Katerina Motovska: Nuclear Queen Mother. Sexy Minister Defence Fashion Model VIP Widow Warhead Matriarchy Retaliation Enemy Fear Arsenal China Chinese Ally Respect Love Trust People Conspirator

She is certainly the most beautiful politician of the whole European Union, and also the most controversial one, like every great personality with massive influence on Public Affairs and fates of miserable weak sheep…


Suspected of witchcraft, black magic rituals, affiliation with military-industrial complex and with the omnipresent Chinese, allegedly being a VIP Czech puppet of Ministry of State Security (MSS), strongly suspected from removing her husband Jan Motovsky from scene with extreme prejudice, stealing his money, using corrupted but capable lawyers


Particularly treacherous Poles, the Northern neighbours of Czechia, who still desire to acquire Silesia into their filthy grasp, not afraid to invade Czech national territory, like did several times already, to send not only terrorists, guerillas, murderers and subversive elements, like they did in the 1920s and 1930s, but also regular military units…

But such shame and humiliation won’t happen again… without proper retribution, revenge, punishment, retaliation.

“I won’t hesitate to turn Warsaw into a pile of radioactive rubble, if there will be another effort to disrupt the integrity of Czech national territory from the North,” she sent them clear message, that with The Dark Sun, the nuclear retaliation weapon of the Czech Military, there are new rules of the game for power, influence, resources and territory, and she is one of the authorized persons from The Inner Circle, able to issue a launch order to Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite paramilitary formation of the Czech Army, operating the weapon.

Good friend with Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Katerina Motovska is appreciated by both sides, that she brings understanding between eternal belligerents. She builds bridges for peace and harmony in the world.

They say, that she represents the most pure version of matriarchy qualities… and she is the most striking example of an Alpha female, the ultimate leader.

She is a woman, which brings good into lives of many: safety, security, self-confidence, but also hope for sustainable future.

It was Motovska, who stood behind Marketa Korinkova in bad times, when all treacherous rats put their hands away from The Islamic Princess, whose destiny was to change the world with her VIP da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, but beginning as a common girl in Czechia… but Allah had a very particular intention with her.

When Motovska visited the famous Opera Ball in Vienna for the most high-profile celebrities of Europe, wearing a striking Amwaj Jewellery‘s necklace (Emirates), made from diamonds and depleted uranium, she caused great commotion, and the most VIP men of the whole Europe, including aristocratic and royal circles, courted her, as Katerina Rihova witnessed.

Indeed, Katerina Motovska is the woman of real power. Not just babbling, talking, daydreaming, threatening, using men as shield and battering ram. She is not a coward, afraid of confrontation for higher interests, like many of them.

And why all that struggle? What is her motivation? An ambition, an obsession? Or a desire to be positive and beneficial in her life?

“Being good mother, good woman, it’s about responsibility,” she explains. “There must be a lot of love inside you, to take care of others… if your heart is filled with hatred, then you only bring more evil into this world.”

The Czech Islamic community, deeply divided and weak, is not unanimous, whether to respect her, or to deny her, even whether to issue a fatwa against her, using legal opinion of Saudi conservative Islamic scholars, who had the life of Claudia Schiffer in their hands once… literally.

“Nuclear weapons are strongly un-Islamic… but there are no rules in love and war, they say,” the Czech Jihadis and Wahhabis, those CCM from Teplice, admitted. “Only Allah can judge her, not us. But we still oppose the development of Czech nuclear armament, and we appreciate, that she respects our opinion, open to peaceful public discussion on highest political level, which guarantees control of this ultimately dangerous toy.”

“Indeed, WMDs. it’s a very controversial issue,” Katerina Motovska reacts firmly, when asked near the famous Nuclear Exhibition at Chodov shopping mall, Prague. “But these are new times. It’s not about absolute numbers of soldiers, tanks or artillery shells… if you want to keep your freedom, there are other necessary means to achieve it. Moreover, it was our dear American allies from NATO, who brought this questionable blessing to the world in 1945… and they were the only one, who used it against humanity.

It was their scientists… they changed the world with this invention indeed, and we need to accept it, that nuclear warheads are influencing the fate of the whole human kind.

As a Minister of Defence, responsible for homeland, I simply can’t ignore the potential of such ultimate weaponry.”

But what if the enemy will launch a counter-strike? And millions of Czech people die? Won’t she feel responsible for such brutal, but inevitable collateral damage?

“Humiliation is worse, than death,” Katerina Motovska states decisively. “You bend your back once, and then, you bend for life, letting the rats to take more and more from you. Weakness attracts aggression, it’s a basic dog psychology… those children in school, who didn’t want to fight, always got beaten. You want to be like them? Bullied by aggressive Poles and oppressed by various hungry rats with sharp teeth, sniffing around, looking for their next weak prey?

Not with me in the seat of Minister of Defence.”

Katerina Motovska: Princess of Swords

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