Operation Naked Truth: Illuminati Conspiracy – V2

Operation Naked Truth: The Illuminati Conspiracy – updated with nuclear weaponry, PHE-X, V2 rocket

Using advanced PSY methods, based on stolen Sectarian Warfare knowledge, The Wu Corporation, backed by the mighty Chinese, gains immense business success, by controlling their human assets completely, and sucking VIPs into their ranks.

At first, they produce female fashion, then also the military products, advanced PSY arsenal. But their ultimate mission is constructing a TDE, Time Displacement Equipment, codename The Device, with literally unlimited possibilities, how to influence and even rule the world.

The Device is deliberately masked as a fraud, as a mere dream machine, allowing only virtual time travel (using advanced sensors, able to re-create any environment and event, if sufficient data is provided).

The sinister Illuminati decide, to use this ultimate invention to change the history, and to create a monopoly in possessing nuclear weaponry, with clear perspective to become world rulers once and forever.

So, with the help of Chinese, a nuclear weapon is constructed by The Wu Corporation, and built in the same underground bunker, called The Facility, as constructed TDE, with secret plan, to use The Device to transport the ballistic missile, armed with a nuclear warhead, into the past, and to launch it against United States, with goal to hit their Nevada state, where “Project Manhattan”, development of the U.S. nuclear armament, is conducted in early 1945, before making it operational, and using it against Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Thus, with a single hit of the rocket, not only can be the immense power of the nuclear weaponry demonstrated against the world, which will submit, but also all the U.S. nuclear scientists can be easily eliminated, and construction of atomic weaponry can be effectively halted, so the Illuminati will keep control over the whole mankind for years to come: they will be able to construct their nuclear arsenal, having the future knowledge, but other states won’t be able to do it, at least for ten years.

The problem is, that to assure the result of eliminating the Los Alamos nuclear site completely, including all the key personnel and prototypes, the rocket needs to be launched in the beginning of May 1945, just before German unconditional surrender, and it could mean, that Germany won’t lose the war eventually, the situation will be turned to their favor literally in the last hour, when so devastating weapon will be used against their enemies.

But Illuminati know, that only with Germany still in the game, the conspirators can remain hidden in shadows, and the situation, when the Germans will still be an adversary of Allies, is very beneficial, to keep the world distracted: this is the reason, why the particular nuclear weapon was constructed, using old (alleged) blueprints of a German nuclear weapon project, including ballistic missile, with almost the same shape, as V-2 rocket: thus, the world will be certain, that Germans used so called Wunderwaffe against them, and the negotiation have to take place, instead defeating Germany, which can possess other such powerful arsenal.

Another problem is, that the nuclear missile has to be launched manually, as an automatic sequence would be too risky, as time travelling is still rather experimental, it can be hardly tested too widely, as the world is watching and United Nations are threatening to seize The Device, to protect the future of mankind, and no one can guarantee in advance, that the transmission of such a big object, including the missile silo and equipment for launch, will be successful.

So, a team needs to be dispatched, which will travel into the past, visit the site, check the result of transmission, and launch the rocket against Los Alamos, Nevada, U.S., plus secure other necessary steps, like giving false information to all participating sides of war, based on future knowledge of the past.

But there will be still war out there, when they will arrive, and team will have to travel at least fifty kilometers to the nuclear silo, as their insertion has to be covered as an Intelligence operation, to investigate an old war crime against Czech civilians, to keep their tracks covered, so no one can stop them.

Involving other people into such immensely delicate operation is completely out of question: so the Executive Director of The Wu Corporation herself, and her trustworthy male colleague, will create a commotion, a false flag terrorist attack against The Facility, and just before the site is overrun by the attacking enemy, they will suggest a solution to the military command, who has control of the TDE, which needs to be protected against seizing by an enemy with self-destruction sequence: to use The Device to return one day into the past, to prevent seizing it by the enemy, and losing it in self-destruction, which means extreme loss for the country, which had high aspirations of world power under the new favorable conditions (=possessing a TDE).

The Device allegedly allows such limited physical transmission up to one day back, for the purposes of preserving the national security.

