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Whoever meets an expired Czech socialite, former TV presenter and cheap porn model Martina Gavriely (*1978, the year of birth is disputed), he or she must admit, that this woman was blessed with an impressie physical body, and no wonder, that the bitch decided to use these gifts of Allah.

Although like many sluts, she had to use the services of reputated plastic surgeons from GHC Clinic to improve her breasts, as many of her female colleagues in the showbusiness branch, who would do just anything to reach for the media stars, a false blonde Martina Gavriely is rather different from the rest of the crowd, as she reminds a regular sportwoman visually, with desirably long limbs, well develped muscular structure and slender joints.

When she walks, she makes an impression on a deep biological level: and she decided to use these female gifts in her life, as her education and qualification for a regular profession are quite low. But to enter showbusiness, it means to follow certain ruthless and distinctive rules: however, many fashion models and women like Martina live for their dreams, to be somebody that people know and recognize, to be on the front pages of glamorous magazines and to be publicly known, willing to pay any price – including spreading bags of lies into the deeply corrupted Western media, who like to create false prophets, called “celebrities”.

Martina Gavriely Playboy 2008 - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsMartina Gavriely became known to the Czech public in 2008, when she and her Public Relations team, connected to Czech edition of Playboy magazine, owned by Axel Springer corporation in that time, they developed a simple media story, with participation of a controversial Czech hockey player Radek Duda (*1979), publicly suspected to be a sodomite, which was the kind of information that really jeopardized his career in so masculine sport, as the ice hockey is. This rumor could be spread deliberately by his sport competitors to damage him, but who knows, where the truth lies.

Although the Czech public is known to be quite tolerant to the members of sodomite community in the media, business and arts, hockey environment was something very different. So, Duda had to react ruthlessly and to destroy these rumors with some effective weapons, to save his sport career, so he chose two suitable ways of this Information War.

The first was to participate in many violent brawls not only on hockey stadiums during sport matches, but also attacking innocent bystanders on the streets, who crossed way of his BMW, to create media waves, to be described as a violent, masculine, ruthless man, whose sexual orientation should be out of question.

The second measure was more ingenious: to make a deal with Martina Gavriely, who pretended to be his long time girlfriend, in order to launch her media career, as she was planned to be introduced to the readers of Playboy during Autumn 2008, as so called “Playmate”.

It has to be reminded, that Gavriely had two children in that time already, with a different father, and she still declared that they date with (younger) Duda for long 8 years. Simple school counting really impeaches these numbers: how could Gavriely become a mother of two kids with a different man, if their age was low enough to “meet” with Duda, as her “dedicated and devoted” boyfriend? Moreover, it is hard to imagine that a young, single hockey player would date so long (since he was 19) with a mother of two and with proven porn history, even going “proudly” into the media with her, to disrupt his “media picture”?

No, there was some different reason to go into the media for both of them, and it was something as “mutual advantage”: he could effectively persuade the public about his “suitable” sexual orientation, and she made the media breakthrough as she always desired. And Playboy created, shielded and confirmed this story, to collect another points. Everybody was satisfied in the end – except the public, who had to swallow another batch of media lies. Of course, soon after publishing the articles about their alleged relationship, they broke up forever, as their “relationship” was no more needed…

Regarding the father of Martina’s children, she claimed, that he is an Israeli citizen, a dangerous mafioso, in search of INTERPOL police force. But this claim could be also questioned easily, just by checking the INTERPOL database: there was never any citizen in search, called Gavriely…

Regarding the surname of Martina, there are another doubts. It was suspected that she hadn’t acquired this name by her alleged marriage, but by a different way. She was known to mimic widely, and there was a Czech witchfortune-teller and Tarot card reader, called Gavrielli, who could “inspire” Martina to “create” her husband as a mentioned shady businessman, missing and searched by INTERPOL.

This “missing husband” issue had another advantage for Martina: there was no witness who could stand up and attack her media lies. So it was in her best interest that he stays conveniently buried somewhere in an Israeli desert for a long, long time, if he ever existed.

To promote Martina in the media, she started public rumors herself, that she and another porn model and cheap porn actress, Eva Aichmajerova (*1978, later married as Eva Decastelo), participated in a high-profile prostitution case and breaking immigration laws in the U.S. And there really was a proof, a small foreign article about two women, Czech nationals, who were prosecuted in the U.S., as they worked in an illegal escort agency, providing sexual services and making money for their pimps, without any taxation.

One of them was a person, mentioned as Martina Gavrielli, age 35. But real Martina was just 30 years old in that time, plus the strange mistake in the name… it was another doubt about Martina’s real fate, and a bold theory emerges, whether she hasn’t picked her name after reading this particular article to “build” her tale on this article…

Anyway, Martina Gavriely succeeded in her desirable media breakthrough, and no one challenged the content of her claims for many years, until she became a person of interest for highest state matters, described later.

She managed to get a job of TV presenter for Prima TV, a private Czech TV station, which challenged the leader of the Czech TV market in that time, Nova TV. To achieve a success in this ruthless competition, Prima had to use new faces and methods, includíng the first reality show in the Czech media history, so both Martina and Monika Maresova got their chance, plus many others, like Ivana Gottova, the wife of a famous Czech singer, Karel Gott.

