Iveta Klimesova: Destiny Awaits In Hong Kong China. Sexy Chinese Czech VIP Asset PRC Global Dominance. Elite Fashion Model Czechoslovak Models Lawyer Advocate Legal Advisor Ministry of State Security

The unstoppable, omnipresent, ingenious, extremely well organized effort of mighty China for achieving Chinese global dominance is overwhelming, reaching highest echelons of corrupted Western society, which has to bend to overall superiority of Chinese mindset, culture, history, determination and mission for the welfare of all people of the world.

Without any doubt, China, current No. 1 superpower, has the right to rule, to provide a hope for sustainable future of human kind, finding peace, prosperity, balance and harmony, so much needed in present fragmented world, full of wars, violence, unrest, rising powers of Militarized Police and Orwellian police states of mass surveillance, conspiracies of military-industrial complex and state-sponsored terrorism.

In this demanding effort, China, under wise command of CPC, Chinese Communist Party, proceeds systematically, using all possible means and strategies, be it mass emigration of Chinese citizens, to create beneficial Chinese-controlled bridgeheads everywhere, so further invasion of Chinese elements can enjoy suitable support… or, on the contrary, luring the best human assets of the world into China, to get them under direct influence, to turn them to Chinese side, to make allies and collaborators from those VIP persons of interest, even deploying covert state-of-the-art brainwashing technology on them, for their “awakening” and obtaining proper mindset, well inclined to Chinese general interests.

But unlike strict North Korea, the Chinese propaganda is much more subtle, friendly, easier to digest, even inconspicuos… the clever Chinese don’t ask you to worship Mao Zedong, they rather awake madness inside you, so you will become obsessed with yourself, your ego, your ambitions, your plans, your desires… and they will be the only entity, able to help you, to become, what you want to be, so your personal dreams can be fulfilled… working for mighty, rising, prospering China, obtaining so much needed harmony and balance for yourself.

It’s all about business: they will never talk about politics, only mutual interests… and you certainly have your interests: money, wealth, fame, but also acceptance, self-realization, participating in something meaningful, to fill your painful inner emptiness, haunting you for years, regardless of gender and achievements… and isn’t helping China to win, and to bring a new, fully sustainable future for all mankind, the most noble goal, which makes sense to live, even to die for, to pay any price for achieving it, so your kids can thank you one day, that you did the right thing, being so proud of you, so you can finish your worldly days in peace, and in pride for good work?

Isn’t this exactly, what you wanted, fool? To leave a mark in this world, before God will call you to face Him, when your worldly deeds will be judged by Him?

God is indeed the Best of All Planners, and also the Best of All Deceivers… maybe He allowed China to grow, to replace those feeble fools, who failed in ruling the world the right way, who failed in his tests and trials… God gave many gifts to mankind indeed, including the only complete and perfected religion, Islam… but did the mankind uses those gifts well?

They are all losing, weak, corrupted, passive and feeble: Muslims, Christians, Jews… this must be God’s master plan, to replace them with others, more qualified, and the wise, balanced and peaceful Chinese infidels, although not “People of The Book”, were chosen by God, to realize important tasks for the present, and future, particularly world peace.

The Chinese mission is in the interest of all people of the world… and it’s completely natural duty of everyone, from any country, to support this noble effort, in all possible senses, from mere buying Chinese products and supporting the Chinese economic dominance, to becoming a real Chinese asset, executing important tasks in Chinese interests.

In every country of the world, the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS), responsible for Chinese foreign Intelligence and espionage, created most detailed lists of key local VIP persons, which are to be turned to Chinese side with utmost priority, as they possess special skills, they control important resources, so Chinese influence can grow further.

And the Czech Republic is no exception.


Katrina Leung
MSS – Ministry of State Security
“Service For The People”
Department of European Affairs
14 Dong Chang’an Jie, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Mei Yin Kang
BCTV News Section Chief – Czechia
11B Fuxing Road, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Comrade Mei,

an order came from highest echelons of The Party, to investigate options of acquiring and processing a VIP foreign human asset of Czech origin, called Iveta Klimesova, born 1983, allegedly a top Czech female lawyer and fashion model, designated with codename ANGELIC VAMPIRE.

Thus, you are tasked, as the key MSS asset for Czechia and an elite Intelligence operative, well trained by us, with:

1) obtaining the most complex information about the asset, including origin, background, connections, relationships, special abilities, dirty laundry and personal secrets
2) determining her primary weak sides, particularly psychological and material, allowing to be exploited by MSS
3) creating a suitable strategy, how to approach and turn the asset, which is to be executed without delay, it means in 2015-2016 period, as The Party has bold plans with Klimesova

The financial and human budget for the operation is unlimited. You are expressively allowed to use All-Seeing Eye global surveillance system, to gather the demanded information, and to work in cooperation with Internal Affairs department of Wu Corporation, a Chinese front, operating in large scale in Czechia, having deep connections into the Czech security and Intelligence apparatus. Thus, Wu Corp will provide you all necessary assistance.

This asset has to be obtained with utmost priority. Any failure will be reprimanded most severely, even with terminating your contract with extreme prejudice.

We Serve The People!

