Lenka Filipova: You Can’t Escape Islam

There are two kinds of social elite: one, which can be seen, which exposes at various VIP parties, politics and business, presenting their wealth, achievements and position spectacularly, to promote their personal brand, to be admired by the wide public, to raise jealousy in the plebs, to feel like leaders, winners, to set examples to follow. But these people are just fake shiny pawns, dependent on favorable circumstances, connections and favorable political regime, unlike the second group, which remains hidden deliberately, but they pull the strings and levers actually, and no one dares to touch them, including various invaders and aggressors during wars and military incursions.

The Filip family, originating from Prague, Czech republic, although not too plentiful, is one of the key families in the Czech Republic, and there are rumors, that their immense influence and wealth is somehow connected with the Czech Jewish community, using Filip family as their stable and inconspicuous front, providing the family covert protection from all sides, so they can survive in all conditions, unaffected by any revolutions and political changes, and thus, they can serve to the Jewish interests well, with reliability and stability, which is most important for any long-term goals.

Whereas the Jews were often despised and persecuted in history, their influence remains stable in the society, as they have completely reliable collaborators and allies, like Filip family, who not only survive under all conditions, but most importantly, they are able to keep and retain their wealth, plus social, politicial and cultural influence, which allows them to continue without interruption, without regards to breaking events in the streets, and currently ruling ideology in the society.

This pragmatic, balanced and effective approach somehow reminds the way of operation of any secret service, or Intelligence agency, and these mysterious, sinister organizations always hold the most of the power in any society, as they systematically gather “dirty laundry” on anybody, using their wide Intelligence apparatus and wide network of collaborators and informers, who are rewarded for their useful help and contributions in various beneficial ways, so many aspiring players see the cooperation with a secret service as the most promising, to get somewhere in their life and career.

But these “attached” people are just pawns, who can be easily sacrificed, unlike the hidden and well pampered rulers at the top of the structure. And the Filip family represents such highest floors of the Czech society, with their power related to Czech Intelligence community, which serves them, which is even subordinated to them, without regards to the flow of time and political avalanches. Indeed, this is a fulfilled dream of any ambitious ruler, and the Filip family was able to realize it, as one of the very few in the Central Europe.

One would expect, that such an immensely powerful family will be represented by a row of respectable men, leaders, war heroes, military officers, who have sharp eyes and firm shake of hands. But then, they would be too conspicuous, and it means exposed: so a woman was chosen instead, and this special, modern arrangement, was confirmed as most suitable from many reasons.

When Lenka Filipova was born in 1954, she had a golden spoon in her mouth too, like Alison Doody from Ireland, and her destiny was set firmly from her first breath, as it’s a very important factor, where you are born. Not only your family and parents, also the city, and the quarter, it can influence your later life indeed, and in the whole Czech Republic, there is only one really ultimate address, and above this place, only the blue sky can be seen, you simply can’t climb higher: it’s Hanspaulka, an impressive villa quarter, discreet and clean, full of green trees, located at Prague-6 Dejvice, watching the city proudly from the high ground, enjoying great views and clean air.

No wonder, that also the Czech military and security apparatus really favoured this place, except the Czech elite and various diplomats and wealthy foreigners. Indeed, the whole Dejvice quarter is full of buildings with key importance for the Czech national security and interests, including Ministry of Defence and Czech Army buildings, and the Czech Counterintelligence spreads its sticky tentacles here massively, to have desirable control over local elite, both domestic and foreign, as elite is always the source of factual power in a country, and if you control it, you won’t be ever surprised by a revolution, which you can also easily control, using your puppets, if you have the knowledge, who the key assets are, and what is their agenda, and weaknesses.

The Filip family villa is not the most impressive there, as they don’t like to be too spectacular, but it has one very special feature: it was never taken from their ownership, seized neither by Nazi Germans, or Communists, like many buildings in Prague, stolen from the righteous owners, when ruthless Nazi or Communist rule took the place. And this fact only confirms the immense power of the family, which not only survives all changes, but most importantly, they keep their immense power firmly in their hands, without necessity to emigrate, to run away from their new powerful enemies, when the fate deals cards less favorable way.

After Adolf Filip, a Czech actor of marginal official influence, his daughter Lenka Filipova was set to continue in the family tradition, and she was prepared for this task since the youngest age, when it was slowly and patiently explained to her, that the magnificent view from their family villa, when you feel like a king, or queen, seeing all the small city and small insignificant people below you, should be materialized into reality, and there is a very particular way, how to achieve it.

In 1968, when Lenka Filipova was 14 years old, just before she became the real woman, the Russians invaded the country, accompanied by other Warsaw Pact armies. It was indeed a black day for all the Czech fools, who believed in so called Prague Spring, that Communism can be improved: and a massive wave of emigration from the country started, indeed a brutal brain drain, when many Czech elite used the tempting fact, that the borders remained open temporarily, to start life of freedom abroad.

