Lea Rue: Illuminati Know No Mercy. Serving For Higher Interest of Mankind. Sacrifice Daughters!

Only now, the real extension of misusing Illuminati techniques of mind control and brainwashing, directed particularly at vulnerable young girls and executed by treacherous Special Forces of the Czech Army, allegedly for national security purposes and higher interests, is revealed by heroic Czech tabloid media, guardians of democracy, particularly Heavy Slander, under wise and responsible Pavel Novotny’s leadership, not afraid of pressure of dangerous military conspirators, connected with infamous military-industrial complex, literally flourishing in the age of endless terrorism and general need to “improve safety of citizens”, deploying more surveillance, more militarized police, and stripping people of their rights.

At least one Test Subject (002) of rumored, highly classified Operation ANGELIC VAMPIRE was identified: Zuzana Jandova, an elite Czech fashion model, who won Miss Czech 2008 national contest, and who allegedly underwent a risky Illuminati mind control test in Dubai, leaving her allegedly as complete psychic wreck, later even allegedly attempting suicide, as one of the keywords, inserted into her mind deliberately, was code “KW76”, meaning allegedly “suicide”.

Operation ANGELIC VAMPIRE: Fashion Models Illuminati Conspiracy

Zuzana Jandova: Elite Fashion Model In National Security Service

But there is a theory, that to create a new person, you have to eliminate or neutralize the old one… indeed, the “new” and reborn Zuzana Jandova, who returned from mental hospital after three weeks of hospitalization, is most impressive, attracting men, like never, suspected to extract resources, data and critical information from them, in the interests of unknown masterminds, possibly Chinese multinational Wu Corporation, or Almighty Allah.

Zuzana Jandova: Code Name Black Widow

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an alleged elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, established out of official Army structures and funded by black financial resources deliberately, which executes black, illegal and highly controversial operations like mentioned Operation ANGELIC VAMPIRE, has not only test subjects for its special purposes, but also creative assets, and music is no exception: the Unit has their Music Propaganda (MUG) department established too.

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS
Estrogen Mafia Infidel Female Special Forces NATO Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Music is known to be the key transmission channel of Illuminati propaganda, suitable for hitting millions of dumb sheep, so to test it widely, you need a talented, experienced and ruthless artist, preferably a woman, who understands the soul of her gender and peers the best, and knows, what buttons to push, what weak sides to reveal and exploit.

lea-rue-emma-lauwers-music-singer-illuminati-mind-control-conspiracy-special-forces-military-army-test-psychology-psywar-propaganda-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsFor this critical purpose of highest state defence interests, the Unit allegedly obtained a young Belgian singer, Emma Lauwers (*1993), using stage name Lea Rue, code name DARK DUCHESS (designated internally as Asset A51), nicknamed “Terminator” (see below why), who not only provides her wide music skills and talents, but also her useful University education, as she is specialized in Communications and Psychology, so you can imagine, that her “products” will be most persuasive, hitting minds and souls of innocent young girls like devastating avalanche, fulfilling demanding assignments of military masterminds just perfectly. There is indeed no place for mercy and compassion, if national security is allegedly in stake! They are not Allah.

(Note: the Unit was originally specialized in PSYWAR, Psychological Warfare, but later, it was expanded to current 30 departments, organized in 5 divisions. Estimated strength is more than 400 operators nowadays, including alleged assassins, and main base near Teplice, highly Islamized city of Western Bohemia, allegedly “to keep Czech Wahhabis on short leash”. The Unit also operates Czech nuclear arsenal.)

Indeed, Lea Rue showed no hesitation in using advanced methods of cover psychological pressure on her audience, which is in sharp contrast with her apparently innocent girlish looks. But she needs money and perks, to have sustainable future in these demanding postmoder times, and Czech Army, or Wu Corporation, their main defence supplier, probably offered her something extremely valuable: be it money, professional opportunities, or connections into powerful China.

“No, I am not ashamed of my work,” Lea Rue replied to Pavel Novotny, “Heavy Slander” chief reporter, when asked about her controversial defence activities. “I am doing it for EU‘s national security, and the girls, listening to my music, they are being influenced also for the interests of national security, preserving and protecting our Western way of life against imminent and omnipresent threat of Islamic State terrorism. In these compicated times of unrest, every citizen’s duty is to do something for safety of us all. If I was granted my talents… it’s my duty to use them, for good purpose. Ask Federica Mogherini (=high EU’s representative), what she thinks about me.”

The question is, whether the poor EU mothers are willing to give their beloved daughters for purposes of such questionable PSY tests and military operations, which are based on very controversial keywords, including anorexia, sexual abuse, rape, slave, violence, abuse by father, media manipulation (puppet), divided personality, prison, collapse, and mentioned suicide?