Signed: Captain Katrina Leung

March 23, 2015


In Spring 2015, when the Czech subsidiary of Kenner, Bach & Ledeen, a multinational law firm, originating from New York, United States, was approached by Mei Yin Kang, a representative of BCTV News Beijing, a Chinese state-sponsored global broadcasting network, it caused serious interest at many places, both in America, and Czechia alike, where the Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS unsuccessfully tried to contain the pending Chinese Intelligence operations, and this seemed as a perfect opportunity, how to understand the goals of local Chinese interests.

Indeed, Czechia, although a small and apparently marginal post-Communist country of Middle Europe, was becoming a powerful, important bridgehead for Chinese expansion into Europe, and the reason was very cordial relationships of Czech VIP businessmen and top politicians towards Chinese, including the President, Milos Zeman, seeing vast opportunities in many senses, so the Czech-Chinese Commerce Chamber just flourished with members and powerful corporate sponsors…

Plus, the foolish Czech infidels concentrated their hatred and rejection towards Islam, the religion of peace, not perceiving friendly and peaceful Chinese, who delivered them cheap goods, as any threat, and you can buy those Czech pork heads easily, just deliver them enough of cheap junk food and diluted beer, and they will be your most devoted allies…

Mei Yin Kang, still the only employee of Czech desk of BCTV News in that time, was a very special Chinese indeed, as he was deeply connected with Czechia since childhood, when he came here, to find new life, after being sent by Chinese Communist Party, as a part of their massive effort, to conquer the world by Chinese mass emigration, to infiltrate all countries, to build critical bridgeheads of Chinese power and influence.

The BIS knew well, what kind of game he plays: after he was selected for a role in a marginal Czech movie, called The Czech-made Man (2011), he was inspired to play a corrupted Chinese state official even in real life, and it was a perfect charade, as people believed him yet more, only deepening their completely false perception, that China is only a cheap world factory, a corrupted country, which can hardly have any real power aspirations, unlike aggressive Americans.

Mei Yin Kang was simply a well dressed young businessman, talking only about mutual interests and money, yachts, Lamborghinis and white villas on the beach, not politics, indeed a perfect cover for elite Intelligence assets of MSS, Ministry of State Security, a feared Intelligence agency of Beijing, directly controlled by highest echelons of Chinese Communist Party…

And BCTV News was establishing its inconspicuous branches all over the world, without raising too much suspicion, as the whole effort to make the TV station global seemed amateur and superficial: Mei Yin Kang was the only employee of the Czech desk, without any journalistic experience, as he came from business environment, working in realty and finance previously, before starting his full-time career in Czech-Chinese business cooperation, deepening mutual relations.

But now, when he started making new high-profile contacts, including those VIP lawyers, the BIS analysts at Prague-Stodulky had to understand, that there is a disturbing paradigm shift in Chinese media operations in Czechia… no wonder, that they wanted to know, what he is up to…

Not understanding, that his primary target of interest is Iveta Klimesova, an elite corporate lawyer, working for KBL, recently promoted to a Senior Legal Associate, which possessed special legal skills in so called Lawfare, highly suitable for military purposes, a part of so called Unconventional Warfare, when instead of armies and weapons, instead of aggressions and invasions of sovereign countries, rather soft power and social means of conquest are used… and this is exactly, what mighty and clever China was doing, so nobody had any urge to defend their borders against flow of Chinese influence and human assets.

And now, Mei Yin Kang is here, at main KBL offices of Prague, located suitably on central Wenceslas square, waiting for his critical appointment… he emphasized, like many recent KBL clients, that he wants to meet with Klimesova, as she had a great professional and personal reputation in Czech legal circles, even called An Angel Between Lawyers, helping people, even without asking them for money, without any significant gains for herself, working on rather lowly agenda, rejecting high-profile cases…

She wanted to get close to common people, to understand them, as she was coming from a wealthy VIP family, and she was willing to give something back to the society, to those poor fools, who will never touch the stars, like her, also a top Czech fashion model from reputated Czechoslovak Models agency.

The KBL company was well aware, that contact with such a Chinese asset can be risky, although it promised great future opportunities for business… that’s why they didn’t send Klimesova to meet with Kang alone, but accompanied by a heavy-weight asset indeed: Tomas Sokol, former Czech Minister of Interior, who could hardly have any competition in Czechia, regarding penal law, still having wide connections in Czech defence and security apparatus, possibly even possessing dirty laundry about many politicians and VIPs, from his past good times at the Ministry, when he had unrestricted access to classified information.

Sokol had his own legal practice, he preferred freedom and independence, but for special purposes, he let himself to be hired by KBL, as this way, he could get to very interesting information and connections… and the Chinese seemed very important players for the future, so he agreed to provide counsel in this new affair, as BCTV News asked for a preliminary business meeting, regarding, quote: “To assure, that compliance with Czech law will be preserved, during future journalistic reports of BCTV, regarding Czechia”, end of quote.

Although Klimesova had no media experience, she liked to discover new interesting branches of law, to become an universal legal asset, to be able to help people with anything, to be generally useful… and her final barrister exams were planned in September that year, so she was still a lawyer in training, in fact, still able to choose, what she wants to do in her career.

Despite of her current position, many clients of KBL were asking particularly for her, trusting her, knowing, that she will keep their secrets, that she will understand them, that she will help them, as best as she can, not playing filthy games with them… rather than a cold corporate lawyer in a well-fitting, expensive business suit, she was a warm, very feminine, accepting creature, and as her client, you felt so good, having support, believing in your success, in remedy of all past wrongdoings against you… and such quality, a human dimension, can be hardly quantified with money.

