Lucie Borhyova: The Slavic Female Aristocracy

After 2015 New Year Cologne anti-woman attacks, wide social concerns arose in Europe, that in order to preserve national interests and overall survival of the Western civilization, it seems crucial to protect the European females, who are considered as weak and easy to conquer by so called Love Jihad of the Islamic State operatives, filed in their alleged Gender Warfare Unit, assigned to exploit weaknesses of Western, Israeli and Kurdish women, in order to conquer the new lands and acquire useful masses of converts to Islam, supporting the cause of Ummah in many ways.

It’s generally well known fact by the Wester Intelligence services, that converted Western females are the most devoted followers of Allah. For example, in the Czech republic, these female Islamic converts literally lead the Public Relations efforts of local Muslim community, and they cannot be stopped by any threats or violence by ruthless right-wing extremists, supporting their Muslim male partners in all ways and situations, including life-threatening ones, as well known Eva Zahradnickova, a mother of four, who gained wide media publicity by participating openly in many contoversial activities, as supporting refugees in the Idomeni refugee camp on Greek-Macedonian border, and speaking to the media without any effort to cover her identity or opinions, plus her deep relation to her Muslim boyfriend, who was allegedly stabbed by an unknown assailant, causing media attention to the crimes of religious hatred and racism.

Another case are the original female converts, who allegedly betrayed Allah later and resigned from Islamic faith, comitting heavy, even deadly sin according to Islam. But there is a theory, that this step can be perceived as a purely tactical Information Warfare move to acquire more attention to the Islamic affairs, gaining attention, generating media interest and spreading the Islamic faith further, as this ingenious, effective measure was known to be used widely by the Church of Scientology and Jehova Witnesses, well known religious sects with heavily sophisticated methods of recruitment, plus by various advanced New Age cults (read a detailed analysis of this measure in Czech language, elaborated by Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite clandestine military unit for advanced Psychological Warfare, which paid deep attention to specialties of recruiment process, used in sect and similarly working business corporations and MLM projects).

Western females are perceived as weak sheep and easy target by the Islamic State terrorists and their malicious efforts, but there is a shining example of a woman, who knows how to take care of matters rightfully.

Lucie Borhyova (*1978) gained wide public attention by becoming a star TV presenter at the young age of 19, when the market leader, Nova TV, was restructuralized quickly, as the director Vladimir Zelezny parted ways with the original American investor, CME corporation, and he established his “own” TV station, operating under the same name (the result of this feud was a business arbitrage which was lost by the Czech state and a large sum of compensation money had to be paid).

A medium-sized woman, not fulfilling the demanding requirements for a fashion model, but heavily equipped with attractive female features, as natural blonde hair, big blue eyes and mouth, resembling high ability to provide oral pleasure to men, and well built female body, a Slavic bodily ideal, including well developed breasts, rumored to be natural, not to be improved by a surgeon, as Monika Maresova, Martina Gavriely, Alexandra Pianka or Alena Seredova.

Lucie Borhyova was enjoying the media fame and attention of many highly positioned men with power and influence, dating with a professional golf player Alan Babicky for long eight years, with but in the end, she surprised all, by making her choices in the mating process.

It seems that she is fatefully attracted to the Southern European type of men, dark and macho. So, she conceived her first child with a typical example of this special, attractive male breed. a Greek hotel owner Niko Papadakis. But this relationship later ended, and Lucie chose her new partner, completely resembling the previous partner, the father of her child, conceiving another one with his successor, a sports TV presenter Michal Hrdlicka with questionable reputation as a parasite on famous women for media purposes.

The bio-engineering experts from famous Charles University suspect Lucie Borhyova of executing something like “instinctive female pursuit of genetic diversity for mating”, when a woman deliberately mates with several partners, conceiving a child with all of them, to secure desirable genetic diversity inside her descendants, improving their ability to survive and sustain all potential diseases and threats in life.

Without any doubts, Lucie’s effort will be directed at conceiving yet another, third child, of course with someone new, to maximize these genetic chances and opportunities, but she denied to comment the scientific theory openly, in order to protect her media career and publicity picture, although she was persuaded heavily by the scientists, who still search for a confirmation of this possible specialty in human mating process.

Anyway, Lucie Borhyova proves, that a high-quality female is able to surpass any expectations and projected weaknesses, surprising all adversaries, including the mighty terrorists from the Islamic State. Woman like this needs no protection, she is not too prone to converting to Islam: she simply follows her own female agenda without any doubt, fulfilling her female mission, preserving her peer line, plus improving it with genetic material from distant location.

The question is, whether a typical woman is able to execute such bold female operation, like having three different fathers for her three children, and deliberately. It’s the matter of extreme physical effectivity, but also controversy, and most of the women are too dependent on opinions of others and peer pressure to deploy such measures to secure the finest continuation of their family, using the most effective way existing.

But Lucie Borhyova only confirmed her elite female status with choosing this special and complex way of mating, maybe inspiring others. But it’s too late for European women to stand: as Islam spreads quickly into their lands, changing the social conditions, they are slowly marginalized, and their position is losing importance, as scared feminists of Europe like Pati Yang confirm: Allah created women to follow men, denying all that questionable postmodern social engineering thoughts about ultimate equality of genders.

It was Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful, who decided that the human kind is consisting of two different genders, and created them different, but with the same basic mission: to worship Him, to submit only to Him and to follow only His lead, always and without doubts, in order to achieve happiness and peace.

Many European and Czech citizens oppose Allah and Islam these days, not realizing, that they are only hurting themselves, running from their loving and forgiving creator to various false prophets of postmodern consumerism society and treacherous leaders, who hire them to fulfill their evil plans. But Allah knows, how to find a way into the hearts of non-believers and kaffirs as Daniel Landa, offering them a chance to wash away their sins, just by acknowledging Him as the only God and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as His servant and messenger.

Allah knows everything, and He created all individuals with purpose, including Lucie Borhyova. She is fully qualified to become a Czech president one day, if the public will understand her special qualities for the whole Slavic tribe: beauty, but also decisiveness.

But not a single woman is the future of this tribe: for Slavic people, as for the whole world, the unity and peace can be achieved only through following Allah’s lead, so any individual, young or old, rich or poor, can get a purpose for his or her life, respecting himself or herself, and fulfilling his or her purpose: to worship Allah and to acquire immense treasures during both life and after-life.

One day, Lucie Borhyova will bend her head in front of Allah, and her new life will begin, so she can serve and help others in politics or social business, improving the society. The eternal void she feels in pain will show her the right direction, to Allah – and the same will happen to you.

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