But it was not surprising, that Filip family remained at their place, even flourishing, well cooperating with Russian KGB, in realizing so called Active Measures (активные мероприятия), the most advanced invention of Politicial Warfare, how to use propaganda, information operations and black operations to defeat the Western archenemies.

This paradigm shift in Eastern Intelligence operations, from executive action (=assassinations and violence) towards soft persuasion was very favorable for the family, as their upcoming key asset, Lenka Filipova, could use this unique opportunity just perfectly: covered as inconspicuous romantic musician, she could travel the world freely, including the West, even if the borders remained absolutely impassable for the common Czech fools, who desired to escape the alleged Communist paradise, but wires, machine guns and cruel prison sentences were preventing them.

anne-lonnberg-swedish-moonraker-1979-james-bond-007-operative-secret-agent-islam-muslim-allah-convert-sweden-2-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsWhile the poor fools desired for freedom, confined in the Communist bloc, oppressed by the system, Lenka Filipova was sent to enjoy colorful and vibrant France, where she could create her future personal brand, being inspired by Anne Lonnberg: a cute blonde smiling woman with a guitar, who sings her romantic songs, and no one would guess any relation of such soft seducing creature with the Intelligence community and matters of national interest. But the truth was opposite indeed: she studied not only music there, she also made very valuable contacts between the French elite, and most importantly, she learned, how to start gathering social power and influence into her hands.

Her strategy was quite straightforward and simple: she was simply a woman, in all senses, it means rather silent, passive, indirect, waiting for others to come to her, to give her gifts and present their admiration, which she could achieve by her magical music, full of romance, which disarmed all the adversity and attention. If they were enchanted by Lenka and her immense artistic power, it was so easy to persuade them to submit to her ultimate feminine energy, which she mastered, using her experienced KGB advisors, and to submit to her, never denying any request for a “small favor”.

She was not aggressive, pushing herself forward, like men, obsessed with power, dominance and control: she was rather enclosed and waiting patiently, while remaining fully balanced and concentrated. Many years later, when her behavior and personal branding strategy will be analyzed by the security experts, attached to Special Forces of the Czech Army, they will suspect her from organizing a sect, or a New Age cult, and they will use this example for improving their own Sectarian Warfare (SECWAR) strategy.

But the most important contribution of Lenka Filipova for the warfare knowledge of Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite paramilitary formation of the Czech Army, will be special and unique Female Warfare (FEMWAR) procedures, perfect for executing so called honey traps (seducing male or female targets for higher interests).

charles-aznavour-nikola-dotkova-lenka-filipova-special-forces-fashion-model-secret-covert-clandestine-intelligence-operation-czech-army-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThe famous French singer, Charles Aznavour (*1924), was chosen by Lenka Filipova to take her virginity from her in 1972, so he became one of the very few witnesses, who could describe her intimity, and he talked quite openly about it in 2014, when the 90 years old icon of French popular music was interviewed by Nikola Dotkova, an elite FEMWAR operative and a fashion model, using cover as a foreign journalist of Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, in so called Operation Dirty Laundry.

“When I and Lenka met, I was more than forty five years old, and I knew something about love indeed, singing about it every day, and, let’s be honest, enjoying the favors of many women, as you are young and full of juice only once, so you want to use your time the best you can, so to speak,” the old singer said with smile, enjoying a glass of red wine, sitting in front of his quite modest Riviera house, reconciled and calm.

“You know that feeling, that from the first moment, you can feel the devastating energy inside the other person, some powerful essence of her gender, and you are scared, that you will be defeated, you will be lost, you will submit, you will lose control. And exactly this happened to me, when I met Lenka… she was only fifteen or sixteen then, but I really noticed her, moreover, we had something in common, I was singing about love, and she also, so I was curious, how this kind of artistic work can be compared, when produced by a woman, or a man.

Let me tell you this, she was not too much talented. But there was something really pure and tender inside her expression. You were captivated at once, willing to submit to her, to become her dog, just to be close to her, like if she would be a queen. Indeed, I was afraid of her, I wanted to keep my balance and inner peace, so I tried to avoid her later, in futile effort of self preservation.

But these women… they are so immensely powerful, and they are able to persuade you, that they are your destiny, so it’s completely natural to pay and submit, if you want to enjoy their unique company, vibrant energy and enlighting influence. And you pay with your freedom, effectively becoming obsessed with them, connecting to them on all possible levels, like to your mother. Indeed, they are the essence of maternal energy… and no man can be immune to it, no man, I am telling you. You can be just anybody, but you will lose. Your wide shoulders won’t be of any help, because there is still a small boy inside you, and always be.”

