Operation FALLEN KING: Propaganda in hip-hop music

The NATO ignored the high importance of hip-hop music for propaganda and counter-propaganda purposes for too long, but we don’t make the same mistake. To support NATO PSYOPS and combat operations, including anti-terrorism prevention, our Unit came with a special operation, with simple mission: to influence the Czech music audience, particularly youngsters, to promote higher national interests, and to rise in the NATO ranks. Everything went smoothly, until sniffing Czech journalists got their hands on a clasiffied document… and the rest is infamous history.

(From “Heavy Slander”, a reputable Czech tabloid magazine)

… Yesterday, when our famous redaction received a strictly classified Military document, both we and the Czech public had to understand immediately, that so called “silly season” (or “cucumber season”, as called in the CZ media space), is inevitably over this year.

The information we received from a well informed source, highly positioned in the Czech Military, reveals shocking depth of previously unknown involvement of the Czech Military in certain special activities, directed at substantial influencing of the Czech society on all possible levels, both media and social, including Czech national interests abroad: and completely out of the control of Czech government and Parliament, including domestic Security council.

Needless to say, that these so called A-PSYOPS (Advanced Psychological Operations) are probably generously paid from the taxpayers hard earned money, using some “alternative” financial funds (or let’s say openly: black funds) and a front corporate organization (a shell corporation) to cover the real masterminds behind, whose exact identity was still not confirmed.

Our dear readers certainly know from our previous articles, that we suspected the Czech Military from some kind of a secret game for long time. Although the Ministry of Defence always officially denied any such involvement, and many private and state security experts strongly disagreed with us, calling our investigative efforts “mere media ducks“, now, everything is fully confirmed, and this long mystery is finally put to a bright light of truth.

When asked about this issue, the Parliament deputy Joseph Cimbura was the first to react to this incident, and even crisis: the following hours and days will show, how deeply will this affair influence the domestic politics. “I will promote establishing of an independent Parliamentary investigative commission at once! Such questionable use of the Military in purely civilian environment is out of any question and possible tolerance! The responsible persons will have to confess from their sins against general morale, and possibly even against valid law,” highly agitated Cimbura spoke to journalists during an improvised press conference, called right after all the dangerous rumors leaked on the highest places.

The Ministry of Defence reacted also immediately, calling the document “a pure forgery, made by a foreign power with intent to disrupt Czech national security“. They also stated, that a deep internal investigation is pending, including wide involvement of Military Counterintelligence assets, and if any part of the related information will be admitted as truthful and relevant, the culprits will be most severely reprimanded, both internally and possibly even facing a strict sentence by a ruthless Military court.

The NATO high command in Brussels denied any official comment to the affair, explaining, that “it is too soon to make a judgement”. But our well-informed inside sources in Belgium confirm, that also NATO feels really disturbed by this nasty affair, and they will ask an official explanation by the Czech Minister of Defence, Martin Stropnicky, as soon as possible.

Now, to the content of the document. It suggests some special military operation, called “Operation FALLEN KING”, executed by a special military unit, which is completely, intentionally out of official military structures, so we can say, that this unit and its activities can be categorized as “black”, out of any state control. In practice, the Unit obviously uses a front organization of common corporate type, which probably resides somewhere in Prague 6 district.

So, although we now know the internal designation of the mentioned Unit, even its insignia, this name is purely a shell, because all direct actions are executed by some other entity, registered officially as an inconspicuous business company, but out of any obvious connection with the Military, and that is a highly desirable status for the masters of this dangerous game with the Czech public. Also, the “assets” (understand, the persons responsible for executing this assignment) are merely employees of this company, not active military personnel, who could be found in Army databases and thus convicted as provably involved.

“I would say, that somebody really tried to cover any tracks and connections in this matter,” a top security expert, who denied to be named, declared. “And no wonder: if such special activities would leak to the press, public and politics, as it happened right now, this could have serious consequences. Thus, without any official evidence, that infamous ‘plausible deniability’ approach can still protect the persons who orchestrated this operation, and probably many others that we will never know about. And we can just speculate, how they influenced the state and our society. Let’s hope they were at least beneficial for us all. Sometimes, you need a dirty work to achieve good things. Life and world aren’t black and white, remember that.”

Speaking about possible connections, the basic one is the most obvious: the famous discovery of so called Stechovice treasure (described as Operation AZTEC GOLD; later, also the terrorists from the Islamic State tried to uncover another part of it, located allegedly near Sekanka mansion, to construct their own nuclear warheads and a ballistic missile).