But again, a smoke screen needs to be created: so the conspirators need other company with them, and they challenge two Special Forces operators, who arrived to defend the bunker after unsuccessful attempt to stop the attacking enemy outside as the only survivors, to come with them (=with their original gear and present time battledresses, so their movement in the future will be complicated, and their ammunition is almost depleted after the ruthless firefight with the enemy, allegedly of Chinese/Asian origin, without option to replenish it in the bunker, which is under lockdown and sealed before the self-destruction sequence is activated).

However, with the Military involved, there is an insurance policy created, and the potential suspicion and blame can be redirected to the soldiers, and the Illuminati plan can be perfectly covered.

It’s either coincidence, or part of the conspiracy, that one of the SPECOPS soldiers participated at planned Operation Irrevocable Justice, the original mission into the past, to find the culprit of a war crime during so called Prague Uprising, on 8th May 1945.

Thus, it’s most easily to persuade the operator, when it’s revealed, that the transmission was not virtual, but physical, to pursue the original mission, to get rid of the inconvenient companions (=the current tranmission is allegedly a one-way street, and if no one from the future has the exact data from it, and there is no other specimen built, you can’t return – and The Device is lost during the self-destructing sequence).

When they arrive at Prague of 8th May of 1945, the team from the future splits: the corporate pair, well equipped to blend into the past with their apparel, continues to Teplice, where the nuclear silo is located, while the SPECOPS soldiers attempt to find the identity of a SS henchman from “Wiking” division, who ordered execution of more than fifty Czech citizens.

Before they part ways, the Executive Director gives a transmitting device to the soldier, so they can connect at the distance, and she asks to be informed about the SS man’s name immediately after revealing, from unknown reason.

When the soldiers reach the Masaryk Train station, they found, that there is hundreds of heavily armed Germans present, who are preparing to retreat from the city, boarding a train. So, a direct offensive action wouldn’t succeed, as the soldiers are only two, moreover, if their modern weapons have only limited ammo remaining, and no antitank weapons.

So, they decide to split: the “informed” operator leaves all her equipment, including her weaponry. to her comrade, and she takes civilian dresss, to infiltrate the station, while the other SPECOPS will provide suitable distraction, by supporting the insurgents with effective fire, and preventing the Germans to check his female colleague, who speaks German, too thoroughly, so she can board the train easily.

The plan succeeeds: the soldier in disguise gets into the train, while her colleague retreats to the Old Town Hall, in effort to prevent its destruction by the German tank destroyers, as he knows from the textbooks. In the following ruthless firefight, where he stands against the overwhelming enemy superiority, together with Czech partisans, who arrived from Velvary to support the uprising, the soldier is mortally wounded by an explosion of a HE shell, and before he dies, he activates his radio, informing his colleague, who moved to the train WC, not to be heard, about his demise.

But before the operative can get closer to the SS murderer, other partisan grup ambushes the train, not willing to let the SS criminals to escape the country and surrender to Americans, to escape Soviets.

The train is derailed, using a planted explosive at the tracks, and all the German soldiers are killed by heavy machine gun fire, and the SPECOPS woman will be most likely executed with them, suspected to be their bitch or lover of a high-ranked SS officer. While the partisans are getting into the train, finishing the wounded mercilessly, she reaches the name tag of the target SS officer, fulfilling the mission, and then, she considers her options: to try to persuade the partisans, that she is a member of the Czech Army, one of them, a friend, an ally, to simply kill them, to prevent her own potential execution?

She also thinks about all the recent events, and also the real role of the corporate people in the affair. Why they wanted to know the name of that SS man so much? What influence could he have for the future, or the past? Did they want to rescue him, from some unknown reason, for some special purpose? Does he have some special access?

The corporate people, on their way to Teplice, they are masking themselves as SS officers, carrying forged papers, with alleged special mission, given directly from the recently deceased Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, to organize the Nazi post-war guerilla resistance, with their base at a Werwolf training center, close to Teplice (where the nuclear missile and TDE were built 70 years later). But on their way, they are stopped at a German SS checkpoint, and suspected to be military deserters.

– more complex: to get ICE approval for launch, Daniela Kyrova, first time travel, Caroline
– plus name of the officer to get access, so the team stays together
– detained R is eliminated by Caroline, not to say the future to Germans
– Caroline uses PHE-X to conquer the social and business world, so Wu can grow immensely

(to be finished)

Operation Naked Truth: The Illuminati Conspiracy
Operation Naked Truth The Illuminati Conspiracy in Business and Military Zuzana Kajnarova Corporation multinational - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

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