But make no mistake in judgement: KBL was no charity organization, and they allowed Klimesova, their employee, to work only on cases, interesting for them, where they could get not only money, but also other resources, including realties, obtained via testaments of wealthy seniors…

There was this nasty rumor in well-informed Czech legal circles, that KBL participates in a secret operation of Czech Ministry of Defence, offering full amnesty and other advantages to the wealthy Czuech seniors, under a condition, that they will let their houses and other property to be inherited by a front organization of MoD, it means Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation from Liechtenstein, to sponsor black military operations for preserving Czech national security, like Gal Gadot Affair was…

KBL originally worked for Tatana Kucharova, Miss World 2006, a famous Czech supermodel, who had her own charity, called “Beauty of Helping”, directed at senior people, and the Czech tabloid media suspected Kucharova from altering the last wills of seniors, allegedly for her personal gain… but then, the Czech state stepped in, persuading KBL to work for a new client, leaving Kucharova isolated, losing all corporate sponsors, who gladly supported Baroness Kessler’s noble efforts to help old people, who couldn’t take their houses into the afterlife anyway… why not to support a good cause for the welfare of all citizens, and to promote their children, who were well rewarded, offered membership in mysterious Order of White Serpent?

Indeed, KBL were big legal players, and their connections with CIA and Counter-Intelligence branch of FBI was well known… as the world was so much connected, the Americans wanted to know everything about everyone, using their massive surveillance apparatus, and Chinese global efforts, regarding acquiring human assets, were FBI’s utmost interest, as tomorrow, such a turned asset could come into America, jeopardizing U.S. national security… like Katrina Leung, a former FBI collaborator, later a convinced spy, who had to return home, into China, working for the MSS…

Indeed, the world was at war: instead of uniforms, its soldiers were wearing Armani business suits with a thousand dollar price tags, smiling at each other, stabbing each other in the back… and such change in warfare was closely connected to the world superiority of female gender, who prefers indirect and soft Yin approach, instead of direct and brutal Yang action, like those foolish, aggresive and violent men

“The official start of BCTV Czech broadcast will happen in September,” Mei Yin Kang started to explain to Klimesova and Sokol, what brought him into posh KBL offices, whereas several covert invisibile ears was listening very closely. “First six months, rather a testing period, it will be a part of general Middle European broadcast, but starting March 1, 2016, when there should be around ten skilled employees, the full-scale Czech programme to inform our Czech comrades about China will commence… and this set date is no coincidence, several weeks before the critical state visit of Chinese president Xi Jinping in Czechia, changing mutual relationships widely, which we want to cover most extensively with our attention.”

“Purpose of this Czech broadast is to inform our Czech comrades about developments, events and opinions of China, regarding world affairs, so there can be mutual undertanding between our great nations, having good relationships from the past, economic, political and social alike, and hopefully, yet better in the future,” Kang continued, talking very seriously. “It’s a matter of wide economic interests, and good for business too… as you probably know, the importance of Chinese tourists for Chechia becomes more and more significiant every year, as they spend much money here, buying various goods and services, provided by Czech companies, Czech citizens… and such broadcast, showing Czechia in good light, as a destination, worth visiting, can indeed help the incoming tourism in Czechia, and Czech economy.”

And it was here: talking about money and business, what you will gain, if you will be a friend of China… how could any fool resist?

“However, it’s in our best interest, to preserve all the regulations and laws of Czechia, as the Czech BCTV branch will be, naturally, submitted to the Czech law,” Mei Yin Kang added. “That’s why we want to ask for services of KBL, to assure our compliance with all regulations, and even representing BCTV in potential lawsuits with opponents and enemies of China, who can accuse us, let’s say, from libel, although we will inform about them truthfully, using this classic Lawfare strategy… media is a dangerous business, and there are very strict conditions of Czech regulatory office of public broadcast, to allow our operations. We want all running smooth and soft.”

“And what exactly you ask from me?” Klimesova asked curiously. “I state openly, that I have no media experience… I can be hardly for any use for you… and before any such lawsuit, much time will pass. I have my barrister exams soon, in September, and I haven’t talked with KBL management about my future here, yet.”

“But you are a reputated fashion model,” Mein Ying Kang reminded. “You certainly understand the importance of media for building personal brands, like yours… this could be a great experience for you, even relaxing, without all that exhausting personal dimension of work…

As you said, you have that demanding exams soon, and working in a media matter could keep you well concentrated, because people, your clients, they always bother you with problems, stressing you, and you can’t forget their faces, their fates, their misery, maybe even feeling responsible for it sometimes… but they also lie to yoi, play a game with you, manipulating you, raising guilt inside you deliberately, testing you, your integrity, whether you are weak, to get advantages, to create their useful pawn from you.

What we ask from you, is simply to create a ‘cook book’ for our journalists, to be ready for any situation, to avoid potential problems with authorities and Czech citizens. Surely, it’s better to prevent problems, than to participate in endless feuds and lawsuits… help us to work in peace, bringing good news to the Czech people.”