We always insisted that this particular Unit was deeply involved in this clandestine operation, although we were never able to prove it. As you know, the content of the discovery has still “classified status”, but we found some clues recently, how the Military was able to find the location, after 70 years of eternal search and investigation.

Now, we consider the original theory, that the Treasure was found by discovering and interrogating an unknown witness from 1945, as a false evidence, deliberately provided to us to lead us off the way to truth. The reason is, that we found a new, powerful ally in our efforts.

EXFOR - Special Operations - Counterinsurgency - Middle East - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsFor some time, there were public rumors of a new, mysterious and secretive, highly powerful organization, called with strange, even sinister, intimidating and Orwellian name: Public Interest Comission for Investigating Contemporary Supernatural Phenomena and Extraterrestial Forces (EXFOR), and they allegedly decided to find the ultimate truth about The Corporation and The Device, using all possible means.

Allegedly, they are orchestrated by Russian Intelligence services, but this private agency soon acquired wide support from many open and covert enemies of The Corporation worldwide, who finally unified into one powerful block, with practically unlimited financial resources available, as many jealous other corporations desire to eat a piece of cake of former power of The Corporation, who is allegedly close to disintegration to smaller business fragments, as the general pressure on The Corporation is no more sustainable.

Although there seems to be no obvious connection, the spokesperson of EXFOR, who is the only known employee and collaborator, appointed to the odd current events in Prague-Liben city quarter, which exactly correspond with the content of the document.

“The mentioned paper describes some local hip-hop star, that should be used for the purposes of this operation. We know his citizen name (Anthony Kadlec) and his nickname (MUGSHOT), but no further information can be found. Anyway, he made a surprising career move recently, from a C-class hip-hop artist with only local influence and a small criminal to a rising star of Czech hip-hop scene, generously backed by financial funds in such extent, that should be theoretically unavailable to him. Somebody with very high influence must be standing behind him. And he also established some contacts with French speaking hip-hop artists, as the document suggests, after he converted to Islam when imprisoned, answering the Allah’s call.”

We visited Liben city quarter to investigate immediately, but when we mentioned this particular name, people either declared that they don’t know him, never heard of him, or completely refused to talk about him, and immediately left from reach of our photographer, covering their faces. Only one person was willing to openly describe what is happening in Liben now. And this testimony could be critical in the matter.

“I heard that they want to take out the current hip-hop king, using Tony’s music as their offensive weapon.”

We all know, who the current king is, and the document not only mentions some hip-hop leader (codename “Excelsior”), but it also contains his complex psychological assessment (!) and recommended, detailed procedure of stripping him of his high media and social influence gradually, to make Kadlec No.1 on the Czech hip-hop scene. The reasons for this move are descripted as Primary and Secondary goals.

But in this moment, the matter becomes yet more complicated. A top security analyst points to a strange mistake in the document, which could jeopardize the whole operation heavily, otherwise planned and executed with utmost secrecy and precision. “I think that this paper is a forgery. Notice, how precisely they cover all their assets, using absolutely incospicuous designations, with only one exception: the main antagonist himself. Any potential reader, which could be a driver, a messenger, an assistant or even a janitor at the Military Headquarters, would know immediately, who is the target of their highly clandestine PSYOP. However, there is an alternative explanation: somebody expressively wanted the identity of ‘Excelsior’ to leak, completely intentionally, from some unknown reason.”

And this is not the last of disturbing news, which should be brought to the attention of Liben state offices, to intervene into this disturbing conspiracy, where local publicly known figures with questionable reputation could be directly involved.

In the document, a location named “Site 63” and related “Asset A98” are mentioned. Although no further details are provided there, all security experts with Intelligence backgrounds we asked for their opinion agree unanimously, that only one place is applicable to the description.

“If that is, what I think it is, then we can forget about any state intervention. It’s a widely known fact in the Czech Intelligence community, that this place is literally off-limits, and local law-enforcement units are deliberately avoiding it for the last 25 years at least. I was personally involved in one of the countless infiltration attempts fifteen years ago, and you don’t want to know how it ended. We ran away from there like rabbits on a hunt, and our failure was even expected. No wonder, that higher places put a seal there eventually, and they rather ignore it today, even it is so tempting. There could be many treasures inside, but no one dares to go there, to collect them. It’s like that tale about a fox and sour grapes. Sometimes is better to just leave things to be.”

After extensive consultation with the law office of our famous “Heavy Slander” magazine, we were persuaded to avoid publishing any further details about so called “Site 63”. Although our journalistic honor resists vehemently, we have to accept that working in media is a team matter, and if all your colleagues, good EXFOR friends and even your publisher tell you to stay silent in this particular case, you have to submit.

