Laska LLC Las Vegas Nevada. Maria Petlickova. Casino Gambling Operations, Escort Service Espionage Seduction China Chinese Fashion Model Henderson Celebrity Media Czech David Copperfield

Laska LLC Business company, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
(“Laska” means Love in Czech language)
Executive director: Maria Petlickova, former top Czech fashion model, ex-lover of Jan Motovsky, later married to Ken Henderson, thus Maria Petlickova-Henderson (*1980)
Maria Petlickova Fashion Model Czech Fraud David Copperfield Casino Gambling Lie Lust Las Vegas Nevada Wealth Illuminati Espionage Conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs S
Casino Gambling Operations, Eastern European Escort Service
Seducing players for more spending, extracting Intelligence from them for Chinese interests (Wu Corporation), to persuade to do various dirty jobs for CPC (Chinese Communist Party) and Ministry of State Security (MSS), to support Chinese Conspiracy, to persuade them to invest into Wu’s Financial Services, like Investment Banking, and International Banking, incl. money laundering services by Stratton Oakmont Inc., also Corporate and Industrial Espionage

Stratton Oakmont Brokerage House Investment Banking Stock Share Fraud Illuminati Conspiracy China Chinese Global Multinational 2- Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs
Training of Special Forces executive operatives for deployment abroad
Cooperation with Facility Management (many escort sluts have suitable legitimate cover as casino cleaners, not to be banned from the U.S. as illegal aliens)
Chinese Honey Traps

Main European subsidiary residence, where Petlickova worked as a top casino executive:
Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs VIP Casino

Wu Corporation: Casino Gambling Business

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