Operation Naked Truth: Operation ENTITA

“And now, the most critical agency project is coming up, so please, listen very carefully,” Denise switched to another point of presentation. Her voice became the most urgent, indicating, that this mission will draw a straight line between success and failure of their overall activities.

“As an introduction, let me tell you all, that I am so extremely proud, that it was us, who invented this project, here, in our corporation, in our country. Believe me please, that although I carefully searched through all possible sources and documents, including non-public and foreign of course, I didn’t find any indication, that something similar would be realized in the history of Military PR, and I mean worldwide! Even the Americans will come to learn from us!

We are the first, there is nothing to add! Regardless, if Operation ENTITA will succeed, or not, her basic thoughts will most definitely enter into textbooks forever. And it began right here, today, where all of us are just sitting!

But now, to the point.

Operation ENTITA can bring us very fast and high quality, maybe even ultimate public, social and media asset, fully beneficial for the purposes of popularization of the military power.

We will create a big tale from the beginning, and it will pull our asset up to the star media levels and fulfills her dreams, and also, it will show to the people, on this illustrative example, how optimal life route is the activation of any individual in the Army, how many new life opportunities and honorable place in the society this can bring to them, plus, how important and positive is the institution of the Army at all.

Much more publicly surprising will be this important life step in the case of our asset, which will be a person from fashion branch. Exactly, a young female fashion model, age 20-23, explicitly on the beginning of her life journey, and she selects as the next move, to the deepest surprise of all, the Army!

The public, readers, listeners, viewers, voters, citizens, politicians and potential recruits, both male and female, will watch her journey very closely, and to achieve that, ZORAN will help us with his tremendous media power, to ignite large fireworks. Our asset will explain to all of them, by his own words, why she made this life change, that she takes it as the ultimately right thing, and explains to them gently, what is the importance of the Army either in the modern state, or for them personally, in clearly individual level.

Most certainly, she will help to soften any negative thoughts of the public, standing quite against the Army today, but also, she will persuade many of them, to follow her lead, or at least to retreat from their actual anti-military stances. Thus, our asset will become the ace of any Army PR activities, past, present and future, and she will be always under our full control. She must be the person, who knows the rules of media games well, so we don’t expect any significant decline from our instructions.

In practice, here is what will happen. We will find an active, quite attractive fashion model. It makes no difference for us, if active in the media, publicly recognized, or peripheral, unknown. Through ZORAN’s help, we will prepare the right media conditions for her total activation: it means, she will be reminded to the people, or she will be widely introduced to the public, so they will acquaint her in deep detail, and they will be forced to accept her as the firm part of the present media world.

This will be achieved through some ingenious gossip. For example, that she is dating a famous TV presenter, that socialite and macho, or some ‘A’ grade actor, and they are secretly meeting in the luxurious hotels, so no one can see them, because he is married and he doesn’t want to jeopardize his social position, or his happy family. He will deny this gossip, she will deny it, but a paparazzo makes a picture of them, through the window, in the dark and out of focus, on the secret date, they are behaving suspiciously, too close to each other, simply a classic media manipulation, to awake an interest in the public, to force them to watch the development further.

Then, the actual operation will begin: by widely publishing shocking media information, written in big bold letters, allegedly leaked from the asset’s closest environment, that the asset allegedly decided to join the Army for one year, voluntarily! The reason can be, for example, that the media covered her relationship heavily, and it pushed her into the corner, she doesn’t know, how to proceed further, and she is searching for a basic life change, to get away from that complicated feelings, to make herself free again. The media and the society will be full of waves and attention, people will be surprised, much gossip will arise, but the interest of public will continue, as various girls and influential women will publish their opinions on the cause in the social media.

Asset will confirm this gossip, but not somehow excited, maybe even with unease, after all, she doesn’t know, what is expecting her out there. But in the end, she really starts with basic military training! Then, we will bring a new tale of the asset, experienced in that new, unusual, military environment. Maybe some new relationship, showing the audience, that even in the Army you can realize your emotional needs, and young people have many of them.

Visually and illustratively, with the help of precise, but apparently amateur photographic documentation, we will show the asset in her new world, as she is already fully orientated there. On this picture, she is between other female colleagues, all girls are shining, they are a good team on the first sight, they are smiling, they are satisfied, they live an interesting life, they like, what they do. In addition, photos like: here, the smiling asset is changing the magazine of assault rifle, and she allows the viewer to see the live ammunition loaded inside, so it is confirmed, that she really doesn’t play with a training ammo only!

