Michal Hrdlicka: Codename Woman’s Dream. VIP Paramilitary Liaison Officer Operative. Czech Special Forces Operator Asset. Seduction TV Presenter Model Respect Army Career Socialite

One of the most reputated, elite human assets of the Czech Special ForcesActive Measures (AMG) department, is Michal Hrdlicka (designated as Asset A25, codename WOMAN’S DREAM), a well known Czech socialite, intelligent and handsome sport TV presenter in very good physical shape, who slept with the best VIP women of small Czech miserable showbusiness, perceived as totally unavailable for any courtship efforts, including…

 Lucie Borhyova
(sexy blonde TV news anchor with huge natural breasts of “D” size, he even impregnated her successfully, stealing a wet dream from many Czech male fools)
Lucie Borhyova - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs

 Monika Maresova
(“This poor slut needs to seem socially desired, so she likes to be seen with young handsome men, to raise her female value, when becoming a woman over 40 years old,” Hrdlicka comments the affair)
Monika Maresova - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs

Karolina Pliskova
(top Czech female tennis player, to help with her sport performance, and also to enjoy secret fucking of her twin sister)
Karolina Pliskova Sister Twins Tennis player top czech female woman elite winner - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Alena Seredova
(“This pseudo Italian slut was born for serious fucking, fools.”
Alena Seredova - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs

Lenka “Lenny” Filipova
(“My failed effort to invocate and infiltrate those mysterious Illuminati, through fucking the sole daughter of Lenka Filipova, forgotten Czech female singer… never mind. Very average fuck at best.”)

Zuzana Jandova
(“Because she was so different, like an alien, a little bit crazy, but a good material, and showing with a Miss and elite fashion model never hurts to your public image, fools!”)

Katerina Motovska
(“I liked this slut very much. I mean, how often you meet such a sexy widow, with pockets full of money, stolen from her poor murdered husband, who disappeared, never to be found, when she allegedly ordered a ‘hit’ on him, by some Serbian mafia, as they say? In bed, she showed me the best quality. She sucks dicks perfectly! Recommended, fools!”)
Katerina Motovska Jan Motovsky Widow Murder Conspiracy Nice France Businessman Miss Czech assassination kidnapping disappearance police sexy fashion model - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Katerina Valachova
(yes, THE Czech Minister of Schools, Education and Islamic Inclusion, and this nasty love affair made it even into the Parliament, where Valachova’s ability to preserve state secrets was questioned by the political opposition at a National Defence Commission meeting)
Katerina Valachova 3 - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs

“I did it to achieve a good, easy professional career at the Ministry, but the selfish bitch Valachova only wanted more sex and me licking her pussy permanently, like some dog, she is a regular nymphomaniac, but without giving me some perks, only sighing loudly, like some dumb peasant slut from a Silesian village, never asking me, whether I need some new interesting career opportunity,” Hrdlicka later shared his gentleman’s secret during recruitment interview with the paramilitary officers of the Unit, taking place at a secret SPECOPS base near Teplice.

“Here, in the Army, I hope, that my bed adventures can have some critical contribution for the state defence purposes,” he added openly, making deep impression on members of so called Inner Circle of military conspirators.

Michal Hrdlicka Special Forces Czech Army Asset Lucie Borhyova Conspiracy Military China Chinese Corporate - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

With Lucie Borhyova

Anyway, this ruthless, well balanced and psychologically resistant man, suitable for the most delicate operations of highest Czech state interests, later orchestrated another high-profile media fraud, when he was allegedly fired from his TV job, following his drinking scandal at Carlsbad during famous international film festival, but in reality, he volunteered to become an elite soldier of the Czech Army, using his special social skills and sexual talents in Unit’s ranks, to move with his professional career, as the Unit was known as a miraculous place, where you could use all your capabilities perfectly, to become a star easily, using Unit’s vast support resources in all senses, provided by the Chinese, the key CZ defence supplier of modern military-industrial complex (=privatization of the military).

It was known, that some liaison officers of this elite paramilitary formation usually served mere several years in direct combat duty, then retiring into convenient wealthy VIP life abroad, mostly to get married with some “person of interest” of the Czech state, like Baroness Kessler and her suspicious foundation, led by Katerina Motovska, used to finance black military operations, as tabloid media speculated… so, in fact continuing with their military and higher interest duties, but in quite relaxed way…

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS

1) To Approach The Islamic Princess at “Sultan”, an Iranian Restaurant, Prague
Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islamic Princess Dubai UAE Emirates Fashion Model Czech Prague Conspiracy Illuminati Israel Military Special Forces Mossad - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

2) To persuade her to come into the Prague’s Woman’s Destiny Fashion Boutique with her mother Ivana, to “check new Islamic fashion collection from Saudi Arabia, called Superior Woman

See another Army colleague of Hrdlicka, chosen to execute most delicate and sexy mission:
Karel Weidenthaler, codename THE EVIL DOG: Seducing Israeli VIP Actress Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot Actress Fashion Model Miss Israel Israeli Jew Jewish Jewess Hollywood Military Special Forces Conspiracy Seduction Affair Czech Army - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Operatives

Fashion Models Elite: We Live For Beauty And Fame

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