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Female fashion models, undisputed social leaders of the corrupted Western world and most suitable for various Propaganda and Public Relations purposes, are the most useful tools for massive Chinese expansion worldwide, using soft power and inconspicuous effort from below, instead of endless war and violence, like those American aggressors, supported by their devoted NATO allies, particularly Poland, who follow them obediently, like miserable dogs, into further and highly questionable military adventures, invading endless list of sovereign countries, which end with another great failure, like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, and weakening of the decadent Western civilization yet more, only to succumb to terrorist pressure of the highly influential, steadily expanding, dangerous and omnipresent Islamic State.

But mighty China, current and future No.1 superpower of the world, uses another approach, much more wise, effective, and most importantly, peaceful, unlike the U.S., who don’t count thousands of civilian victims (=“collateral damage”), who have their homes and families destroyed by “humanitarian bombing”, “liberation”, and “import of democracy and human rights”, their water and bodies poisoned by depleted uranium artillery shells, used by U.S. armor.

Instead, Chinese weapon is soft power, persuasion, business expansion and various deals, and her soldiers are infidel women like Larissa Thome, a Brazilian female fashion model, living and working in Paris, France.

Inconspicuous fronts of the Chinese, like multinational Wu Corporation and her Woman’s Destiny fashion brand, originating from Shanghai, are a perfect tool to achieve noble goals of Chinese Communist Party in the wide world, in the name of Chinese people. Of course, that such a government-sponsored, backed and pampered business company can afford to buy many key influential assets, but money are only transient means of acquiring human devotion, loyalty and faithfulness.

the-wu-corporation-business-company-multinational-military-defense-industry-illuminati-conspiracy-shanghai-china-salzburg-teplice-s-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIn case of Larissa Thome, an extremely interesting potential asset of the Chinese, she was persuaded to visit the Dubai offices of Wu Corporation, and she was not offered money, or fame, as she was quite a successful fashion model already, and Wu always uses ingenious, strategic approach to assure their successful hits, with deep participation of the most advanced methods of human psychology, including reputated Gronholm Method. And particularly Larissa, she had a single Achilles heel, and only Wu Corporation was able to help her with this big issue… of course, only for a price, as China is a master in identifying and using deepest human needs and even carefully hidden deficiencies.

larissa-thome-brazil-france-paris-fashion-model-woman-female-career-professional-success-corporation-multinational-china-chinese-2-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsLarissa Thome was born under a star of an artist, and generous Allah, creator of all, gave her an impressive female body, fulfilling preposterous wishes of sick contemporary Western fashion designers just perfectly: it means very slim corpus, with even unnaturally long thin limbs, and after necessary medical intervention, when decent silicone fillings of suitable size B/C were inserted into her body by ruthless plastic surgeons in white coats, to be competitive even as a swimsuit model like Maria Kukucova, the woman was fully ready to conquer the world, possessing many unique qualities, both in visual and personality sense, just as the current epoch of Information Age and fast-developing corporate world demands mercilessly.

Present fashion models, working in wide and ruthless competition, they have to offer more, than just body, hips, (artificial) breasts and endless smiles, otherwise they will slowly fail, like a former Czech Miss Zuzana Jandova, who literally collapsed in the end, even suspected from a suicide attempt, spending a few weeks in a psychiatric hospital for “harder” cases, as the financial and social pressure was too crushing on her, and she had not enough contracts and income to pay a mortgage, although she presented herself as an internationally successful fashion model, working in Milan, Italy.

But this apparently sad event, it was the will of Allah, to lead Zuzana Jandova to opening the doors of her perception and final understanding, that the only way of liberating herself from all that vast pressure around is her final submitting to Him completely, following His most wise guidance for life, leading to real freedom, peace and destiny, becoming a proud Woman of Islam, because any woman needs Islam, when you live with single, simple and clear purpose, to worship Him, to do good deeds and to execute His will, answering to His call.

larissa-thome-brazil-france-paris-fashion-model-woman-female-career-professional-success-corporation-multinational-china-chinese-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsOriginally, Larissa Thome was walking on a similiar disturbing path, like Zuzana Jandova, as her relative mental instability, caused by extreme artistic talent and too sensitive, fragile soul, wide pressure in her fashion modeling job, plus extreme hunger for overall success, lead her to lasting anorexia, very widespread between fashion models, which jeopardized her mind, body, health and future, and the girl was fully certain, that such life is not sustainable for too long, hurting her in many senses, irrevocably and maybe permanently. But what can you do, if the wicked infidel fashion designers, ruthless killers of bodies and minds of thousands of young girls by setting bad examples and unhealthy trends, they force you to have preposterous weight only around 50 kg with 178 centimeters of height? Once you enter this shining, apparently glamorous game of female beauty and eternal youth, you simply need to accept the rules, as no rebellion would help you in this special realm.