PHE-X Artificial Female Pheromone Chemical Warfare substance business military operations influence persuasion - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThe female operative was really impressed by Aznavour’s good ability to describe Lenka’s female special qualities, but he was not willing to release more details, even if these could be important for the Czech national security. So, it was the right time to interrupt the meeting, apparently to correct her makeup in the Aznavour’s bathroom, and to call her military superiors from SFC, Special Forces Command, to obtain immediate permission to activate PHE-X, a unique means of Chemical Warfare, an artificial female pheromone, forcing men and women to submit. And the following data became extremely valuable for the Unit’s effort to master the Female Warfare strategy, tactics and means further.

“It happened, when Lenka was 18, in 1972,” Aznavour started to narrate, now under the devastating influence of the most advanced assault chemical substance (ACS) ever manufactured, and submitted to Nikola Dotkova, who activated it in her armpits, as the substance needs to be mixed with human sweat, to be distributed airborne, indiscriminately to all human targets in close vicinity, regardless of gender, hititing their nasal sensors like avalanche, lowering their ability for resistance and overall mental capabilities.

“Of course, that I couldn’t stop thinking about Lenka for the whole three years or so, but I was not seeing her, and it was better for me, when she disappeared from my eyes and world. Anyway, let me assure you, I was not calm, like before, she took my original serenity from me. This is, what these ruthless female thieves can do, and you can’t prevent it: they will destroy you, using your weak spot: it’s your mother.

This is their ultimate female game: not breasts, not round body shapes, not their sexy smell and waving hips. Your mother is your own Achilles heel, and they know it, they will use her against you, they will impersonate her, mimick her perfectly, and then, they will be able to control you absolutely, because you will become the small weak boy again, completely dependent on their energy, favors and affection.

Then, one day, it was Autumn, I think, Lenka came to my concert, just like that, sitting in the first row, and believe me, I could hardly concentrate on playing and singing, as I felt certain fateful change in her relation towards me. I felt, that she has chosen me, for a purpose I couldn’t define yet, in that moment, but I knew, that it’s most likely related with physical love. And I was shaking, like a high school student, expecting his first real love! That feeling of meeting the unknown soon, to be initiated, to become a real man… oh, what best could be in life? Such a pity, that you can experience it only once.

You could simply see it in her eyes, how she was watching you. Girl, I was almost fifty then, and my knees started shaking, I am telling you… indeed, I felt like a young nervous inexperienced boy again, and the expectation was massive! She made a boy from me indeed, having full control. But you forget to perceive it as humiliating, you don’t see, you don’t hear, you just start to hunt this white dove, willing to pay any price…

Oh, will I experience something powerful like this ever yet, or are my days of youth finished? When I see you, Nikola, your eyes are so magical, so dark and tempting, so cold but calm, you look like an experienced female assassin, who will cut my throat, and then, she will go for a date with her boyfriend, smiling and laughing, like if nothing happened… but that is, how it goes in life, you are young only once, and then, others come, young and fresh, you watch them, you envy them, and you can’t do nothing, just to sit and to be slowly removed from the stage lights… at least I still have my faithful female audience, which accepted, what became from me.

Anyway, this was the best concert of my life, when SHE was there. I felt, that only with her, I can understand love, life, and my own male purpose, my manhood. She became my drug indeed… my muse, my queen, and my mother, or a better, improved version of her, because she was willing to be yet more loving, more caring, to conquer you, she had mission, her own obsession.

But who wouldn’t like to feel something powerful like this, moreover, if you are an artist, and you need inspiration all the time, so you can remain creative, impressing the crowds? The women out there, they wanted my songs, to help them from their misery, and disappointment with other men… indeed, I had very important mission, and when Lenka Filipova was watching, it was like if she would appreciate me, in the name of all the women, being there messenger. Would you deny such way of saying thanks?

And maybe as a gift, she decided to give me her virginity. Or maybe she wanted to keep my male energy only for herself, to steal my essence, who knows. She was not the one, who gave that night, it was me… and I carried the consequences very long time. Do you believe, girl, that not only money or cars, but also energy can be stolen from you? That women, they take a part of you with them, and then, your body is wandering in the world, searching for its lost part… and you can be complete again, only if you meet the thief again, connecting with her physically.

Even today, I can’t forget that sight, when she is lying under me, I can still see her long eye lashes, her eyes are closed, and she is silent, but still, she does speak so loudly, my nose is hit by her female pheromone, and when I touch her, I feel like touching heaven. And this sweetest creature on Earth, with her skin so young, so flexible, so soft, darkened from tanning on the beach, is willing to give me her girlish treasure? Girl, I was pleased, but at the same time, I was thinking: there will be a price for this, a very big price!

