Operation Naked Truth: Operation MONUMENT

“The highest priority, even existential necessity, is to obtain a high creative and managerial media asset, so we can realize our next objectives. This preliminary ‘Operation MONUMENT’ is superior to all others, because only if it succeeds, we can have the necessary, critically important media support for our next operations,” Denise started her presentation.

“The target is object Pavel Novotny, well known head reporter and CEO of the key tabloid magazine ‘Heavy Slander’. Code name ‘ZORAN’ allocated. He will get carefully dosed pieces of info about our next objects of interest from us, and that will be beneficial for both sides. He will get his themes and gossip the readers ask for, and yet more, he’ll acquire the unique infos, the competition won’t ever have – and we’ll get, on the contrary, the most suitable possibility of promoting our people.

Moreover, in a case of necessity and emergency, he will provide us with a brake, if any of our next assets would get out of our control. Through ZORAN and his ruthless tabloid media style we can clearly indicate to them, where their place is, or even eliminate their media reputation, and fully damage their perception by the public, if necessary. So he is the fuse for the cases of emergency, and his importance is extremely high.”

Denise was a part of the hidden world of persuasion, influence and deception. It was set in the environment of special military operations, particularly in the branch “Civil Affairs”. In this case, it meant, that the Military launched some special activities in the civilian sector, to achieve the desirable status when “people will like the Military more”.

The basic mission of the Special Unit C102: PSYOPS was “To gain wide public support for the military assignments by means of the PSYOPS methods and to promote the Higher Public Interests“. To deceive sniffing foreign Intelligence services, the designation of the Unit was deliberately chosen to resemble the 102nd Special Forces Reconnaissance Battalion, only with “C” letter in the name, meaning “Civilian”, because the Unit operated mostly in the civilian environment, but it also had some additional combat tasks in a case of state emergency.

The Military, as the result of some internal struggle for power between high officials, and after one of the PSYOPS officers was inspired at the specialized PSYOPS course at Fort Bragg (U.S.), allowed to launch a very special PSYOPS/Public Relations/Civil Affairs project, to innovate their operations and “once again lead the world”, and released some money for it, plus gathered a small team (of civilians, not active military personnel).

In practice, a shell corporation was established, that “Agency for Special Projects”, without any direct connection to the Military (mentioned officer was temporarily discharged for being “not suitable for the field duty”). The project duration was set to one year. There was some budget – 500.000 USD in general, with basic costs (salaries, rent for the office, etc.) about 140.000 USD – so 360.000 USD remained for any activity to achieve this complex goal (30.000 USD a month).

Imagine that – you are almost alone on the street, on the green field, with no support and connections, with 360k USD as the only asset, and you have to make this in a year. How would you do it? Where would you go, where would you start? Who would you talk to? The budget is firmly limited, and the Military is watching your progress and spending very closely. They won’t help you, no way, forget any assistance – you know the famous CIA’s expression, ‘plausible deniability’, if something goes wrong. And they clearly, openly expect you to fail. You are completely on your own.

Now, the team must be introduced: the CEO is that above mentioned Military officer, named Lukes, with the rank of First Lieutenant, originally from Military PSYOPS unit, but now discharged for this mission. He has an adjutant, famous soldier Svejk’s grandson, Joseph Svejk, always chattering and telling his pub tales, who is deliberately inserted there as a “popular connection between civilian and military worlds”.

And there is this fresh graduate from an University, Denise, very shady figure, with suspicious contacts on the high places – so only she has some access to “special services” and oficially unaccessible information and data from the Government, Law Enforcement and probably even Intelligence Service databases, used to research for usable “assets” (people, suitable for use).

All begins now…

Operation Naked Truth: The Illuminati Conspiracy
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