Memory Of Iraq: United States American War Crimes Illegal Invasion Guerilla Rebellion Insurgency Iraqi IED Explosive Trap Warfare Defeat Civilian Terror Raid Fraud Military-Industrial Complex

That Western NATO “heroes” and alleged “defenders of liberty, freedom and American way of life”, who invaded Iraq in 2003, completely illegally, using a false pretext of alleged and nonexisting Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), in their conquering madness, they never expected, what nightmare awaits them there, and in Afghanistan, invaded in October 2001 already, just few weeks after that miserable 9/11 megafraud.

And whereas the American corporate rats, Wall Street fraudsters and deceptive politicians remained home, to be safe, to collect generous profits and perks of flourishing military-industrial complex, many American fools, becoming soldiers, volunteered to “defend their country”, and they were sent to Iraq, to “bring democracy” to Iraqis, into front lines of strange war… indeed, the American “liberators” met very different “welcome”, than they maybe expected: terrorism, resistance, insurgency, rebellion, assymetric warfare, guerilla warfare… and those Americans, they were no superheroes from movies, they were quite fragile, and many of them returned home from this war as complete wrecks, with bodies and mind damaged, suffering with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), dangerous to themselves and their vicinity alike.

Indeed, the Americans lost this war, which exhausted them totally, together with their failed Afghani adventure, marking beginning of collapse of former No. 1 superpower, inevitable retreat from all geopolitical positions, and unstoppable advance of China.

The American fools simply didn’t learn enough from the Vietnam lesson… so they were condemned to repeat it, another nightmare, which will haunt them for very long time, and those, who were there personally, into their last days.

What was so special and so traumatizing about Iraqi war? Particularly those IEDs, or improvised explosive devices, bombs and exploding traps (booby traps), made either from artillery shells, plastic explosives or home-made materials (fertilizers), usually planted at roads, to be exploded, when American vehicles were passing by, or their ground forces walking on patrol.

IED is indeed a weapon of terror for any invaders, as the enemy, hidden in civilian population, chooses the place and time, where to install and explode it, so all occupants are under constant pressure and fear, anytime, when “behind the wires” of their secured base compound… and even there, mortars could surprise them.

Any movement in the Iraqi territory became highly unpleasant, risky and stressing experience, where an ambush of guerillas, who used RPG rockets also against infantry, or IED explosion could become any minute, any second.

The IEDs became a symbol of this war, and American defeat.

In the beginning of American movie “Home Of The Brave” about U.S. soldiers, returning from war home, traumatized physically or mentally, or both, forced to use pills, hardly able to return to civilian life, there is extremely powerful, and still very simple scene, perfectly illustrating, why this war couldn’t be won, although the Americans had devastating technological superiority, and their elite military forces with perfect equipment and weaponry stood against mere civilians.

There is a common man, walking, carrying a dog carcass (dead dog).

The man comes into the city streets, still carrying the dog, who seems to be only sleeping, peaceful and tranquil.

On some crossroad, the man stops, kneeling down, putting the dog down, on the street, just like that, and doing something down there, for a minute, but you see the man only from distance, so his exact action with the carcass can’t be seen.

Then, he slowly leaves, like if nothing happened.

And here they are, the American heroes are coming, ironically with alleged humanitarian mission. A convoy, led by HMMWVs (Humvees) with machine gunners on roofs, and cargo trucks, is passing through the city towards the final destination.

Everything goes well, until there is an ambush: first, the convoy is blocked at chosen place, forced to stop and to become “sitting duck”, then the first volley of small arms fire comes, some American gunners are killed, a RPG is fired against them, the Americans return fire, but they are pinned down on the street, exposed, and attackers have more advantageous position upstairs, in the windows of houses around.

Moreover, it’s their home, their quarter, then can move freely there, knowing all the places, hideouts and secret passages, able to relocate quickly, or to disappear after the ambush… not speaking about their faith, Islam, where any mujahid, who falls in Jihad against enemies of Islam, goes directly into Paradise, rewarded by Allah.

Whereas the American escort takes care of eliminating the assailants, even pursuing them, the trucks, carrying the medical supplies, they back off from the ambush, choosing a detour, but now, they continue unprotected… this is definitely a movie mistake, an artitic simplification, not a proper military SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in case of an ambush.