larissa-thome-brazil-france-paris-fashion-model-woman-female-career-professional-success-corporation-multinational-china-chinese-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs-3Closer you are to the top, more lonely you are, and there is hardly someone to help you. Friends? Family? All that small primitive fools, living on the ground, with small dreams and limited capabilities, who will never manage to fly, as they are condemned to walk only on firm Earth, too scared, too weak, living in prison of fear… who could understand well, how sweet the stars taste? And your fashion model colleagues are smiling at you publicly, pretending to be best friends, but gladly stabbing you in the back with sharp knives and evil tongues, spreading malicious gossip and slanders, offering various “dirty laundry” about you personally to the lurking tabloid media, to damage you, their serious business competitor, stealing money, opportunities, contracts, fame and success from them, so you need to be eliminated ruthlessly and without mercy.

larissa-thome-brazil-france-paris-fashion-model-woman-female-career-professional-success-corporation-multinational-china-chinese-6-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIn theory, the visual arts was a good way, how to relax from all that pressure around, and even to catch the most desirable public attention and become a real social leader with massive PR potential, and thus very attractive for various business entities with covert economic interests in social realm, but it further exhausted the weakened mind and body of thin Larissa Thome, living on critically limited intake of food and nutrients deliberately, deploying eternal strict diet, to keep her weight ridiculously low, and anytime she broke it from whatever reason, she had to vomit immediately, living in eternal remorse and hatred of her own body.

When she started to faint occassionally, and those disturbing accidents were becoming dangerously common, there was only four choices remaining for the girl: to get some illegal drugs for temporary “relief”, to get a doctor, who would give her good advices, to let go her dreams, or… to visit Dubai offices of Wu Corporation, as only this business entity with extremely high professional reputation had the necessary medical technology, how to literally brainwash human soul for effective curing, and remove various issues from it.

human-augmentation-imprivata-health-care-corporation-multinationaal-china-illuminati-conspiracy-american-technology-brainwashing-mind-control-it-military-or-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairThis special, allegedly nanite-based technology gained worldwide attention lately, when one of the Wu’s filial companies, the U.S. Imprivata NextGen Health Care IT systems, started implementing real Human Augmentation, particularly on children, in order to maintain national security of corrupted Western states, and maybe to steal the extremely valuable patient’s data and to intervene the deepest privacy of unsuspecting masses effectively, so China could conquer the world yet more, as conspiracy theoretists suspected.

phe-aa-anti-aging-female-pheromone-youth-beauty-product-wu-corporation-china-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsLater, in an unprecendented move in the history of fashion business, Wu started to build an unique porfolio of not only clothes and accessories, also seductive products of their reputated Woman’s Destiny fashion brand, closely related to classified military research, including manufacturing of artificial female pheromones, to help the assets to promote themselves in the social competition, to persuade and seduce various targets: for example, PHE-XX, a civilian version of PHE-X for Special Forces restricted usage, was offered as a special, even fascinating and revolutionary female perfume, but any approved owner also gained access to unique military technology, like The Device, or PHE-AA, which provided unique anti-aging opportunities, endless in monetary value, as women would give literally anything to appear and remain young longer.

Religious sect - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsWu Corporation was suspected to use these extremely advanced measures, combining technology, medical means, chemicals and deepest psychology, to create a devoted army of their brainwashed slaves, literally members of a giant corporate religious sect, who worked for them at various places, securing unlimited access of Wu Corp, and indirectly their Chinese Communist masterminds from Shanghai, into many important places of the Western society, thus allowing the Communist Party of China to fulfill their demanding goals, using these well controlled, well prepared and well brainwashed assets. No wonder, that even Sectarian Warfare department of the Special Forces of the Czech Army took interest in them, studying their ingenious methods and procedures.

But Wu Corporation never tried to hide the fact, that any person, exposed to their various interventions, deep tests and advanced exams, will be changed forever in his or her personality. They even started to flaunt with this fact, explaining literally unlimited opportunities of state-of-the-art Human Augmentation for the modern people, how to improve themselves, how to get mass of secret blessings, and defeat their competition, and to help their children to become ultimate assets in the future world, giving them a gift, which could mean a difference between life success and complete failure.

