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As the world is critically unstable these days, wide rumors surfaced in the world Intelligence community, that North Korea (DPRK) will try to use the current most favorable geopolitical conditions to spread her influence massively and extensively, and to acquire masses of new symphatizers, followers and supporters not only at the South, but also worldwide, simply getting large public support and even admiration.


The new complex strategy, suggested allegedly by the DPRK’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un himself, is to assert and promote unique advantages that North Korea possesses in comparison with developed, but also decadent, consuming, collapsing Western world, like sustainable environment, low energy consumption, rather natural and healthy way of living and human relationships, shared cultural values, firm social establishment, preserving the history, and most importantly, living happily disconnected from the Internet and present social networks, making people slaves of their cellphones and prone to the destructive psychological influence of these questionable postmodern inventions, which came from their archenemy, United States.

In the past, the North Korea used rather threats of unleashing their large military and nuclear arsenal against oppressors and enemies, including South as “capitalist puppets”, but it seems that the highly experienced masters of this new game discovered the concept of so called soft power, standing behind massive rise of world influence of China in the last decades.

North Korea, remaining isolated for more than sixty years after the armistice was signed in 1953, developed rather differently, than the rest of the world, where the endless geopolitical interests of United States were projected widely, importing many both beneficial and harmful North American thought concepts concurrently.

But North Korea is maybe the only country in the world, which remains almost untouched by these American influences: and this could bring her many new symphatizers, as the former empire of the United States is crumbling after lost wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and against ISIS, and the world is looking for a new powerful leader, who stands united against current wave of fragmented world nations, hit by refugee crisis, overwriting and erasaing the sense of national countries.

Without any doubt, North Korea proved her might simply by resisting Americans, unlike no other country in the world, and this feature is hardly not to be admired and appreciated by many, as the U.S. concept of mixing cultures and nations, opening borders, creating a global identical world which follows consuming values of endless liberty and even anarchy, loses attractivity for many distracted people, who watch the present and future of their kids with anxiety and uncertainty.

The Western world, which enjoyed unprecedented liberty, simply discovered also the negative consequences of those “loose relationships”: fragmentation and dissolution, when former powerful nations suddenly become prone to be influenced and even conquered by outside powers, as the nation is not able and willing to stand up against external threats, too distracted by entertaining themselves in hedonism, consumerism and watching fake, glamorous social media, including altered, even artificial reality of Instagram, using polarization filters to change many schmutzig females to superwomen, envied by many, thus creating another false prophets of postmodern times, called VIPs and celebrities.

In comparison with all this veneer and fraud, the North Korean nation stands firmly united against both external and internal threats, assuring survival and even prevailing in the times to come, just by keeping their original values, not replacing them by global ideas of mercenary domestic armies, invading other countries with questionable reasons of fighting global terrorism, and opening to all influences deliberately, incuding harmful and subversing ones.

And as the Western world is crumbling and collapsing, because multiculturalism allegedly failed, those features are becoming the most desirable, and admirable: so the North Korea simply decided to export them as attractive goods, and to make advantages from alleged disadvantages.

Of course, that there is always price to pay, and limited human rights in DPRK was always target of large criticism. But if the society should remain firm and stable, even in these unstable times, these restrictions seem rather necessary, and to promote collectivism against Western individualism brings many beneficial advantages on the world global geopolitical map.

Moreover, many of the alleged North Korean defectors and refugees are known to be in fact tools of the North, sent into South with various Public Relations and Intelligence missions (for example, creating world interest by providing “tales of oppression”, a classic PR strategy, widely used by religious sects and cults).

Many people in the crumbling West would like simply to liberate themselves from the oppression of fear, and there are only two choices remaining: accepting Islam, submitting their lost wandering souls and wills to Allah, or to discover the unique qualities of the North Korea, originally a disdained country by the most of the world. Without any doubt, the number of asylum seekers from the West in DPRK will rise soon, as the world situation is becoming more and more tense, playing into cards of North Korean interests perfectly.

the-dark-sun-nuclear-retaliation-weapon-of-the-czech-military-icbm-missile-rocket-silo-teplice-specops-base-secret-2-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsUpdate: the North Korean Ambassador in the Czech Republic was the only one world diplomat, who was allowed to participate at the opening ceremony of the first nuclear missile in the Czech arsenal, called The Dark Sun, marking a new epoch of mutual relationships between DPRK and CZ, as Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, wrote. Later, an unknown group of Czech military conspirators sent a secret letter, addressed directly to Kim Jong-un, thanking him for delivering the key components of the weapon, creating a wide domestic and international affair.

Breaking News: allegedly on personal request of Kim Jong Un himself, a North Korean Special Forces commando seized and took control of a black site of The Device, located at Sunda Islands, Indonesia. In the following TV broadcast, the North Korean Supreme Leader announced to the world, that the ultimate invention will be used to “unite both Koreas without foreign influences”, providing no further details, but causing high distraction in highest political circles wordlwide.

There are fresh and disturbing rumors in the Intelligence community, that use of the Device was offered to many subversive and guerilla organizations of the world, including IFLA (Al-Andalus), who wants to use this unique scientific invention to prevent fall of last Islamic Granada Emirate, and change it into an Islamic Republic, existing in the present.

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