If there was some food, which Iveta Klimesova loved, it was sushi… she enjoyed visiting the COMO restaurant of Hotel Jalta near KBL’s offices, where she worked, together with her colleauges, and to taste some new flavors, as the new Japanese chef could do miracles with the food, literally…

Sometimes, even her best friend Petronela Lorencova came here, during those posh evenings, as the corporate lawyers were good clients of her reputated tarot card reading services, and you need contacts, fool, you need networking, to create your tale of personal success… but both girls, successful enough already, wanted simply to chat at the first place, to share news, experiences, demanding challenges, which any modern woman has to experience in the crazy postmodern world…

It was Thursday, indeed the perfect time for such a relaxed meeting, as Friday is a small Saturday already, and many fools will disappear from Prague… both girls, very shining and impressive, beautiful, became the center of all attention easily and naturally, like the proper Queens… just as any woman loves, to be in the glare of the stage lights.

A tall fashion model, Iveta, and a secretive mysterious witch with round hips and ass, Petronela… both having different type of beauty, bodies and style of preferred fashion, but so sexy in their special way, that kind of seducing attraction, which any foolish man wants to touch and possess…

But these treasures were off-limits, as Iveta lived in a long-term relationship with Otakar Hajek, another lawyer, and Petronela found a new VIP lover recently, some Baron Johann Von Strachowitz from Munich, Germany, allegedly a high-profile member of mysterious Illuminati, promising her great opporutnities, how to find generally rich resources in life… no matter, that he was much older than her! At least he won’t be botheing her with conceiving children… bastards, stealing her liberty and dreams!

“I have this funny new client now,” Iveta shared latest gossip from KBL’s company offices, when both shining young women moved to the bar, to order some sweet colorful cocktails, because a woman needs to move, not sit at one place, like some foolish Cinderella. “His name is Jiri Mach, a big Czech entrepreneur, who crashed another Ferrari, and Czech Militarized Police detected some alcohol in his blood, so he could possibly lose his driving license…

He told me, ‘Ms. Iveta, I just use my medication, prescribed by a doctor, so you need to prove at the court, that those treacherous pharmaceutical fools added some spirits into the medicine, to be more tasty, without warning me, as a responsible and regular user… I am completely innocent in the matter, and driving helps me to relax after demanding work days, as my company employes hundreds of people, helping the state budget of Czechia with my taxes… and this is, what I get as repayment?’… a very original explanation indeed!”

But Petronela Lorencova was watching Iveta rather with serious face, when noticing, how quickly Iveta finished her mojito, drinking it, like water.

“Girl, you should slow down a little bit… you are drinking too much lately,” she said openly. “I understand, that you are also under a lot of pressure at work and all, but this wouldn’t be good for you… the alcohol addiction begins just like that, and there is hardly a way back then.”

“I am fine, everything is under control, I just need to relax,” Iveta denied this bothering, but well-meant comment of her best friend. “You know, I am under pressure from Otakar… he wants marriage, children, big mortgage for a big impressive house at suburbs of Prague… it’s hard for me to explain to him, that my life is just starting, and I don’t plan to settle…

That I want to see the world… to use all opportunities… I feel so young, although my ID card shows the advanced age of 32 years already… but I remember like yesterday, when I was only sixteen, living my first real love… I don’t want those times of freedom and hopes for the future to end, replaced with some shouting bastard… I don’t feel any maternal instincts yet, anyway.”

“So tell him frankly, what you feel… no?” Petronela was practical, like always.

“It’s not so easy, he wants to be a man, who decides, who controls, who has authority… who feels strong, who is strong, because I allow him, he even expects it from me, to be a ‘good woman’… a submitted, weak bitch, who needs some man to set her destiny,” Iveta sighed.

“Another foolish Emperor,” Petronela reminded a key tarot card, also very important for any woman, as she has her father, a critical figure for her life. “But if you suppress your feelings too long, Ivet, it will destroy you… this is exactly, what creates destructive stress in people: suppressed feelings. Not others are destroying your health and mind: you do it yourself, only with your negative thoughts and inner blocks.”

“I know, I know… by the way, Otakar should come here today… so be careful with your tongue, please,” Klimesova asked the witch, having a look at her luxurious Prada watches, to check the time.

And indeed, just a few minutes later, Otakar is here, fortunately, he came directly from work, because his general dressing style in “civilian life” is, how to say it with decency, mediocre, and no Iveta’s effort could ever change it…

As Iveta is a little bit drunk already, she realizes one of his principal mistakes with pain in her heart… how such a man, who has all the money, but he is not willing to invest even a fragment of it into a proper appearance, could be her Prince on white horse?

Moreover, her best friend Petronela had always rather cold relatiohship with Otakar, they simply didn’t like each other… another bad indicator, that this relationship can be hardly viable… and now, Petronela even left them alone, not to spend time with both of them… Iveta is a fashion model, a professional, she smiles all the time, because you never know, who is watching… but inside her, many disturbing feelings can be found.

It’s around ten o’clock, and the COMO restaurant is full of Prague’s corporate elite… lately, after a massive advertisement campaign, sponsored by Hotel Jalta, it became that posh place, at least temporarily, where all Czech businessmen like to come after work, to show themselves, their impressive outfits, gold, money, cars and bitches, to make new contacts, also to have some good food, and fun…

Maybe even to pick up some cheap corporate junior bitch, and to fuck her wildly, in their mansion… and she will go with them gladly, she will spread her thighs with enthusiasm, understanding the good opportunity for a better job, promotion, for future… and the most ruthless of such girls will even get pregnant with a VIP fool deliberately, to have a very persuasive lever against him, for decades to come.