Tracking these keywords in Emma’s work is the most easy. To date, she released two music videos, sponsored by EU’s media department, and one is more terrible and disturbing, than other.


In the beginning, she walks through the streets of Barcelona (Islamic Spain), well dressed, stylish and balanced, before reaching some darker studio, where a professional hipster photographer starts to take her pictures, she is NAKED in front of him, there are CANDLES (occultism).

He is COLD and merciless, directing her head here and there, touching her, as he likes, not asking her or begging her, and she becomes a PUPPET of Illuminati, voluntarily, ABUSED by them, as the number of photographers around her multiplies, there is more and more of them, both genders, they oppress her, absolutely not respecting her personal space… until she ends in a bath tub with one eye blue and makeup destroyed, like if she would be physically hit by someone. In thed end, she closes her eyes… indication of SUICIDE to get out of her NIGHTMARE.

Also, notice her unnatural eyes – one is blue, one is brown – maybe some contact lens for effect, but she reminds a Terminator: she could play a female killing machine just well, it seems. Like assassin robots, those augmented Illuminati, they feel no fear or remorse. They can’t be bargained with, they can’t be reasoned with, they won’t stop, until… their malicious goals in the world are realized.

What should be the message of the music video? That to become a media star, you need to be prepared for various abuse? But your desire to be a star will be always stronger, than risks, girl… because you are obsessed, and it was Illuminati masterminds, who inserted this obsession into you.

You don’t have children to fulfill your female mission. Like Alena Seredova and others, you have them to play perfect mother for the media, to get money from their wealthy fathers, to reinforce your personal brand, and the corrupted EU government will pay you a nice bonus for “promoting natality”. The pages of female magazines will be yours, but it’s the life of madness which you are living… there is only one way out, conversion to Islam.


In the second music video, Lea Rue is really merciless. It begins in a white room, reminding a PRISON CELL, all is white, including her apparel, where she lies almost naked on a bed, indicating, that she is probably being SEXUALLY ABUSED or even RAPED all the time, and she can’t do anything about it, maybe she even doesn’t want to defend.

She is lying there, making seductive poses, like if she would dream about that man, who comes to humiliate her… possibly her lover, but most likely her FATHER (see below). She puts her hands on her abdomen, indicating, that she can be PREGNANT, or she desires to be. She is a SLAVE. She doesn’t want to wake up from her dream, she just want to lie and SLEEP in that bed, making love with her lover, not having to face the sick world outside her prison? So she brainwashes her mind with Illuminati propaganda voluntarily? She even uses the disturbing word KILL in the lyrics: “Hold the lights, kill the blinds”.

Then, she wakes up, walking through a corridor with many rooms, where her physical COPIES are also present. In the first room, there is another Lea in violent argument with an young, handsome but ABUSIVE man, and she becomes VIOLENT, trying to hold the man, but he leaves, regardless of her stopping effort, to indicate, that men are unreliable cowards, who hurt you, disappoint you, and leave you.

In other room, reminding a living room, other self of Lea is sitting with an obviously older man, indicating her FATHER, either biological dad (INCEST), or her effort to find better understanding and love with an OLDER partner. They have a dinner together, there are glasses with wine and CANDLESTICK on the table, but the man becomes really angry, shouting at her, throwing his glass against the wall. The fool is never satisfied with his DAUGHTER maybe, lowering her self-esteem, creating bad feelings inside her, about her value, and her body (SELF-DAMAGE, ANOREXIA, SUICIDE).

Then, all four copies of Lea start to meet in the corridor (indicating deeply DIVIDED, disturbed PERSONALITY with clear and deep psychic problems). Later, Lea approaches herself (!), snuggled in the corner of a room, as somebody beat her up maybe, she feels UNCLEAN, WORTHLESS, ISOLATED and deserted (maybe she was raped by someone, possibly that depicted abusive father) and both copies are watching each other (!)

In the end, she lies in her bed again, but she makes space for another copy of her, so this entity can lie down beside her (!!!), and both girls are sleeping in a prison cell together (… they could yet start to embrace each other, or to make Lesbian sex to each other, so the “artistic impression” would be complete). Anyway, those Illuminati are really sick…

Infidel mothers, if you want to liberate your beloved daugthers from these sick media influences, lead them to convert to Islam. Because nothing nice will become from girls, watching this sick infidel art…

Estrogen Mafia: Infidel Bitches Want To Rule The World

Operation ANGELIC VAMPIRE: Fashion Models Illuminati Conspiracy

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