Only one thing can be revaled: we are talking about a famous fortune-teller here, who uses her tarot cards as straightforward tools to influence the highest places in the Czech society, because many people, including social elite, are highly superstitious and they want to believe to various prophecies about their life mission and inevitable succcess. (… no, it’s not Anie!)

Many questions and riddles remain here, but it seems that the world – or certain highly positioned persons – don’t want them to be uncovered, even for a price of limiting the free press.

Also, we were strictly advised to omit many details from the document. But honestly, in comparison with other parts of this immense conspiracy, this is just a cherry on a cake.

In any case, the general public seems to be quite inert to the affair, even supporting the plan of Czech Military openly. We made an extensive survey in the streets of Prague, and most of the responses were some kind of favorable approval. It seems, that citizens consider presented goals of Operation FALLEN KING as generally positive for the Czech domestic and international interests. Also, as the young generation is perceived as endangered, the hip-hop music and promoting of the Military can be allegedly helpful, even beneficial to raise a new generation.

“I don’t care what means will be used to prevent our children of falling into drugs or criminal activities,” a middle-aged man responded close to the Old Town square. “I think that the press really inflated this completely marginal event. Such black operations are conducted everywhere, and you journalists are astonished suddenly, like some naive kids? Wake up! Have a look at America, at our NATO allies, their famous CIA has even official part called ‘Special Activities Division’. This operation of our Military is absolutely nothing in comparison with them. And at least the Czech republic will be respected in global space! Now, if you excuse me, I have important matters to do, shopping milk and bread, I have no time to discuss this nonsense with you.”

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS
Classified – matter of special importance!

Operation FALLEN KING: overview, costs, feasibility study and related attachments


Primary goal 1: to raise the media influence of Czech Military on young audiences and general national population, by establishing a new kind of music: Military Hip-Hop, inclined to higher and Military interests

Primary Goal 2: to extend the media reach of Czech national interests on the international and global scale

Secondary Goal 1: to support the leading position of Czech Military in NATO structures, and gaining related advantages on micro and macro level

Secondary goal 2: to enable infiltration of ISIS structures via means of hip-hop music (including Islamic) and providing counter-propaganda support for NATO PSYOPS and combat operations in the Middle East, and anti-terrorism prevention in Europe.


We suggest two ways of possible approach. First, to start locally, by pushing a Czech hip-hop star up, and defeating the current king, codename “Excelsior”, with estimated costs about 150.000 USD, and later to continue higher. Most suitable for this purpose are our assets A48 (marketing), A58 (lyrics) and crucial A49 (located in Prague-Liben city quarter), which was acquired in advance for this operation.

Or, it is possible to extend the reach of our asset immediately, by introducing him directly to the international music audience (under the necessary condition that he will be an open believer of Allah), with estimated costs at least 500.000 USD. This desirable result could be made by establishing a contact with a French speaking hip-hop artist, codename ZEBRA, bringing us further advantages for achieving Secondary Goal 2.

In any case, we highly recommend also using our special asset A98, and related advantages from adjacent Site 63, to ensure the general success of the operation.

INTEL: see attached PSY assessment of Excelsior and suggested approach to weaken him. Generally, we suggest simply to exhaust him financially and socially, by persistent and complex effort (and with the special help of Asset A98), plus by means of close cooperation with ZEBRA, with wide business and cultural connections in Dubai and Morocco as highly attractive, exotic destinations for domestic and world audience. The music can be a only side tool this way, and thus, we can fully concentrate on Primary Goal 1.

Note: Suggested cooperation with Subject S72 and related female assets is not recommended. This game has certain rules that should be kept, and females are generally perceived as marginal in hip-hop music. To persuade the audience, male essence has to be used as primary. Compare with the reasons of Excelsior’s wide artistic success (see corresponding attachment and detailed PSY analysis).

Business cover: to provide legally provable funds for the operation, our shell corporation will establish three new branches. From original residence at Prague 6, we will expand to Prague 7, Prague 8 and Prague 9. In all these quarters we have also another interests, prominently in Municipal Politics and in Gambling Business, related with our asset A28. We also ask for additional 100.000 USD into our budget for the purpose of this generally beneficial business expansion, that will bring us many advantages in CZ social and economic realm.

Known issues: participating asset A58 inclines to daily consumation of alcoholic beverages, and no persuasion helps. Threat level: Orange. Please advise.

(a chapter of Operation Naked Truth novel)

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