from darkness.


During the begninning of her obligatory practice epoch at the firm, in 2013-2014, her primary agenda at that time were rather lowly, marginal lawsuits for low-profile Czech citizens, as she wanted to meet and understand the bottom of the society, before her rise to the stars.

Her very satisfied clients, for whose she worked even for free and beyond her working hours, called her “The Angel Between Lawyers”. Also, at the courts, she was able to surprise many opponents with her high legal skills, ingenious, systematic and careful approach to cases, and ability to understand even highly complicated relationships.


A big opportunity to prove her legal skills came in May 2014, when the Czech state offered a well-paid contract to her employer: to secure legal defence of a soldier of the Special Forces of the Czech Military (a First Lieutenant from elite 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion), who ordered a devastating air attack against an Afghani village, where a combined Czech-American Special Forces team got under heavy fire of Taliban insurgents, sustaining heavy losses…

Unfortunately, the subsequent U.S. devastating airstrike of cluster bombs and napalm levelled the whole village to the ground, killing 126 inhabitants, including women and children, except a young shepherd boy, who was with his herd of goats in nearby hills, seeing all the brutal destruction of his home and death of his family.

The KBL company executives understood well, how sensitive this contract could be, as the War in Afghanistan, and Czech military participation there, was perceived unfavourably by the general Czech public, even called as an illegal military aggression against a sovereign country, which wasn’t in the state of war in Czechia, and Czech soldiers abroad were called mercenaries and murderers by many Czech evil tongues…

Moreover, the Afghani goverment insisted on the most strict punishment of the culprit of the tragic incident, so the matter had even international dimension, and it was closely watched by the world media.

However, rejecting the offer could mean severing the beneficial flow of state contracts for KBL in the future, so a clever decision was made: to accept the case, but to get it handled by an inexperienced lawyer in training, so in case of losing the lawsuit, the company can mark this poor calculated scapegoat as responsible for all mistakes, and the KBL reputation will be unharmed.

Thus, even the young KBL lawyers in training understood well, how fateful can be their direct participation in this lawsuit for their professional career: they could get their professional biography stained undesirably, so they all rejected, presenting various reasons…

Only Iveta Klimesova, always standing on the side of justice, was willing to accept the hot matter into her responsibility… and to the utmost surprise of many, particularly her KBL superiors, she succeeded, and the soldier was acquitted of all charges, although he was originally under threat of highly possible life sentence, as also the Czech state wanted to sacrifice a scapegoat, to keep the public image of the Czech Military clean.

In her defence strategy before the High Military Court of Czechia, standing against an elite military lawyer as a ruthless prosecutor, Klimesova claimed, that the airstrike was not a matter of revenge against the village with suspected insurgency links, rather a matter of providing wrong GPS coordinates in the heat of intensive firefight, severed communication during the fateful transmission and serious mistakes in the chain of command, so the ordnance was delivered at the wrong coordinates.

Also, it was proven by Klimesova, that the soldier asked just for general air support, and not for such a devastating counter-attack… the court agreed with her conclusion, that the victims were simply a matter of collateral damage, which happens in any war… and when it was found, that the prosecuting side made serious mistakes in legal procedures during the trial, as they rushed the matter, desiring to get rid of disturbing case as fast as possible, not expecting any complications… to avoid horrible blame, the court issued a liberating decision.

However, instead of celebrating her surprising victory, which gained wide recognition in legal circles for her, Klimesova suggested, that to make the things right, and to smoothen the affair, so the Afghani government and public will be pleased, and the young Afghani man won’t be motivated to join Taliban ranks to revenge the death of his family, the Czech state should offer a generous material subsidy to rebuild the village, plus, to provide needed resources for education of Afghani children…

And to grant asylum for that last surviving inhabitant of the village, a 17-years old Abdullah A., to show, that Afghani people aren’t an enemy of Czechia, and the Czech state is willing to rectify the fateful mistakes of their military personnel.


This bold suggestion was discussed even in highest Czech political levels, but the final decision of the Czech government was negative, not to deepen the affair, and not to be accused of providing asylum to potential terrorists, as Abdullah A. was found on the American NSA’s terror watch-list, suspected from membership in Taliban, as he was a son of a proven Taliban field commander with extensive combat experience against Russian invaders in the 1980s, shooting down three Russian assault helicopters with U.S.-supplied “Stinger” anti-air missiles…

Moreover, Abdullah A. was naturally a Muslim, and the Czech people strongly rehjected flow of Islamic refugees into their infidel atheist country, perceiving Islam as a mortal threat for their corrupted Western civilization.

Also, Klimesova was strongly warned by officers of the Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS, of course unoficially, that her effort can be perceived as highly inconvenient, even subversive towards national security of Czechia, and higher interests of the Czech state, meaning, that she can become a public enemy and put under close surveillance…

Still, the bold young lawyer denied to dodge from her principles, and she took the case to the court, after she managed to contact Abdullah A. through international Red Cross, offering him legal services, of course, for free.

