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Every modern woman has many high life goals, and to achieve them, she needs at least two things: high-quality information, so she can decide the right way, and entertainment, so she can relax after her demanding job, leading her to corporate or artistic stars.

If you are such woman, we present you the best fashion, social and artistic information source available. Discover all secrets about society, career and fashion scene, and make the decision, to become the woman you want to be.

NUSHI means “new she”. Discover yourself again. Fall in love with yourself, because you are perfect, beautiful, fascinating, and you fully deserve love and appreciation. You will be accepted by the world and society.

With subsidiaries in Vienna, Prague, Geneva and Dubai, NUSHI is truly a basic worldwide source of intriguing fashion news, info and gossip. Join us, and we will lead you to the stars, where you belong, you know that!

Countess Joy Du Lau D’Allemans Honorary Patroness - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs V2Approved by European nobility. Our deep contacts between highly ranked members of the old Swiss, Austrian, German, French, Russian and Liechtenstein noble families with centuries of proven peerage allow us to bring you the wide insider information from these high VIP circles, which is otherwise inaccessible to the worldwide public audience, hungry for such ultimate knowledge of the highest social, even elite social circles.

Honorary patroness: Countess Joy du Lau d’Allemans

Decorate your female beauty with PHE-XX: The Operative, the ultimate parfum of feminity and VIP Illuminati Conspiracy:

Providing proud media for Superior Woman worldwide programme to promote Islam, backed secretly by Saudi Arabia

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