Katerina Motovska: VIP Matter Of National Security. Bahrain Royal Prince King Elite Witch Tarot Army Military Special Forces Islam Muslim Politician CZ Minister Defence Czech Presidency Female Woman

A morning class at the high-profile VIP International School (ISP) at Prague-Nebusice, backed by the U.S. Embassy Prague and perceived as a next-gen educational institution, where many VIP parents of foreign elites and diplomats were sending their beloved offsprings with trust, just started, and local cute ginger squirrels, living in the trees at the school campus, just woke up from their deserved sleep high in the branches, starting their search for a good breakfast, some delicious nuts or radicles, which the squirrels loved, or even some chocolate goodie, lost by human children…

But the peaceful morning was interrupted suddenly, when a highly unusual event happened, as a column of official Czech governmental cars stopped at the main school gate, serving also as a well-guarded control checkpoint, to prevent terrorist attacks and infiltration of unwanted guests…

Like journalists, gate-crashers, criminals, thieves, child molesters, salesmen, recruiters of religious sects, and even dangerous parents, who decided to kidnap their own child, as they were unsatisfied with a court decision, settling post-divorce arrangements between former lovers and still parents the way, hardly acceptable for them, forcing them to break the law, when they became desperate, feeling, that their beloved child was stolen from them… indeed, such problems didn’t avoid even noble VIP circles, creating most juicy scandals for sniffing tabloid media.

The ISP was a place with most tightened security, and any safety breach could damage the school’s reputation irreversibly, deterring its plentiful corporate sponsors, to make it flourishing, not speaking about jeopardizing American interests…

So, the whole school campus was guarded very precisely, using ruthless security contractors with military-grade assault weaponry, both of American origin (Blackwater private military company, renamed after an incident in Iraq to Xi, and yet later to Academi, with wide combat experience, consisting mostly of former Special Forces operators), and Chinese-supplied VIP Executive Protection Unit from Wu Corporation, often hired even by Hollywood stars, like Bridget Moynahan or Stephanie Sigman, and high-profile singers with confirmed Illuminati links, like Rihanna or Beyonce

The reason for this unusual choice was, that the Chinese could be trusted the most from all possible hired guns, as they were submitted only to the CPC, Chinese Communist Party, not some treacherous criminal masterminds, drug lords, warlords, CIA, or corporate criminals, who had a secret plans, where a VIP was the most attractive target…

And the Chinese were able to eliminate any threat, ignoring all the fears of courts and prisons, as The Party would get them out of any mess… if you hired the Chinese, as their client, you knew, that you are safe, as no criminal is willing to play with the mighty Asians, whose power was rising every day, and their global dominance was out of question.

Now, the curious squirrels and the pupils alike watched an armored Audi A8 limousine, accompanied by another two cars with colors of Czech Militarized Police, providing escort, as tasked by law… its SWAT trained members heavily armed with G36C assault rifles, bodies covered with bulletproof vests, tactical vests stuffed with extra magazines, heads covered with steel helmets and faces with black balaclavas, to make unaccountable ghosts from them, not human beings anymore… feared militarization of the Police at its best.

But the strict security guards at the gate, subordinated to the U.S. Embassy of Prague, as the school was an extremely important location of interest, were not willing to let the armed group inside, as the visit wasn’t announced in advance, and the rules were strictly forbidding any exemption from security measures, regarding visitors, who were expressively forbidden to take any assault weapons into the school campus, being checked not only for projectile weaponry and ammunition in their possession, also explosives and dangerous chemical agents of Biological Warfare, deadly toxins, like weaponized anthrax…

And although the policemen explained to the guards, that they are on the Czech national territory, where anybody is obliged to obey a police command… still, instead of compliance, the private security element insisted, that they will hold the ground, regardless of some orders, as this could be a perfect ruse of some terrorists, which dressed as policemen, to make their way into a highly-secured compound…

Tensions were rising high quickly, both groups started to shout at each other, ordering the others to lay down their weapons at once, or they will start shooting, taking cover behind obstacles, to be covered against bullets, which could start flying any time…

In a few moments, the peaceful morning changed to a highly dangerous standoff between these Czech SWAT policemen and security guards, aiming weapons at each other, safeties off, live rounds loaded in chambers, nervous fingers on triggers, provoking the school management to raise the terrorist threat level to Orange immediately, ready for quick evacuation of the students into the underground bunkers, constructed to withstand even a devastating strike of tactical nuclear weapon, as these young VIP elites had to be protected, they would lead the post-apocalyptic humanity…

Fortunately, after some quick telephone calls were made, and the reason of the sudden visit was explained, that it concerns Czech national security, the column was allowed inside, but reinforcements of more security contractors and even U.S. Marines were called from the U.S. Embassy grounds, and the degree of protection of the campus elevated immediately, the whole compound sealed, until the situation will be resolved, and the unexpected guests will leave.

