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Several weeks before the 20th anniversary of mysterious disappearance of a young Czech fashion model Daniela Kyrova (*1977), never solved even by the experienced Czech police forces, perceived as one of the best security organizations around the world, the case was opened again, and in large, causing wide public disturbance, even a strict statement of several Parliamentary deputies, who protested against alleged Military involvement and possible misusing of advanced Military arsenal in the controversial affair, quote: “… misusing the memory of a deceased girl for someone’s profit and testing of dangerous technological toys is not acceptable, or tolerable,” as Miroslav Kalousek, chairman of National Defence Commission (NDC), stated strictly.

The whole affair started, when the key Czech tabloid magazine Heavy Slander wrote about a surprising advance in long faded investigation of this disturbing event in their April special issue, called ‘Daniela Kyrova: Justice For The Blessed, Outrage For The Cursed’, claiming, that a new, extremely powerful player with practically unlimited financial resources and special Military equipment available, it means Wu Corporation, entered the scene…

Allegedly ordered by Daniela’s old lover, today a highly positioned business executive from Hoffmann-La Roche, a key multinational pharmaceutical company, who allegedly decided to help his own conscience, and of course to help Daniela’s parents, still awaiting the return of their daughter, an 18-years old beautiful female student of a high school right before her passing exams, who was last seen in Prague in April 1996, near the famous Charles bridge.

Daniela Kyrova, once an aspiring fashion model, gained wide public attention and favor, when she participated in “Miss CZ 1995” contest, and her striking female qualities and Southern type of beauty promised her an impressive career in the fashion industry, but she also concentrated on getting a good education, approaching to life with responsibility.

However, on that sad April day in the memories of many, she simply disappeared, leaving all her personal possessions, including her purse, to be guarded by two male friends, informing them, that she just needs to use the toilet somewhere below the bridge, full of people, never to return, her remains never to be found, in spite of a massive search operation.

It should be reminded, that the world was completely different in that time, in the means of information gathering and distribution, including surveillance methods.

No social media existed, cell phones were still owned by just a small fragment of the society, security cameras with advanced OCR tracking systems were non-existent, so the search operation was much harder to execute and limited in scale, than it would be today, so whether she left voluntarily, or she was kidnapped as the “White Dove” and sold into slavery abroad, was a question with no clear answer, a riddle with no solution, a mystery.

But today, after twenty years of massive technology development, new means of finding the lost items were developed and introduced to the society, particularly The Device, the most discussed and most controversial scientific invention of human history.

Although suspected to be a pure fraud and just a dream machine by many evil tongues, in reality, this ultimate gadget still discomposed many, even causing several strange sudden deaths of still living suspected World War 2 criminals, as the rumors leaked into the European media, that The Device will be used to investigate certain old war crimes, by sending teams of operatives into the past to find clues and evidence; however, these operations were later forbidden by the United Nations, perceived as too risky, because potential changing of the past could have unforeseen consequences for the whole mankind.

Anyway, once the invention existed, it was natural, that the Military stepped in, asking for significant control of The Device, for preserving the highest state interests.

And when it was announced a week ago by Katerina Motovska, current Minister of Defence, that the famous Charles Bridge and adjacent Kampa park will be closed for public access for the whole night from “technical reasons”, and extreme security measures will be deployed, including partial lockdown of adjacent city quarters and fully armed Special Forces elements were seen at the site, similarly as during Operation Aztec Gold (discovering of the “Stechovice treasure”)…

The sniffing journalists of Heavy Slander magazine found almost immediately, that this unusual event has to be somehow connected with a new phase of investigation of Daniela Kyrova’s old disappearance: this time, using special measures to find the buried truth, never believed to be recovered again. But with The Device? Such things seem not impossible anymore.

Naturally, people asked, how could closing of a possible crime scene after twenty years help to something? The only real reason was reported to create a protected environment for deploying the latest, ultimately advanced technology, a portable version of The Device, and when the sensors and specialized hardware were spotted to be installed on the bridge and its vicinity, where Daniela Kyrova was last spotted by a local resident in April 1996, the public was deeply disturbed, whether this step is right.

Many people, who opposed The Device in the past, of course argued against overall using of this alleged “dangerous toy”, while others simply perceived the operation as dishonorable for Daniela’s memento, and the Military press department was literally flooded with complaints and appeals to stop the operation before launching.

