Louane Emera: Infidel Voice of Gender War

Oh, how blessed is every follower of Islam, protected and blessed by Almighty Allah against such malicious tools of infamous Illuminati masterminds, who want to make all people slaves, and particularly youngsters, like the French young singer Louane Emera (born as Anne Peichert, *1996) is!

Don’t get fooled by her apparently innocent appearance. This perfectly trained and extremely ruthless voice of slavery and Devil brings new quality in the endless treacherous effort to influence the upcoming generation, to become the people, which that deviants from the French medieval castles, accompanied by brainwashed young mistresses, want them to be.

It’s well known fact, that so called popular music, produced by multinational corporations, is deeply infested by devoted Illuminati servants and generally deviants, contains many subliminal messages, and the reputated video clip of Louane Emera, called “Avenir” (“Future”) from her album “Chambre 12” (2015) sends indeed a very strong and dangerous message, related to (gender) war, violence and destroying the Western civilization from the inside.

Some fools thought, that the Islamic State terrorists are the archenemy of so called free Western world, and if they will be defeated and eradicated, there will be peace. But the Illuminati are yet more ruthless, and threatening: instead fighting at the open battle, like men, they prefer indirect female approach, treacherous behavior in the rear of their own front lines.

Anyway, that particular music video, both in “Officiel” and faster “Radio Edit” versions, contains and deliberately emphasizes:

1) Firearms, shooting (to kill), particularly by women
2) Violent behavior (against people, animals and things)
3) Bears (possibly symbol or reference to male superiority, which has to be broken by modern women, as the Illuminati need, to break the usual model of family, to limit natality of the Western civilization yet more. Another explanation is a hidden message of the underage sex)

Firstly, as the Europe is under recent wave of terrorist attacks, unprecendented in its history, people have to cope with omnipresent violence and terrorism without borders, and it has vast consequences for all spheres of life of modern Western citizens: increased surveillance, militarized police in the streets, violent news and images everywhere.

Indeed, France was hit by this wave of violence most seriously, and the extraordinary state, claimed by the President Hollande after November 2015 attacks in Paris, is still valid to this day (10 months later), like if France would be some war zone. But the violence hasn’t ceased, on the contrary: most likely, France, who always emphasized “freedom, equality and brotherhood”, will become the modern police state, like all that foolish conspiracy theoretists predicted.

But the state and its apparatus always uses all situations to its welfare, including violent events. So, people are getting used to this “new brave world”, and many of them are calling to arms, to defend against unprecedented immigration wave and inevitable rise of Islam.

Media, full of Islamic terrorism, have vast impact on youth people, who are not able to ignore their wide influence. So, the youngsters simply accept violence as part of their life, and they are even asked to adapt these patterns of behavior.

Marketa Vselichova Kurdish Kurd Syria crusader Islamic State V - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsFirearms, granting ability to take lives, to kill others, are not worshipped only by terrorists and dictators: from the other side, deviated Western individuals with clear psychological diagnoses, making them a possible threat for the society, like Marketa Vselichova, a Kurdish-Czech assassin in Syria, who conducts regular terrorist activities there, at least from the angle of Syrian law, also taste the sweet feeling of becoming a small alleged god, who has fateful control of lives of others. They start once: and they simply can’t stop. It’s more addictive, than Pokemon Go.

And modern women, who like to mimic men in all senses, are slowly becoming more and more violent, and ruthless.

In the music video, it’s strange, how many takes are related to apparently innocent activity, like shooting with an air gun at a funfair, including closeups, where Louane Emera is seen aiming several times, really enjoying it, and her boyfriends helps her to reload the weapon, which is made from black and grey matte material, looking quite sexy, to emphasize the attractiveness of this kind of the subject, and activity (shooting).

But any apparent innocence disappears quickly, when other acts are presented, this time fully violent: not only intensive quarrels between Louane and her boyfriend, where violent behavior isn’t missing, but also tearing a bear apart, and kicking his boyfriend’s motorbike to the ground.

Tearing the bear apart, an innocent thing, who is not responsible for the crash of their relationship, is indeed very questionable behavior, indicating approval of violence against living things, and men.

Also the closeup of Louane’s leg, kicking the bike ruthlessly, so it falls to the ground, is made with significant artistic accent, to show modern girls, that such act is fully permissible, if a man disappointed them.

But this violence is more, than a mere revenge to a man, who disappointed Louane Emera. She indicates, by destroying the bear, that a ruthless war against men should be conducted, because they are all bad and evil.

In such environment, how can there be peace between genders, and healthy family relationships? Making divisions and fragmenting the society, sending all people against others, is a basic strategy, how to sabotage and defeat the whole nation, and the Western civilization as a whole.

So, infidel girls: learn, who you should be, because this is good for you. Listen to Louane Emera, your false prophet, leading you astray!

But if you want real freedom, then there is only one way: submitting to the will of Allah, self-surrendering to Him, because Islam is not only the perfected and complete religion, but also the best way of life, fulfilling all your girlish dreams.

Otherwise, under such malicious Illuminati influence, you will become monsters, and you will not only destroy your society, but even yourself, at the end. They want you to fight in a war you can’t ever win, only making you empty, so you will go to substitute bad feelings with shopping merchandise and consuming mindlessly.

Not speaking about fear: even the ruthless warriors like Marketa Vselichova will crumble one day, and they will become regularly dangerous to the society.

Islam is your only way out of the slavery: Islam can make you balanced, calm, peaceful and self-confident, discovering real values. Indeed, a hijab is more than a symbol of purity, modesty and obedience: it’s a message, that you are untouchable, protected by Almighty Allah, and the whole Islamic community, the Ummah, of two billion people. Otherwise, who can protect you? Who can grant you security and safety, in this world, full of violence?

Submitting to His will liberates you, because you can stop overthinking and eternal analyzing of events and people, exhausting your mind immensely.

Just follow the Straight Path of Islam, discard all the fake prophets… and you will be free.

Version 1: “Officiel”

Version 2: “Radio Edit”


Left for a night
Just to speak to him
At the end of a hallway
You wanted to go
The hypocrisy of a night
The glasses are broken
My hopes flew away and our hearts smashed

I hope that you will suffer
And that you won’t sleep well
During this time I’m gonna write
For tomorrow’s future (for tomorrow’s future)
For tomorrow’s future (for tomorrow’s future)

Left alone in the street
I’m looking for my path
I can’t find it anymore
It seems far away to me
I’ve forgotten you, you do nothing for me anymore
And I’m leaving to go travelling, thinking of tomorrow

I hope that you will suffer
And that you won’t sleep well
During this time I’m gonna write
For tomorrow’s future (for tomorrow’s future)
For tomorrow’s future (for tomorrow’s future)

Left far behind without too many reasons
You left me yesterday at the end of the season

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