The incoming cars waited outside the main school building, only a beautiful blonde woman in her early 40s, well dressed, like an official, she got out, unguarded, reaching the director’s office, making a demand, that she has to talk with one of the teachers immediately, as national security of Czechia is in direct stake.

It all seemed very urgent, and very unusual… but after consultation with U.S: Embassy, understanding, that the Czech Militarized Police and Czech Ministry of Defence have full authority even here, in the campus, as it was still the Czech national territory, not an American exclave, the school director Anna Babanova decided to fulfill the strange request, calling the requested female teacher, whose name was Ivana Korinkova, with school’s internal PA (=public announcement) system.

When both women met at the corridor, the teacher, an impressive female with black hair and sporty body in her early 50s, she seemed very surprised, recognizing Katerina Motovska, the Minister of Defence, herself… the woman, who brought a very questionable gift to Czechia, it means nuclear weaponry, allegedly to better protect borders and to create sustainable future for the small nation of Middle Europe, badly hit by forty years of Communist regime.

“Good morning, Mrs. Korinkova… I apologize for interrupting your class,” the blonde explained, but her voice and face were serious. “I want to ask you for a quick counsel in a very critical matter of utmost importance, which allows no suspension, or using a common means of communication, which could be tapped…”

“Me?” Ivana Korinkova was surprised completely. “What kind of counsel? If it concerns my younger daughter, Marketa… she is safe, I hope?”

“No, it doesn’t concern your daughter anyhow… at least this time,” Motovska tried to calm the teacher. “It even doesn’t concern your new husband…”

“I knew, that my times of peace will end, with this marriage,” the teacher exhaled. “And now I understand, that I will probably even have to leave my homeland… I don’t want to experience visits, or rather ambushes, like this, with heavily armed policemen… do you know, what they will be saying about me here, now, after this nasty show?

They can even fire me from this job… after they fired me from other place, although they called it ‘restructuralization’, to be covered perfectly, regarding the Labor Law, and no other school in the whole Czechia was willing to hire me… except this one… allegedly because of my Islamic connections, that my daughter converted to Islam, she even became an Islamic celebrity… and my new husband… needless to say, if his name is Amin H. Nasser, and he is the CEO and President of Saudi Aramco, the second most powerful corporation of the world…

Why can’t you leave me alone? I didn’t do anything! I am no Muslim! I condemned my daughter, what she did in the Emirates, in Monaco, or here, luring VIPs to Islam! I am not responsible for her deeds… and she didn’t do anything illegal… but you still come to me, to harass me, to destroy my life!”

“Calm down, Mrs. Korinkova, I visited you in a completely unrelated matter,” Motovska explained patiently. “Indeed, you are a person of interest, as the Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS marked you, but this time, you can help the Czech state, you can make a good name for yourself, so we will tolerate you more… do you understand?

If you will help me today, in a very easy task, I will take care personally, that you will become untouchable, there will be no more problems for you, either in work, or private life, here, or anywhere else… we know, that you are one of us Christians, and we appreciate highly, that you stand on the right side faithfully, that you didn’t become corrupted by that vast oil money and seducing culture of Persian Gulf!

The matter, which I need to discuss with you, it doesn’t concern Islam, your job, your religion, your future… I need an advice… in tarot card reading.”

“From me?” Korinkova was shocked by this demand. “I am no witch, I do tarot just for fun sometimes, for my female friends, or to pass the time… I am not a professional psychic… there are much more qualified women, which you could ask for a counsel!”

“If you mean Petronela Lorencova, for example…” the Minister showed a large picture of a seducing dark Gypsy to the teacher. “I can’t tell you all the details, but this matter concerns exactly her… because she is reported missing, both by her best friend Iveta Klimesova, that reputated lawyer, and by her German Illuminati lover, Baron Von Strachowitz from Munich.

Her cellphone is unavailable, and she didn’t contact anyone, even her family… she never did something like that.

