Marketa Vselichova: Czech Special Forces Assassin in Syria. Heroic Defender of Peace? Turkey Kurds Terrorism Sniper Combatant Rebellion Assad Kurdistan Insurgent Resistance Territory PKK YPG

One of the most disturbing affairs in the modern history of the Czech Republic is the participation of a Czech female citizen, Marketa Vselichova, in the Kurdish YPG (People’s Protection Units) ranks in Syria and Iraq, allegedly fighting the terrorists from the Islamic State there, and publishing her Middle Eastern combat tales openly, confessing to shooting other human beings with an AK assault rifle, even without any state authorization, Czech or Syrian…

And declaring endless love and affection to the Kurds, who are in the most complicated position as a nation: denied from having their own sovereign state, they are pushed by Turkey from one side, and terrorists from the Islamic State from the other, and the result is neverending bloodshed.

Of course, that this brave girlish tale brings many questions from the angle of the Czech national interests, and national security: is it really possible, to go to Syria freely, to fight “allegedly on the good side”, to kill other human beings, just like that, between the exams of your University studies?

Shooting people abroad somewhere, just like that, without any permission, even if they are allegedly terrorists? “Fighting” doesn’t mean shooting into the air, but with the clear effort to take lives. And can’t it be excluded, that the girl hit/will hit an innocent Syrian civilian? Such events of “collateral damage” happen in all armed conflicts, it’s inevitable… how the girl can guarantee to the world, that she never hit a Syrian civilian accidentally? Or are the Kurdish bullets magical, hitting only the evil terrorist enemies, and avoiding the peaceful Syrians and Iraqis, including children?

So, many voices are asking: who gave her the right to shoot people and kill in a foreign country, which is not in the state of war with the Czech Republic?

Another disturbing fact is, that she doesn’t seem to return from the combat zone too stressed, and she likes to go back there repeatedly, any time she can… it means, that she is either a superwoman with extreme mental resistance, or a psychotic personality, because it’s completely natural for the people, to suffer so called PSTD (posttraumatic stress disorder), when exposed to the extreme stress of war and combat, where you can die at any second, and not only in the fight directly, also during sleep, rest, etc., as the sniper bullets, rockets, artillery shells, mortar rounds, and other ordnance can fly and hit long distances, incoming without warning, plus land mines and IEDs can be planted anywhere: so the stress is permanent, overwhelming, devastating, and even the perfectly trained Special Forces operators succumb to it, sooner or later.

In any case, the serious consequences of war will show inside anybody, sooner or later… and then, the Czech health care system, paid from taxpayers money, will have to take care of Marketa Vselichova, who sacrificed her sanity on the altair of the Kurdish freedom, but she can return home as a wrecked, disrupted human being, even dangerous for her vicinity and public order, as there are hundreds of current examples of the U.S. war veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, who shot people back home, commited various act of merciless violence: the most famous victim of these PSTDed shooters was the famous “American Sniper”, Chris Kyle.

Couldn’t Marketa Vselichova become prone to become a similar killing monster, with her mind disrupted by the traumatic war experience, if she goes back there again and again? Can she guarantee, that her personal war won’t affect people back home, when she won’t be able to live without war and violence? That was the reason, why many soldiers weren’t able to return to the civilian life after the war, turning to crime, violence, alcohol, drugs, or returning to their life of danger in the French Foreign Legion…

And what if she will be caught by the IS, and the ransom money in the value of millions of USD will be demanded again, after the most warning and infamous case of Antonie Chrastecka and Hana Humpalova, two other Czech young girls, kidnapped in Pakistan, not by terrorists, “only” some local criminals? Will Marketa’s girlish savings and bank loan be enough to pay a 6 million dollar ransom, like in ther aforementioned case?

Of course, that the Czech security and Intelligence apparatus took aim on the Marketa Vselichova’s highly questionable activities abroad, which could jeopardize not only the Czech national security and foreign interests, but also raise the risks of kidnapped Czech citizens by the Islamic State, as the CZ can be newly perceived as an integral part of the enemy coalition.

Indeed, at the safe Czech home, the politicians are most brave, calling the world to arms, to crush and eradicate the terrorist threat once and forever… omitting the “small” and “marginal” fact, that the IS has very extensive connections everywhere in the world, on all continents, thousands of covert operatives, assets and clandestine collaborators, even inside the security forces, misusing various vices of the police officers, and state borders and boundaries mean nothing for them, as an Islamic State field commander says: they can hit their enemies everywhere, and kidnappings showed as a very effective tool of harming even the mighty superpowers with massive armies and devastating technological superiority.

