Operation AZTEC GOLD

Here is an excerpt from a headline news article, published after successful accomplishment of the Unit’s most delicate and sensitive Information operation (INFOOP), with deepest consequences for the national history.

Stechovice Treasure Found!

After almost seventy years of speculations, inquiries and investigations, conducted by thousands of government operatives and also private companies, the famous Stechovice Treasure from 1945, believed to be hidden somewhere southeast of Prague, was actually discovered and extracted in a secret military operation, near Lhota village, just ten kilometers from Stechovice.

The Ministry of Defence still denies to reveal, what was inside that 80 containers that were seen to be loaded into the military trucks, under heavy military protection, including Special Forces elements, armored vehicles and air cover. “The content of the containers is being analyzed, I have no other information for you right now. Be patient, please,” the spokesperson of the Ministry responded. But several well informed sources from inside the Military confirmed, that there were also some important documents found.

Although this military operation was executed with utmost secrecy, an information leak occured, and the journalistic team of “Heavy Slander” tabloid magazine arrived at the discovery site during the extraction. “Fortunately, the security was not compromised by this leak, so we transported the containers safely. There is a thorough internal investigation pending, and the culprit will be severely reprimanded. However, we counted with such possibility in advance, we knew, how tempting this matter would be for the media, so we made the necesary steps to prevent any unlawful intervention. So I would like to assure the public, that we took care of this sensitive matter very responsibly and carefully. In other words, we kept mister chief reporter Navratil in safe distance from the containers. But he behaved decently, and we appreciate that,” the spokesperson explained with smile.

The Ministry of Defence also denies to reveal, how they found the exact site of the treasure. Allegedly, some special PSY methods were used, but no further details are known. But there is a rumor of a top secret military unit, which should be directly responsible for locating the site, by their ability to find and interrogate an unknown witness from 1945. This element should be a covert part of the 102nd Special Forces Reconnaissance Batallion, specialized in so called “A-PSYOPS”, or Advanced Psychological Operations.

“These rumors are absolutely false,” the spokesperson denied such theories. “Our Army has only one official PSYOPS unit, fully publicly known, and its task is not some silly search for alleged treasures. The way we found the site remains classified, however, until we will understand the full content of the discovery. But I can say, that there was a risk of foreign intervention, so we had to move quickly.”

The Czech political scene is very uneasy after this discovery. The opposition complains, that the Parliament was not informed about the extraction operation, and they want to publicly interrogate the Minister of Defence. because also a top secret military hardware was seen at the extraction site, particularly “Avenger”, highly classified AA laser weapon system. “Such events can’t happen in the democratic society. There has to be a government control of any use of Military as this,” the opposition deputy Cimbura said. “This was a cowboy action like in the Wild West, and that’s unacceptable.”

The scholars of National History Registry are eager to examine the discovery. “It’s like a fulfilled dream… we never expected this to happen. We hope, that the Army will share their findings with us. Maybe our textbooks will have to be rewritten…”

(an excerpt from the novel “Operation Naked Truth”)

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