She disappeared in Bahrain, a small monarchy of Persian Gulf, in a new Bahraini royal palace, called ‘Bahraini Alhambra’, where the successor of the Bahraini throne lives, a young Prince, Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, who wants to show the world, that this upcoming rule will be exceptional… and although we expressively warned Lorencova to go there, she did, from unknown reasons… maybe voluntarily, maybe someone lured her there… in any case, she never returned back into the Four Seasons hotel in Manama, the Bahraini capital.

Now, I need you to promise me, to keep the following information abolutely secret, OK? Can I trust you?

We plan a rescue operation, using either peaceful negotiation, or aggresive deployment of the Czech Special Forces against the compound, using covert American assistance… I am not willing to allow another shameful experience for us all, like that case of two kidnapped Czech girls in Pakistan was, when the country was humiliated, paying 6 million USD of ransom money after two years of playing incompetent dumb games with those jihadists and terrorists…

However, the NDC, National Defence Commission, nor the Czech Parliament wasn’t informed… yet, as there is time pressure, and the matter needs an immediate action, not some lengthy political discussions, where many rats would try to earn easy points for them, which would only jeopardize success of the operation, as the opposite side could see us as weak, unable to execute any action!

Anyway, you certainly realize, Mrs. Korinkova, how risky is such endeavor, this venture, in many senses… including my political career.

I don’t know, if you like me and my politics, my visions of managing public affairs, if you voted for me… but we are both women, mothers… and it’s up to me to decide now, whether to send many young men, sons of women like us, for possible death, as the place, where our girl is being held, is very well defended… and to keep our face, if the negotiation will fail… there will be this one last option, to show the world, that Czech Military is able to provide armed assistance anywhere, against anybody, who would threaten Czech citizens or state interests…

I want you to predict the outcome of the operation… if you and your cards will say, that I should hold back, I will listen to you…. and I chose particularly you, because I have full trust in you, and I know, that you will remain silent, not running to that filthy tabloid media, to destroy everything, to make a revenge… and to let Lorencova to be… maybe even hurt.”

“I told you already, Mrs. Minister, I am not a professional witch, able to provide such service!” the teacher repeated decisively. “You would rely on a very questionable counsel, in a matter, that can directly influence human lives! But if you ask me, as a civilian, what I think about this plan, unsanctioned by Czech state, obviously…

Of course, I would tell you openly, that sending some military commando into Bahrain, is the most questionable, even dangerous idea, and I am not certain, whether to report it not to tabloid media, but to other places, like state authorities…

I am asking you again, why do you want an advice exactly from me? Because of my daughter? Because Bahrain is a Muslim country, and you think, that I can help you somehow, because my daughter is a Muslim, and I married a Muslim recently???

Then, I have to tell you something, and very clearly: it goes outside me, all that Islamic religion! I am a Christian, and no one in the world will ever persuade me to step away from my faith… from God!

I don’t care about Amin’s money and power! I don’t need it… I don’t need even him… I just hoped, that there can be some kind of reconciliation between our religions, best achieved by marriage, finding love between apparent enemies… so we can avoid misunderstandings, wars and violence!

And now, you want to start a war, maybe a war against Islam, if things will go wrong, and the Muslims will perceive the suggested armed assault against the Bahraini royal palace, where the Prince could be killed by accident, as the first chapter of a new war against them, like Iraq and Afghanistan were… and where we Westerners lost terribly, let’s be honest!

All that sacrifices of our young men, who could be good sons, brothers and fathers, but who went there to become heroes, and who fell in those distant foreign lands, who returned with crippled minds and bodies… it was all futile, only helping our enemies!

You really thought, that you can win, if you will kill all the illiterate shepherds, who just defended their land, after you invaded it, illegally?

And now, you want me, to help you in such an unacceptable crime, by giving you a green light, if God and the cards will say so, to create another big trial for us humans, whether we are able to live without war and violence, or not?

You want us to lose, in many senses?

Explain it all better, or I am leaving, not willing to talk to you anymore, not caring about your bold plans and risks…

I also wonder, how many lies is possibly hidden in all that nice presentation, which you just gave me, talking about Czech national security and noble higher interests!

What if there is no kidnapping, and you only search for a pretext, to be the one, who has advantage, because you will fire your round as the first, making the first surprising move into an enemy territory… so you created this romantic tale about a Western witch, kidnapped in Bahrain, which needs to be rescued at all costs!