Also, a public rally was announced by several activists, who promised to block the traffic to the site, to hinder the event, but the police prevented this step by deploying anti-riot forces, as this unauthorized public gathering could be “… a serious threat for the public order and highest interests of the state”.

The Military was forced to issue a press statement in the end, where they claimed, that they only supervise and support the operation, allegedly ordered from the highest places and executed by a “non-state entity”, without releasing any more details, clearly denying any overall responsibility, indicating to the public, that they should direct their complaints somewhere else, or rather stop asking questions completely, as revealing such state secrets could earn even a time in jail.

After this statement, the Military remained completely silent, and only rumors and endless speculations followed, widely supported by another provoking articles in Heavy Slander magazine, which started the affair, speculating about possible future outcome of the operation.

The man, allegedly standing behind the operation, allegedly that Daniela’s old lover, sent a proclamation to the public from his alleged temporary refuge somewhere in the Caribbean, in order to appease the general anger, and to explain his reasons, but only a stronger wave of public outrage followed.

“I understand, what you all say: that I have no right to misuse that advanced equipment, to find the alleged truth, endangering us all,” the open statement begins. “But I only suggested this step, when I asked certain powerful friend of mine – allow me not to appoint him directly – to do something, if possible, before the allowed deadline, when Daniela will be discarded from the database of missing persons, exactly after 20 years of disappearance, effectively being proclaimed as dead, and the potential culprit won’t be ever caught, as the possible crime will be legally lapsed.

I think, that it’s in the general interest of us all, to know, what happened twenty years ago, if we now possess a technology, able to achieve such apparently impossible tasks. What would you do, to be at my place? Her memory is still remaining inside me, and how could I sleep calmly, knowing, that I could do something, but I let it all go, not to anger some of you? No, I simply had to do this, and I believe that you will understand.

I won’t return home soon, as I was recommended to stay far away for a while, before all this affair will be resolved, and maybe you will see the matter in a different light through time.”

The last paragraph of this statement was the most disturbing, as many experts started speculating immediately, that the man will be sent into the past himself, but he indicates openly, that he won’t be able to return, and it’s unknown what results this action will bring.

Ivona Selnikova, the Executive Director of Wu Corporation, manufacturing The Device, surprisingly offered an explanation. “Our past experiments confirmed, that there is a difference, when a particular live tissue is sent into the past, if this tissue was already existing in the transfer time destination. In such case, the tissue will gain its original physical form, including original, corresponding mental abilities. Thus, there is no possiblity that this particular man could change something in the past: he simply won’t know about the crime, and he won’t be able to stop it. He missed it once, and he will miss it again. History can’t be altered this way.”

When asked, whether a message, written on his body would help, Selnikova claimed again, that the transfer erases any changes, made in the future on the tissue, including aging, and any alterations of the body, including added content.

Into all this mess and speculations, filling pubs and cafés of Prague with endless discussions and even several beer brawls, Heavy Slander published a shocking opinion, that according to their own ‘thorough investigation’, Daniela’s alleged ‘concerned lover’ probably never existed, and he was created as a mere media phantom, to “cover a terrible conspiracy at the highest places that shouldn’t be allowed”, as the Chief Reporter, Pavel Novotny, suspected to be a clandestine operative of a classified paramilitary Unit himself, wrote totally insolently, amusing many, while provoking the state offices and officials, like always.

Anyway, many questions remained: who really stood behind the operation, and was it really directed at uncovering Daniela’s fate, or was there some covert background and purpose, or was it all a charade? And most of all: was The Device only a fraud, or a real time displacement machine?

In any case, the following day, after the military operation at Charles Bridge was executed with unknown result, watched by thousands of curious bystanders from distance, the Police press department issued only a short notice, that ‘… the cold case of disappearance of a person named only D.K., born 1977, was resolved just three days before the case was to be legally lapsed’. But there were almost no details released, even a family was denied to receive any additional information.

The Police only said: “According to a new reliable evidence we received, no crime in fact happened, and thus we have to discard the case. Nothing happened, nothing is there to investigate, so it has nothing to do with our tasks and duties. For us, it’s over, unless a new evidence will be presented.”

So, is she alive, all asked?

“This information is classified, according to an executive order, issued by the higher places of the Czech State,” the police spokesperson replied laconically, never to mention any more word about the affair again.

But still, there was a person who could say more, who maybe knew the truth. And she was really hidden somewhere in the Caribbean, hardly to be found…

Continuation: Intermezzo At The Caribbean

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Daniela Kyrova: Elite Fashion Model Missing Since 1996

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