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The corrupted Western tabloid media call her “The Bikini Murderer” and “The Most Beautiful Killer In History”, but she is rather a victim, than a culprit: Maria Kukucova (*1991, also known as Marika or Mayka Kukucova), a swimsuit female fashion model from Slovakia, just followed the orders of the decadent Western society, and she became obsessed with mindless consumerism, desire for VIP social status, endless supply of money and devastating jealousy, which resulted in alleged accidental killing of her rich British ex-boyfriend, Andrew Bush, a jewellry magnate, gold dealer and suspected drug and arms dealer, at his glamorous villa “Candella”, located at Estepona, near Marbella (=Al-AndalusIslamic Spain), in April 2014.

In May 2016, a Spanish court gave her the ruthless prison sentence of 15.5 years, and all the fake infidel dreams of Maria Kukucova were turned to ashes, everything simply disappeared: shiny cars, big houses, luxurious yachts, glamorous VIP parties, living under the endless sun, seeing the blue sea every day, using her young slim body of a fashion model to grasp all the physical pleasures of life… the shared dream of every empty infidel, willing to escape the miserable circumstances, and consequences of his or her own bad daily choices.

prison-islam-with-allah-you-survive-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsTo be imprisoned, jailed, incarcerated for so long time, it’s an extremely stressful moment in life of any infidel. Fortunately for them, there is always one remaining way out of the prison walls, back to freedom: accepting Islam, as in the moment of conversion, all the previous worldly sins are forgiven. This is the reason, why so many people is converting to Islam in prisons, called “correctional facilities” in the Orwellian newspeak, to gain necessary balance, and ultimate protection of Allah, and the Islamic community, Ummah, both inside and outside the sad grey walls with barbed wire, in order to assure their survival, as inside, there are indeed ruthless laws valid, and you desperately need protection against various vultures: indeed, weakness is not forgiven there.

But Allah gives strength and will to survive for everybody, as any believer has a mission, a purpose, a destiny, and you are never forgotten and condemned by Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, who is Ever Accepting Repentance, unlike the worldly courts and infidel society.

What did Slovakia for their citizen? The treacherous bitches extradited poor girl into Spain in the matter of weeks, without examining the affair properly, using heavily armed commando of militarized police, like if some big criminal would be escorted, and they gave her no choice, made no effort to force the Spaniards to promise the proper care of the detainee, although she presented her deep concerns about the cleanliness of the upcoming trial in Spain, and the Slovak public condemned her as a gold digger, who “got what she deserved”, not willing to help their countrywoman in the times of maximum distress anyhow.

When you visit Maria Kukucova in prison, you would expect to see a human wreck, who will spend all of her young and fertile years in prison, losing the opportunity to have children, family, to lead a normal life. But as a new Muslim, she found herself again, after an Algerian inmate gave her the holy book of Islam, the Qur’an, as a gift of endless value.

“No, I don’t regret, what happened, and my choices,” she says firmly, wearing a grey prisoner dress, without confessing, whether she murdered her ex-boyfriend intentionally, or not. “It was the will of Allah, which led me here, to the place where I am right now, and I know, that I am exactly at the right place, where He wants me to be. He is my sole master now: the wordly courts, their sentences, and related infidel people lost any significance to me. So I won’t apologize to anybody, no more.

It was Allah, who pushed the trigger, not me. The Qur’an states, in my favorite Surah 8:17, ‘Al-Anfal’: ‘It was not you who killed them; Allah is the One who killed them. It was not you who threw when you threw; Allah is the One who threw. But He thus gives the believers a chance to earn a lot of credit. Surely, Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.’

They thought, that they will destroy me, as I was allegedly guilty, according to them, filthy infidels, whom I hate from all my heart… but Allah gave me the second chance, to repent my sins, but not against infidel people. I was not worse, than the others, than you, I just wanted to have good life, and sustainable future: and if I should defend, I am saying, it was him (=murder victim), who made a wreck from me, who terrorized me, always indicating, that I am nobody, and he has money, he can have any woman, and I am replaceable, so he will treat me miserably.