Do you know, by the way, that Lorencova originates from Slovakia? Does she even have the Czech citizenship, or just permanent residency in Czechia?

This all is so cheap tale… I would expect something more intricate from you, after all the admiration in the media about you!

‘You Love Her, Enemies Fear Her’… how much did you paid to that tabloid media rat Pavel Novotny for such a fake promotion? Or did you simply sleep with him, like all of his female favorites?”

“You are very wrong, it’s all not about Islam,” the blonde denied this allegation at first. “It’s just a matter of expanding power and influence of Czechia into the world, to secure sustainable future of the nation, as I promised in my political programme to the citizens, including you… and indeed, this disappearance seems as a perfect chance, to let our fame to grow globally, not only at the Middle East!

The hard fact, or at least justified suspicion, is, that the son of Bahraini king probably kidnapped a naturalized Czech citizen, a woman, a witch, so her life can be directly jeopardized, as witchcraft is considered as very serious sin in Islam… what would you do, to be at my place?

Surely, we want to negotiate, unoficially, of course, but Prince Khalid has his own plans, and he probably did it to provoke us infidels, expecting, that we are weak, and he can humiliate us, to be more respected by his people, by the whole Persian Gulf, to become Bahraini king soon, as people will demand his rule, after he will present such a persuasive evidence of his utlimate manly might… as you can see, it’ all only a game of power! Religion is secondary here!

And I am just asking you, to make a prediction… just one card! Then, I will make my final decision, what to do, because time is running out…. you see, we are both women, we are sensitive, perceptive… maybe even superstitious, believing in supernatural powers, in magic, in witchcraft… I am ready to take my risks, to put my head on the plate, but I want also to see a sign…

Time is precious, as I need to leave towards Bahrain as soon as possible, before this all will get out, and the journalistic rats will have a new toy to play… fortunately, right now, they are occupied, far away from here, still discusssing, how to inform about you, and Nasser…

Do that little favor for me, Mrs. Korinkova, and I promise you, that you can live here in Czechia further, no one will ostracize you, although what you did, could be perceived as very controversial, regardless of your good intentions and alleged innocence… who cares about some innocence, anyway? The only thing, which decides, is, what the media write about you… and I can influence it, because a human asset of the Ministry of Defence is present at that meeting of journalists, which can, and will influence your fate…

I also believe in God! I know, that I am his tool, executing His will. He sent me here from a reason… so, I am asking you: will you do it for me? All I want is one card!”

“I don’t like to make any decision under such time pressure,” the teacher denied the request, but then, looking through the window, she noticed the group of heavily armed policemen outside, Motovska’s escort, understanding, that they didn’t come to detain her, they are just protecting the bold Minister, who got into a really dangerous game abroad, and as soon as she will leave the Czech national territory, she will be out of any protection of the Militarized Police, out of jurisdiction of the Czech law, making her untouchable… but only here.

“You said, that you are going into Bahrain herself?” Ivana was curious.

“True. And without any autorization of the Czech governement, so this little conspiracy can be considered a black military operation,” the Minister reminded. “And you certainly realize, how serious consequences this step can have for me… this could get me even a life prison sentence, if I won’t be lucky…

Simple rules of life: if I will succeed, they will celebrate me, appreciate me, praise me… but if I will fail, they will will put me into the deepest hole they have, and they will take care, that all the blame will fall on me, even for things, which I didn’t commit… in that time, no one will care about truth, and I won’t be able to defend anyhow, anymore.

So, I am asking you: help higher interests this time, and you will be rewarded, not with money, but with acceptance and respect… I control the Czech media into some extent, both domestic and foreign media presence, so why not to persuade the Pope, that you married a Muslim, just for that understanding between religions, as you stated earlier?

Maybe they will make you a saint one day… nothing is impossible today.”

“You can’t be serious,” Ivana shook her head, like if this all would be just a strange dream.

“Unlike you, who will stay here, in safety, I am risking everything,” Motovska reminded with urgency, looking at her wrist watch. “Even to be detained by Bahraini authoritizes, if things will go bad… can you imagine such an extreme global scandal, if they would blame me from terrorism there, showing me on worldwide television, with handcuffs on my wrists, together with detained soldiers, like that poor Laura Zuniga, a beauty queen from Mexico, presented as a member of a drug gang? It ruined her, although in the end, the court let her go…

And this would be much more shocking: a member of Czech government with terrorist conspiracy charges! That would put down the Prime Minister, and the whole Czech governement!