As Iveta is watching all the countless faces around, both known or unfamiliar for her, she notices someone, and he notices her as well, making a friendly gesture, and approaching the pair directly.

“Good evening, Ms. Klimesova,” Mei Yin Kang greets her cordially, accompanied by a beautiful, young Chinese woman. “Such a nice coincidence! If I have the opportunity now, I want to thank you for your great legal services! My superiors in Beijing were deeply pleased! We are very grateful, and now, all our local media operations run smoothly, using guidelines, created by you… not speaking about freedom of speech, and duty to inform people without bias.”

Iveta hesitates a little bit, who has higher social position of both men: her boyfriend, or Mei Yin Kang? But she chooses Kang, as he is an asset: there are rumors, tbat BCTV will become one of the most important media players in Czechia soon… even now, when their broadcast is ran rather in a testing regime, much of the Czech elites are watching these allegedly “unbiased news”, where you can find useful instructions, how to make good decisions for yourself, anf your future, it means to be at good relations with mighty China…

“Mr. Kang, this is Otakar Hajek, a lawyer from ‘Havel & Holasek’ law firm, and my boyfriend,” Iveta introduces both men then. “Otakar, this is Mr. Kang from BCTV News Beijing, a Chinese TV station… he is a section chief for Czechia, and I did some work for them.”

Both men shake hands, and Otakar is not jealous at this male contact of his beloved girlfriend, as Iveta eould hardly choose an Asian man… indeed, generally, Kang is not too much impressive for Western women, he is too alienated to them, in many senses, but he has access to resources, that’s for certain, so any wise bitch respects him, taking him seriously.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Hajek… and this is my Chinese friend, Lea Liao… she studies Law, by the way, at the University of Hong Kong,” Mei Yin Kang introduces the girl, who smiles pleasantly and modestly, although she is really beautiful, even in Western standards. “She specializes in International Business Law, and she also works for BCTV News, at Bratislava, Slovakia.”

“And why exactly there? Quite an unusual place… it must be quite a language barrier there, isn’t it?” Otakar wants to lead the conversaton, to prove his manly qualities, watching the girl more than curiously.

“It’s rather an internship,” Lea explains, smiling at Hajek with shyness, so unusual feature in corrupted Czech lands. “I just wanted to start somewhere, to get a good decent job, and Bratislava wasn’t really at the top of interest of other students, who all wanted to go to America… so, I thought, why not? I really wanted to taste Europe, and it’s legal system, also way of life… to have a general experience. Indeed, the language is difficult… fortunately, my coworkers are helping me greatly. I just havy my mind open, understanding, that this is another culture… but business is all the same anywhere, isn’t it?”

“My responsibility at H&H are mostly high-profile corporate mergers,” Hajek informed the girl proudly. “Also private equity projects, opportunities for people, to invest their money into some useful projects, which make sense for the future of the state, like residential houses for senior people, because Europe is getting so old… people don’t have too much children anymore, living rather for themselves, being modern and selfish, ruled by their ego.”

“Oh, that’s interesting!” Lea said with admiration. “In Hong Kong, I was working for a hedge fund, and there was also private equity investments… but I am just in training, I am still learning, you know! It’s rather an office work, but I am happy with it… at least I can’t do some big mistakes.”

Iveta stood up from the bar chair, as she was the top Czech fashion model, not allowing anybody to put her aside, to be a second grade, passive element of the group… to be a fashion model, it’s not only about beauty, also about leadership, and to preserve your face and integrity, you must lead, not to remain passive… and if your boyfriend humiliates you in front of others, not asserting you, but himself, like a fool… his actions need to be eliminated with your drive.

“Lea and Otakar have certainly much to talk about,” Iveta said with smile, but her voice was cold. “Meanwhile, let’s have a drink, Mr. Kang… you can tell me, how things go at BCTV lately. I heard, that you plan to issue also a printed newspaper…”

And she simply leaves, not saying a word to her boyfriend, or Lea, not waiting for Kang’s response… and the bar of COMO is long, so she and Mei Yin Kang find free spots at the other side easily.

“When you came into the KBL offices, I thought, that you are rather a loser,” Klimesova says, after a long sip of another mojito, promptly served by a smiling female barmaid, as fashion models are direct and ruthless in their comments, sometimes. “But you are rising now, no doubt about that… have a look, a big Chinese player… just as you predicted, when we first met, people are saying, that many things will change in March 2016, when your president, Xi Jinping, will come for a official visit of Czechia for the first time… allegedly an event of the year…

And you, BCTV, will be an important part of it, as I understand… suppressing the opposition, using my Lawfare strategies, presenting the stance of China towards many European affairs, spreading your word through Europe, and it will be heard everywhere… and I helped you in this effort…. thus… am I responsible for all your lies and propaganda, which you disseminate here now, ruthlessly, systematically, 24/7, so no one can be spared?”

“You seem to be very honest today,” the Chinese BCTV executive showed no emotion, hearing this unpolished speech, as in the Asian culture, suppressing your emotions is as important, as in fashion modeling. “To shape your opinion about me correctly, you should know, that I am a Czech citizen, I came into Czechia, when merely a five years old boy… my facade looks Asian, but inside, I am more Czech, than many fools here…

But what about you? You don’t seem so happy today…. I mean… you don’t mind, if I speak a little bit openly too? The work hours are over, at least for today… and your contract for BCTV also expired, so we aren’t in any official relationship anymore… just people, who met in a bar.”