If you gain some success in showbusiness, it allows you to make very advantageous business transactions, called “barter”, like in the medieval age, out of any taxes and governmental surveillance. It means that different companies offer you to use their services and products for free or for a highly discounted price, so they can gain a media advantage, using your social brand, as you don’t forget to mention them in articles, written about you, creating an advertisement for free, and more effective, than simple paid ads.

In Chyne village, a suburbs close to the borders of Prague, there was a new developer construction project, creating a new “satellite” quarter, fashionable in that time. And the developer needed some “celebrity” to live there, to make this living fashionable, trendy and sexy.

So the developer offered a really cheap living for Martina, in a serial house in Chyne, as no regular customer would buy this house anyway: it was positioned very badly, on a frequented crossroads, and against a big residential building, so all inhabitants could overlook the garden of the house, and there was absolutely no privacy. It was a life in an aquarium.

This house became a curse for Martina later, as she was so obsessed with obtaining her “own” residence, so she later persuaded a bank to provide a mortgage for this low-quality house, never completely finished, as she had no money for construction works, even building a simple fence, to stop her dog from repeated escaping from the garden, where was no grass.

It was a very questionable decision: a mortgage is always a burden, and Martina had no certain and stable income. The only reason why she passed the criteria of the bank was that she participated in a media show on Prima TV, lasting for months and shot in the Dominican Republic, so she could prove some regular income for the demanded and checked three months period.

This happened in 2011, and this questionable decision meant a start of falling down for Martina. Later, after her work for “Top Star” TV magazine finished, they released her from the TV, and she had no necessary income: so big financial problems she had previously now only deepened to a regular personal crisis.

She always struggled with money, she even had a court execution declared on her in the past, when her property was offered for public sale to cover the debts: but now, her accounts became her nightmare.

In that time, a new powerful hawk started to encircle Martina Gavriely, and a very unexpected one: the Czech Military, particularly their special operations formation, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, in order to acquire media assets for their covert “Operation Laterna”, gaining their puppet to insert into politics, to create their secret ally, “inclined to higher and Military interests”.

Without their knowledge or consent, about 100 Czech women, active in the showbusiness and media, was thoroughly analyzed, including checking their backgrounds in the Secret Service databases. One of them was Gavriely, another was Monika Maresova – and Gavriely, deep in her financial problems, was perceived as a beneficial asset, as she could be easily controlled by the Unit through possible dependence on their money they could offer to her from their generous black financial funds, unaccountable to the state, to avoid her personal bankruptcy.

The recently declassified details of this operation confirm, that Martina made it into a closer circle of considered assets, but after some covert testing, executed by Unit’s covert operatives, her suitability for the operation was challenged, and in the end, a fashion model from Brunn was selected instead.

As this possible savior of Martina disappeared without a trace, her media career collapsed, and she was forced to look for a job to make her living. Although she declared, that she is leaving to Australia with her family and her young boyfriend, Marcus Tran, a peripheral singer of Vietnamese origin, these promises were never fulfilled, and today, Martina sells and prolongs female hair, disappearing from the Czech media space completely, still living in that cursed house in Chyne.

As a female model, she is expired, and she always seemed older, than her alleged age. Soon, she will turn 40 years of age, and she has no hope to return into media again, as she has no money and necessary media cover to continue this demanding kind of career, and the Czech audience has another idols today anyway.

But there are new rumors, which surfaced in the Czech Intelligence community recently: Saudi Arabia, entering the European scene with their “Superior Woman” project, with purpose to promote their strict version of Islam, called wahhabism, is suspected to be highly interested in Martina, as her low formal education and lower grade of intelligence is perceived as a benefit for Saudis.

Women like Martina, together with men like Daniel Landa, seem like a suitable target for spreading Islam into Czech lands, and it has to be acknowledged that many Czech women seem very inclined to the ideas of Islam, and submitting to Allah, discovering the beauty of Hijab. Without any doubts, the future will bring many surprises, as all new believers in Islam will be revealed, even emphasizing their faith as a tool to ultimate female freedom and independence.

Of course, that the Czech Counterintelligence Service (BIS) knows about this waging development, regarding middle-aged Czech females in crisis, but no counter moves are made, as the European Union grants freedom of religion, and domestic secret services are concentrated rather on counterterrorism operations, related to the feared Islamic State, now in defensive status, trying to save their territorial gains in Syria, Iraq and Libya against Syrian, Russian and Kurdish offensives, in order to be recognized as a full state entity, and gaining a seat in the United Nations council, as their field commander declared, promising to end the endless war, supporting the refugee crisis, jeopardizing the states of Europe.

But it seems that middle-aged women of Europe will play a big role in rewriting the religional and geopolitical maps of Europe, including their particopation as so called “fifth column”. Today, European citizens oppose Islam – but tomorrow, when the wide advantages of Islam will be explained to them properly, everything can be different, and many new mosques can be established, even in V4 countries, perceived to be highly conservative and rejcting both refugees and Islam. But examples as a fashion model from Dubai, Alexandra Pianka, always pull, as the proverb says.

Anyway, Martina is just a memory of the Czech media space today, who quickly faded. But did she really put away her dreams, burying them forever, as her youth and beauty slowly disappears? Or will she search for a new way, how to get into the glaring stage lights, this time using the ultimate force of Allah and Islam, plus support of massive Ummah, the Muslim community, even backed by powerful Saudi Arabia?

The future will show, and soon.

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