Removing limits of human minds, curing it from various burdens and curses… many people would give just anything to have their inner wounds healed, their bad memories erased, tbeir weaknesses suppressed, to finally enjoy life, and to win, after so many years of losses, struggling, disappointment and lack of fulfillment, lack of happiness.

Wu Corporation was realizing well, how perfect battering ram for conquering the world they have in their hands, just by selling people their own dreams. So, they used this unique opportunity at maximum, not giving their gifts to hungry fools cheaply, on the contrary: the price was absolute, as the provided achievements were absolute. You paid with your soul, you gave them everything you had, not only in financial sense. But there were more special assets you could relay to them.

For example, Larissa Thome: at her first visit of Dubai offies of Wu, she was challenged to share her most secret dreams and needs, everything was recorded and analyzed by team of experienced psychologists later, whereas present Wu’s personnel in white medical coats assured Larissa immediately, that her special need can be easily arranged, if she is willing to become a “client” of Wu Corp, and start a new life, a new book.

Wu Corporation: Your Dreams Begin in Dubai

The whole procedure to process the new human assets of Wu begins with filling a very complex questionnaire, where you are challenged to share not only your CV, but also all your special skills, knowledge and access, including those most questionable, as Wu can use literally anything to beat all the competitors, and hit them hard, with everything they have: in the end, after a lengthy and fully controlled process, when you are examined and tested closely and repeatedly, never granted relief, never allowed too much thinking and deploying own tactics, your mind scanned preciously and altered widely, without your exact knowledge, Wu gains another critical asset with final validity, who will serve for them obediently around the world, helping China to grow every day, and to play for nothing less, than for global dominance.

Wu Corporation: Do You Have Special Skills?

So, meet Larissa Thome, a golden nugget of Chinese Communist party (CPC), in a music video by famous infidel composer David Guetta, “Dangerous”, where many infidel female fashion models acted, but Larissa was simply the most shining there, playing the leading female part, as her Chinese masterminds always take care of their assets, keeping them in the sunlight, so they pushed her forward, literally, in all senses, getting the most attractive and lucrative professional contracts for their pampered princesses and princes, like Angel Andres:

larissa-thome-brazil-france-paris-fashion-model-woman-female-career-professional-success-corporation-multinational-china-chinese-9-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsWith Wu, you can’t lose in life, you can fulfill your destiny, and you can become the person you always wanted to be, like Marketa Maryam Korinkova, called “Islamic Princess”, who started as a nameless woman, lost in the streets of Prague, but later, she literally conquered Dubai, call it luck or divine intervention, or famous supermodel Alexandra Pianka, suspected to be a Illuminati link (Munich lodge), who found her fortune in all senses in Dubai, or Maria Kukucova, who was chosen by Allah for the most demanding test of her true faith in prison, but in the end, with the permission of Allah, she defeated the unjust infidel Spanish courts, using help from Saudi Arabia Islamic scholars to rebuild her legal defence for alleged criminal accusation, and she was set free from thoe grey walls again, this time, to live and work for Islam, until her last breath, being grateful and praising Allah every minute of her conscious life, for everything He gave her and did for her.

larissa-thome-brazil-france-paris-fashion-model-woman-female-career-professional-success-corporation-multinational-china-chinese-8-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsBut your own un-improved, unaugmented, un-enlightened, thus losing self, you know its low limits well, was always too weak and cowardly to touch the stars of social, corporate or artistic elite. So, this is the deal: you help Wu in their big revolutionary plans and rumored Illuminati conspiracies, giving them yourself completely, becoming a part of “something big”, like you always desired, and they will help you, a weak mortal, to have your dreams fulfilled, to catch life, while you still can, before aging will take away all the life juice from you..

larissa-thome-brazil-france-paris-fashion-model-woman-female-career-professional-success-corporation-multinational-china-chinese-11-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsWhom would Larissa Thome be, without vast Chinese help, opening various doors for her incouspicuously, clearing her professional and personal path secretly? Only a hungry puppet with long limbs, an empty painting, dependent on luck, chances and dark waves of coincidences. But with Wu, the bets are becoming much more certain, and success in any endeavor is assured. With Wu, you have always a reason to smile. A good choice is what makes a difference between winner and loser in this short life, which passes too fast, not listening to your wishes. Only Allah is always listening.

Still, all remaining losers have yet more beneficial chance for success in life, if the Chinese leaders will reject them for too low overall personal qualities, skills, education and abilities: to be Muslims, to accept Islam, as Allah doesn’t discriminate anybody, providing ultimate love, support and guidance for any believer without differences.

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