On the other hand, if I will succeed… the gains can be literally royal, and not only for me, for all of us… we all have to do something for the future… we all need to take risks, to bring sacrifices, if necessary, because there is a war out there, for territory, for resources, and no one is excluded… and what is asked from you, is just reading one card!”

“If it’s God’s will,” the teacher made her decision then. “You will have your reading… but I deny any responsibility, remember, Mrs. Minister! I was not elected by the people, like you, I am a private citizen… I just pay my taxes, obey the law, and that’s all, what you can ask from me!”

“Just a meeting between two friends, an innocent game with tarot cards,” Motovska assured the teacher, who left for a minute, to bring her handbag, where she was carrying a deck of tarot cards, like all witches.

“You still didn’t tell me: why me? Why just me?” Ivana wanted to know yet, when the cards were in her palms already, and she was concentrating on the other woman, watching her eyes, to be well connected to her, to read her mind and body, so the reading could be successful.

“Because I heard about you, that you are a very special witch… different, than all the others,” Motovska replied with excitement. “Because you don’t allow people to choose the cards themselves, YOU choose them instead, serving as the medium… thus, you directly influence their destiny, with your spiritual power, with your gifts from God!

I don’t believe in luck or coincidence… I want to believe in God, my skills, and your skills, Ivana… let’s do it!”

They sat to a small table, one of many, serving for children, to chat here during intermissions, to have a social life, real social interaction, not only living in the virtual, fake world of the social media.

“This is you… obviously,” Ivana pulled a card from the deck, and both women were not surprised, as Motovska was called with name of this particular card by the media long time already, it means Princess of Swords. “You control vast apparatus, able to execute violence, including murder, as the combat knife and red color of your hair indicates… you control also vast surveillance networks and information databases, where plenty of dirty laundry can be found, about anybody, as all that eyes in your hair confirm…

You participate in a high-profile conspiracy, a rebellion, you don’t follow the rules anymore, you create them, as the broken chain on your wrist suggests… you tie inconvenient people with that rope on your hand, making slaves from them… and there is also that magical ring on your finger, which maybe means media, that you can influence minds of people, just by pushing on those journalistic rats, bribing them, or extorting them, to serve to your purpose.”

“This is your situation: The Tower, it means that Bahraini royal palace, where a girl is held, and you want to seize this palace, either using intricate negotiation, or brutal force, and this Tower will set your destiny…

The Tower attracts you, like light attracts a moth, because you maybe believe, that if you will destroy The Tower, you will not only achieve a big victory, you will not only liberate the girl, but also yourself… you are excited, to see it destroyed on the card, all secrets revealed, all treasures only yours… you want to become immortal, because you feel, that you are losing your reproductive ability, which defines your feminity…

I was once like you, and several years ago, when the same situation happened to me, I was really scared, what will happen from me, when I will cease to be a real woman, and only an empty shell with feminine shapes will remain… you see that emptiness in front of you, that darkness, that path to death, and it scares you… but The Tower, it gives you hope, that victory over nature and maybe even God’s will is possible… this is a war for your feminity, not for religion, not for power and influence!

And there is your challenge, the son of Bahraini king, The Emperor… it’s unclear, if the card is meaning the son, or the father, because I presume, that you want to push the father at first, even to send him against the son, to have an additional lever to use… ‘Divide and Conquer’!

You always struggled with men, you competed with them, and you were victorious, you know their weaknesses, and this particular challenge gives you utmost self-confidence, that you will win, you will prevail… you go into this crazy operation without doubts, knowing, that if a man is at the other side, you can’t lose, as he can’t surpass your feminity, a gift of God indeed, giving you total superiority, always defeating any man with your indirect approach and endless deception…

But maybe you are even jealous, that his reproductive ability remains until the end of his days, unlike you, who is programmed to lose it much earlier… maybe this is your feminine revenge? Defeat, destruction of The Emperor’s Tower, to make this ruthless woman satisfied?

You want some big challenge, the bigger, the better… and what can be a greater mission, than defeating The Emperor, the big man? You don’t care, if he is holding the girl against her will, or she came there voluntarily, to become his royal mistress… you will liberate her, regardless if she wants, or not, to accomplish your own objectives! She serves you perfectly, as a cat’s pawn.