I don’t want to talk badly about Lenka, it was my own weakness, which damaged and destroyed me, I was simply not able to cope with so powerful feminine energy, and she showed me a mirror of my male imperfections, so I had to capitulate, and simply to accept my fate.

I was not a winner, not a heroic male conqueror, I was her servant indeed, I was a stallion who is reconciled with his leash. She was not the most pretty woman I ever had, but she took the most from me! I paid very high price for a few drops of her blood in the end, and there was never somebody, who would last in my mind so long, as she.

Even now, when I remember it all, it seems like a yesterday, when I was still young and full of strength… but then, I look at my old hands, thinking: wasn’t it all only a dream? And I want to cry.

I always denied and hated violence, but let me tell you: I would kill for this woman, for her favor, such powerful influence she had over me, my decisions, my choices, including very bad choices.

I, maybe the most famous French singer of all times, submitted, like a fool! But she simply found my weak spots, and exploited them. I lost, and she disappeared as a dove the next morning, leaving my soul, heart and mind torn apart.

Maybe it was a gift she gave me, the inspiration I needed, to keep going, to create something good for the people, for my audience, hungry for love, and my songs allowed them to experience it, to live their dreams.

I can’t believe now, that such a queen chose me. But inside my mind, I felt, that she is making move, as a soldier, that she has a purpose, an unknown mission, and I am only a small part of it, a pawn. And then, I felt really humiliated, my manhood was taken from me, and I became a direct witness of ultimate feminine power, which wakes me up from my dreams even after so many years, full of sweat and terror inside my mind.

At least I can speak completely honestly today, not to play some Public Relations game, to keep favors of my female audience. So let me tell you this, girl: females like Lenka Filipova, they are a weapon. If they would want, they would destroy any man, like a breeze. Like a water: silent, patient, persistent, balanced, concentrated.

I don’t know, whether I love her, or hate her. But such thing happens, when someone creates so powerful emotions inside you, like she did. She changed my life, but I didn’t change hers. In the morning, I didn’t feel like a winner, rather like a miserable fool.

And she disappeared, as I told you, I never saw her again. In 1976, when I had a concert in Prague, I wanted to meet her again, but she avoided me, humiliating me again. But my desire was yet higher, you can imagine.

Prague was such a beautiful city then. So different from 2010, when I had another concert there. So grey, but so romantic, like if the spirit of the old times would remain there. I was browsing the streets of the Old Town Quarter, and I could feel her there, I watched all the faces of local women with hope, that one of them will be Lenka, that the merciful fate will arrange it, so we will meet again… but my wishes were ignored.

Anyway, I met a man there, a highly positioned executive from the Czech recording industry, that ‘Supraphon’ corporation, who supervised producing her first album, so he had quite an access to her. His name was (erased), and during our dinner at reputated “U Maliru” restaurant, you know that beautiful place I presume, to discuss future artistic cooperation and distribution of my records in Czechoslovakia, he told me something really strange, and disturbing about her…”

The rest of the interview remains strictly classified, but a month later, Nikola Dotkova was awarded with a high military decoration from the Czech president, and she was promoted to Captain, effectively taking command of the whole FEMWAR department of the Unit, so it had to be something really juicy, revealing some very interesting facts about Czech social elite, absolutely vital for the Unit’s present and future clandestine operations in the civilian environment, using VIPs for various purposes.

(Two years earlier, in winter 2012/2013, Nikola Dotkova was also an important person in so called Maryam Affair, a joint operation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army and Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The task: to disrupt the axis of Islamic power, by sending alleged vulnerable puppy, a Czech fashion model Marketa Korinkova, to seduce the Sheikh Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, and to create a devastating media affair from it, causing another wave of revolutions in the Arabic world, like “Arabic Spring” was, with hope of damaging Saudi Arabia, the Israeli archenemy, when highly explosive rumors, that Saudi oil supplies are becoming critically low, will be released later)

Upon returning back home from France, Lenka Filipova used her mastered “French perfume” just well, to be exotic and highly attractive for the domestic Czech fools, who were literally obsessed with anything, coming from the West, perceived as a paradise, full of freedom, wealth and opportunities, and she started her regular music career, releasing several albums, cooperating with the key players of the Czech culture, infiltrating this cultural world perfectly, and executing more foreign travels, including the USA, Canada and others, completely ignored by the Western security apparatus, slipping under all radars.

But she was never a cheap spy, carrying classified materials in her pockets, like some fool. The only thing she did, was to socialize, to meet people, to impress them with her music, her enchanting personality, to make her opinion and assessment about them, and create special lists of “persons of interest”, later to be supplied to the Czech Counterintelligence Service (StB) and naturally, Russian KGB, but these materials were never complete, as the Filip family wanted to keep the most precious pieces of information only for themselves, never willing to give all of their knowledge to others, always to have hidden aces in their long sleeves, so they couldn’t be easily discarded as some used up asset.