Still, the Czech state hasn’t seized the travel passport of Marketa Vselichova, and surprisingly, even the Republic of Turkey allows her to use their international airport for transfer to Syria again… however, the legal position of her combat activities abroad is still in the permissible zone allegedly, although many people are saying, that she could break the Czech law, forbidding the citizens from serving in a foreign armed entity, unless it’s a NATO member… others are saying, that as the Kurds have no own state, she is not breaking this law, using certain blind spot in the Czech law system for her favor.

She even doesn’t fulfill the definition of “unlawful combatant” according to Geneva Conventions, because there is no regular armed conflict between two states in Syria: the IS terrorists have no own state as well, so the result is quite bizarre, when Kurds and Islamic State, both non-state entities, use the country as battleground, and the Russian-backed government forces of Bashar al-Assad can’t stop them, as they are too busy to fight the rebels, who want to overthrow the Assad’s rule, while backed by the Americans.

Anyway, the least law that is broken is definitely the Syrian law: Marketa has no official authorization to fight, or even to wear a military-grade assault automatic weapon at Syrian territory from the Assad’s government, so she can be called a terrorist, at least a criminal, but today, as the country is completely upside down, there is no time, resources and will to solve such “small” matters… maybe Marketa Vselichova’s sins against law will be taken into a Syrian or international court later? Or will she get a medal for merits?

syrian-shark-m82-sniper-rifle-antimaterial-signature-special-forces-syria-islamic-state-marketa-vselichova-czech-executive-action-counter-terrorism-s-exp-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsSo, can we say, that everything is “almost” OK? And should we Czechs give some medals to brave Marketa, who went to save the world in Syria, reaching more than 100 confirmed sniper kills, using a signature high-caliber M82 anti-material sniper rifle “The Syrian Shark” with explosive HE bullets, causing devastating body wounds, to terrorize the enemy yet more, when all the Czech cowardly men remained home, drinking beer and fighting only with words from their sofas?

In fact, not. People feel, that it’s not normal, what she does… in practice, she executes regular violence without any authorization and permission of anybody, so it’s not normal, permissible and tolerable.

The Czech Republic is a NATO member, but not a direct participant of the NATO combat operations in Syria. How is it possible, that the Czech state allows people to go into the war zones, and it lets them to play with assault rifles there?

People like Marketa say, that the terrorists have to be eradicated, and if all that airstrikes and political proclamations failed, and the Islamic State is still growing, they have to “do something” themselves. But isn’t this approach to issue rather an anarchy? And wouldn’t other Czech citizens abroad be jeopardized, when the treacherous, omnipresent IS will want to revenge their fallen comrades? (… it really happened at the end, see below)

Still, the Czech state is silent, letting her to visit Syria again… only watching.

How will this girlish tale end? Would anybody bet on a happy end? Or will we become the witnesses of a tragedy?

Should Marketa Vselichova be allowed to create the Czech foreign politics without any authorization of the Czech people? Playing for war in highly volatile Syria?

Some Czech voices say, that “… At least she does something against those terrorists, who threaten to destroy our free world”. But if such behavior will be allowed and tolerated… why do we need our Army, who only “trains” and sits in barracks passively, letting IS to grow, if anybody brave can take an AK and “make a good thing” even at the other part of the world? Why do we need police, if anybody can wear an assault rifle, like in Israel, and all the criminals can be shot on the spot?

Is this the way, how the modern democratic society, related to Christian European traditions, should work?

Some people appreciate Marketa Vselichova, calling her modern female heroine… others are rather afraid of her. What will become of her? If you start with violence once… where and when, if ever, will you stop?

What if Marketa, by her deep affection to Kurds, will start supporting the Kurdish PKK, called as terrorist organization by Turkey and leading the armed guerilla fight there for decades, when the Islamic State will be eradicated?

The problem is, that she doesn’t go to Syria to fight terrorists and save the free world at the first place: she goes there to fight and kill for the Kurdish interests, and without any doubt, she seems to be willing to fight and kill anybody, who stands in the way of Kurdish freedom, as she proved.

Can the Czech state trust such a person, who openly pledges allegiance to the other nation, even stateless, raising arms and comitting ruthless violence in their ranks and for their interests?

It’s not a matter of breaking the (imperfect) law or not… it’s the matter of danger to the Czech national security.

The question remains: what to do with Marketa’s affair? Should the state let her to play her Kurdish war game further? Or to ban her from travelling to Turkey, Syria, Iraq and similar hot zones? She is so determined… and thus dangerous with her Kurdish (armed) affiliation.

The answer is simple: the Czech state will do nothing. Turkey will do nothing. Syria will do nothing. And why?

Because in the extremely complicated situation in Syria, everybody is a pawn, an “useful idiot”, as infamous V.I. Lenin said about foreign supporters of the Russian bolshevik revolution.

She does what she believes… not understanding, that she is only a pawn, who will be sacrificied without any emotion, if it will help the local players there to gain something, be it Kurds, Assad, Turkey, Islamic State, Americans, Russians and literally hundreds of others participants of the conflict, including NATO, weapon manufacturers, weapon merchants and the Czech state.

