Katerina Motovska: Next Minister of Defence Czech Republic, Reliable Pawn Special Forces Czech Army, Pampered Princess. Black Funds, Politics Elections Parliament, Defence Interests, Military Conspiracy

The Unit promotes its human assets, pawns and puppets, into highest social, political and economic levels
It’s necessary to influence the key position of Minister of Defence, to preserve Czech national security and assert higher interests of military-industrial complex, regardless of law and will of National Defence Commission, so all black military operations of Czech Special Forces can be successfully executed, like Seducing Gal Gadot or False Flag ops.

Reliable, trustworthy and fully qualified candidate for next general elections, supported by Unit’s black funds, obtained by Casino Gambling operations, which has full support and trust of the people:

Katerina Motovska
nickname Princess of Swords, widow after Jan Motovsky
There are rumors, that she eliminated him, using a black magic ritual

Katerina Motovska: Princess Of Swords

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