For the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Lenka Filipova was a promising asset, so they approached her with an apparently advantageous offer of cooperation, also to test her, whether she was sent to the West as a potential double agent, working for two sides at the same time, as it was a classic Russian strategy, to send alleged dissidents into the rear of their archenemies, to gain the trust, to pretend, that they are persecuted home, so they are trustworthy, able to receive many secrets about anti-Communist operations, and to influence the Western approach towards East, supporting traitors and “peace activists”, as it was the original mission of mentioned Active Measures, and this was also the reason, why the U.S. lost the Vietnam War, not in military sense, but the protest movement back home was so strong, that politicians listened to the alleged will of people, ending the U.S. participation in the conflict, and thus allowing Vietnam to be ruled by Communists.

The particular report of CIA from the meeting, which took place at former Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1981, when Lenka Filipova had a concert there, is preserved to these days in the CIA’s public archives, freely accessible to study, if you prove “righteous scientific interest”.

Lenka Filipova around 1980, with natural dark hair

Lenka Filipova around 1980, with natural dark hair

“I just want to make music,” Lenka replied to the American Intelligence operatives with firm voice, when they explained her their suggestion for cooperation, allegedly for improving the relations between East and West. “I don’t want to be connected with the politics, either home, or here. You play your everlasting games, moves, conspiracies, while both sides say, that only you are those good men, who have truth, and the other side is lying, bad, but I don’t want to know about it, to think about it, to take a stance, nor to participate in it. This is what I expained to StB people back home, and this is what I am telling you.

They told me, ‘But we can easily destroy you, if you won’t cooperate and help us with higher interests. One telephone call, and you are finished, no music, no records, no public performances, and you will go to work in some warehouse, or factory, your palms will be destroyed by this kind of hard manual work, and you won’t be able to play your beloved guitar anymore, never.’

And I replied only: ‘Have a look at you, listen to yourself. This is, why you were born? Would your mother be pleased, what became from her beloved son? Are you proud of yourself, do you sleep well? Destroying women as a funny part of your work, and then going to have lunch, with your head clean?’

I was born to create something, I am a woman, and you came to me, either them, StB, or you, CIA, whispering into my ear sweetly at first, something about national security, preserving peace, helping mutual interests, providing me wealth, money, promising millions of my sold records worldwide… and then you change your approach, like double-faced beasts, making threats, promising to destroy me with your urgent voices, speaking like evil… but I don’t hear you anymore, and I won’t play with you, for you, or against you, you understand?

I will play my guitar, singing about love, to please people, and I will never accept you as a part of my world. I don’t know nothing about you, you don’t exist for me. Go play your games, fools, but without me.”

The CIA’s after-action report, sent to the headquarters in Langley, Virginia, states about the meeting, that “… the subject has high personal and moral standards, and she fully confirmed preliminary assessment of her extremely high social position in the structures of the Czech national elite. Further research has to be made, to discover a weakness, to persuade the subject to cooperate. Participation in the democratization process of Czechoslovakia (=covert designation for the planned anti-Communist revolution) highly desirable. Further observing of the subject highly recommended.”

And this weakness was found eventually, several years later.

1980s. Those vintage hairstyles and fashion were just terrible.

Lenka Filipova, 1980s. Those vintage hairstyles and fashion were just terrible.

In the 80s, when Lenka was at the height of her artistic fame, releasing her most famous record “Zamilovana” (In Love), she also desired to conceive a child, so the Filip family could have a suitable successor, to keep the family breed alive, active and asserting their interests.

But from unknown reason, Lenka had difficulty to get pregnant, and the Czech health industry was not able to help her, in spite of all thorough tests and health procedures, including famous Teplice spa.

When the Americans found about this painful issue, or weakness, they thought, that they found a suitable battering ram, to get control of this tempting Czech social asset.

But there was still another, much important agenda: at the half of 80s, when the Michail Gorbachev’s “perestroika” (=rebuilding) started in the Soviet Union, it was a clear sign, that the Communist bloc starts to disintegrate, and the CIA concentrated on creating suitable conditions, to launch the whole series of chain revolutions in the Eastern Europe (they repeated this strategy 20 years later, during so called Arab Spring, destabilizing the whole Middle East, particularly Syria).