Klimesova had a look at Kang’s Asian face. He was exactly that perfect client, which is easy to work with: he never complains, he remains practical and positive all the time, not exhausting you, like an energy vampire… there were much worse people in her work, but this man seemed trustworthy.

Moreover, he was an asset, no doubt about that, and fashion models know well, that you need to keep such people close. You never know, which good opportunity they can bring just for you, if being at the right place, at the right time, close to them, making them to remember you, when resources will be distributed… fashion model’s magic!

“You know, when I am thinking about it all… after my barrister exams, I want to leave Czechia, for a year or two… I am somehow tired, and absence creates value, they say… and my relationship also saw better days,” Iveta shared very personal feelings, to deepen the relationship between them, to make Kang to perceive her as a friend, sharing yet more with her. She was a player indeed, using her emotions and feminity as a weapon.

“Everybody needs change… and sometimes, at such a trip, you can even find your destiny,” the man said wisely, reflecting vast Chinese knowledge and balance, which Klimesova quite admired, being so disappointed with corrupted Western civilization.

“Maybe I could go to China, to see the world,” the female elite lawyer started dreaming. “I always wanted to experience Shanghai… maybe to study few years more, to be more free, not to be crushed by all that responsbility, which they all want to load on my shoulders… KBL, Otakar, my family…”

“I could help you with that,” Kang offered, just like that, like if such a matter would be totally easy for him. “You helped me, my career, so I will be glad to pay you back… I know people in China… and University of Hong Kong could be a good place for you, very international, very open, free-minded, cultures mixing together… and there is this interesting, very reputated study programme, International Business Law… if you would return to Czechia later, with such an experience in your biography, your professional skills would be appreciated yet more.”

“China…” the fashion model dreamed further. “To leave this small pond… but my boyfriend won’t like the idea. He has well started career here…”

“He could find a good corporate job there as well, there is always demand for experienced lawyers in HK,” Kang replied calmly. “Who knows, maybe if you would go there together, it would be good for your relationship as well… and he is a man, so the matter should be presented the right way for him… let’s say, that a Chinese law firm would offer him a good job in HK, a well paid opportunity, so he would be in fact taking you there to puruse his own career… not following you there… therefore, his manhood would be preserved.”

“And you could do this for me?” Klimesova spoke as a right Queen, accepting gifts from lowly losers, paying only with her smile, with her shining company, not with her body, or feelings of affection.

“I know many people from business, both here and in China,” Kang reminded his vast contacts. “If professional qualities of your boyfriend are so high, there is nothing much to discuss, and I can even collect a financial bonus for my head-hunting, connecting people together…

He can simply get an irresistible offer, and you, after a brief hesitating, will decide to follow him, as a devoted girlfriend, so he will owe you, that you supported him in his decision, influencing your life so deeply, because you will have to relocate to another country, and so strange and distant, as China… this way, you will have control… and you don’t have to tell him, that we had this conversation… also I will forget it.”

“That would be just perfect!” Iveta smiled merrily, finishing the mojito, and ordering another one immediately, to celebrate her good idea. “To use my boyfriend as a cat’s pawn for my interests… you know, I can’t leave him, from many reasons, which are difficult to explain… but sometimes, I can hardly breathe at his hip. He is like a child, and I am tired…”

“Fogive me, that I am not a relationship counsellor, just another businessman… but you can expect that work offer for him in a week, or two, soon, I will just ask at some places,” the Chinese man promised festively.

And unlike many men, treacherous and weak, babbling and lying to you, he will keep his promise in the end.

Oh, how well did Otakar feel in Lea’s company!

She was bright, but calm and balanced, not playing her female power game of aggressivity and assertng herself all the time, at all costs, unlike Iveta, his girflfiend for so many years… nowadays, there was no other further real option for them, either wedding, or breaking-up, while Iveta still has time, some fertile years are remaining in front of her… what if she thinks about it?

Unlike him, who has all the time in the world, she is 32 years old now, and it means something for a woman, regardless of that sweet assurances of corrupted glossy female magazines, promising you, that as a modern woman, there is still plenty of time, you can have children in forty years of age, no problem, even in fifty, using that IVF procedures… indeed, much time to pursue a career, or your hobbies!

But when Otakar was thinking about it, he realized, that Iveta’s perception of many life matters and challenges must be different, naturally, because she was a woman over thirty, and although he always told her, how he is ready to accept the manly responsiblity for potential family, she didn’t seem to be willing to do it with him, from uknown reasons, postponing it, as much as she could… or was she generally against it? That would be a bad news for him, as he was coming from a wide loving family, where warm cordial relationships kept them all happy together…

And people around, knowing them both, they were noticing, that something is missing in their relationship, the silent observers were not so dumb and ignorant… Otakar had to admit, that he had no control of the relationship… the Queen ruled, and he was rather a royal fool, regardless of his work position, regardless of his plans with life.

But now, he is with that pleasant young Chinese girl, more than ten years younger, than him, and he feels so great, like getting young again… free… a real man, who does, what he wants…

“To be completely honest with you, Mr. Hajek, I came to Europe not only from professional reasons,” Lea revealed her personal secrets in that relaxed atmposphere of a bar, where pleasant lounge music was playing, and life seemed so easy. “I simply can’t imagine to date a Chinese man, because that mindset is so different, than I have… I studied in America, I feel like an European, I love this Western culture… I belong here, I want to live here, and everybody needs love.. I am young, but I desire for a relationship too… and I feel, that this is the place, where I could find love… I hope so!”