The KBL legal firm denied her any support, not to getting their hands dirty, putting their hands away from her completely, so Klimesova couldn’t rely on any support in this special case… indeed, it was one young woman against a massive apparatus and many powerful opponents of her efforts, whereas her only ally was Michael Kocab, former Czech Minister of Human Rights, who claimed, that if the Czech state won’t provide some compensaton to Abdullah A., it could be directly responsible for any victims of a potential relatiation terrorist attack, where the boy could participate, as the Islamic State, gaining strength at that time already, would probably welcome such angered young men like him into its violent ranks cordially.

Using her own financial resources, Iveta Klimesova took the case to the court, positioning herself as an unofficial legal advisor for the Afghani boy, and after a fiece legal battle, where the Czech state itself was the respondent, using the best legal assets to avoid the loss, an order came from the highest places, to end the affair, to grant the asylum…


However, the Czech state learned its lesson, and to get Klimesova under better control, plus to avoid such future legal disasters, she was designated as a person of interest, and to use her skills for higher interests, instead of fighting with her, she was offered a valuable internship at the Czech Ministry of Justice, where she should provide strategies of so called Lawfare, or Legal Warfare, it means subversive legal effort, where even a small and weak party can win over massive opponents, as Klimesova demonstrated…

And such means is a matter of utmost military interest, a part of modern Unconventional Warfare, often deployed by mighty China, so the Czech Ministry of Defence took covert “patronage” over Klimesova, watching results of her analyses, conclusions and recommendations closely, sharing with Americans, who were particularly jeopardized by feared Lawfare tactics.


It must be emphasized, that victory, or mere participation in such high-profile legal cases always brings massive media and social publicity to the participating lawyer, elevated reputation and respect, and legal aces often use this strategy to widen their reach and clientele: for example from Czechia, Klara Slamova offered her legal services to Jiri Kajinek, allegedly a double murderer, for free, because her name would be present massively in the media, regardless the result of the lawsuit…

Klimesova herself deployed this useful strategy later (see below), when working for Marketa Korinkova Maryam (lawsuit against Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum), and Maria Petlickova (lawsuit against David Copperfield – paternity, and lawsuit against Chloe Gosselin – damaged female health by Gosselin’s designer shoes).

Anyway, she was noticed even in distant China.


In June 2015, she was promoted to a Senior Legal Associate of Kenner, Bach Ledeen, preparing intensively for her final barrister exams, set in Autumn 2015.

In that time, she was approached by MSS’s local Czech asset, Mei Yin Kang, who lured her into China, promising a great professional growth, interesting international legal work, and a good corporate job also for her boyfriend, who supported this offer gladly.

So, just after the exams, which she passed successfully, she moved into Hong Kong, China, to pursue additional education in International Business Law… Hong Kong was chosen, as it’s still perceived as an independent land, out of Chinese Communist Party influence, by foolish foreigners.


In China, she was closely observed, and when it was certain, that she is reliable, suitable for use in matters of highest interest, she was approached by Chinese military representatives, and hired as a Special Military Advisor of People’s Liberation Army, PLA, specialized in Lawfare.

For her wide contribution to defence capabilities of China, she was suggested for a high Chinese military medal later, “For Defence of Sacred Homeland”, II. class. She even gained attention at highest echelons of Chinese Communist Party (CPC).


In 2017, during her stay in Prague, Iveta Klimesova was contacted by Marketa Korinkova, called Islamic Princess Maryam, living in the Emirates, who asked her for help in a highly demanding matter: potential lawsuit against Korinkova’s extremely powerful husband, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, regarding Korinkova’s Emirati citizenship and validity of her diplomatic Emirati passport, which he threatened to void, after she let their secret marriage to be announced publicly, by a VIP American singer Beyonce, during World Annual Technology Convention in Dubai.

Through cooperation with this new Islamic asset, Klimesova’s personal brand rose further… however, this achievement came for a price: from unknown reasons, Korinkova incorporated her into a controversial screenplay, called Royal War For Alexandra Pianka, followed by a Roman Polanski’s blockbuster movie of the same name, revealing unknown and highly controversial details about Klimesova there.

It states, that IFLA (Islamic Front of Liberating Al-Andalus) allegedly hired Klimesova, with indicated Chinese assistance, to create a Legal Jihad strategy to reconquer Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain), and to establish IRG (Islamic Republic Granada) there, including IRG’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Also, that Love Jihad was allegedly deployed on Klimesova, as she was unhappy in her relationship with Otakar Hajek.


After being persuaded by her VIP Muslim client Maryam, Klimesova accepted a new high-profile client: Maria Petlickova, the Executive Director of a casino in Monaco, who launched a legal war against David Copperfield, a VIP magician of worldwide recognition, alleged father of her two children, plus against his current spouse, a French fashion model and designer Chloe Gosselin, accusing Gosselin of damaging female health by her designer shoes.

These high-profile lawsuits were backed even by worldwide media, after intervention of Maryam’s high profile contacts. Klimesova’s status as a world legal ace was confirmed.


She was allegedly investigated both by Czech secret service BIS and Czech Militarized Police for possible crime of high-treason, regarding her alleged cooperation with security apparatus of China, allegedly handling Czech state secrets, regarding Lawfare, to the Chinese side. Klimesova strongly denied such allegations, claiming, that she was never a carrier of a classified information.

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