People in the Czech republic started to feel, that “it” will happen soon, but no one of the plebs knew when exactly, and the Communist military and security forces were still fully able to suppress any uprising. But the ice started to melt, and strange events were happening, when some pragmatic Czech artists, mostly actors, started to stand quite openly against the regime, to prepare their good cover tale for the future “democratic” epoch, when they will be able to say, that they also fought against the Communists, that they were also persecuted by the Communists, although it was the Communists, who gave them money and artistic success, who pampered them and created their career – how ironic! Those infidel artist bitches are indeed fake liars, although enchanting.

But the main reason was, that they were afraid, that they will be lynched by the crowds, during upcoming revolution, like in Hungary (1956). So, for example, Helena Vondrackova, a prominent female Communist singer, literally disappeared, when it all started, in expectation, that she will be hunted, and maybe even killed. She returned several months later, when it became clear, that no retributions against Communists and their devoted servants will be made – therefore the name, “Velvet Revolution”, unlike in Romania.

Anyway, the year of 1988 was full of such “fake artistic revolutions”, when the acting and music rats knew, that they need to be prepared to turn their coats at the right time, so the people will notice, and during any revolution, they won’t be executed by the angry crowds in the streets, marked as servants of Communists, on the contrary, they will be pampered and appreciated by the new democratic government, who will give medals, positions and perks, like to all (alleged) disidents and pawns of StB/KGB.

The first person, who deployed this highly efficient strategy, most likely provided by the KGB/StB advisors, who wanted to keep their assets in the game, was Hana Zagorova, a Czech female singer, who publicly signed an anti-Communist petition in 1988, calling for human rights. The Communists publicly condemned her, to help her to disseminate her new tale further, yet helping her, and she was not jailed or tortured, as a naive fool would expect.

Instead, she had perfect advertisement, made by former First Secretary of the Czech Communist party, Milos Jakes, who spoke about Zagorova in his famous secret speech from July 1989, which leaked into the media, making fools from the Communist leaders, who lost much of their power, when people started laughing at them.

And Lenka Filipova followed, creating a similar affair, regarding the 1988 Eurovision music contest, where she was allegedly not allowed to go, forbidden by the Communist authorities… so ironic, that she could travel to the forbidden West freely in the last twenty years, including USA, and now, just before the inevitable fall of Communism, when even the common folk could get visa quite easily, and there were long queues in front of Western embassies, they banned her to travel there, even if she could help to improve the public picture of the Czechoslovakia in the West?

Anyway, these events, like the elite turning the coats slowly, were clear sign, that the Communism will fall soon, and it happened, in so called Velvet Fake Revolution, in November 1989.

The final stage of this ingenious StB operation, to introduce “new dissident elite” to the wide public, was publishing a picture of a dissident leader, and future Czech president, Vaclav Havel, in the main Communist newspaper “Rude Pravo” (Red Right), just several weeks prior to the revolution, allegedly printed by a subversive action of dissidents, who misused the “Wishing Section” of the newspaper, where any citizen could insert a wish to his relatives, or friends, to their anniversaries.

This news, that Vaclav Havel, known only by a fragment of society before, can be publicly seen in the main publishing tool of the Communist propaganda, was made viral, and Czech fools bought out the whole edition of Rude Pravo… and many of them are condemning Vaclav Havel, and their naivity today, when it became clear, that all the promises of new leaders, and particularly him (“you won’t lose your jobs”, “they lie to you, that there will be poverty”), were never fulfilled, and new epoch of slavery and oppression came into the Czech lands, together with corrupted pseudo-capitalist system, where former Communists and their servants ruled further, just turning their coats.

For Lenka, and her family, nothing changed, they kept all the power and influence, even multiplying it under the new favorable conditions, using the new options perfectly, investing money, getting former state property cheaply. But the issue of missing family successor was getting more serious, the only stain on their immense social success, and the situation was worse every year, as Lenka’s fertility was slowly diminishing forever.

She was becoming literally obsessed, to have a child, forcing her husband, a highly positioned executive from the music industry, for sex in the exact times of her ovulation, measuring her inner vaginal temperature like mad. But the desired child was still not coming, and the future of the family seemed seriously jeopardized.

But the Americans haven’t forgotten Lenka Filipova, and the vast options she could provide for their local geopolitical interests, so in summer 1992, they approached her once again, giving her an offer she couldn’t refuse, as she was 38 years old already, and her chance to have a baby was critically low: they offered very effective help with this issue, by mediating a specialized medical intervention from famous Imprivata NextGen Health company, rumored to be a front of CIA’s secret Medical Division then, and later, the company was bought by The Wu Corporation (originating from Shanghai, China) secretly.

The Americans had only one, but extremely substantial, risky, even dangerous condition: that the child will be influenced by so called Gronholm Method, an experimental psychological measure, allegedly to test future abilities and even fate of the children, to predict the future, like fortune-tellers, but in pracice, the interventions were much more serious, even changing the personalities of the children, for unknown purposes, but brainwashing and attempt for mind control couldn’t be excluded.