Anyway, the leading truck is driven by a woman, you know, that typical American bitch, young, naive, dumb, brainwashed with social engineering propaganda, but self-confident, educated and quite pretty. She seems very dedicated to her mission, keeps balanced even under this pressure… exactly that kind of slut, who voted for G.W. Bush and his war crimes.

As the truck is closing, the camera takes the dog carcass, lying on the street peacefully, and when the truck passes around it, some Iraqi boy pushes a button on his Nokia 5110 mobile phone, and the IED, hidden either under the carcasss, or stuffed inside it, but definitely very powerful, probably the explosive warhead from a 152mm artillery shell, explodes, hitting the truck cabin with devastating power.

In just a second, life of a woman becomes a nightmare. Truck is on fire, her male colleague, who sat as passenger, is dead, she is shocked, hit, hurt, blood everywhere, and particularly her right hand, which was closer to the explosion, doesn’t look good.

No, she is no American hero in that moment, and sending women into front lines seems like a very bad idea.

The doctors couldn’t save it, so she loses her whole right palm, becoming crippled for life, and even despite that, she returns home quite happy, that “at least I can caress my son”, unlike others, who lost whole limbs, or their young life on altair of profits of weapon merchants, who don’t care about military men and women.

However, she can’t be angry at Iraqis, who did it to her, who marked her for life, some poor people, completely nobody against her, she had University, life perspectives, she lived in shiny America, land of endless opportunities… but isn’t it a basic right of any state and nation, to defend against all invaders, breaking into sacred national territory?

Any state, which invades another, is an aggressor, simple as that, regardless of UN resolutions, pretexts, lies and explanations and justifications, regardless of “public opinion”, regardless of warnings against alleged “axis of evil” (=Iraq, Iran, North Korea). The Nazi Germany also had perfect explanations, why they had to start their aggression.

The Americans got in Iraq, what they could expect, if invading a foreign, sovereign country, and their soldiers paid blood price for their mistakes and crimes of their elected politicians.

It’s really bad, that also the Czech Military, a member of NATO, participated at this shameful criminal adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq, allegedly “bound with international treaties” and “there was no other option”.

Indeed, the Czech soldiers lost any favor of Czech people, becoming simply invaders and aggressors… and the utmost irony is, that they never defended their homeland INSIDE its borders, like they should, they are ALWAYS fighting for another interests, abroad, “ex post”, but surrendering their own land to any aggressor at first (!)… their treacherous politicians always saying, “let’s avoid unnecessary bloodshed, stay calm, citizens, don’t provoke the invaders”, humiliating the whole nation, unlike Poles, who are made from very different pastry, never willing to submit voluntarily, even to superior enemy, who crushes them, who annihilates them, but they don’t care.

This is really shameful, cowardly approach of the Czechs. The Americans are maybe fools, but Czechs showed as simple rats here, nothing else… and even their soldiers were damaged by this war, returning home not as heroes, but rather with disdain and rejection, when the world understood, that this war was futile, and lost, and Czech Republic became a part of this crime.

Moreover, Czech Militarized Police started to pursue all people, who wrote some “hateful” remarks about “Czech Military Heroes Abroad”. It was enough to call them “mercenaries” and to wish them “death”, to start a criminal investigation against a culprit, and there was even a suspended court sentence against some Internet fool.

But all this futile effort to contain the general public resistance against participation of Czech military personnel in Afghani and Iraqi wars only raised more rejection of people. And nowadays, ten years later, everybody tries to erase those war adventures from memory, as more and more tragedies and wars are coming, the world is unstable, but there are no heroes anymore to rescue it, who would launch another invasion, led by some other G.W. Bush warmonger… but those are new times, instead of sending humans, they are sending robots, drones, UAVs, to save money, launching Hellfire missiles at Yemeni desert from air-conditioned room in Nevada, in clear breach of international law, killing people without court, just when they marked by some fools as terrorists, including U.S. citizens… but that’s another shameful tale.

When NATO forces were pulling out of Aghanistan, there was a ceremony, where also ‎Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO General Secretary, participated. They removed the NATO flag from a pole festively, but no one did ask the principal question:


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