Letter From Katerina Valachova, Minister of Schools Youth Education, To Ivona Selnikova, Executive Director Wu Corporation. Matter: Children With Human Augmentation Procedures

Dear Mrs. Ivona Selnikova, Executive Director of Wu Corporation,

as a person with full official authority over Czech system of education and related affairs, I was informed by Czech School Commission about a new challenge in the terms of inclusion and integration of certain pupils and students, mostly children of VIP parents, who have absolved so called Human Augmentation procedures, provided by Imprivata NextGen Health Care, a U.S. subsidiary of your multinational business organization, and executed at medical facilites of GHC Group, another Wu Corp’s subsidiary, residing in the Czech Republic.


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Although I fully believe, that school inclusion and integration should be unlimited and complete, where no mental or physical challenge or disability should become a problem, and no discarding of a human individual from social structures should be allowed…

In this special and controversial case, if we are talking about serious and deep scientific interventions into body systems and brains of these poor innocent kids, although in the blessed name of national security, I have certain doubts, that if we will acknowledge these procedures as standard, normal and acceptable, effectively presenting our “agreement”, or at least tolerant stance, whether it won’t became an unfair business advantage for your corporation, as you would get a factual powerful credential from an official state structure.

Also, as my subordinates noticed in the TV, the main media face of GHC Group, Eliska Buckova, a top Czech fashion model, already started emphasizing of “massive benefits” of HUG procedure to teenagers, who admire her, as a social leader, while she is presenting herself as some kind of tall dominating doctor, angel, or a mother, dressed in shining white, which these vulnerable kids like to follow: in fact, Buckova imitates and simulates the functions of school in this controversial advertisement of Saatchi & Saatchi, which must be reviewed by Czech Commission For TV Broadcast, whether it doesn’t breach the basic advertising ethics.

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Moreover, in case of health or similar failure of these augmented kids, we (=the Ministry, even me personally), could be taken to full-scale responsibility, also to a court, and some parent could blame us, that our (silent) agreement with these “new methods” meant in fact recommendation and “new standardising”, and we could become accomplices for any related problems with the risky procedure, and we would inevitably become a part of legal action, even victims of subversive Lawfare, costing millions of USD of taxpayers money, lasting years, exhausting our legal manpower, damaging our reputation, and demanding another vast sums of money as prospective out-of-court settlements, if standing against such Lawfare specialists, like Iveta Klimesova.

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Therefore, I was challenged by the board of education experts and NGOs forcefully, to establish an official stance to so called HUG procedures on Czech children, who will study at least obligratory Grammar school in the Ministry’s fully responsibility, and my official opinion is this:

1) As details of HUG procedure are unknown (trade secret) and there is lack of independent reviews, as all witnesses usually disappear mysteriously, the Ministry has no legal or factual opinion established over HUG. In other words, HUG doesn’t exist for us, we will deny any knowledge of it, and we won’t take any official stance to it further, with immediate validity.

2) So called HUG Children will be classified together with normal children and there will be no remarks about the underwent HUG in their personal files, as it would be illegal anyway (discrimination)

3) All official personnel will deny any connection between the Ministry, and HUG, Imprivata, GHC, Wu Corporation

4) A preemptive legal action against Imprivata will be filed, called “Request for assessment of social and legal consequences of HUG procedure”, so an independent Czech court will determine, whether HUG can be perceived as marginal, or substantial meducal intervention with official after-effects on children, requesting creating special classes for them, special treatment, special teachers, special approach and special performance classification

5) From this moment, all further contacts between the Ministry and Imprivata/GHC/Wu Corp will be executed only legal way, not by direct correspondence. Your legal deputy, Kenner, Bach & Ledeen law firm, was notified.

Yours sincerely,
Katerina Valachova
Minister of Schools, Youth and Education


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