It was the most difficult decision in the Filip family history. Whereas Lenka’s father Adolf Filip suggested to avoid the potential American influence into family matters, inserting literally a Trojan Horse with altered DNA into the family, getting the upper hand over them, Lenka Filipova’s maternal instincts were so extremely strong already, that she was not willing to lead some serious, rational discussion, and she presented her firm stance, that it’s her body, she has absolute control over it, and she can do anything she perceives right with it.

The Czech Counterintelligence, BIS, the direct successor of StB (including most of the personnel and operatives), knew about this issue as well, as they had the family villa under complex electronic surveillance, so the parenthood matter made it even into the highest state levels, whether Lenka should be allowed to participate in this risky medical experiment, which could have vast consequences for the Czech national security one day, as no one could be sure, whether the future child, who will have wide access to the most sensitive materials and human assets, will be loyal to the homeland, or not.

But in that time, the Americans were the principal ally of the Czechs, and everybody was favoring them, unlike today, after all that military fiascos in Iraq and Afghanistan, failed War On Terror, which resulted in creating the Islamic State, the ultimate terrorist organization of human history, forcing the Czech political elite to adjust their priorities towards the Jewish state, Israel.

So, the decision was made, not to intervene, only to observe: and Lenka Filipova was allowed to travel into Ethiopia, where the most sensitive Imprivata medical procedures were secretly executed, allowing full Plausible Deniability, and in September 1994, her daughter Lenka was born, later adopting the artisic name “Lenny”, as she also chose the musical career.

When this kid was born, the world enjoyed the last relative epoch of peace, and stability, prior to September 11, 2001. Also, the computers and electronics started to rule the society massively, and everbody knew, that these technological inventions are the future of human kind, regardless if there is more good or bad inside them.

Lenny was a schoolgirl already, when the Al-Qaida terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center, changing the world once and forever, putting Islam in front of public attention, creating deep fear in the hearts of Western infidels. And it was clear, that this event, this paradigm shift, will influence Lenny’s life most widely.

Her mother later strongly regretted the decision to allow the Americans to play with her body, reproduction system and DNA, as she was hardly able to really love the “possibly altered” child. She pretended as well as she could, but something deep inside was preventing her to become a real loving mother – she became rather suspicious, afraid of the time, when Lenny will become big, and her mother will lose all her control and influence on her. And what will it mean for the future of the family?

But Lenny still showed no signs of some treason of the family. She was a good daughter, bringing good grades from the school, later stydying an elite high school, not falling into drugs or a bad company, meeting useful friends, making valuable contacts, gathering Intelligence, simply continuing in the family tradition well. Was it possible, that all the suspicion was all just Lenka Senior’s imagination? That the Americans made only some harmless tests on them both, mother and child, not changing anything, not brainwashing her daughter or something like that?

But there was Islam out there, getting strong every day, becoming a firm part of Lenny’s world. Her mother would never realize, that the family would be anyhow connected to Islam… was it just a coincidence, fate, or a result of some vicious mind programming by the treacherous Americans?

One day in 2007, just before Adolf Filip died, the family had a usual dinner, and Lenny, then 13, was sent to buy chicken meat in the nearby BILLA supermarket. When she returned, and opened it, to help her mother with cooking, she was suprised, when she found apparent Arabic letters on the package, together with the word “Halal”. She was curious, what it means, and when her mother was not able to explain her the strange writing, she started using Internet to find an answer.

The Czech Counterintelligence Service, BIS, later tried to track Lenny’s relationship to Islam back, to find possible original trigger. And their conclusion was, that one single word activated some kind of possible mind programming inside Lenny, as since that moment, she started searching all the information about Islam like mad, causing great disturbance at the BIS headquarters, located at Prague-Stodulky.

Some aspiring operative even visited the particular BILLA supermarket, reporting, that this particular batch of Halal chicken meat should never be sold there, or in Prague, as it was designated for exclusive sale in Teplice, Czech Islamic city with massive Muslim community, but by some mistake in the bar code, the delivery was made into the Hanspaulka’s local shop.

Or was it a deliberate action of an enemy? Intelligence operatives really don’t believe in coincidences.

Anyway, since this moment, Lenny became somehow attached to Islam, but she still retained her infidel lifestyle, not converting to the religion, as the family has one simple rule, favored by Intelligence operatives: never become a part of anything, movement or organization, never take sides, always remain safely outside, not pledging allegiance to anybody, not to become someone’s pawn, which can be sacrificed easily.

Lenka Senior was pleased, to know, that the genes are working correctly here, and she finally relieved from her long tension, realizing, that her daughter is truly her blood.

