Memory of Istanbul: Allah Rules These Lands

Visit a city, where the most positive presence of Allah can be felt immensely, both for Islamic believer, or non-believer, lying in a land, ruled by Him, which will influence the fate of the whole world: Turkey.

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No wonder, that the photographer fool fell in love with Istanbul instantly, if accompanied by a shining top Brazilian fashion model, Daniela Freitas, representing the magic of Istanbul.

But you don’t need a woman to enjoy and discover immense treasures of this unique city, on the contrary. A man understands his manhood there much better, because in Islam, the term “man” has much different meaning, than in the corrupted, decadent, weak and collapsing Western society and culture.

If anywhere to discover immense beauty, depth and inspiration of Islam, then in Istanbul.

Once, these lands were ruled by deviated Christian fools, but it was the will of Allah, that this rule was replaced by much more positive leadership of Islam, when Constantinople (original name of Istanbul) fell to Ottoman siege in 1453.

If anywhere to find your destiny, and to accept Islam, then in Istanbul. And don’t forget to praise Allah in famous Blue Mosque.

The EU should literally beg Turkey to enter the crumbling European Union. Turkey, ruled by Almighty Allah, is the future, strength and hope for weak, divided Europe.

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The Turkish Files: Allah Rules These Lands

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