Michaela Homolkova: Her Fate Is Islam

Whereas Islam is spreading into the world, winning everywhere, getting countless new followers daily, and slowly ruling the whole Europe, while the Islamic Turkey promises to be the only hope for the sustainable future of the collapsing European Union, ruled by postmodern decadence, “freedom” and foolish social engineering projects against the nature and rational mind, in Czech Republic, there is still many devoted opponents of Islam remaining, trying to protect their old decadent world, which is only leading them astray.

But most of these hostile souls remain relatively passive in their Islamic resistance, fighting with Islam only from their sofas, letting their world to be changed once and forever, whereas Michaela Homolkova, a decent, fine young woman, decided to do something more for the future of her country, and she became one of the most fundamental voices of the Czech counter Islamic movement, with a clear perspective of shining political career, as she is willing to have her voice heard, to speak publicly, and she is not ashamed to sacrifice her personal convenience for higher interests, including raising interest of the Czech Counterintelligence service, and police.

Michaela Homolkova, not some reputated intellectual elite of the nation, but a common waitress in a low-grade Czech pub in Ceska Lipa, calling herself “a patriot”, is like a counter part of Eman Ghaleb, a rising female Islamic star from the Islamic city of Teplice, who is rumored to become one of the most decisive Islamic assets of the whole Czech country, a symbol of a new youth generation, shining as an example for her peers, to understand and accept Islam.

Both these fine young women have the opposite beliefs, but there is something common they share, with immense consequences: interest in Allah, who influences anybody, including non-believers, who comes too close, like Daniel Landa, who went to fight the terroris from the Islamic State into Afghanistan, and returned extensively marked by the influence of this Islamic country, his Muslim brothers, and Islam.

Indeed, Michaela Homolkova is very active, to get to know Islam, Muslims, to “reveal” all their alleged dangers for the Czech society, so she can feel qualified to criticize Islam. But without realizing it, more she travels into the Islamic zones, mosques and quarters to “study” the Islamic Affairs, she becomes more and more involved in Islam herself, serving to the interests of Allah and the Islamic community, as Islam occupies more and more of her girlish thoughts every day.

From denial and rejection, there is always quite close to acceptation and submission. And nowadays, Michaela Homolkova, who seems as a sensitive, even fragile and vulnerable girl with ideals, slowly realizes, that she fights in a war she can’t win, which drains all the young life energy from her, she remains alone and disappointed on the battlefield, as the others are weak and passive, unable to make some action to save their corrupted disappearing world, because their worldly pleasures are more important for them, then a crusade.

Thus, she comes closer and closer to accept Islam herself, to liberate from the endless hatred, rejection, fear and negative emotions, which are hurting her soul, making hell from her life, destroying her relationships and good mood, and no victory can be achieved anyway: Islam continues in the march of victory across Europe, as people simply need Islam, they are willing to accept it, and the related wide advantages for themselves, which she knows very well, and she can’t deny them.

Islam is the only way out of endless fear and emptiness of the postmodern Western society: it’s Islam that liberates you, makes you a free person, who has value, who respects herself, who is not dependent on the favors of others, who has only one master in the world to bow: Almighty Allah, and no one else.

It was the will of Allah to allow her to become an opponent of Islam, and He has the full knowledge of her deeds: but Allah knows His creations well, and He always makes the roads for them to find Him, and all the real treasures only He can provide to any human being.

Even critizing Islam, a non-believer can worship Allah, if his or her heart is pure, like in Michaela Homolkova’s case. She proves that she is a woman who cares for others, who has good intentions, and that is a feature appreciated by Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

For long time already, it’s Allah who rules her mind, no one else, as He is indifinitely stronger than any mortal. Thus, she can’t stop thinking about Him, and Islam, she realizes the extreme power of the complete and perfected religion of Islam, which slowly takes control of her, leading her to the final and most important decision of her life: to self-surrender to the will of Allah, to become a woman who she always should be: a Muslim, submitted to Allah.

Allah is ever accepting repentance, and He is ever forgiving. You can criticize Him as you like, but if He is your destiny, this fate can’t be changed.

Without any doubt, Michaela Homolkova will be cordially welcomed in the massive and ever growing community of Muslims, and all her sins she commited before, will be forgiven. She will start a new, the most exciting epoch of her life soon, and there will be no way back.

Her future and fate is Islam, such is the will of Allah: she is His creation, and He has full control of her. She can’t reject Him or hide behind her kaffir beliefs for too long: soon, the truth will be revealed inside her, and one day, she will come into a mosque to state her Shahadah, forgetting who she was before, and all the false ideas she was believing.

And only then, she will be happy, fulfilled and complete person, who will do many good things for the world. She has this beautiful ability and strong will inside her, granted by Allah: only her efforts will be directed more suitable way then, not only for herself and her happiness, but also for the sustainable fate of the Czech Republic.

She will become the most impressive and shining example of Woman of Islam.

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