Lenka Filipova senior and Junior (Lenny), executing Public Relations in the Prague ZOO, to promote Lenny's upcoming personal brand

Lenka Filipova senior and Junior (Lenny), executing Public Relations in the Prague ZOO, to promote Lenny’s upcoming personal brand

It was a moment of touching reconciliation between a mother and a child. Since 2009, both women indeed found a way to each other, and real love entered into their hearts and souls, improving their relationships dramatically, cooperating artistically deliberately, making concerts together, to introduce Lenny to the music audience both in CZ and abroad, while she could use her mother’s powerful artistic brand to promote hers. But this moment of happiness and satisfaction lasted too shortly.

In 2012, the Czech tabloid media reported, that the appearance of Lenka Senior is changing dramatically, that she is aging so quickly, looking like a mid-age woman on the top of her might and beauty just yesterday, but like a grandma with tired face today. Was something serious happening in the family? The released photos were rather shocking indeed, but the medical insider allies of the tabloid rats, operating in the main hospitals of Prague, had no knowldedge of some serious health condition of Lenka Senior, a disease, cancer or something like that.

It had to be some personal problem, and mother-daughter relationship as main cause was suspected.

Indeed, this theory showed to be true: in 2012, it was received from the most reliable source, the Austrian Intelligence agency BVT, that Lenny allegedly converted to Islam, in a mosque in Salzburg, as a local BVT clandestine operative Fatima Al-Hamadi announced to her superiors, deployed there to provide supervision and control over the local Islamic community for the Austrian state, in order to prevent Islamic radicalism, and Fatima, well positioned as a trustworthy female aide of Imam Faraj, had indeed perfect overview of all events inside the mosque, where conversion of white Europeans had to be reported with utmost priority, as these new Islamic assets were perceived as possible universal threat to the Austrian national security, and interests, promoting Islam with immense enthusiasm, able to bring other thousands of their peers to the religion, taking Islam very seriously, with unforeseen consequences for the infidel EU states, fearing of rise of Islam.

Before this incident, both Lenka Senior and Lenny started concerting across the whole Europe together, as a unique family duo, to promote Lenny’s personal brand, to create desirable space for her in the international music community, so her mother, almost 60 years old, could slowly retire, leaving all the demanding family projects to her blessed daughter.

And following incident happened: after a concert in Salzburg in June 2012, where Mozart’s most famous pieces were played in modern arrangements, to pay respect to the famous Austrian composer, born in this city under the Alps, where cute Alpine Marmots run freely on green meadows, Lenny disappeared for a few hours, allegedly to visit some Austrian hipster friends in the glamorous Café Adler at Getreidegasse, the key street of the city, but in reality, meeting with Imam Faraj, and after her reciting of Shahadah, she was officially accepted into the Islamic community, but keeping it secret, avoiding Czech mosques deliberately, as Czech tabloid media could be noticed easily by various traitors, apostates and Intelligence assets in the Czech Islamic community, full of divisions, swarming with questionable and half-Islamic entities with unknown agenda.

When Lenka Senior was informed about this disturbing development by her BIS contacts, it seemed to her, that the future of the Filip family is seriously jeopardized, and Islam will be allowed to influence the highest levels of the Czech society, through a well connected Islamic believer with access to the unique places and connections.

It’s not known, how the BIS felt about this news, as Lenny’s personal Intelligence file was made inaccessible even for the top-tier Counterintelligence operatives, and also Special Forces of the Czech Army denied any knowledge about the affair, or any interest in Lenny, let alone any participation in her conversion, as the Czech Army spokesperson said: “We completely deny any crazy media allegations about the mere existence of alleged Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, its alleged Mind Control department, and mere existence of alleged Operation Signal of Destiny. It’s a complete fabrication of tabloid media rats, who seach for cheap sensations all the time, and if they can’t find it, they simply fabricate it, to attract audience and to sell more of their perverse newspapers, full of lies, slanders and filth. And Pavel Novotny is the worst of them, as we all know.”

Lenka Filipova Senior was destroyed by this shocking change and disappointment at first, but then she realized, that Islam is simply the future of Europe, infiltrating even the Czech lands through the Teplice enclave, where Eman Ghaleb, originating from Yemen, is rumored to run for the city mayor soon, after she received the Czech citizenship, so in this case, a pledge needs to be made, this time to Allah, not to a worldly foolish alleged ruler, who will fall soon.

So, in the end, Lenka Senior even appraised the wise choice of her daughter, moreover, if Lenny never made this knews public, and only several key person of the Czech Islamic community know about Lenny’s attachment, and they also deny any official knowledge, or connection.

However, does it mean, that Islam is slowly ruling the highest ranks of the Czech society, changing this infidel island of atheism, when even so high-profile citizens are accepting it, to an Empire of Allah?

The close future will show.

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