Lucy Lao: Terminate With Extreme Prejudice. Chinese Top Intelligence Operative Under Executive Sanction

Wu Corporation
Internal Affairs (IA) department
Security File # 247174y510987h3df8708
Warning: This is a Code Orange File. Any person(s) found in possession of this highly sensitive material without adequate Level 6 Security Clearance or immediate reporting to the higher authority will be immediately prosecuted and extrajudicially punished under WU’s Special Order 43875.

WU Corporation China Internal Affairs Department Executive Order Terminate With Extreme Prejudice - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy V———-
LAO, LUCY (*1981)
Used codenames: Dr. Kelley Doris, Natassia Sarbinski, Amy Green, Namie Tsukemodo, Laetizia De Santini, Yi Fung-Yu, Kitty Wells, Ju Pau Killbit, Horatia Delusentopolis, Jill Hopkins, Akita Spools, Francesca Pistolesi, Dorlissa “Hurricane” Trubadore, Ania Schmidt, Antionette Dubois, Ilsa Von Kustanst, Erica Sinyor, Dolores Caro, Simone Foster, Ika

Vital Stats:
Iris Scan: 99751566558429kjggh54
Palm veins scan: 7338499558554wfjcr9
DNA Fingerprint: 5549987648658554737wkkfr2
Gender: Female / Race: Asian / Height: 172 cm / Weight: 50 kg / Born: March 6, 1981
Special mark: small tattoo of a serpent on buttocks
Education: Peking Opera, PhD. in Criminology and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University
Present whereabouts: Unknown

Orphaned at the age of four, when her parents were executed by Chinese government shock troops for “insurgency and anarchist ties”, Lucy Lao’s original name was Tsing Lung. She was adopted by a family of circus acrobats, known as the Panda Clan, famous for unusual “Panda-like” black markings on their skin. To protect her from the clutches of the state orphanage, they painted her body to resemble their own, and took her on a cross country tour. Under Panda tutelage, Lao became a first rate contortionist (=skill of extreme flexibility), performing in the small towns and villages, which dot the countryside of the Southern provinces of China.

In 1986, Hong Fai, a former strongman, saw her impressive act. Recognizing her wide talent for physical arts, he brought her to the Peking Opera, where she endured the rigors acrobat training, and by the age of ten, she became a featured trapeze artist. In spite of her apparent success, she longed to escape from the brutal life of the circus. During the 1992 world tour of the Peking Opera, she defected to the West.

Her first home outside of China was in Rome, Italy, where she scraped together a living as street performer, but little is known of this period. It has been rumored, that she met with (NAME BLACKENED), who at that time may have orchestrated the illegal sale of priceless artifacts from the Vatican. The procurement of these religious objects was secretly ordered by the highest echelons of the Catholic Church, with possible Illuminati links, to assist in easing its own financial woes, and financing Illuminati conspiracies, including black military operations.

Lao may have been employed by (HIM) to help steal these items from secret vaults, hidden deep in the bowels of the Vatican City, with knowledge and assistance of corrupted Christian clergy, and later replace them with flawless forgeries, while proceeds from sale were split between (HIM) and the involved cardinals. Most famous of these pieces was the “Shroud of Turin”, allegedly to be the burial shroud of Jesus of Nazareth, which (HE) is rumored to have kept for himself, causing anger of Pope John Paul II, who ordered this priceless artifact to be reclaimed at any price, using any means, quote: “Without any regards to the canonical, or worldly law”.

However, until this day, these efforts failed, and the artifact never occured publicly again, suggesting, that it’s still in (HIS) private possession, not acquired with intention of further sale and getting profit, but either to be used in a religious ritual of the Order of the White Serpent, of which (HE) is a founding member, which could have unforeseen consequences…

Order of White Serpent Illuminati Medical Conspiracy Immortality Sexual Orgy VIP Celebrity Fashion Models GHC Group Magical Ritual Witchcraft Fraud Military - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Or, to decorate (HIS) rumored unique artistic collection of immense financial and historical value, which allegedly contains also the original insignia of Charles University of Prague (1348, lost 1945), Russian Yantar Chamber (lost 1945), and even originals of the Czech Crown Jewels (made in 1346), stolen by Adolf Hitler’s Czech SS deputy Reinhard Heydrich from Prague Castle in 1942, and replaced by mere copies, which are presented to Czech citizens to this day, claimed falsely as originals, not to cause devastating public uproar from this irreplaceable loss.