Those words sounded so nice and sincere… Lea was simply sweet, even irresistible… how she talked, how she was thinking…

And she would be certainly taking care of you, as a proper Asian woman… unlike some fashion model bitch, who always indicated to you, that she is giving you her best years, and you don’t repay her enough, because you are a loser, a fool, it’s a charity matter for her, not real love… but what can you do, if you have limits, as a man?

Should he be more aggressive, to make a scene, to make a big manly move?

But that was simply not his style… he was just a village boy…

Why Iveta chose just him, anyway? They were so young, and it simply worked somehow… or maybe she liked her superiority over him, in all senses, playing her angelic game, enjoying it deeply, becoming addicted to it?

“Here is my business card, Lea,” Otakar said, trying to forget his Queen, presenting his strong desire to see this other girl again, to spend time in a different female energy. “If you would need a counsel in some legal matter… I hope I can be of some help.”

“Thank you, Mr. Hajek, I appreciate it, that you are so nice to me,” the girl accepted the card with both hands, reading it carefully, and bowing slightly. “It’s only four hours by bus to get to Prague, and it’s much to see and do here, the nightlife… I am here for a week, but I like it so much… the history, the architecture… Btratislava is much smaller.”

“And you know that man, Mr. Kang, from Beijing?” Otakar wanted to know yet.

“Yes, because in BCTV, Czech and Slovak matters are managed under one news desk, at least for now, temporarily, before some big reorganization will come, as we are growing every day,” Lea explained. “But I am just a small fish there… maybe one day, who knows? I am patient, I am willing to wait for my opportunity, as any Chinese is. We believe in patience as source of all success in life.”

“When you mentioned it, Lea… please, tell me one thing, which always interested me about China… how is it with the Communist Party there today? Are you still socialist, or what country?” Otakar was very curious, willing to use the good opportunity, to question a real Chinese citizen, to form his opinion correctly, not through some mediated and biased media sources.

“We young Chinese people actually don’t care about politics, we have other interests,” Lea exhaled loudly, to indicate her strong stance. “We want to travel, to study languages, to be in business, to be successful, to have money… we don’t care about politics, we have that Internet, social media… instead of losing time, talking about some illusions, concepts and philosophy, we use opportunities…

Because in China, there is so much competition everywhere, you need to work extremely hard, to be noticed and promoted… no wonder, that we like to live abroad, because it’s also more relaxing… mistakes are forgiven, you can afford to be human… in China, more than about any Communism, it’s about group harmony, you need and want to be a part of the group… there is nothing like Western individualism, which fits me much better.

Yeah, I belong there, I love it there… and I am not a Communist, neither my parents. My country’s flag is red, yes, but I would say, it’s rather a historical matter… did you ever visit China, by the way, Mr. Hajek? You could see the truth for yourself…”

“Not yet, but I would like to,” the VIP male lawyer confessed.

“You should do it, to see and experience another world,” Lea described with shining eyes, full of persuasive entusiasm. “They say, that all your dreams can become fulfilled in Shanghai…”

“Oh, really?” he smiled. “Really, all of them?”

“Definitely, because China, it’s a country of unlimited opportunities, in all senses,” the girl smiled, talking like a tourist guide. “Depends, what you desire for, of course… but China has many treasures indeed. It enchants anyone… and if you ask, if there are some bad things in this paradise… I would say, that the only problem is bad air, the smog.

We really weren’t so much reponsible in preservation of nature, in past decades… but even this matter is changed nowadays, as people realize, that profit can’t come at any price… we need to give this planet to new generations with breathable air.”

Should Otakar share his dreams and secrets with this girl, although she seemed to be wise and balanced, but so much younger than him… wouldn’t he lose his face? But she was from a different culture, and she will be discreet, certainly…

“You see, Lea… I would like to solve my relationship riddle somehow, it’s my current personal priority,” Hajek started. “You met my girlfriend… once a fashion model, forever a fashion model… life with her isn’t easy sometimes… in certain moments, she is so sweet, and later, she is cold and distant, like a Queen… surely I know her, her weak spots, how to put her back into the line… still, sometimes I ask: is this right? Is this, what I wanted in life, what I desired for?

The principal problem is, that I can’t let go of her… she is a fashion model… if you are a man, and you date a fashion model once… they are ultimate females, and they enslave you, that’s what they do… like vampires.

They give you much, more than any other female, but they take from you much as well… sure, maybe any woman does this thing… but a fashion model… just let your friends to see her, everybody is enchanted, and your personal brand rises… what I should do without her? Who would I be?

Let’s face it: I would be just a loser in a business suit, and that is, what I can’t allow, because you always try to improve your position in the society, it’s called social mobility…

So, I am a village boy, but I have a good education, a decent job… and a fashion model from a wealthy, posh family as a girlfriend… what more could I wish for, to feel like a successful man?

I can’t imagine to be without her… I am afraid of that fall, back into miserable mediocrity, if she would leave… she is from Czechoslovak Models, it’s a legend, you only say that name, and everybody understands, that you are a King, if you fuck one of them…

As you can see, my stakes in this matter are very high… it’s hard to let go… and if she stays with me, so many years… shouldn’t I be rather grateful and happy, kissing her feet, that she gave ME her time, her magic, her energy?

