Katerina Motovska: Woman War Machine. Minister of Defence Czech NATO. VIP Elite Illuminati. Nuclear Retaliation. Military Industrial Complex Interests. Ruthless Cold. WMD Warfare. Black Ops Conspiracy

You love her and enemies fear her, afraid to make a single unlawful step into sacred Czech national territory, particularly treacherous Poles.
She won’t hesitate to push the trigger and to launch a nuclear missile against enemies of the state, against their women and children, to send Czech young boys to death in distant countries, like Iraq or Afghanistan, for higher interests of Czech nation.
She has full support and trust of the Czech people, military-industrial complex and National Defence Commission.

To assure survival, security, territorial integrity and shining future of the Czech state, KATERINA MOTOVSKA must become next Minister of Defence.

There can be no more qualified Minister of Defence, as famous and feared Katerina Motovska, nickname Princess Of Swords or Queen Mother, the executive director of Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation with Illuminati ties, a VIP member of occultist Order of White Serpent, a widow after disappeared wealthy businessman Jan Motovsky, former fashion model and Czechoslovak Models executive, a part of Czech VIP society of enlightened ones, like Lenka Filipova from famous Filip family, and leader of alleged Estrogen Conspiracy

Ready to unleash the devastating power of war machine of her proud powerful country, to eliminate foreign enemies in masses, without spending a single tear for all that women and children under the rubble, hit and killed by Tomahawk missiles and cluster bombs, depleted uranium artillery shells, splintery small arms rounds, their heads tore with tanks threads, their bodies burned with napalm, their homes under constant “anti-terrorist raids” of masked commandos, belonging to invading forces, who allegedly came to “liberate” them, but who are not hesitating to push the trigger and to eliminate, to neutralize, to kill, like those American war criminals and warmongers in Iraq and Afghanistan…

Because those “un-people”, belonging to the “other side”, “the collateral damage”, were once marked as enemies of the state, and thus designated to be eliminated mercilessly, but war has always victims on both sides, so she won’t be hesitating to send young men of her country to death by IEDs, explosive booby traps, treacherous guerillas, who hit from shadows, using silencers, who are hard to be recognized between civilians, or simply superior enemy, to sacrifice thousands of those sons and daughters of someone without mercy, as pawns…

Because military men and women are not some heroes, except for propaganda purposes, but in reality, rather food for cannons and the last part of military-industrial complex, the lowest part of food chain, promised big careers afterwards, but trained to die for their corrupted rulers, like brainwashed fools, and that is, what they are, pledging allegiance to some flag. country under corrupted rule, whose masterminds won’t hesitate to betray the whole nation…

And you believe in them, you fight for them and their coffers, for their villas, for their mistresses with Louis Vuitton and Prada handbags, like Tereza Lipanova, who despise you, who would never sleep with you, a loser, a nobody… when you will be dying in the mountains of Afghanistan, or deserts of Iraq, when blood will be squirting from your body, after being hit with a shrapnel, and you will call your mother or a military angel to help you, those rats will be sitting in the best VIP club, well dressed, not in a dirty camouflaged battledress, full of blood stains, like you, drinking exclusive drinks, and celebrating new profits and corporate success and happiness…

Whereas you will ask, when life will be leaving you: What am I doing in this distant country, anyway? And why I wonder, that if I came with a weapon in hand here, if I invaded them, if I become an aggressor, they want to kill me, because they just defend their national territory against invaders?

But see it from the better side. After all that humiliation for the Czech nation in the 20th century, three military invasions into Czechia from treacherous Poland, when filthy boots of many foreign agressors marched through Czech land and killed Czech people, now there is a woman, who won’t hesitate to launch devastating ordnance against them: devastating Czech armament of nuclear retaliation, called The Dark Sun.

And just listen to her, when she speaks:

Military ties with Israel:
“I suggest reconsideration, from current geopolitical reasons and Failures of Israeli War Machine 2010. And mighty China seems as much more reliable ally.”

Jewish Militia Prague:
“Obligatory disarmament. We won’t tolerate such subversive and terrorist activity on Czech national territory.”

Future of Czech nuclear arsenal:
“Definitely green light from me.”

Using of Time Tactical Weapons:
“Necessary to preserve security and freedom, to remain competitive, as more states can own them soon.”

“Our greatest ally and key defence supplier.”

North Korea:
“There should be more discussion and understanding with Kim Jong-un, who is a charming man in person, by the way.”

“Leaving until 2023, as this organization became a dangerous party of fools and warmongers. There can’t be no new Iraq and Afghanistan, and dragging us into American foolish wars against enemies, who can’t be defeated. And I mean it.”

“They showed us, who they really are, that they can’t be trusted. They are no friends. Next time, when they will come with aggressive intentions, sending us an ultimatum like in 1938… we won’t welcome them here… at all. On the contrary… they will be hit, and hard. The historical territory of Silesia is ours forever, and there will be no discussion about it, ever.”

“We have much more dangerous enemies actually. Don’t overestimate this threat.”

Inner Circle membership:
“No comment. Military secret.”

Illuminati membership:

Authorization to issue a WMD launch order:
“Positive, together with seven other VIP persons, to prevent an unlawful launch.”

Interests of military-industrial complex:
“War was always about money, that’s the truth. Always was, always will be. If you can manufacture state-of-the-art weapons for our Army, then please, I will be glad to consider your interesting defence offer, and you can become a part of this sweet cake. It’s really easy to criticize… but who, except biggest suppliers, like Wu Corporation, can manufacture as advanced weapons, as Pandur II PSY-AA, or T-72 SURIKATA? You? So please, I am waiting your business proposals.”

You will fight and die for this woman, who will become a Queen Mother for you. And when you will be dying eventually, in combat, like a proper man, not in bed, like those old fools, you won’t call your mom or angels: you will dream about Katerina Motovska’s pussy, how well it smells, like roses, how great you would feel inside, like in mother’s womb.
And that will be a beautiful death for a soldier, a national hero, like you!

Read a poem by members of Czech Special Forces, where Katerina Motovska, their admired military leader, is mentioned:
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