WU Corporation China Internal Affairs Department Executive Order Terminate With Extreme Prejudice - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy V7In 1993, exactly one year later, Lao crossed the Atlantic to New York, as an executive warrant was issued by the Italian police on her. It is at this time, that Lao acquired her American name and citizenship, presumably with the effective assistance of (HIM), and local legal assets with useful official ties, particularly Kenner Bach & Ledeen, to deploy her in (HIS) high-profile corporate espionage operations on U.S soil, including infitrating key Wall Street investment banking companies, like Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and Stratton Oakmont, claiming to be “lost innocent daughter” of executive targets, extorting them either via simple threats of making “the old secret affair” public, destroying their families and careers, or accusing them of under-age molesting, after arranging persuasive “incidents” with staged evidence and  “witnesses”, secured by (HIM).

Stratton Oakmont Brokerage House Investment Banking Stock Share Fraud Illuminati Conspiracy China Chinese Global Multinational 2- Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Lao had little difficulty adopting to the American lifestyle and culture, having studied English in Italy. In a very short period of time, she became a fashion model, allowing her to infiltrate even the highest levels of American society without suspicion, including receptions at the White House. By the age of sixteen, she was courted by New York’s top fashion agencies, considered as an upcoming supermodel star, as Asian models were becoming highly trendy for the vast Asian market (Shanghai), but in very unexpected career move, Lao turned her back on the fashion industry later, when she was accepted to reputated Stanford University.

There, she studied behavioral sciences, eventually specializing in criminology. Her 2004 graduate thesis, “Aberrant Behavior of the Unconscious Criminal” caused a great academic controversy, linking criminal behavior with the subconscious mind. In ther work, Lao argued, that latent identities exist in recesses of the cerebral cortex, some of these identities are antisocial by nature, and therefore inclined to criminal behavior.

Her paper argued, that these aberrant entities served an essential function in the evolution of our social design, “by challenging moral standards, they invoke change”. Therefore, she reasoned, that antisocial behavior is a positive force for societal progression, but this notion was found so explosive, that the Stanford psychology department tried to suppress the publication of Lao’s findings, even using arguments of U.S. national security and military secrets. Angered, but persuaded presumably by (HIM) not to fight back, Lao turned her back on academia.

WU Corporation China Internal Affairs Department Executive Order Terminate With Extreme Prejudice - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy 5At this critical juncture in her life, (HE) once again appeared on the scene, seducing Lao to work for (HIM) again, with stakes yet higher. There is no clear evidence of their initial meeting, but close friends of Lao claimed, that she had been invited to a remote island in the South Pacific (Sunda Islands), to spend time on (HIS) luxury yacht, called “Disco Volante” (“flying saucer”), which was under surveillance of Indonesian Intelligence elements, for possible participation in a high-profile smuggling operation: delivering two nuclear warheads, lost in the 2005 crash of an American B-52 strategic bomber at Banda Sea, to the insurgents from Global Liberation Army (GLA).

GLA Global Liberation Army Rebel Insurgent Terrorist Conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

In 2006, all traces of Lao vanished, except brief visit of Salzburg, Austria, for unknown reason. While there is no conclusive evidence to link her to (HIS) operations in this period, she may have participated in (HIS) famous “Triad Info Hijacking”, which constituted a major security breach within the Triad of MegaCorporations (Huawei, Alibaba, Wu), of which WU is a founding member, so it would seem, that Lao had come to embody her own thesis of the criminal mind. She is suspected of helping (HIM) to spread disinformation to WU’s sister company, (BLACKENED), and to send agents in WU’s most sensitive information centers.

By the end of 2010, it became apparent, that Lucy Lao was (HIS) number one operative. Whenever WU has required (HIS) special services, including cyber warfare and corporate lawfare, his chief representative, handling all negotiations, has been Lao. While contact with her remains indirect, it appears, that her relationship with (HIM) may extend beyond the professional level.

In other words, Lao, suspected to be also his lover, may be (HIS) Achilles heel. Thus, if she is neutralized, WU may have a perfect chance of seriously damaging (HIS) undesirable counter-Triad operations, most likely backed by a foreign corporate entity of Israeli origin. It is the recommendation of the WU’s Internal Affairs Chief (NAME BLACKENED), that Lucy Lao be targeted for physical elimination without delay, using all Wu’s assault assets, surveillance networks and HUMINT (Human Intelligence).

This a Code Orange Termination Order. Code #48754354. Executive Action Approved. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

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