Or here, a group photo, full of smiles, now with male colleagues too; elsewhere, asset is jumping from the roof of armored transport vehicle, with weapon in hand and anti-tank rocket launcher on the back; and here, she looks so courageous, with the face covered with masking colors, she shows something on the map to another soldiers of the unit, and they are watching her closely, so she demonstrates, that she is like a woman in the modern Army fully respected, and she can be even indisputably sexy, and this will affect the perception of the Army not only by young boys and men, but young girls also. They will remember these pictures well, and later, when they will incline to search themselves and her in their lives, this will substantially ease them the way to the Army recruitment centre.

Eventually, our asset receives some promotion and medal, and she will lead her own combat unit on the large collective training excercise with another NATO armies. There, she will fully confirm her qualification for the military tasks, and other colleagues will appreciate her, not only her superiors, but another members of the unit, men and women.

There could also happen some extraordinary humanitarian event, and the asset will personally save somebody in the last moment, like: somebody is drowning, some careless kid fell into the deep river, and the asset saves his life; or, some serious road accident, scary scene to watch, blood and injured, crying people everywhere, but the asset will not lose her composure and helps them; or, a grandma’s house was robbed and her precious memorial objects were stolen, with immense personal value, but that precious things will return to her, because our asset will heroically catch the thief, some rough prisoner on the run, armed and dangerous!

Thus, we will show the public in the full width, what is the life in the Army, what good and positive consequences it means for an individual, and that military tasks are not only combat, but also praiseworthy for the whole society, and this affects not only voters, but also the persons on the key positions in the society. The goal is, to achieve the approval of the needed 3% of the state budget for the military affairs, so our Army can fully realize its mission and meet the demands from NATO membership.

Last photo of the asset will be taken slightly from below, as she is looking somewhere far, behind the horizon, in the nice ceremony uniform, she salutes, and our state flag is waving behind her. This picture will be used in the next years as the perfect, original promotion of the Army. Not, that the fashion model is posing for the Army, for money – our model is the Army! There can be nothing more persuasive, for the purposes of recruitment advertisement, and moreover, fully compliant with modern trends, like emancipation of women. But we are simply the first here, who will take this long step!

After one year, the asset will leave the Army, according to her personal career plan exactly, to pursue the study on a top university. We need her back in the media and social world in that time, so whenever she is seen, she is always reminding with her mere face, that she was there, and whoever will ask her, she responds and repeats, that it was a great, most valuable life experience. Naturally, we will widely help her to get next great career, as the top fashion model, known worldwide.

The inevitable professional success is awaiting her, she will appear on the fashion shows in Milan, Moscow, Beijing and New York. She will not leave the media pages. The people will connect the Army with success, youth and beauty, travelling, experience, active life style, plus the social benefits. We want the uniform to be trendy, or even sexy, like a LV fashion dress.

Generally, as they do it in the U.S., the asset will offer a desirable inspiration to the people, that after high school, when often they don’t know what to do with life, they can spend even a mere one year in the Army, to become somebody, and later to continue with their another life goals, careers. That year can make the difference, but it doesn’t interfere with the career, on the contrary, as the social prestige of the Army and its members will be rising by our activities.

It means, that even in home it will be more easily approvable by the parents, because they will realize, that one year is not so big study drop out, plus, there will be no direct combat involvement, so no possible body harm is in stake. The vision of social gain will persuade the parents, that this is right, desirable way for any young person, including their beloved descendant. It is even possible, that once, the most persuasive Army recruiters will be the parents alone, because they want only the best for their kids, and they will be glad to direct them the right way!

Later, we will bring another, modified tales with his basic theme, so everybody can choose regarding the feeling, preferences or life situation, but always, any tale will be presented in the ingenious form, and it means to process real life chapters of real persons sensitively, innovatively and creatively, only slightly enhanced for a higher media potential.

For example, somebody was on the inclined way of life, some petty crime, damned and despised by own family, but he joined the Army and changed, now he or she has their respect and love… or he or she leaved that toxic people, and found or started a new, better family. Or, somebody was unemployed for a long time, because of this economic recession, but in the Army, the social security and life assurance was found, plus desirable guarantee of a stable career future. Or, somebody had no idea what to do in life, but by occasion, he or she went around our Recruitment centre, went inside for some noncommital information, and there was this very helpful and friendly Corporal, who advised him or her well, and this changed his or her life, because today, he or she is somebody, beloging somewhere, helping people. Or, these two, big fatal love, they wouldn’t ever meet, if not serving in the Army. The tales like this the people love, and they can be even processed as prosaic literature.

But ENTITA will be the first, breakthrough change in a new, more ingenious, more effective way of Military media communications,” Denisa finished.

The whole team looked at her with respect. She was the best of them. She was the leader. And all these ideas could change the world.

But another people decided to achieve this goal already.

Operation Naked Truth: The Illuminati Conspiracy
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