Operation Naked Truth: Illuminati Conspiracy – Chapters. Business Elite Corporate Executive Sect Mind Control Brainwash China Chinese Global VIP Mastermind Plan Expansion Military Special Forces

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Prelude: The Operative
Operation MONUMENT
Higher Interest
Operation LATERNA
The Mask
Operation ENTITA
The Illuminati Conspiracy
Woman’s Destiny
VIP Girls Need Love Too
She’s The One
The Last Day
Svejk Talks About Career Secrets
Svejk Goes To McKinzy Corporation
Svejk Goes To Millennials
Svejk Goes To A Fortune-Teller
Svejk Finds His Destiny
We Will Fulfill All Your Dreams
Prepare For The Future, She Said
Operation Irrevocable Justice
Procedure Beige
When She Was Still Not Born
The (Wo)Manhunt
Look What You Have Done
Welcome To The Future
This Is Not A Drill
We Come Alone, We Leave Alone
One Last Tale
The Device – “Recover Your Dreams”
Creating a New Woman
The Alloy
The Wish Granter
The Facility
Military version
Wu Corporation
The Device tested sucessfully during NATO combat exercise
Fashion models in unrest. The Device needs a media face
Hollywood studios and cinemas want to ban The Device
State paid 5 millions USD for law expertises on The Device
The Device is allegedly a time displacement machine
People ask why The Device isn’t used against ISIS terrorists
Inside The Corporation: Magic land of Special Skills
Tarot cards decks will be enhanced, integrating The Device
Elite female operative Denise still missing, with all secrets
Missing soldier
China warns the world: Don’t use The Device near our borders
Dark secrets of the past revealed: The Last Witness (1945)
Single mothers: New strong allies of The Corporation
The Exhibition
Inside The Facility: This place changed the world history
Inside The Facility: The eighth wonder of the world
Inside The Facility: The truth disappears in flames
Inside The Facility: The security incident
Danieal Kyrova: A Cold Case
Intermezzo At The Caribbean
The Good Samaritans from Imprivata
Inside The Facility: Stronger Than Us
Caroline’s Decision
The Public Interest
The Black Site
The Secret War
The Fool’s Testimony

Rise and Fall of a Secret Courier

VERSION V2 – 2016
(updated with nuclear weaponry and PHE-X)

Operation Naked Truth: The Illuminati Conspiracy
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