Operation Naked Truth: Operation LATERNA

“Let’s get to another point of our agenda. Following ‘Operation LATERNA’ will secure directly controlled political assets for the upcoming years for us. These assets will be installed on the local, municipal level at first, and after the next General Election higher, into the Parliament, and later, ideally yet higher. Three primary objects were chosen from the preliminary list: 7, 24 and 31.

The objects were selected to not only cover different areas of the country, but especially to provide highest chance for success by their diversity, so once, at least one of them gets to the place we need him to be, and if our wildest dreams will be fulfilled, he will become the Minister of Defense, fully inclined towards higher interests, that we are representing. Generally, the objects are people with unfulfilled ambitions, and we’ll make this favorable trade with them: we’ll give them the opportunity to begin again, better, elsewhere and to become ‘somebody’, because that is what they desire most, but it will ask from them to follow our instructions exactly.

They will be pledged to us for the whole time of their new career. We’ll grow and cultivate them, we’ll create them, and if they’ll ever turn from us, or even against us, we will immediately take back all the gifts they received from us. They’ll be warned permanently, that any violation will have most severe consequences, simply returning them to the lowered social position, where they are now. We don’t give gifts to anybody! We only lend them the necessary tools to achieve our goals.

Object 7 is a former musical singer of medium media influence, age 37, now professionally almost inactive and without media cover. Although she has her husband, who is quite a successful entrepreneur, she feels hungry for appreciation and public recognition, maybe even unease. Ideal status for acceptance of the political activation vision. Region Centre. Allocated code name: ‘RADEK’.

Object 24 is a former well known fashion model, but now too old for this branch. Age 34, extremely hungry for media attention, she has many high profile media contacts, effective bartering ability. High ability of persuasive talking, and even manipulation with people. Worsened financial and social situation, although she declares before friends, media and public, how great she is standing. We’ll use this. Region East. Code name ‘KAMIL’.

Object 24 is a former well-known TV presenter of high media influence, who left the scene for maternity leave, but now she sees, that to return back is difficult, but she desperately needs media recognition again. Age 39. We’ll offer her an alternative life route. Region West. Code name ‘PATRIK’.

I want to remark, that according to our internal analysis, the highest probability of success has object 24, KAMIL, who can be easily controlled through his dependence on our financial support. And most importantly, KAMIL can effectively help us with our most critical mission, Operation ENTITA.”

It was completely obvious, which object Denise prefers herself. Although they selected the potential candidates together with her superior First Lieutenant and his adjutant Joseph Svejk, Denise clearly declared countlessly confirmed rule, that people in bad financial situation are not only the easiest available, but also the most loyal, most active collaborators, and subordinates. But the question remained, what to do, when the chosen object refuses their offer? Wouldn’t it jeopardize their interests, if they count on him so much?

“He can refuse, but it means only, that we described him the advantages inadequately, and forgot to mention, that he actually doesn’t have any other suitable options, where to continue with his career and life, if anything of that should make sense. We will simply persuade him for so long, until he understands. There is no rush! His possible primary lack of interest will be only our mistake, and indication, that we selected wrong methods of persuasion,” Denise declared her opinion clearly. The tone she said it with, admitted no doubt, that KAMIL will become their key asset eventually.

Operation Naked Truth: The Illuminati Conspiracy
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