Katerina Valachova: Mother of Social Engineering Experiment Against Nature And Sanity

Children are the future of any nation, and their proper education should be taken most seriously. But in 21st century Europe, close to collapse and disintegration, there is still a space for many crazy, malicious, even dangerous experiments with the youngest generation, allegedly to create better future citizens, so the promised paradise of European Union can allegedly become the reality, although nobody can believe this anymore, as the Islamic State is marching ruthlessly to change Europe forever, to introduce the Islamic rule into these faithless lands of decadence, consuming and worshipping false prophets.

Katerina Valachova 3 - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsKaterina Valachova (*1976), current Czech Minister of Education, Youth And Sports, took as her personal mission, to change the Czech schools once and forever. How much money was she paid, what was she promised? A place in the Illuminati structures, or Order of White Serpent, of which she is allegedly a member, enjoying their sexual orgies? A cozy room in a fortress high in the Alps, to watch the upcoming fall of Europe from safe height, feeding hungry Alpine Marmots? Or did her rumored lover, Michal Hrdlicka, fuck her so hard, that she lost all rational thinking and feminine sense for balance, as the sniffing Czech tabloid media reported?

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Indeed, there could be a high-profile conspiracy, as Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, where Hrdlicka, former TV star, serves with the role of a CIV Liaison Officer from Active Measures department, specialized in Seduction Operations (Chinese Honey Traps), it has their Social Engineering department established… or are the omnipresent Chinese (Wu Corporation) behind all this? Anyway, Valachova is rumored to be a Honorary Member of the Unit!

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She is a woman who is obsessed with one simple word, imported from the United States: inclusion. She seems to believe, that all children, with all intelligence levels, health and psychological limitations and challenges, can be educated together, as they are all allegedly “equal” and “able to manage it”, so they can receive “many benefits and advantages, including those from diversity”, although teachers consider this effort unwise and rash.

But humans are not equal. They never were meant to be. Allah created them with different abilities and talents, but with the same purpose: to worship Him, to serve Him.

Katerina Valachova is one of the crazy contemporary women, who want to change matters and sustainable ways that worked for thousands of years. She wants to leave a trace in the world, before her youth and fertility will disappear forever. She, a servant of her ego, wants to become a creator of men, a creator of children.

But there is only one creator of men, only one God: it’s Allah. Only He has the sacred right to change things, as He always knows, what is good for the mankind, including children, unlike any human.

The Western society whispered into female ears, that they are blessed with power and influence, that they are chosen to be creators of the society, that they can change the society as they like.

But all these questionable experiments only bring the society closer to accepting Allah, as the common people will soon realize, that they don’t want to live under this worldly, unwise rule of such crazy, preposterous “scientists” of social engineering as Katerina Valachova, and in order to protect their kids, they have to respect another, more suitable, wise and beneficial ruler.

Katerina Valachova herself should accept Allah as the only God and Muhammad (PBUH) as His messenger, to wake up from her wrong female dreams about changing the world and society. She should understand that not she, but Allah decides, how to raise children correctly. No matter how many power and influence the worldly society gave her, she is still only a small servant, not a God.

Maybe one day, she will wake up in unrest, full of doubts. And in that moment, she will find, that submitting to Allah and following Qur’an is the only way to salvation. Only then, she can create something beneficial for the society, and for the kids.

People like Katerina are simply lost and wandering, believing in false prophets and their own fragile egos. But this false faith only brings them suffering, diseases and fear. There is only one way of washing out her past sins and mistakes: reciting shahada and accepting her new master once and forever: Allah.

Our children don’t need any inclusion: they need to find the complete security and one firm point in their lives, if their parents and teachers should fail. If the kids would be raised as Muslims, they would receive the ultimate blessing for life, helping them not only to survive and orientate well under any conditions, but also to know their place in the world, their purpose.

This is the proper education of the European future. Allah will lead and raise the kids, and healthy, balanced generations will be successfully created without any harmful experiments… like Imprivata NextGen Health Care deploys, in their nasty Human Augmentantion programme.

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