Now, regarding the result of the operation…”

The witch mixed the deck, turning it down, not able to see the cards anymore. She was touching them slowly, one after another, like if she would wait for a signal from God, which card to choose.

And then, she took one, completely certain, that this is The One… and Motovska’s brave heart stopped beating, for a moment, before she noticed a positive smile on witch’s face.

“You will win, because this card, which I chose for you, is The World, it means using opportunities, ‘who dares wins’, success for the bold and decisive ones, and you understood this perfect opportunity well, risking everything, betting on one single card… and The World, and God, will be favorable to this approach.

I must warn you, though… victory can be a very relative, and it can come for a price too high… did you ever hear the term, ‘Pyrrhic victory’?

Maybe there will be losses, painful sacrifices and undesirable discoveries for you… because all the broken chains under her armpit, it can cause many earthquakes… and that poisonous snake will be still very close to you, and if you won’t be careful enough, he can infect you with an uncurable disease, that your life tale of success could end even sooner, than your reproductive ability…

Now, he seems to look elsewhere, because you caressed his head nicely, and he succumbed to your charm, apparently… you think, that he serves you now… but make no mistake, he still has his instincts, and he is not afraid to bite the same hand, which once caressed him, as it’s simply in his nature… you will have to be yet more ruthless, than you usually are, willing to sacrifice all the pawns.

And there is one more thing I could tell you… but I want a special perk for revealing it. It has a price of billion of dollars for you.”

“I will give you just anything,” the blonde woman exhaled, her eyes glossy, as the real madness was just awoken inside her.

“You will become the next Czech president, the first female president of this country,” the witch continued in her prediction, making Motovska to smile… did she know already?

“And it will become soon, in 2023, when you will be still beautiful and shining, still in your 40s, but mature and respected, and people will know, that you will serve them well, you can protect them, unlike those male rats, who opened borders to aggresors so many times… everybody will be willing to support you, as there will be simply nobody more suitable in the whole country… so, there will be only one choice: YOU.

That will be your ultimate life and female achievement, a start of a new era of feminity, our superiority and dominance in the society,” the teacher witch ended her prediction, totally exhausted.

“Now, listen carefully, what I want,” Ivana changed the tone of her voice to orders, like if she would be talking to her daughter, when she was still little, fully submitted to her. “Firstly, right now, you will visit the director of this school, that feminist and lesbian Anna Babanova, and you will explain to her, that I am an asset of the state, having your full support and protection, in the name of Czech national security…

Secondly, you will get me into a Parliament seat, during next general elections, because I want to be somebody, not living for others anymore… I want to be like you, a woman of power, not only a manipulative player in her family…

And thirdly, I want a Czech diplomatic passport at once, as I am representing Czechia in Saudi Arabia now… I will show my daughter, and my former husband, her father, how much they underestimated me!”

“It will all happen, just as you asked, witch,” the blonde female VIP politician promised, leaving without saying goodbye, as time was precious, and both women will meet again soon, anyway… if the prediction was right.

Just one hour later, a helicopter of the Czech Police landed at Prague-Kbely military airport, and Motovska met with a group of Special Forces soldiers there, paratroopers from 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion, trained for subversive action behind enemy lines, operating fully autonomously, without any support, without any hope for rescue, if things would go wrong.

“You are heading towards Middle East, for a very special rescue mission, with ‘top secret’ status,” she informed them shortly, and ordered to start loading the cargo, a plenty of big plastic boxes of different sizes, containing weapons and ordnance, into a large C-130 transport plane, designated for transporting troops and equipment at long distances, rented from Americans to the Czech Army.

“I am expecting, that you all will fulfill your duty to the homeland to the last dot,” she indicated them clearly, that this is not a training mission, that not all of them can make it back, and the soldiers only nodded, as they were trained exactly for such missions without guarantee of return, they gave themselves to the state, exchanging their lives and liberty for shining medals, perks and promotions, plus adventure and feeling manly. Was is a good business… or not?

“Captain Vladimir Stefan,” one of the soldiers introduced himself to Motovska. “The squad commander, and liaison officer, Czech Special Forces.”

“Nice to meet you,” Motovska offered his hand to shake, showing with her head, to move aside, where no one could hear them. “I presume, that you have a combat experience, so there will be no fuck-ups?”

