Jewish Militia Shalom Old Town Prague: Armament

Allegedly hidden in the cellar of King Solomon Kosher Restaurant, located at Old Town Prague, owned by Aaron Gunsberger, alleged commander of the clandestine, heavily armed local Jewish Militia, backed by Mossad, codename “SHALOM”.

Mission: to prevent another Islamic State armed assault, like in August 2016
Jerusalem connection
Opposed by Czech Wahhabis

Military-grade assault rifles: G36C
Ammunition: at least 10.000 rounds of 5.56mm splintery ammunition, including poisoned, incendiary and highly devastating dum-dum rounds, supplied by Wu Corporation
Anti-Tank Rocket Launchers: M-72 and RPG-7 “RAMBO” (from Vintage Terrorist collection), to prevent vehicle-ramming attacks

Codename SHALOM: Secret Jewish Militia of Prague
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