Iveta Klimesova: Angel Of Death. VIP Lawyer Legal Advocate Court Advisor Elite Fashion Model Czech China Hong Kong Chinese Army Military Lawfare Warfare Communist Party Ministry State Security

“There is a war pending out there, for Chinese global dominance.
Also for money, perks, personal advantages… and she is a warrior.
In postmodern times of nowadays, Law is the most dangerous weapon, after sexuality.”

“Angels have immense power, they execute the will of God.
And she is an Angel of Death, bringing loss and defeat to her enemies, and enemies of mighty China.”

Her name is Iveta Klimesova, born 1983 in Brno, Moravia
Coming from a wealthy, powerful Moravian family, a pampered Princess, a beloved daughter, who was born with golden spoon in her mouth
Former elite fashion model from Czechoslovak Models agency

A graduate from Western Bohemian University – Faculty of Law
Elite lawyer, specialized both at International Business (officially) and so called Subversive Lawfare (Legal Warfare, rather unoficially), efficient means of Unconventional Warfare

Currently working as a Special Military Advisor for PLA (People’s Liberation Army, China) at Hong Kong

Favored by highest echelons of Communist Party of China (CPC)

Under high interest of Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS), who want to use her as their high-profile operative

For her valuable contribution for Chinese war machine, she is considered for high Chinese military medal, “For Defence of Sacred Homeland”, II. class
Investigated by Czech Foreign Intelligence service UZSI, Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS and Czech Militarized Police for possible high treason, allegedly handling critical secrets, influencing Czech national security, to the omnipresent and expanding Chinese


Meaning of Death

Death is indeed the most feared of all tarot cards, because weak and fragile humans are so much afraid of death, that this beautiful dream and sweet fairy tale of life, which seemed endless once, when you were young, will end.

They are scared of pain, of losing conscience, losing control, of losing everything, what they achieved, gathered and gained in this worldly life, although all those things are transient, and they mean nothing, because if you believe in God, then you know, that the most beautiful rewards and pleasures are expecting you in the Paradise.

It will be only God, judging you: one day, you will face Him, your Creator, and He will be your ultimate Justice, which people like Iveta Klimesova represent here, with questionable, non-divine authority.

Anyway, in Tarot, in witchcaft, the Death card doesn’t mean only deceasing of someone: also ending of something, like relationsip, work contract, studies, losing something valuable, like possessions, property.

But as the classics say: every apparent tragedy is a hidden blessing, and God knows, what you need, taking unnecessary and harmful things from your life. You call it loss with ignorance, but you should call it a blessing, thanking God.

People which you lost… who abandoned you… property, houses, cars… trinkets… money… getting laid… even dreams and ambitions… you don’t need it: you need only God indeed…

Where these will all be, when the Day of Judgement will come? Will they be helping you?

Death belongs to life inevitably: what was born, it must die one day…. except God, who is eternal.

The Death is not negative: it’s a chance for new start. And also to get into Paradise.

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