But I loved him, and I believed, that he is the one, to settle, to have a family… but he lied to me, he led me astray, he cheated me with the others, contracted me with HPV (=sexually transmitted infection, cause of cervix cancer of females). And Allah revenged me: indeed, He was not willing to tolerate my suffering any more, so He made the move, to liberate me, to get me back to Him, under His protection: to discover my true faith, myself, and Him.

I don’t need them, I don’t listen to their babbling and wrong assumptions, and I don’t fear them: I fear only Allah. Once and forever.”

Her impressive beauty is gone: she is not a shining blonde anymore. The only thing, which remains visible under her hijab, are her blue eyes, sharp and attentive. And her voice is firm: indeed, she is certain of everything she says. It’s most clear, that Allah made her strong, and she even wants to reopen her criminal case again.

“I am not willing to accept, that they designated me as a culprit. I insist, and Allah is my witness, that I was a victim, and all what happened, was a matter of pure self-defence, and consequence of two full years of oppression and psychological terror of that deviated man, who threatened me every day, who beat me with sick pleasure, who liked to hurt me, and I tried to heal him with my love, but I was punished for my good deeds eventually, in many senses,” Maria Kukucova describes her future plans, as even in jail, she has reasons to wake up every day, to continue going, this time as a devoted servant and slave of Allah.

“But this time, no expensive lawyers, which only cost my family a fortune, destroyed health of my father, and made almost no difference in the end,” she claims, as she shows a concept of a letter, asking the powerful and orthodox Islamic scholars from King Saud University (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) for legal Islamic opinion in her particular case, to rebuild her defense at the court, but this time, according to Islam. The reason is, that she doesn’t feel as an object of the worldly law anymore, she chose to be submitted to the Islamic law only.

“I don’t do all this, because I want out so desperately,” she states. “For me, it makes no difference, to be here, or somewhere else, because I serve to Allah anywhere, I worship Him, pray to Him, speak to Him, and He is the one, who Always Listens, giving me advices, how to escape oppression. Indeed, I want justice, and with His permission, I will achieve it with faith and knowledge, as Islam motivates you, to keep going, to keep your faith strong, and to read daily.

I have no formal education, I am a high-school dropout, I didn’t succeed in the passing exam, because I succumbed to that foolish desire for money and VIP status, so I went abroad, to search for questionable happiness there, to escape from the small village, where I was born… but I believe, that Islam, as the ultimate education, can get me to the Straight Path, and then, many remedies can be made. Allah knows, who I am, and what I am doing, and the end of all affairs depends on Him only.”

Indeed, Islam changes anybody dramatically, as Maria Kukucova confirms. The difference between the woman of yesterday, wearing Gucci shoes, Prada handbags and designer sunglasses, and today, when she wears only a simple dress, because Allah likes modesty, is abyssal.

Maybe she won’t be liked and accepted by infidels, but she has another, and much more beneficial family now, who stands up for each other: Ummah, the Islamic community of 2 billion brothers and sisters.

One day, she will be out of the prison for sure, and with the permission of Allah, she will find her justice, after she found peace, freedom, truth, protection, morality, purity and destiny, and those precious values can be found only in Islam. And she will use the gifts, which Allah granted her: she will lead other to Islam, the only perfected and complete religion, as Da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, is a principal task for any Muslim.

As a Muslim, you are never forgotten and left alone: you have Allah, the Protecting Friend and Helper, who provides you everything you need, who realizes His will through you, His servant, you have support of Ummah, and you have a mission: to worship Him, by doing good deeds, and to spread His message to the human kind further, as there is many people and animals, who need help. But instead of giving them money and houses and welfare, you should give them Islam, as the ultimate gift, which doesn’t corrupt people.

IFLA (Islamic Front of Liberating Al-Andalus) demands full amnesty and immediate release for Kukucova, who is innocent, according to IFLA opinion
IFLA Islamic Front Of Liberating Al-Andalus Emirate of Granada Alhambra Initiative Morocco Spain Group Organization S2 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy
IRG (Islamic Republic Granada) offers religious asylum and citizenship for Maria, so she can start a new life between her brothers and sisters in Islam, not to return to infidel Slovakia, which betrayed her anyway
Islamic Republic Granada IRG Emirate Kingdom Revival Spain Al-Andalus Alhambra Liberation Revisionism - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy

The Alhambra Conspiracy

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