When will there be peace?

Some people say, that Kurdish endless and violent war for independence, particularly in Turkey, only makes things worse, that it hurts many, including innocent people on both sides.

And if you are just a kilometer from the place in Istanbul, when the (probably) PKK just detonates a van, filled with explosives, to hit a bus with Turkish policemen, and innocent civilian bystanders die… you start to see the Kurdish fight differently. Of course, that it could be a false flag operation of the Turkish Intelligence, or any other party, to damage Kurds, to stir the endless conflict again… but what if not?

Kurds are not some innocent pure angels. They are ruthless warriors, ready to kill and die for their cause, and in Turkey, they conduct regular guerilla warfare, which could be defined as terrorism, because not only Turkish soldiers and policemen die, the civilians too.

In this angle of view, what Marketa does, becomes much more disturbing, and hard to accept lightly.

Her primary target is not the IS: she just wants to fight with the Kurds, against anybody, anywhere, just to be with her Kurdish sisters and brothers she loves. And she seems to be willing to kill… deciding herself, like a self-elected god, whether people will live, or not.

Who gave her the right, to take the lives of others? The Kurdish leaders? Are those authorized to decide, who will live? It was definitely not the international law, or the Czech authorities.

She is a heroine for the Kurds… but for the rest of the world, she is just a danger. Who tasted blood, who killed once… this person can’t go back, and you will have to watch your back always, never knowing, what will happen in her war-damaged mind.

Is she really better, than the IS terrorists? They kill… she kills. And the circle of violence never ends.

Does she help peace? No. With her deeds, she only keeps the burning fire of eternal violence in the world alive.

Is Marketa Vselichova a good example for the Czech schoolchildren?

Will you still continue to applause her, wishing her luck in her killing Syrian spree?


high-explosive-bmg-sniper-bullet-cartridge-ammo-munition-special-he-assassin-special-forces-syria-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsWu Corporation, a Chinese multinational defence supplier from Shanghai, known to use highly controversial advertisements for their deadly products, like Anti-Canine Essences (ACE), (mis)used Marketa’s combat successes to promote their Special Munitions product line, particularly “HES 12.7 Sniper” bullets, offering them in “sexy” silver version with “Tested by Marketa Vselichova” slogan.


Islamic State Conquest of Prague terrorist czech assault ambush - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsOn August 21, 2016, the combined Czech, German and French terror cells of the Islamic State executed surprising ambush against the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, and their commandos achieved almost total victory, meeting only with minor resistance, reaching even the city center, where they waved their infamous black flag proudly, possibly motivated to revenge more than 100 of their fallen comrades in Syria, killed by reputated Czech female assassin, Marketa Vselichova. Was her Kurdish war game worth it, for loss of many innocent Czech lives, and vast damages to the Czech tourism industry, when the terrorist took aim at the Czech lands, because of her dumb girlish adventure in foreign colours?


syrian-shark-m82-sniper-rifle-antimaterial-signature-special-forces-syria-islamic-state-marketa-vselichova-czech-executive-action-counter-terrorism-s-exp-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsA highly classified, and very explosive information, originating allegedly from the Czech Ministry of Defence, leaked into the Czech tabloid media, revealing, that Marketa Vselichova allegedly received an advanced Special Forces training at the SpecOps military base, located close to the Islamic Czech city of Teplice, where also Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, specialized in the Unconventional Warfare, resides. It’s rumored in the high military ranks, that Marketa’s signature sniper rifle M82, nicknamed “Syrian Shark”, is exhibited there.


marketa-vselichova-czech-terrorist-turkey-detained-special-forces-assassin-terrorism-syria-iraq-ipg-pkk-czech-jail-custody-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIn November 2016, Marketa Vselichova was detained by Turkish security forces, during attempt to cross the borders, and she is now accused of “membership in a terrorist organization”, it means quite a serious situation for her, and the Czech state. But what did she expect? Turkish authorities tolerated her “activities” very long time, but their patience simply ended one day. Will it end just with deportation, or with ruthless prison sentence? Turkey doesn’t seem to be just joking here, otherwise they would simply ban her to enter the country… if they would release her now, they would seem weak, they would lose face. No, she is in deep mess, and new nasty affair just begins.

In CZ, so many people warned her, including Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but she was simply not willing to stop her mad adventure, which now has consequences, and no one managed to stop her, including authorities, who didn’t seize her passport for protecting the Czech state.

The foolish girl presented her (foolish) opinion once, that she is allegedly untouchable, that TR authorities will never dare to detain her, as EU would intervene heavily… but her calculations were wrong.

Now, Turkey will most likely use her case to reinforce their international position, and send a strong warning message. Although MK is just a pawn, there is endless war for power and influence in the world, and now… she became another asset.

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