It’s just a part of me, my ego, which calculates, which judges… but the real me, under all that facade… that village boy… he feels, that so called ‘normal woman’ belongs to him… not a posh fashion model, but rather that caring kind, maternal kind, also coming from a village perhaps, having many siblings, unlike Iveta, understanding many things, which those city people don’t…

Some nights, I can’t sleep, thinking: by being here, with Iveta lying next to me, I am losing an opporunity to be with someone else, who fits to me better… did yoi see that Czech cult movie, ‘Samotari’ (=Loners, 2000)? Oh, how well are the complications and doubts in relationships described there!

I am not searching for anyone else now, I fully accept my fashion model Queen… but a part of me thinks, that maybe I should look for… and just talking to you, being in the sphere of your special feminine energy… it’s inspiring. Thank you!”

“I am glad, that I can be of any assistance to you,” Lea seemed happy. “I never had a serious relationship, so I really don’t know, how it works… it’s good to hear your experience.”

“You really haven’t had a boyfriend?” Hajek was surprised by this statement.

“Well, in China, it works differently, that here, at the West,” Lea reminded the specialties of her culture. “You concentrate on your education, work… all those things come later, and I am only twenty two years old now… it all has time…

But in Western standards, indeed, I have to admit, that I am quite inexperienced in relationships… but most of the Chinese girls of my age are like that.

We think rather about marriage, not about just dating… and it’s quite easy to choose, as there is many more men, than women in China, a result of that wrong ‘One Child’ policy… terrible heritage of our history indeed… but China nowafays is much more different, I am telling you!”

She was so interesting in all senses… it would be so nice, to spend more time with her! But why should he choose just him?

It’s that special female thinking… many women, when they saw Otakar’s fashion model girlfriend, were immediately interested in him, like if his Queen would reflect and prove his own qualities, like if she would mean, that he is a high-profile man… another valuable thing, which Iveta gave to Otakar… but he was loyal and faithful, never taking advantage of such beneficial situation… or was he too convenient? Too lazy? Too dumb?

He was wondering, what Iveta would do, if he would come home, saying: “I just had a romance. I was unfaitful to you. I fucked some other woman. Unprotected. I humiliated you. I betrayed you.”

He knew her: she would simply leave, without saying a word… tomorrow, she would be dating some new VIP fool, even thanking Otakar, that he finally fucked up, allowing her to be liberated from that dumb exhausting relationship, leading nowhere… again, he would lose…

She was controlling all his resources, that was the truth… it was a pleasant, but still slavery…

“It was nice talking to you, Lea,” Otakar said then, when too much of time passed already, and he should make a move, to be in control, not to be the one, who is left, but who is leaving, who is an active element. “And definitely call me, I will be delighted to see you again… maybe to discuss some interesting legal case study?”

She just nodded, and smiled.

“Maybe you can tell me, what love is like,” she whispered.

Or was it just his imagination?

Who knows, why so many Chinese love Hotel Olsanka, located quite far from the city center, in a bad quarter, Zizkov, full of junkies, car thieves, Tsiganes (=Roma people) and drunk fools, where streets are dirty, beer diluted and prostitutes cheap…. maybe because they love to follow other countrymen, and someone from The Party simply said, to accomodate just there, and not to think about this selection anymore?

It was after midnight, when Lea with Mei Yin Kang arrived back to the hotel, where they were accomodated in separate rooms.

“This went better, than anticipated,” he opened the lid of his portable computer, sitting in Lea’s room, after a special anti-tapping device was activated, to start writing a detailed report to his MSS superiors, as his work day was far from being finished yet: a psychological assessment of Klimesova and Hajek had to be written immediately, while the impression was still in the memory… unlike the audio record from the meeting, taken secretly, preserved in digital data, which will be sent into Beijing’s MSS headqaurters via a secured, encrypted transmission.

“You know, there was a time, when I denied my Chinese origin, my destiny,” the Chinese man said with a sigh. “I wanted to be one of them, foreigners… and I was failing… because we all are children of The Party once, and it’s forever… it’s much stronger bond, that any of their foolish religions… and that fashion model knows that… she will literally run into China, into loving embrace of us, and The Party…”

The Chinese girl only smiled, sitting in front of a mirror, checking her appearance.

“My MSS superiors will be very pleased with you, and your performance today, comrade Lea,” Mei Yin Kang expressed his satisfaction. “We have them, exactly where we want them. Both of them. played towards single goal, to move into China, to get under our close influence.”

“We Serve The People,” she said the MSS motto with indifferent voice, combing her long, rich, beautiful dark hair. “You also played your game well, comrade… you are exactly that kind of man, whom we need here: luring them like moths to the light… all of them… any of them.

I will read some nice quotes of our great leader, Mae Zedong, for you, before sleep… any time, when I remember his shining example, I know, that I am doing the right thing…

When the Ministry chose me, to become a honey trap operative, explaining to me, that I will have to sleep with many laowais (=foreigners) in the higher interest… I understood, that everybody of us needs to use his or her special skills, so China can rise, and to make our great leader, our father, to be proud of us.

China must prevail in the world… and we are soldiers in this final, decisive war with paper tigers (=Mao’s famous quote about Americans).

Victory for the people… that is our destiny.”

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