Nataly Hay: Israel Belly Dancer Jew Jewess Jewish Mossad Operative IDF Honey Trap Female Warfare Combat Operator Asset Intelligence Seduction Haifa VIP Middle East Persian Gulf Israeli Conspiracy

Wu Corporation
Internal Affairs Department

Foreign Human Asset
Classification: H (Hostile)
(data acquired using through All Seeing Eye and Bezeq Int.)

Citizen name: NATALY HAY
Citizenship: Israel
Education: University of Haifa, Arabic culture
Age: 29 Height: 164 cm Weight: 55 kg Body: Athletic/Curvy Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Brown
Special marks:
– a tattoo, a little David star, located at left left side of her pussy gap (hidden from a superficial body check, not to be seen during her artistic shows, but to indicate her affiliation to the Jewry), size cca 2 cm

– shining white teeth of porcelain origin
– artificially enlarged breasts (the procedure was executed at GHC Clinic)

Cover: Belly Dancer
Military rank: IDF Captain
Affiliation: Mossad, Israeli Intelligence Agency
Honey Traps, Seduction Ops, Training of operatives

Known special skills:
martial arts (Krav Maga), handling assault weaponry, explosives, combat knives, strangling wires, poisons and toxins, witchcraft, tarot cards, fortune-telling and black magic, cryptography, basic espionage procedures, HUMINT through seduction, arts of love

Known weaknesses:
– left knee, after a sports injury
– right wrist, a shrapnel wound damaged her nerve fibres, sustained during her obligatory military service in 2008, at Gaza strip, after a Palestinian rocket attack
Known mission:
(in conflict with Wu’s interests)

– to seduce the father of Islamic Princess Maryam, codename PAPA BEAR, as an Israeli revenge for Gal Gadot Affair, executed by a member of elite Czech Special Forces, Karel Weidenthaler, a Paramilitary Liaison Officer, to test the newest batch of PHE-X bioweapon (=artificially manufactured female pheromone, latest version can be used even by males), causing much humiliation for Israel

– was the main Mossad handler for training of Nikola Dotkova in an IDF military installation in Tel Aviv

– connected with David Cohen, main Mossad resident in Czechia

– allegedly the granddaughter of an Israeli pilot, who trained in 1948 in Czechia, to defend the newly established state of Israel, which acquired mysterious Weapon Shipment from Czechia
– deeply admired by rabbi Aaron Gunsberger from Illegal Jewish Militia SHALOM, officially the owner of “King Solomon” kosher restaurant, Prague-Old Town

Orders for Wu Corp’s personnel:

– avoid any executive action against the subject, unless instructed otherwise
– deploy special female asset to counter this threat, and to influence PAPA BEAR: codename GOLDEN SPHINX, citizen name Tereza Lipanova

– persuade the subject to make a public media confession of her Mossad affiliation, whereas her Muslim clients from the Middle East will assure her loudly of their loyalty and willingness for further business cooperation, so her personal brand and fame will grow, for purpose of future potential use as a Wu Corp’s asset

Orders signed by: Ivona Selnikova, Executive Director

Estrogen Mafia: Infidel Bitches Want To Rule The World

Wu Corporation: Operations

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