“Two tours (=one year) in Afghanistan, and a short visit in Iraq, where I survived as the only one of my unit, after we were ambushed by insurgents near Fallujah, and I even saved life of an American female medic on that occasion,” the soldier acknowledged proudly. “Later, after retirement from the Army, I was working for the military-industrial complex, particularly representing Chinese weapon manufacturing interests here, in Czechia… other interesting things, where I participated, are classified until 2084, even for you, Mrs. Minister.”

“OK… and did you receive the preliminary mission data?” the Minister went directly to the matter.

“Under current conditions, probability of mission success is projected only around 10%,” the soldier replied with detachment, although it meant, that a literal massacre is more than probable. “Unless the advanced Russian anti-aircraft defenses of the compound won’t be disabled, somehow… but we don’t carry such a specialized hardware with us, so some additional assistance would be needed…

Otherwise, you are sending this unit to certain death, and if that is your plan, you should send some worthless infantry men from nearest barracks, not these elite Special Forces, which are useful only alive, protecting national security of Czechia inside its borders, not delivered in black bags, back from some crazy adventure at the Middle East…

With all respect, I want to remind you, Mrs. Minister, that The Unit operates out of standard chain of command, it’s submitted only to SFC, Special Forces Command, and I am authorized to reject its combat deployment, if chances won’t be raised at least to 40%… we are not your bitches, or toys.”

“Even your death can make the mission successful, and you can become heroes of the motherland… I believe, that other men of The Unit are not as cowardly, as you, willing to take the risk,” Motovska replied yet more coldly. “But I presume, that the famous Czech Army prepared some countermeasures against that damned Russian S-300 rocket battery? Or you never anticipated as a possibility, that you will face it in combat, that you will have to eliminate it, before an assault?”

“The means of disabling it exist, indeed… but deploying them in such a dumb rescue mission of a non-VIP, on a foreign territory, which is not in a state of war with Czechia, is absolutely out of your authorization and our willingness,” the commander informed Motovska, not being specific further. “The SFC expressively denies to provide assistance in this particular matter, as the Russians could know our secret means against their advanced AAs, improving their systems, making it harder for us to bypass them next time, when something real will be in stake, not some worthless witch bitch…

In other words, if you won’t negotiate disabling of the battery with some third party, you will have to storm the compound alone. We won’t accompany you… maybe we are really too cowardly, as you said.”

“Don’t worry, I will take care of it… our Chinese friends will provide help, I am certain,” Motovska claimed without any doubt. “Now, if you will excuse me…”

Another vehicle of the Czech Militarized Police, but in civilian version, stopped nearby, and a young tall and beautiful woman, looking like a fashion model, also dressed in a business suit, shoes with high heels, approached Motovska… an elite corporate lawyer, called Iveta Klimesova.

“Thank you, Iveta, that you arrived on such a short notice… when your friend’s life is in danger,” the Minister emphasized, that she is doing all this in sake of Iveta’s best friend.

“Sure… but is the situation really so serious? You want to send the Military there? I thought, that you want only to negotiate,” Klimesova wondered. “As a lawyer, I should warn you… it could become a vast international incident… we are not Americans, who can send commandos into foreign states, to kill people, and then to explain it as a part of ‘War On Terror’, and no international court will condemn them! For them, everything is possible… not for us. We are too small fishes…”

“Maybe things are changing,” the older woman said with disturbing ambiguity. “I need you to go with me, back into Bahrain, as this will be a complicated affair, and you know the girl, you also know other people at Bahrain… contacts, which can be very useful.”

“But I just came from work, I have no travel stuff with me… can you wait few hours, so I can pack?” Iveta asked.

“Not possible. We must leave right now, every minute counts… you want to help your best friend, who is in danger, who needs you right now? Then help me, and go with me! As you can see, I have no official staff with me, so you will have to do…

Don’t worry, you can get all the necessary stuff in Manama, the Bahraini capital, paid by taxpayers money, so you won’t even need your platinum credit card… after a stopover, we will continue with a standard airlines, of course, in First Class, but only two of us, like innocent tourists… these soldiers will have to make it into Bahrain… a different, and much more risky way.”

A pilot approached Motovska, to inform her, that the plane is ready for takeoff.

“Destination: Adana, Turkey, Incirlik Air Base,” Motovska ordered without slightest doubt in her voice.

A witch predicted success of this big plan… why should she be worried, anyhow?

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